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tv   Board of Education 22316  SFGTV  March 3, 2016 4:00am-6:01am PST

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seems to be misinformation about this program as my colleagues stated not a give away to condoms of every middle school student but caring trained adult having a conversation with a middle schooler that is q a condom and finally want to emphasize this is a public health issue and that there are coat that tells you that making condoms available actually helps kids defer sexual activity at the same time keep them safe from disease thank you. >> all right. so i also want to thank everyone for waiting
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and sharing with us tonight are i nodded that was a late meeting and moved outside but you expressed our gratitude we're not able to speak we thank you for your patience with us i wanted to because of a lot of the questions and things we've heard and heard leading up to tonight have lead to concerns about both how this program will operate and perhaps what some of the consequences abowill be how students awill react and effect the culture of the middle school i wonder if you might lay out how this in practice we are talking about the misinformation but perhaps specifically because this is the one with public meeting we're having and talking about the need for more transparency and openness how we communicate if you could explain
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how this program will operate in practice and why we're deciding to step up to the middle school i know we're talking about the resear research but not all have that in front of them lay that out and how to address the concerns that were raised around if there were you know certain impacts scoon the culture of the middle school how to follow it and address concerns as they come up and what that process looks like. >> thank you president haney just a few recaps in response to our question about what this looks like in practice again want to reiterate that the program design and development is based on the data and the
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discussions with the department of health and centers for disease control and prevention and the superintendent carranza nurses and social workers the trained professionals that will be integratisubcontracting with school er so my colleague will speak a little bit about the process we'll follow at the middle school. >> i think a good place to start already our school nurses and workers have a strong relationship so the way it works the student will make an appointment the way he or she are are the school worker and will discuss did he or she would like access to con dims an assessment by the social worker or nurse to determine the
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student is entering into this with the right amount of information he or she to move forward also that the relationship is consensual and at this point the condoms can be given to the child the student and i know again, we do encourage discussion with the family about this and we talk about the roanoke valley and the benefits of not talk to the student but know close to 75 percent of the middle school students according to the bs are not talking to their parents about issues of sexual use so we agree what the school. >> commissioner fewer. >> thank you so i also want to say thank you to all the parents i know that is a late night we apologizes
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sometime at the board are here after midnight and people have things to say i'm glad you stayed eave we've heard that and received many e-mails and as a board member he read them and some them conveyed some misinformation and so i'm gladly you're here to here the truth and what is happening around this condom distribution so i want to say also that i am also concerned by my children 3 children and i do argue that middle school is too young for them to engage in sexual activity it is a serious decision when they decide the young person decided to engage if sexual activity middle school is way too young we don't
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encourage it in that as good idea but good idea for students if necessary decide to engacarte to be mature enough to understand the portions and the consequences of engaging in sexual activity having said that, and having vpdz i have three children were once in middle school i would want to know whether or not my children were deciding to engage in sex jail activity what i can concerned yes, but i would be worried out of my mind but want them to the save that's what we all want and that's what we're heard here tonight i don't want to tell you that it
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will tnot be your children but e know that is only 5 percent of our middle school population do we want to be 10 percent absolutely not but we feel having unprotected sex can possible mean life or death and so we're very, very concerned
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ivy that there is sometimes that our children will not tells you i'm grateful we have health care professionals they must contact to assess done dumps in middle school and to is we're encouraging that is a complete lie all of us here today will not encourage the middleers to engage but we know that is happening so we're going to talk
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about to the children about that the best prevention for the parents to talk to the children the children trust you and look to you for guidance as you said at the podium they said that children are our future they absolutely or so i'm also going to do is going i don't that a planned parents truck a good idea present and better idea for children to get a hocking professional and have a private conversations with that health care professional about the consequences of engaging didn't sexual activity so i'm tovpt say in closing we've monitor this policy we will evaluate the impact and i want you to be assured we'll bring that back again to the board after we've done a year of
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testing and prelims but you should be aware that the district are going to oakland one of them and not seen higher rates we were trying to keep our students safe we're trying to keep all the children save and this might not mean our child will be part of the program he probably think your child will not be part of projegram but ca deeply about all the students and want to keep at 5 percent of the students they say and sexually active we want to keep them absolutely safe thank you. >> questions or comments from the board seeing none, ms. fewer.
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>> yes. mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns 7 i's. >> (clapping.) thank you. >> move on to authorization to grants or the alternated deny theodore roosevelt charter academy there is a motion that has been seconded on january 12th and mr. superintendent please introduce your designee to roared thank you president haney michael davis to please come forward. >> thanks subject the roams for the theodore roosevelt high school renot to my knowledewal t
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or deny theodore roosevelt the whereas code section the theodore roosevelt charter academy incorporated submitted a petition for renewal ever theodore roosevelt high school charter academy to the san francisco unified school district and whereas pursuarude cal education the board of education the district received a petition an january 12th and whereas district shall ply with the action on the petition as required by law and the whereas the board of education should consider the level of public support and review the information received with respect to the petition including the spofs dominates
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and warrior you've issued a report and recommendation to the board of education regarding the review the petition therefore, be it resolved shall grant the petition subject to the requirement and so forth by law all right. public speakers thank you for your your cooperation and
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(calling names) >> you thank you. the best thio hear in the students i thank you for allowing us to come before you my name is dr. alive the president of the theodore roosevelt academy as the name and it is an honor to speak on behalf of the theodore roosevelt high school charter academy as a educator i've always wanted to be many a public space that is desolated to the development of the students a public is for all children and by very existence that all students can learn and that a high quality education is at the reach of all students theodore roosevelt high school is such a school clips and
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compassiona examination is practiced by teachers and students one can visit any day and time and as you open up the classroom door of every classroom you will be met by teachers teaching and students leefrn pr this is true of all classes all day, all the time a substitute teach once remarked how happy you are students were how eagerly they began each day and redundantly they left at the end of the day it is a place of marvel and transformation when taking a common core opportunity to learn moultiple turns out to keeping you inform excel and multiply opportunities to care the variety include immersion and the arts and
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athletes both and books and more books multiple culture and supports for english los angeles learners and writing across the curriculum and special education inclusion and performances and academic promotiojects and star practices extending gratdes and more i'm happy i'm happy, happy to be included in the tech community i've happy to have the opportunities to credibility to the future of the student and increasing the skir scholarships of the teachers tech is a good place for students and teaches and a good place for parents tech deserves the chapter to be renewed and good for san francisco and partner with san francisco unified school
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district thank you. >> (clapping). >> hi my name is mckenzie and i'm a student from theodore roosevelt high school academy charter i've been a student there since third grade not in 8 grade and beyond ready for hill identification enrolled from go willie brown, jr. nevada any mother suffered a leveragi life-changing stroke he critique at tech i am glad i have caring adults in particular my city hall counselor on a weekly basis meet up with the counselor and she helped me through stress with art i know
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that any kid can come to the counseling department and get as much help as needed i'm a student at tech can and tena correspondent be prouder about that i love. >> i've been going to theodore roosevelt abstinence - it is a wonderful friendly experience it encourages students to find out what they're passion it includes the virtual arts and dance and music it helps to shape wheno im and ms. sharp the music teacher
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has helped me i know what i want to pursue and in addition, we have teachers with pe teachers assistants is program where students tutor others students such obamacare test papers this develops social skills and maturity we have pe as well and encourage an open doors to many students who want to join the sport team for example, our success scorch developed their skills and hopefully an engagement team and students are challenged by perplexed subject and studying like the based project students found out iowa they're curious about in a way that is out of boxes
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at efld e 2e8d the staff helps the students to experience what their emphasisic about it opens their arms and giving us helpful advise in chief of poliachievin thank you. >> (clapping.) good afternoon board members i'm christopher mary been at techa since kindergarten and the teachers are dedicated to us to the teachers i really like are ms. come back and mr. tony's like ms. cook she is helps us to understand and she's a fun teacher but expects that us to do our pebble best and i like the gentleman he is dedicated to making sure eight graders are
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also he cares about everyone futuregentleman he is dedicated making sure eight graders are also he cares about everyone futu future. >> hello, i'm been an techa since third grade and currently in 8th grade ready to dwraut i didn't like it at first but not knowing how fun it could be and the teachers introduced the reading program the participaro introduced me with exploring books ever since then my grades went if it weren't for tech he wouldn't be ready for high school. >> hello, i'm steve i've been going to tool in the tool shed tennis the third grade and now in the 8 my teacher taught me
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many skills and i appreciate arts in ways that is important i'll never forget the projects everyday he looked to whatever project i was never - excuse me. another class i that changed me was music i was not interested in making music the music teacher taught me to play the guitar i this ought that was a difficult instrument she taught me how to play the guitar in two weeks the visual the arts program brought me here today. >> i've cabin american people tell the jury can for 6 years the thing i love how the
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teachers will help us to be sketch for example, my eight grade math and conceives teacher handed the section process report and missing work he made an exception and allowed us to make up the missing work on a friday, he had to grade them over the weekend so super bowl was on had our papers and he showed me how much the teachers are committed and the gentleman holds the morning and afternoon tutoring groups to understand the concepti they're all truly committed to making sure we understand. >> (clapping.) hi, i'm sandra and reading a letter on behalf of the legal chair that went to bed my name is libby and in the figured out
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grad theodore roosevelt what i like about techa i get to learn and have fun we are respect each other and learn how to be fair and taught me to be a good friend my teachers teach me what i need to learn and help me get a great education a techa has helped me be a better student when i grew up i want to be a veterinarian and helping animal techa will help me my favorite subject is math it helps me know how much medication to give the sick animals thank you for listening to how much techa will help me and my friends and i give back the future graduates of techa thank you. >> and just for my own comment tech is my family and second
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home they've made my kindergarten into the 8-year-old he is and he's amazing thank you. >> (clapping). >> we have two nieces that go there and the year before 3 envelopes that went through and tech can is a good school the staff works together with the families and they do everything they can to help the families to make sure the kids are learning what i really like is after school not opening the doors
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they get to know the families that but that the kids and not let random people pickup their kids they see the parents and guardians and it is just really good when i have my 3 my first one that was the one that spoke she went to a private school any neef nephews went to tech la my niece was for advanced i made the change and glad i did i have all 3 of them there thank you. >> (clapping.) good evening members of the board it is a pleasure to see you there are faces not here 5 years ago i'm christine
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christopher's is my grandson and other grandson they bougth have been there since kindergarten and on the honor roll i'll say since third grade it didn't starting until fourth and honored tomorrow they cathedral for being on the honor roll but tech has made changes in 5 years use to walk into them and pirate in an application and your combrofld now have you to stand in line that's down the street and around the corner on delores if you want your child to go to the thirds grad so tech la has made schwarzenegger pretty good advances and thechwarzenegger p advances and the and thed t thehwarzenegger pretty good
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thearzenegger pretty good tnegpe - but 5 years after talking to the members of the board couldn't talk and i guess the lord saved me to come before you again 5 years later but i want you to know that this is a very thing when you look at the camaraderie of the warriors that is the camaraderie i didn't have theodore roosevelt we have teachers who were there 5 years ago and new teachers but you'll be amazed as to the camaraderie that those teachers have this account one doesn't - he's jazz
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up to talk about techla this staff wiis with my children mor than i am i don't think about when your child wiis with a teacher from 8 to 3 is all day long or long i feel sad to hear a parent cry because of way the child is treated at the school i don't have any problems and he state sat there wanting to cry on things that you take things for grand when i drop them off i don't have a second thought they'll be taken care of and they know they're feeling their concerns - overwhelm to start crying i'm sure the board will took advantage of the techla and that
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we are proud of the unified school district and please welcome us again for another 5 years (clapping.) >> we have the last two speakers to speak as quickly as you can. >> good evening. i'm andy a teacher for 11 years at theodore roosevelt charter academy and the units vice president and i wanted to speak on behalf of the teachers it's been a journey we're very, very excited to continue we've worked collaboratively with the families and with the administration in implementing the common core i can't speak for the advancement enough as my students and i have 1, 2, 3 choices but 5 choices it is a plower 2 students were chronicling if 45 institutions i was workindering what i of the going to say and one of the
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students contact you want you to understand this school we talk about caring and go types of caring aesthetic caring and authentic from the parents and the children i can guarantee the parents feel the is that you and the theodore roosevelt charter is caring and thank you for your support (clapping.) thank you, sir. >> last speaker thinking about it you don't have to its been late it's all right but we'll end public comment and thank you, everyone for staying late comments from the board superintendent. >> ms. fewer. >> yes. so i had the pleasure of putting in a couple of hours at theodore rooseve theodore rl
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through when they presentedism from the charter conditionthing undergoing changes it was a good move they've create i think a very, very fine school and, in fact, i was surprised to learn they have premised a dual language program with a lot of integrity and thought and outlets stay true to the mission of serving english learners so it is commendable i went into ahf all the classrooms and spent time with the staff and appeared into the classrooms and saw the students engaged in work and will find everything he saw (clapping.) it was great. >> yeah. >> it is you know it is a
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really wonderful piece of property we own but this is put to good use it is excellent i matt han mean a big piece of property there was construction there 4 yrlgz years a a difference student body i think that 100 percent of their teachers are credentialed no turnover with the teachers and retain their students they're a very low spengs suspension rate k through 8 they've grown since one and 4 students but feel like they've got sdrigd and every student are happy and i love the reading rooms and the fact that the principal was also compluk a reading group and teaching a class a cohesive staff so i'm
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happy to rye this contract >> commissioner wynns you know what occurs to me we ought to have public schools bring our kids in and say their parents this is what we love about our schools because the message that gets accepted on charter school apartment and members of the board of education honestly most of them not sitting here but crosswalk some stayiaying off, know, i support those charter schools because the parents love them and the prelims the pub private schools don't love them that's not the truth but sort of
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one of the purposes of honestly of the not necessarily i don't mean to apply not the parents but the teachers the politicians and the economists that are behind the privatization of the public schools a escape for people so i just wanted to say that i have to say i've said is that before i'm never good evening to support the schools it, too been so much disadvantage from this school over time i'm happy this the schools are doing well but it is you know there are rectifies the school board school distrikkt* because that was like i know this board and it's wisdom
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decided to grant the charter 4 years ago but this board i know it was literally blood, sweat, and tears that had the board face up to the onslaught of people from all over the country and the results a charter which 15 years ago, i guess we didn't want made a deal for the state to take in my opinion if the state wanted to still do that i want to say one other thing all to say have a discussion about what we mean and what when we say when we have people say i understand you can say whatever we're partners with the school district but that evemeans we g our property we get our students
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and you know your force you the school district to do certain things required by law whatever we think of so you know, i guess i'm looking forward for a different terminology we should be i think that is offiurself that the boa will grant the charter i think we should at sometime when we haven't done in a long time gnaws bylaw it easier to put that off we should talk about - what we believe charter schools and what we believe their impact i think that is easy for people to get up and say oh, i know this was a great thing and it is - honestly, when people say we're part of sfusd i think yeah. your the enclosed part
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that something else made a decision this is about how many schools and where they should be and privately managed and governed so i - this is you know it happens once every 5 years i'm sorry, i canned not say what i believe and think about this i thank everyone for coming togeth tonight. >> all right. roll call vote. >> thank you ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton no ms. wynns. >> no 5 i's. >> all right. congratulations thank you the following of resolution were there is a motion that has been
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seconded and were forward to the same committees rules and ad hoc personnel for the recommendation so wait a second if folks time to be leaving the room we're continuing with the meeting so i will take each with an individually and the reading by the designee to the first is it board policy personnel drug and alcohol free workplace a committee report from rules and from personnel and labor >> i'm good i've been able to finder this one of you are on both committees i mean, i'll give a short summary of what we were told and the board and the
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committee recommended the board pass all the policies this one is a completely in any policy one that we didn't have before required by federal law one of those areas up to now not go do funds u influences anything else mechanical anything else /* we need to report. >> the drug and alcohol free workplace. >> general council hope. >> the one thing to add to the commissioners report the committee did suggest and request minor revisions to 3 of the policies whenat i realized those provisions have not yielded made it into the packet and not available for the board
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or members of the public so when we hit those 3 policies that were recommend for changes i'll advise those to move those to the next before meeting and we can remain transparent. >> no changes to the policy i want to say that so board policy is drug and alcohol free workplace the requested action adopt the board policy for the drug and alcohol free workplace for a safe environmentalist ms. hoe repeat which ones we'll not consider. >> 6 on tonight there be no changes to drug and alcohol free workplace and no changes to the next one that is 4040 no non-discrimination of employment and there were changes to 4033
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the lake shotgun we'll ask you to rove that to the next meeting there we're a wouware changes t sexual harassment to the next meeting and no changes to 4040 employees of technology and finally, the last policy for one thousand concepts and rules and organizations no policies a minor change to that we'll be asking you to move that. >> to move that to the next meeting a meeting. >> so we'll take off tonight. >> okay. >> and just fillmore in 40 to insert u.s. did you have occasion before office of civil right. >> undinto our recommended acn
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but not the policy. >> does that scare you. >> it didn't appear if the superintendant proposal i intended to highlight it but can powerful that as well. >> it is just a short clarifying phrase i don't think anyone liv. >> in which one. >> 4040. >> 4040 will stay on but the requested action the last line u.s. department of justice will be inserted before office of u.s. department. >> so commissioner norton a clarifying request. >> no, i had a request will those policies came to the personnel committee we were told they've been amended and the rules committee and we didn't have the amended version in personnel committee that makes it hard for the committee to take them up the first time e.
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see if we amend the committee meeting to get the amended versions but point als >> the ones we looked at we looked in committee but knowing which had an
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amendment. we took them up. >> i'm just asking if the resolutions are amended in committee, then they should get the amended version. >> i take your comments. we can discuss that at the committee and if they decide to move forward because the changes are so minor. i understand the feedback. >> all right. if i may just make one comment on that, the issue has to do with the scheduling. the personnel committee was one or 2 days after
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>> we have some of the answers here and some of the answers maybe directed towards staff and not necessarily directed at the school itself. if it's something we can explore further in the rules committee, for example, what would be appropriate if we were to impact this further and address the
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questions that the board members have raised here in full. >> so, i think that if it would need to be discussed in committee, and i'm not sure rules committee is the appropriate committee. so i would just say if you are asking, i think we are going to have to bring it back and answer to commission norton's concern about charter schools establishing their enrollment policies and preference. their enrollment policies and preferences are established in the charter petition and what we attempted to do here was to make sure the changes they wanted to make were in conformance with code and specifically with the requirement that district residents take
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privacy over anything when it comes to establishing extensions and preferences. >> we are under no obligation to do what they want to do. if they want to modify the petition, we still have to vote on it, right? >> yes. >> i though we did establish preferences for gateway. so i'm not categorically opposed to that. so i'm really, it's like i think a deal breaker for me. >> i am inclined to take this to committee because i don't think we are able to address all the issues because we don't have all the data. unless you want to bring this to a full vote. i don't know if you want to address this? >> yes. and i say that respectfully. i actually sent you that
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information on october 16th in regards to our schools demographics, breakdown ethnicities and sro and zone area and demographic and ethnicity as well as well as income. so that actually happened. the other thing is my understanding that a charter school can actually work within its zone without permission but i don't think that's the type of partnership we want to have. and that's something we can do. but going and doing it
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unilaterally was not and nor would i want to do that. the third thing here is that gateway and kip did the very same thing. just last year and it was my understanding as well. i love kip but they were asking for something in return for the students to have preference into middle school and high school. we are not doing that. the only thing we are asking to do something intentional and doing something that is courageous from the city that is so rapidly and that is to give preference to students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. our school over the last two or 3 years since we rewarded our charter has been very very successful. what we have seen over the years is that it has become less diverse. more affluent. i will give you an example,
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with 22 spaces last year with 350 applications of those 350 applications 280 of those, those parents had graduate degrees or higher. if it continues and i believe it will, that's not going to lessen. it's only going to grow more. this coming back 2 years hearing many of the members on the board saying you need to do something intentional with purpose, that is what we are doing, that is what we are asking you guys to do tonight to be courageous and help us right now. and the last thing i want to say and why i feel like this is, that i'm speaking and my voice is actually shaking here is march 4th, is a lot of redates for the 16-17 school year and i think we've been asking. we asked to have our preferences to
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be the way we wanted them. we were told no, we came a few times, we spoke. we still received the negative. we came back. they upset a number of our teachers and families. we said diversity is the cause right now. we may have sacrificed some families and teachers but we want to be diverse and intentional and purposeful because it is the right thing to do and here we are. you know, i asked to be, we asked i should say, to be on the february 9th board meeting agenda. that didn't happen. here we are. if we don't take care of this tonight, we will not be able to run the lottery the way we feel to be able to run our lottery which is to
5:05 am
have preferences for free and reduced lunch. if we don't do it, i'm going to come back in two or 3 years and ask you to renew our petition and we are going to say the same thing like what have you done to change our diversity here. here we are asking to you help us. we made partnerships with magic, with a lot of western edition communities. with the preschool and level of organizations and outreach. this is our first year working with sff and we've added literacy and kindergarten and ta's to ensure success when our diversity increases because we have a feeling we won't be able to meet the needs of the students when they get there. this has been well thought out. this has been a plan we put
5:06 am
in place years ago from the day we left that petition meeting. you were unanimously granted. we left here knowing that we need to make a difference. we have made a difference. we have put things in place. there is still this one missing piece and we need your help and we need it actually tonight. to clarify on that, if we don't take action tonight we don't take action on a new version of this in a way for the lottery to be in a different way. if we don't take action tonight, the lottery will run the way it currently is. >> yes. >> so, the data you sent me
5:07 am
doesn't have about rosa parks attendance area in there. it says your data, school data is 50.5% white, 60% hispanic. there is no out of district data here. >> we don't have any staff for at least currently that we have children in the next 5 years who would attend creative arts and we don't have any out of district students. all of our students are in district. >> do you have current data with rosa parks area and are in your
5:08 am
school and also have you collected applications for your school and what does that application look like. what information breakdown have you gotten so far for the next school year? >> i don't have that information with me unfortunately. >> that would be very helpful too because if you have no one from the rosa parks neighborhood and the free and reduced lunch, there are students that apply to this to add diversity to your school. you can see what i'm saying, how would we know that? >> i would say if there is five, that's five more we wouldn't have starting the 2015-2016 school year. if it was two, then we would have two. it is my hope we have more.
5:09 am
i apologize that i wouldn't have more information here this evening. ideally the number is much larger. but, if we are not able to make that preference and make that distinction of having the students come to our school, 2 is better than 0, 5 is better than 2. >> the reason the school is not justified is just around your preference? what do you think is the reason why? what you are saying to me if we don't do this you won't have a diversified student body. >> right. >> what else is happening and i think i spoke to you about this on the phone and we had a long conversation about it. >> right. >> i said i'm looking for other things too. i feel like, what is it then?
5:10 am
>> about our school? >> yes. you can cast a wide net. did you cast a citywide net quite frankly and these are the students applying to your school. how did you get it from a certain area to make it different. why do you think your school isn't diversified? what are the other factors? are there other factors for you to come say to me, if you don't approve this, it is not going to be diversified. our other schools are diversified. they have a wide range. what are those things? and you said these are the things that we are going to be looking for. what are those other things? >> we have one of the richest arts integration program in this entire city. doing research and looking online and your 2020 vision
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plan. i know that arts integration is one of your focal points. i think that is something that parents are looking for. i think parents find that. they don't often find that in a public school. they find that in a private school. i feel the social emotional program at school is world class. we have adopted design thinking, k-8 that people are looking for that are starting at other schools but well grounded at our school. in some ways i see our school as being as having a lot of assets of the private school. because of that, i think that makes us look like a great choice for many families. what we have seen of what's taking place
5:12 am
in san francisco over the last 5-10 years is that in terms of this it looks a lot difference than just 5 or 10 years ago. families moving in are making more money. there is a certain type of family that's moving in and i think creative arts is an attractive choice, obviously for a public school, for a free public school it's a very attractive choice. >> i feel that no doubt you have a fine school, i just think what you are saying to me is that it attracts a certain parent for your school. but isn't it about marketing, about outreach that people that create a culture that come out to your school, they feel like they can be?
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>> i think it's that and all of it. we have put things in place. >> that's my question. >> we have put things in place, right? we have done outreach, we have done marketing, we have expanded our marketing enrollment, materials into chinese and spanish, tagalog. we have done numerous events with parents of public schools this year holding an event in spanish, holding an event in chinese. we are doing those things and still we want to make sure that we can do it quicker, faster, we want do it well. yes, i definitely think it's both.
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>> any questions or comments on how you would like to move forward on this effort to colleagues. it sounds like would not like to vote on this before as we have information tonight on basically it's for next year. >> why don't we have commissioner mendoza mcdonnell? >> thank you. i just have one more question. i truly get what you are wanting to do here, but absent, you know some kind of a plan for outreach make it a little bit tricky. no. 2, i think if you do preference in an attendance area that actually limits who you are reaching out to versus the citywide outreach and if your intention is to
5:15 am
diversify using free and reduced lunch, then it seems to me the students who qualify for free and reduced lunch for san francisco would be a pretty straight forward preference. when i look at this and i think one fine, two i take out, three, i would turn into two, four i would turn into three. but quite frankly if what you are going to end up getting are residents of san francisco who are not free and reduced which is what you currently have and that's your pool, you are still not going to diversify your group unless there is some accompanying component to all of this in terms of the marketing piece. and then 5 and 6, i don't even agree with 5 and 6 at all because i would rather
5:16 am
you serve san francisco families than serving low income or free and reduced lunch students outside of our city. >> i believe these were the preferences that the district created, legal council, sfusd legal counsel created and said we do not say what creative arts that you are okay with this? >> i'm not okay with that to bring in kids from outside to diversify the school. i really want an effort for the school to find a way to diversify the school. i don't think this is going to do it. i guess you have one line that speaks to free and reduced and if
5:17 am
that's not a body that you are reaching out to regularly and doing some real purposeful outreach to, then you are going to get to group no. 3, which is the rest of sfusd which is what you currently have. >> and students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. >> that's no. 2. >> that's no. 3. >> well, it would be my no. 2 because i would take out the one that has an attendance error. i don't think you limit yourself to an attendance error. i think you have to do, you take in free and reduced from all over, not from an attendance specific attendance area. >> are we negotiating right now? >> no. unfortunately this wasn't
5:18 am
presented very well and it doesn't have sufficient information is what i'm hearing from the rest of the board to make a decision that would feel comfortable. i get what you are trying to do. but i don't think, i don't think that this is going to get you there. this is your one line that actually reaches out to free and reduced lunch families and then you go outside of the district. i don't think that this is going to satisfy what you need and from where i sit, take out accepting students from out of the district. >> so, what we attempt to do here was allow the charter school to make the revision that they felt would do the
5:19 am
job and obviously there is this disagreement about whether or not this would do it. the outside of district comes at the end. it's only if all of the spaces have been allocated to in district. >> so why even have it in there is my point? if after you fill out all your spots and want to go somewhere else and do a district transfer why not. but if there is a preference, that tells me there is a preference. >> it's not a district transfer because for the charter school there are attendance boundaries. the state of california is their attendance boundaries. i see that 5 and 12 cannot
5:20 am
be there. i understand. but what we are trying to do is allow them to make the change they saw fit, but make sure that they follow the education code preference or scripture that says in all instances district residents should come first. >> i mean, i can say that 5 and 6 and none of those students at this point are going to have a chance to get in when we have, we are looking at 660 applications last year. >> how many of those were free and reduced lunch students? >> right now i don't know that answer. but if we continue and if we have 300 applications for 20 spots in
5:21 am
kindergarten, if we don't have a preference, then those free and reduced lunch students have a really really poor chance of getting into creative arts next year. >> so a couple things. first of all i want to say, i do want to apologize because i went back and looked at my e-mail and know that you have been trying to engage us on this issue for a long time. the fact that we are here tonight and now digging and asking questions, i can really understand it feels really unfair from your point of view because you have been asking to engage in this situation for a while. i feel bad that we have not regarded this earlier. but we are not going to resolve this tone. -- tonight.
5:22 am
there is no way of going forward with this, and i'm not comfortable with it. we looked at this and how can we verify that a student is eligible. when a student comes with an application that says i'm free and reduced lunch. there is a lot of issues with that. i'm curious with how you are going to be able to do that because we've been told that it's difficult to do. i just think it's on us that it's the last night and that us failing to vote on this now presents you from moving ahead with the changes that you want to make and i think we need to make a commitment to problem solving in a way that the board is more comfortable with. i'm just hearing the board is not comfortable. my suggestion
5:23 am
is that we go back to the drawing board and to the committee and have a resolution of it well before you have to run the lottery next year. i'm not seeing that we are going to resolve this today. >> commissioner? >> my recommendation to this issue to be looked at this, it's problematic because when we designed the cedar system, the reacid -- presidio and i cannot vote on this because i need to understand the system. we need to understand what we put together for this charter
5:24 am
school. even though i support creative arts charter school and i believe it offers something special to families but i'm not prepared to vote on this tonight. >> commissioner fewer? >> yes. i think that you might need help with this. i know the board has given direction in the past, but i feel like i understand your frustration and i can feel it and i feel that it is, but it seems as though maybe you need some assistance. i think you have a great program attractive to a certain demographic. you are trying to diversify your demographic and stay a public school that serves a variety of students in
5:25 am
a diverse population. i get it. i don't think it's insincere or any of that. i see how you see that this may help you. i think it's not just this. and i think you need some help with it. i want to see you succeed. i don't know, mr. aguilar, what we can do to help you. when you came for a vote tonight, we have a lot of questions around this. we are not comfortable. when we had conversations on the phone i feel like you really want this to work. you are trying to do it, and you know getting sff to help you too is a big help, but it is hard. i think we have, so i just want to own this. we have the same problem with some of
5:26 am
our emerging programs and we are unable to traffic african american families into our language immersion programs and that we are also desperately trying to integrate. it is a very difficult thing. i think there is things that we can be doing better and it's not an easy thing to do. but this proposal, i think, is you know, if we could revise this within the data and try it for a year, i might be down for it. i know we are running out of time and i don't think we even have another special meeting plan to discuss this. i would be willing to do that if you can supply us with more data too. for example, what is your candidate pool look like now? who has put in applications right now? if this were to pass, can you give us
5:27 am
hypothetically what it might look like? i think those are the things . you are telling me that march 4, is the date that you need to know by, is that correct? >> we plan on running our lottery on march 4. i don't know how the board feels, but i know we have on tuesday. i don't know if you want to hold a special meeting around this around proposal and we can vote on it at a special meeting. i don't know how the board feels about that, though. i would be willing to entertain it, although it's going to be a very long night. >> commissioner wynns? >> i'm a little confused too because as i recall when you first came to us and wanted was this
5:28 am
preferences for students and employees who live outside the district. if you are now telling us you don't have any of them, i'm kind of stumped as to how we got here. i share also the concerns about the rosa parks attendance area, making that a preference area because it's something we kind of haven't done with any of our charters and it is an artifact and a real one that we have a choice in our school system. we have the attendance areas, but we have this tension all the time, healthy tension between choice and in attendance areas. that's where our policy and philosophical discussion is and i just don't, and by the way, there are
5:29 am
, the demographics changes and the socioeconomic changes in schools where they are trying to diversify both ethnically into areas that are attaching to one school. i appreciate commissioner murase reminding us and to why we should probably try it to address middle school issues and to respond to parents desires for more predictability. i think in our district, the attendance area discussion in a charter school is really kind of out of left field and i think that's what everybody thinks why we do this in a
5:30 am
charter school. which is what they want in this pool is to draw. there is components that i'm not prepared to vote for it or support it if they stay the same way. >> could i just add three things from the staff's perspective? >> sure. >> one, my mental capacity is greatly diminished after 10 p.m. and we are well after 10 p.m.. so i'm sorry i'm having trouble answering questions. two, while we have not agenda, i know, it's way after 10 p.m.. we have not agendaize it until february 23, we did propose to the charter schools several months ago that this is what we would be willing to take to you for consideration. they only recently decided to go along with our
5:31 am
recommendation. so, if not, we do have to own it, but we, both sides have to own it. thirdly, i'm not sure that creative arts has to conduct the lottery on march 4. so, if there could be some give in that date, then we could have the time to properly bring this back. >> you want to align with our lottery, correct? >> i was under the impression that you wanted us to align this with your lottery. >> so that's another part that we have to both sides own but we could work on it. >> i want to say a couple things and maybe we'll get to a place where we can move on. one i think there were
5:32 am
glitches along the process where we should have had a discussion about this in another venue in a board setting at a committee setting so we could have shared some of these. i'm not blaming you or anything, period there were a lot of negotiations to this. in fact as board president some of it is on me to make sure this happens. we all take some ownership around that. but where we are now and seeing that you heard some of the questions and feedback, i also would say to the board that we did do some of these things for gateway and kip. so i can also see why there would be an assumption that we would be willing to do some of these again and with some of the goals in mind and some of the things are brand new for us. which is why i can understand the board to say, as to have a
5:33 am
whole other set of implications to have a concern for us. hearing all of that feedback, there is perhaps a place to get to that will give you some time that is some version of this to take some feedback and take out folks who are out of district and maybe focuses on what sounds like to be the most important thing for you that is free and reduced lunch in san francisco and maybe key around the neighborhood and talk about the best way to do that and focusing on the free and reduced lunch. that seems to be a fairly simple thing, not speaking for board members that we are in support for and that is the specific piece of it. maybe we get somewhere over the next couple weeks that will allow you to still do the lottery next year, but maybe not and maybe we can keep this conversation open for next year. does that make sense with board
5:34 am
members and we can move on with that? >> yeah. the other determining i don't know how you determine free and reduced lunch for kindergarten enrollment. we don't until they are in the school and we give them the form. i guess i need more information. >> we have been exclusively told we can't do that. so clarifying that also because again with gateway and kip, we said that in a similar way. >> for clarification, for the students that have cal works so we know if they are eligible for cal works then they are eligible for free and reduced. we may not have the free and reduced application in the possession of the family but we have a way of identifying
5:35 am
families. i just wanted to say that. >> the other thing to bring back is to how to identify. i think this comes from on your part, a good place to try to hear the direction and guidance that we have been giving over time so i can see how this seems a bit surprising but some of this stuff is new for us and having a set of policies and concerns that we haven't fully discussed and that's why it creates some flack for board members but the free and reduced lunch from sfusd is important and with that lottery as a piece of it. that's the direction that i would give and in terms of the timing of it, we hope will be able to work that out.
5:36 am
>> can i ask one more question. i know this is a priority for me and for you as well. when we discuss and absent a component and i don't know how this frame will actually be. i don't know if it's something that can be slowed down and you bring it back to us over the years and work on it together and we don't ding you for not diversifying. >> i can send you an outreach plan. >> okay. that's fine. let's stay on the schedule then. >> okay. >> all right. we are going to move this and the conversation will continue and we'll hopefully resolve it on that conversation. we thank you for the
5:37 am
craziness of this process and surprised as we are where we are now and hopefully moving to a place to resolve this in the near term and for the future to have goals that we share with you. thank you for your time. >> thank you, mike. >> so, moving on. where are we. my favorite part of the night. we are postponing it. >> we are not going to take action. >> to an indefinite date. >> all right. discussion of other educational issues? >> thank you.
5:38 am
commissioners, thank you. i do want to give the iron man, iron woman award to all of our staff members here this evening. i'm going to make a presentation led by captain of the team of support division. i honestly was telling dr. stevens, after 9:00 p.m. i don't trust myself, after 10:00 p.m. no one should trust me and after 11:00 p.m., i don't know what to expect. so i'm going to do my best. so, good evening, i'm here to give you an update. the good news is being this late that it is a powerpoint. i know you expect nothing else, nothing less.
5:39 am
so the good news is, usually this is a topic that can go on for a very long time. but tonight you are exhausted and i'm exhausting and we are getting to it. last time we talked about the program at great length at sfusd and held the data for the presentation. this time we are going over the outcomes and our work and then we'll show case an essential component of the work we are doing in support of intervention with our board analyst. we'll start with suspensions compared to last five semesters5 semesters. where is thomas? same time period of
5:40 am
the last 5 years we have seen a 57% reduction in suspensions overall, african american suspensions to 61%. but african american expenses are still disproportionate. as you can see they are in every division. middle school and high school. this data cannot accurately reflect the undocumented suspensions that we know existed in 2011 and 2012. so suspensions are in much greater graphs displays. i talked with disproportionate alt that still exist for african american students suspension rates. african american students make-up only 9% of our school district but currently represent 45% of our
5:41 am
district suspensions. pausing on that slide to make sure mr. bogus see's it because that's what you have been here all night for. expulsions are down, but i want to . -- point out there has only been one expulsion but you will see more coming soon. the arrest of school report. this is the year to year. you saw this one at the beginning of this school year when i presented this summary of 14-15. what you are seeing tonight is the total of fall only for semester 2015 fall semester. as you can see our first semester 27 school arrest, 11 at the middle school and 16
5:42 am
at the high school. as you can see from last year there were 90 total. so we are on track to have the lowest number of arrest of any school year on record. but let's wait until that happens that we say that. the breakdown shows boys are six times more likely to be arrested than girls. the arrest data shows that latino students currently have the highest arrest rate in san francisco unified. that distinction was african americans for the past several years that i have been counting these. there is a noticeable shift there. the violations, the most prevalent violation is possession with the intent to sell marijuana.
5:43 am
supportive schools have been a journey and the most important thing to acknowledge about this evolution that it has adapted each and every year to honor the voices and feedback for the schools as well as incorporated the line in the new district in board policies and resolutions, especially the resolutions. i'm not going through these, you know what they are. the theory of action states in summary that we need to support positions such as nurses and social workers assigned to schools and if we provide professional development such as the bat team that we are going to show you next, two schools and we build the data system to assess and perform our work and extend academic and behavioral work and empower families to be advocate for their children's school and community and we focus on our students in
5:44 am
school with the highest need, then we will see our decreases and disproportionatity. behavior action team consist of restorative action team and child welfare and attendance liasons and importantly what you are going to hear tonight because you hear so much about and we wanted to give you an opportunity to hear from the specialized people called board certified behavioral analyst we have special guest lucas petreli, two of the supervised board of behavioral analyst. >> first of all thank you
5:45 am
for having us here tonight. this is a late presentation. so, we came to talk about what we do and who we are. we can't forget where we come from. i had to put aba and i can't escape that topic. this presentation i will try to go quickly. it goes from where we come from. so aba and where we are and what we are doing in our day-to-day practice. kathy is going to take over and present basically a typical case that we can refer throughout the week. >> so aba, this comes from the aba, science principals on behavior. some characteristics. we
5:46 am
used evidence based techniques. we are trying to get away from punishment and punitive systems. so we collect it. we are to make basically objective decisions on the students. and it not only in the classroom. it's in the classroom, but it's like -- out there. so what's a bcba, i remember my first week, you are a bc what? so here we go. it's supposed to be a behavior analyst. if you type my name, kathy's name, you are going to find kathy. here are some requirements. i don't want to bother you with all the technicalities but describes the work how much is behind and that before you become certified, before you are able to pass the
5:47 am
board exam. the guidelines that we have to follow will continue to get involved. we have to take further to improving with education credits. let's go over the scope of practice that sfusd for example. first data, data, i hear you talk about data. we are all about data. we conduct and assessment, behavioral, data analysis. we do not take subjective statements. when we go to the sites, we want data. we want numbers. we supervise the intervention to target adoption of dysfunctional behavior and increase this. we train
5:48 am
to carry out ethical and intervention based on research and evidence base. we team up. so we don't work in isolation. how can behavioral analyst for example suspension, expulsion, disciplinary. we focus on environment of valuable. we focus on objectivity. when we are holding it to see a case, we look at environment. we look at those barriers. basically limiting our students' success. after that, we look at create a plant like behavioral intervention plan to targeting to actually eliminate by behavior support by using the framework, by using positive enforcement.
5:49 am
here, that's why you see this. i like to see this way. our multi-tier system of support. we are just keeping everything together, right. which basically is our work. we take that data. we make informed decision on that objective. were accountable for that. >> there is a lot of different ways we work at sites. the first thing we do is we always start with looking at the tier one that are universal things at the site and how to support the whole school and we closely with sfr
5:50 am
coaches and drive home for professional development and training focusing on pbs for tactics and we focus on data and decision making and how to collect data and the suggestions that they suggest. we really focus on intensive intervention around safety and behavior that are a high level of concerns, we do assessments for that. we put together a case study to show an example of what a typical case might look like to give you a general idea of our work. generally we are given a referral from our bat team administrator through generally a site administrator from the staff team and they give us a
5:51 am
case, we look through it and then we generally start by going to an sft meeting and we get the information and if we work with the students we get consent. this is an example of what the data might look like if we get involved at the beginning of our case. typically a site is already in place because it's not working and the student reaches a goal. this is the system we are using to track intervention. >> this is a real case. >> this is a green line. someone is called in.
5:52 am
in the interim the behavior analyst may go out to consult with the coach and look at the variables that are triggering these behaviors and not supporting the behaviors. we team up with the site and develop interventions that target the behaviors and we really focus on skill acquisition and things of that nature and coaching and we gather and analyze data to monitor the progress of the student. so ideally, this is the graphic we see after our work where we see a positive trend and student is reading and surpassing their goals and usually this is due to the fact that we put in a solid intervention and a lot of coaching has happened and continuous monitoring of the intervention. as you see this goes over 4 months. so it's behavior change which takes a lot of time as anyone who has tried to change his own behavior
5:53 am
or someone else knows but with a lot of collaboration, this is hopefully the goal. >> i'm just going to point out right here, you see that students is reaching 10-12 points. if we go here. the student is receiving 30 regularly and then to 50, 60 and 65. this is an actual student that changed his behavior. here in november doing poorly, november 3rd, november 4th, and now he's making an average of 60 points a day many -- this is an actual student with a name that we blurred out. >> so, why aren't kids
5:54 am
predictable. if you go to the slide, it's going up and down. it tells me the intervention is being carried out consistently. the student is responding as implemented with fidelity. the student learns and he learns how to respond based on different staff members, for example or what is going on in the environment. it's all about the environment. when you start implementing a structure intervention with a lot of coaching. when you see the first graph, we are looking at consistency. and then fidelity is the implementation. let's take that into place and then let's look if it's
5:55 am
actually being carried out. from there we start and you can see the exponential growth on the second chart. also on the second chart you can see the line and then it's christmas break. so you can see that >> the other really important thing to notice and recognize is that this is what real behavior looks like. it is erratic and takes time and that's why the data is so important because it takes out at the emotion and just your own biases and then you can see what is working and continue to do it. >> you can see the trend line is upwards. it's telling us the intervention is working and seeing a projection for the future. >> let me call public comment for the people.
5:56 am
i have lauren brady, suzanne solomon, kevin bogus, chelsey boy ar. c'mon, chelsey. thank you for waiting so long for your patience. >> i want to say something i have never said to a board meeting. good morning, commissioners. i have never stayed on so late. thank you. solomon, i want to thank you for this. they are our inspiration and get us through the night. this is the most painful moment at the microphone more than usual and not because of the hour but
5:57 am
because of the support of the schools is so critical and painful. why painful? because we as educators we want this policy to become a reality and we realize how far we still are from that reality. 2 years ago sff stood at this podium and asked for the resolution. we know how valuable it is and we are continuing to partner with the district. we had a meeting today all day. but now we have 2 years of modest victory and continue disappointment and that disappointment is in the mind of our mentors. safety in schools is a top item.
5:58 am
suspensions is a part of the story but not the complete story. students and educators need to have confidence that schools mean something in our school. we want to make sure that education continues in our schools and that educators adults and children are physically and emotionally safe and we are not there yet. students are still getting hurt at school and adults are getting hurt at school in higher numbers that we've seen before. we are not there yet, but we are doing all we can to make the san francisco schools the best they are because we know that our public schools in san francisco are the best schools. thank you. >> good morning, everyone. i also wanted to say good morning. i think i want to bet that i got to
5:59 am
say good morning. i'm lauren brady from public counsel. i want to thank the staff and family members from the community and support who i know have put in an incredible amount of work who try to make the school district's forms and policies a reality for their schools, but that said, as the students from lowell said earlier, there is a lot of work to be done. my primary concern, the concern that i know is shared by many of the people tonight that despite the efforts to decrease suspensions and expulsions, significant
6:00 am
disproportionate suspensions occur and they are going to be another critical step to be taken in order to address this concern. but i understand as folks have said that implementation is a difficult road, . there is a long distance between actual policies and what teachers and students on the ground actually looks like and that's a road that can't be walked alone which brings me to the second concern which is the limited attention paid thus far in schools implementation efforts to family and school engagement specifically. the only way to monitor and understand whether the policy reforms that have been made by the board and district are for climate and culture change at school sites is to actively with the community in that implementation conversation. as we've seen here this evening in these very family and issues that have been presented t