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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  May 18, 2018 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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>> no other reports? any other reports for the board? commissioner murase. >> i want to invite families to the second sfusd family welcome day on sunday, june 3rd. it's an opportunity for school communities to come and have -- spend time outdoors. we'll be at the park located behind bryant elementary school. again, on sunday june 3rd, 12:00 noon to 3:00. the superintendent will be stopping by. we hope to have -- it will be the last weekend before school let's out. a couple of other things. i wanted to congratulate the parent leadership group that met on april 26th, commissioner walton was able to stop by as well. really amazing work by this particular network, really great
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sharing, really great best practices at that meeting. i want to thank the members of the community advisory committee for special education. i had the chance to attend their awards program and wanted to congratulate will patterson, david miller, dj irwin and patricia for receiving awards that night. and then finally, i wanted to thank president mendoza-mcdonnell for residing over the 12th annual sfusd retirement celebration which she helped start with then mayor gavin newsome and then dennis kelly. it was real eye a -- really a wonderful event. >> vice president cook. >> i wasn't at the last board meeting, but i wanted to shout out to all the organizers of the black family day that was hosted
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at willie brown a few weeks back. it was a great event. i got to serve on a panel with incredible young people. i just appreciate the multiple years that that event has been hosted. also, commend the educators for the really wonderful he are tirement -- retirement event that i attended last week -- retirement/scholarship event, really, really inspiring evening, and congratulations to all of our educators that have retired and our students going off to multiple four-year schools. i commend your success and service to our district. >> thank you. commissioner murase. >> we didn't read the names of the scholarship winners. i would like to do that quickly.
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[ reading names ] >> thank you. i just have a couple of announcements also. this thursday, may the 11th, we're going to be welcoming a life-sized ceramic panda which was the winner of a competition that was hosted by the chang do sister city friendship city committee. it was something that the mayor
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put together as part of their relationship building between china and the u.s. and the winner came from dian die finesn helementary school. it's been replicated and it's now almost a four foot panda that was replicated by a famous artist. so it's going to be displayed in the foyer of the element real estatelementaryschool. they are going to name it edwin, which i thought was very sweet. we also are going to be honoring five teacher of the year awards and four principals. we're going to be honoring a para-educator which we're really
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excited about. that's happening on may the 18th and the giants will be hosting the teachers for teacher appreciation at a home plate ceremony with the giants playing cincinnati on may the 14th. then we will be also honoring -- providing $1,000 scholarships to students in sfusd or former sfusd students currently in college with scholarships and we'll be hosting that on may the 2 3rd. any other announcements? all right. thank you. great. our next item is the calendar of committee meetings. we have a standing ad hoc and joint committee meetings coming up. budget and commissioner services, commissioner haney. >> it's at the end of the month. i don't have the exact date.
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the 30th. okay. >> thank you. wednesday, may 30th is budget and business services buildings and grounds will be monday may the 28th at 6:00 p.m. curriculum and program, vice president cook? we have it monday, may 21st. that one will be at 5:30 p.m. rules, commissioner sanchez. >> june 4th, 6:00 p.m. >> ad hoc committee on student assignment is to be determined. labor relations, vice president cook. >> thursday, may 24th at 5:00 p.m. >> and the ad hoc school district city college joint committee will be thursday, june 14th, at 6:00 p.m. and it will be held here at sfusd this time. section m is other informational item. there are none tonight. section n is a memorial adjournment and there are none tonight.
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and then we have superintendent matthew. >> i made the announcement that we would be making a donation in the memory of your mom. we collected from the central office managers and central office administrators. i want to thank you all for stepping up, and this donation will be made to the filipino american development foundation which provides scholarships to filipino students in $1,000 in memory of your mom. we just want to let you know that. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you. i wanted to thank all the staff that contributed to that. my mother finished third grade and raised a family of 7 and brought us over and never had the opportunity to finish school or even go on to college.
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she saw several of her children be able to go on to college. this was just a really wonderful gift in her memory. so i just want to thank everybody who contributed to a scholarship that will be given to a young person and i'm -- we were thinking about what characteristics we wanted this young person to have, and as you heard when we did the adjournment in her memory, she was an athlete, and she was very committed to serving others and so those will be the characteristics we'll be looking for. thank you very much for the contribution and for helping a young person get on to college which is an opportunity my mother never had. so thank you. okay. so at this time, we're going to take public comment from those
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who have submitted speaker cards for closed session items and then we'll have some time just before public comment -- i'm sorry -- just before closed session to hear the comments. so section o we're going to go into closed session. so the board will now go into closed session. thus, i call for a recess of the regular meeting. i know that there were several family members here or parents and community members from cleveland that are still here. so if we can have -- let's see. so we're going to clear the room. if you're from cleveland -- >> excuse me, president. i just want to reiterate. we have to take public comment in public even though it's on personal matters. >> okay. all right. so this is a new process for us. so if you are here to make
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public comment on personal matters, that will be heard publicly. so i'm just going to read off the names of the cards that i had earlier, and if you are here to make public comment and i have your name, would you please step up and before we go into closed session we're going to hear public comment. so myrna vasquez, maria gonzales, johana, evelyn rodriguez, c strong, evelyn, martinez, david alam, n, elizabeth castro smith, and doris chan. are any of those people here. if you are, please come forward.
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we can't invite you to closed session. it has to be only the board. >> so just to be really clear, people that are going to be speaking for clos closed sessio- you have the opportunity to speak about if there was a comment that you wanted to make about a principal from cleveland and then this opportunity now is to speak about a teacher that is on our agenda for closed session. so if you're hear to speak about a teacher, a teacher that's on the agenda, then we'll allow you to make comments. if this is to reiterate or make
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another comment about the principal, this is not the appropriate time to do that. that was in the previous opportunity. so if you're here to speak about the teacher on our agenda, please -- [ inaudible ] >> how many are here to speak on this item? >> this is very different for us. i've been on this board 12 years and we don't typically do did thido itthis way -- please moved if you want to speak so that i havihave a better sense who have wants to speak. in our previous process, we would also only allow five minutes for the entire
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discussion in closed session. so if you can show me how many people would like to make a comment, i'll have a better sense of how much time to provide you. okay. so there's roughly about ten of you. i'm going to give you ten minutes to speak which is double the time renormally provide. so if you could just be brief in your comments and just go one by one and let's go ahead and go forward on this. thank you. >> good evening, everybody. sorry. i'm going to take less than the ten minutes, but thank you for giving me the ten minutes. i've been here for hours ever since you guys started. i'm just here because as a concerned parent, it came to my attention that two very wonderful teachers are going to be pretty much fired at the end of this school year. we -- me as one of the parents, i'm just concerned because we
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never got a letter or they haven't given us a reason why. it's sad because both of my children have these two teachers and they've came home crying that they think it's so unfair that why is it that these teachers are being fired when they think they're amazing and they have helped them a lot. both of my daughters are good in math, but because of this teacher, they've gotten even better. they really have gotten up there. to them, it means a lot. every time they come home, you know what i learned today? i learned fractions or this or this. my third grader, i told her let's go to support your teacher. she didn't want to come. she said it was devastating for her to come today because she said that if she would have heard that her teacher was getting fired, she was going to cry. so, i mean, i just want to put it out there. even a child, if they're 6, 7 years old, they have feelings, you know. i can't talk for them because i'm not there with the teachers. i can't tell you what they experienced, but me being born
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and raised here, i was part of the school system, and i can say it has really changed a lot. it's not what it used to be back in the day. it's sad to see it's degrading, unfortunately. i hope we can give the best for our children. that's all. thank you. >> thank you. >> so you have a short amount of time. so be as brief as possible, please. and we would like to allow the students to come up and speak first if they could. i know that you have been waiting. we would love to hear from the students first. and i appreciate that you're not mentioning the teacher's names. if you would continue to refer to the teacher as just the teacher. thank you. >> hello. my name is juan, and i don't
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want one of my third grade teachers to leave. if he does, i'll miss him real bad because he helped me with a lot of math in third grade. when i'm in fourth grade right now, i moved up a whole bunch of things that he teached me. i'm trying -- my parents are trying to keep -- try to stay because even my little sister wants him to be her third grade teacher. i really -- i would really miss him if he left because he teached me a lot of stuff that i didn't know in third grade, a whole bunch of words that i
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didn't know about that i was going to learn in fourth grade. thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> hi. i am here to speak in honor of my two favorite teachers -- i can't say her names. i feel sad they're going to get rid of two of my favorite teachers, and it's really unfair because they don't deserve to get fired. thank you. [ applause ] >> hi. my name is nathan, and i'm pretty sad that they're going to fire my two favorite teachers that i had, one in third grade and one math. so my teacher in third grade taught me a lot of stuff.
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he taught me a lot of stuff that i didn't know. i've been growing up, and my math teacher has been teaching me a lot of math. my math teacher taught me a lot throughout the years. mithered gradmy -- my third gras well. i'm sad they're going to get dismissed and they're not going to be teach them. i really, really like for them to stay to teach. thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you.
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>> [speaking spanish] >> good evening. i'm the father of nathan, the child that just talked. the reason i'm here talking to you is because we have been having a lot of problems with the -- i'm hoping you take action about the problem we're having with the new principal
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that you assigned to our school. he's getting rid of a lot of the teachers that we like, as you heard. >> i'm sorry. are you speaking about a specific teacher because we're not going to be talking about a principal. this needs to be on the agenda item. [speaking spanish] [ stand by ]
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>> all right. that's not an item that's on the agenda, so thank you. so just another reminder that we're only hearing items that are on the agenda, so comments about the principal or other questions about the school will not be permitted. thank you.
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[speaking spanish ] >> my name is teresa jano. i'm a mother at cleveland, and i see here that we are sad, i'm sad, the children are sad because we're losing these teachers. i don't know really right now if they're being fired or not. all i know is that they might be leaving, and the kids are really sad. my kids have been with these teachers for a long time. my fifth grader has had these teachers for a long time, and
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really, they're -- from what i understand, they are letting the math teacher go because he doesn't speak spanish. and honestly, a math teacher doesn't need to speak spanish to teach math. [speaking spanish ] >> and i want to know -- i want to know if there's a possibility for the teachers to stay in our school because they are really good teachers. and it's not just because i'm saying it. a lot of people say it. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. [speaking spanish ]
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>> good evening. my name is -- >> i'm sorry. i'm going to stop you for just one second because this is a comment about the principal again. so this is not a discussion about the principal. [speaking spanish ]
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>> but that doesn't make any sense because everything that's happening is because of this new person. >> but the discussion that we're going to be having isn't about the principal, and if we're going to be having a discussion about -- about a personnel issue with regard specifically to the teacher. so if you'd like to make a comment about the teacher, i'll allow that. [speaking spanish ]
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>> so then i'm going to ask how come the teachers at the school, punishing the kids? i think kids go to school to study and play. and you put your kids in the hands of people that you trust, that you trust that they're going to treat the children properly. but then, they are punished, and they are traumatized, and i'm wondering why. >> okay. thank you. so i'm going to allow one more speaker. so i'm going to allow one more speaker because of the translation. [speaking spanish ]
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>> good evening. my name is guadalupe hernandez. i am a mother from cleveland, and i have been at this school for five years. and i'm very sad because several of these teachers that are leaving -- and i don't know if it is because they are being fired or if it is because they are retiring, but they're being let go. and some of these teachers have been my kids, my son's teacher, and he's been crying and telling me that it's not fair for them to let go of these
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teachers. and i have to say that these teachers that are being let go, they are exemplary teachers. they have been very good teachers. [speaking spanish ] >> and unfortunately because of the situation, i have to take my kid out of the school, and i think this is a very sad situation because my child isn't going to be able to finish this school year, graduate this school year the school where he started school. [speaking spanish ] >> and i decided to take him out because i don't think it's good, and it's not fair for my child to be crying because his
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teachers are being letting go -- let go. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. so we've heard from several parents. i'm going to allow one teacher to speak, so if there is one teacher that hasn't spoken, i'm going to allow them to speak, and then, we're going to wrap this up. >> hello. thank you, board of education for giving me the opportunity to speak before you. my name is david aleman, and i am currently a bilingual teacher at cleveland elementary. to tell you a little bit about myself and why i'm in education, my parents were immigrants from mexico, and they were migrant workers. i come from a family of 15 children. my parents knew the value of an education, and they didn't want that life for us, being a migrant worker. so they ensured that all 15 of us graduated from the same high
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school. 15 kids. now, eight of my siblings are either in education or teachers. two are principals, so the value of education is something that my family truly, truly knows, and i try to instill that into my students. so i've been at cleveland since 2011, first as a bilingual paraprofessional, and then as a third grade teacher. this is my third year as a third grade teacher. in all my time at cleveland, i've never been the subject of disciplinary actions. as a first year teacher, my students' writing scores were the highest of three third grade level classes. furthermore, the third grade
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team that i'm a part of, they've seen progress in their math scores for three consecutive years. so considering all this, i'm just trying to understand why i am the subject of nonreelection. this year, i was voted on the ubc committee, and i have to say, and what i really want the board of education to understand is that my students are at the center of me being a teacher. if they are not the first priority of the decisions being made at my school, then i know something is wrong. and i've spoken up and been vocal about the changes and the decisions made at cleveland since the new principal came at the beginning of the school year. now, what i really try to think of as a teacher is i try to think this, like, on a daily basis: how are my decisions -- what am i doing? how can i help my students to be better students? >> i'm going to ask you to wrap
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up, mr. aleman. thank you. >> thank you. i just wanted to understand that being a teacher has been a dream of mine, and it's been the loveliliest work. and i so appreciate the students and staff members that have come out from cleveland to support me, and i just would like to continue my work fore the school district. thank you so much. [applause] >> thank you. so at this time, we're going into section o, which is closed session, so the board will now go into closed session. so if i could please ask all of our guests in the room to clear the room so that we can go into closed session. thank you.
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>> thank you. thank you. so we are back in our regular board meeting. this is our readout of our may 18, 2018 closed session in the matter of victim ho, case number 2018208366. no action was taken tonight. in the matter of uesf chinese bilingual teachers, the board by a vote of six ayes and one
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absent ratified -- in the matter of uesf griefance elizabeth sin chair, the board by a vote of six ayes and one absent rad identifies an agreement to resolve the griefance and pay up to the stipulated amount. in the matter of pm versus sfusdoh, the board by a vote of six ayes, one absent gives the authority of the district to pay up to the stipulated amount. in the matters of db versus sfus d&a t versus sfusd the board by a vote of six ayes and one absent gave directions to the general counsel. the board by a vote of six ayes one absent approved the contract for one assistant superintendent, the board by a vote of 6 ayes and one absent
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approved the contract for one director. the board by a vote of six ayes, one absent approved the contract for two executive directors. the voboard by a vote of six ayes, one absent approved the contract for one supervisor, the board by a vote of six ayes and one absent approved issuing notice that three supervisor contracts will not be renewed. the board by a vote of six ayes, one absent, approved issuing notice that two program administrator contracts will not be renewed. the board by a vote of six ayes, one absent approved issuing notice that one executive director contract will not be renewed. the board by a vote of six ayes one absent approved the release of 18 protectionary zero certified employees -- probationary zero certified
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employees. and the board by a vote of 6 ayes one absent approved the release of 14 probationary one certificated employees. this meeting is adjourned. thank you. good night. meeting.
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[ roll call ] >> commissioner buell has an excused absence. i have a few announcements. item 10 closed session has been removed from calendar and will not be heard today. we would ask that you turn off any sound producing devices that may go off during the meeting. if you would like to speak on an item, we request but do not require you fill out a blue card. each person will have three minutes per public comment on each item today. if there is an item of interest that falls under the jurisdiction of the commission but it is on calendar, you would speak on item 4. that item is continued again on item 9.
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we ask that you address your comments to the commission during public comment in order to allow equal time for all, neither the commission nor staff will respond to i any questions. they may ask questions after public comment is closed. last, if the fire alarms activate, you must evacuate the building in an ordinarily fashion using any exit. please note the elevators will immediately return to the first floor and are not available for use. if you need assistance out of the building, please make your way to the closest area of refuge, which is across the hall in the men's rest room. inside the rest room is a speaker box. press it, and city hall security will answer, let them know where you are and they will assist you. with that, we are on item 2, the president's report. >> commissioner buell is absent. i wanted to read an e-mail from
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stephanie carpenter this morning sent to our general manager. hey, bill, i wanted to write to say thanks for keeping the park bathrooms so clean. i frequently run with my dog at golden gate park and visit all the offerings. i've spent a lot of time with both of my dogs at the park. each time i walk in a bathroom, i'm shocked at how clean it is. it's honestly such a treat in this dirty city. i know it can't be easy, so you and your team deserve some serious credit. so to the rest of the crew, good job. keep the bathrooms clean. >> yay. >> i also wanted to acknowledge this is the month of may. it is both asian-american heritage month and jewish-american heritage month. so get out in those parks and celebrate both cultures. >> is there any public comment on this item?
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okay. being none, public comment is closed. we're now on item 3, the general manager's report. >> thank you, commissioners. we are moving full speed into summer. beginning this start at 10:00 a.m., you can register for our summer programs from scuba-diving to hip-hop dance. there are hundreds of classes for you and your family to enjoy all summer long. we have already had registration for our full camp week. these are individual classes and not limited to kids, for anybody to enjoy. please visit the website. you can register online or in person at 14 sites around the city. this saturday is also pancakes in the park. please join us in helping -- and help mclaren park hosts a
4:41 am
fundraiser at the playground in mclaren park. $10 will get you all you can eat pancakes, eggs, refreshments, and a healthy serving of satisfaction knowing that you've helped to support our parks and community partner organizations. we, our recreation staff will also be in mcnabb lake with kayaks and paddles and instructions. after or before you have your eggs, you can go for a nice boat ride in mcnabb lake. for more information, check out our website. next week, may 23rd, is garden feast. so it's supporting our parks while filling your tummy proves to be your thing. after going to pancakes in the park, you can join the san francisco botanical garden feast next wednesday, may 23rd in gold not gate park, renouned chef and food activist, alice
4:42 am
waters, founder and owner of a restaurant is our keynote speaker. the event includes a reception, silent auction, luncheon and program. for any commissioners who have not been to garden feast, it is a lovely event and one of the most lovely spots in golden gate park. more information online. looking back very briefly, last saturday, may 12th, we were joined by supervisor fewer with the -- as the golden gate an willing and casting -- angling and casting club. they hosted an 80th anniversary of the lodge and casting pools in golden gate park and an 85th anniversary of the angling club. the lodge and pools were built in 1938 during the works project administration. these facilities are considered to be the finest in the world for stating and fly casting.
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on saturday, it was really, really glorious. there were free fly casting lessons, really beautiful ceremony, a barbecue try tip sandwiches for lunch cooked by your recreation and park department staff including yours truly. we -- the club gave free fly casting lessons to our green agers in the afternoon and they will be going on their first fly-fishing trip ever. we want to give willie george and our partners a huge thank you for the amazing job they do of introducing this really special pastime to a new generation of fly fishers. we have one more announcement about earth day. we have two special acknowledgments today. i want to start with mike skinner and youth tennis advantage. mike, come join us at the podium. earlier this month, i had the pleasure of joining mike and youth tennis advantage in celebrating yta's 50th
4:44 am
anniversary at its annual for the kids dinner. like our own tennis and learning center program, yta is the model and is dedicated to enriching the lives of kids in under served communities carrying on the legacy of -- it provides life skills program for the youth inspiring them to reach their great en potential. they can talk more about this, but yta works with slightly older kids. one of the most impressive parts of what yta does is help work with high school aged kids and getting them into college. with over 400 kids served each year, program locations including oakland, berkeley, hunters point and our tennis courts which were resurfaced. we are very proud to share in yta's really special mission and enriching the lives of kids
4:45 am
throughout san francisco through sport. it is my really special honor to welcome mike skinner, the executive director of yta. we're going to present you with a certificate. take a moat and then in-- photo and invite you to say words. you're there. you say words now. why don't you say words now and then we'll do the certificate and photo. thank you, mike. >> thank you, phil. commissioners, phil, guests, you've pretty much said everything i was going to say. >> i'm sorry. >> thank you. >> i'm prepared well. >> most of all, thank you for being yta's partner for these 50 years and serving kids in san francisco's toughest neighborhoods. tennis and academics are a powerful teacher and health maker. yta does work that must be done but the rec and park doesn't have all the resources to do.
4:46 am
we do it cheaply and effectively. our students graduate from high school and go on to college. last year, our seniors went on to harvard, princeton, city college of san francisco, skyline college, and ucla. not bad. yta has secured or influenced the private funding to resurface all the 6 mclaren park tennis courts including the two unable to be used for 20 years. so yta is a real and old partner. i'll have our little annual reports we just completed. our budget is $700,000. over overhead is just 13% over the last two years, pretty neat. we have a history of exceptional boards. a few of our leaders are russ
4:47 am
flynn, candy walker, and peter wright. mark knows russ flynn extremely well and probably the other -- the rest of you know some of these -- our board members and know just what quality we're talking about. arthur ash was one of our founders and a daily inspiration. with your partnership, yta looks forward to serving far more kids, far better over the next 50 years. thank you. >> right on. [ applause ] >> commissioners, peter wright is the long time very accomplished varsity coach of the cal tennis program. i thought you would want to know that.
4:48 am
>> our last acknowledgment is for updike.
4:49 am
i'm delighted to recognize him. he's retiring from the department of relevant state. i think technically is retired from the department of real estate. among the many services, the real estate department oversees property transactions, purchases, sales, and leases for city departments like ours and provides real estate consultation to city staff, the board of supervisors, and the mayor's office. john has been with the department of real estate since 2006 and has served as the director since 2011. to a person, our staff from our capital division to property management to the general manager's office have worked regularly with john and everyone has nothing but glowing words of affection for him. he's been incredibly helpful to us over the last several years, particularly as we've worked to acquire new park land for san sn franciscans to enjoy. his knowledge and understanding of the city and who owns what have helped answer an incredible
4:50 am
number of questions from, how about is patricia's green? why is it not a parcel? what's the fair market value for a park? he helps us determine it when electronic data is not clear and is interested in helping the department provide high quality open space. in the past few years -- john, maybe you want to start to make your way up -- he has been instrumental in our ability to acquire new parks. he's helped us with potential parks. he's been an invaluable partner to our property management division, helped us with the sale of candlestick park and all of its assets. he helped us continue to find creative solutions to the highly anticipated kiosk in civic center where we serve together oned board and has provided appraisal services and other
4:51 am
properties. so in honor of the many properties which some of which, not all of which -- because i know i'm missing a couple -- but we're going to offer john -- i'm going to share with you just what some of those properties are. well, obviously our beloved civc center commons. francisco reservoir, shoreview park. john, you're going to need something to take this home. >> can i have the laborers come to -- >> town square, 17th and
4:52 am
folsom. john, in honor of all you've done for us and you do it with such grace and he wil elegance a sense of humor which treasured and underappreciated in city government, we are so proud to give you your own sign. [ applause ]
4:53 am
>> thank you, members of the commission. i didn't bring a cart to take that back to my office, but, wow. that's fantastic. as i think your general manager has announced recently, we closed escrow last week on open space at 11th. that's not a park. i wouldn't expect a sign, but that's the type of creative transactions that i hope this body and this general manager continues as we have to get more and more creative to create open space, literally, by buying improved properties. a wonderful project, free development money out of rental income. we figured out to deal with trickey tenant issues there.
4:54 am
>> i'm going to be honest, john wouldn't let us keep the marijuana grow house. i was disappointed. >> wouldn't that be a park. >> trying to expand the use of recreation on that parcel. from the bottom of my heart, it's been a pleasure to work with your general manager who also has a wonderful sense of humor and great patience a as sometimes i'm not quite fast enough to get those deals done, he cracks the whip. let me tell you. in a way that you feel great about what you're doing and that you know you're making your community better. so thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> john. i just wanted to add, being in the industry, we're going to miss such an institutional knowledge at the city, although sometimes we butted heads on issues on trying to get deals closed, in the end, you were
4:55 am
always a class act. i want to say we're going to miss you dearly. pass on your institutional knowledge somewhere, leave your phone number in case we think the title report is done. have fun in retire. >> you've got it. thank you. [ applause ] >> last di but not least. our video highlights our activities through april. to give you a sense of the impact our programs have on improving our parks and communities and planet, we've had more than 3400 volunteers participated in 170 volunteer projects in our parks during earth month. 550 volunteers give nearly 1700 hours of their time and energy in our community gardens alone. we helped service more than 100
4:56 am
tools and gave away 8 cubic yards of mulch at our garden resource day with the help of 40th volunteer beekeepers and the planet bee organization, 14,000 bees found a new home at our golden gate park community garden. here's earth month.
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>> it was really a great month. that concludes the report. >> is there anyone that would like to make general comment under the general manager's report? being none, public -- >> i'm sorry. there is one comment. >> okay. >> thank you, mr. vice president. i apologize. of it's a question off subject, and i apologize if you were going to mention this next month, but i was just wondering, has a lineup been set for the stern grove concert? >> it has been set. i think we covered it last month. did we? did we not? so if you go to stern grove dot org. it has been set up. i probably should have done a plug for it. we're very excited for the upcoming season. if you want to give me a second, i know ziggy marley is coming.
4:58 am
>> week one? >> jeffrey osborne. >> week two is ziggy marley. i don't know the rest. those are the two i care most about. it closes august 19th with the revolution, prince's band. >> right on. >> so commissioner is a big fan of stern grove. we have, you know, a new executive director who we've met with a few times who is coming in next week. we're very excited for the season. so i will do a more robust update and perhaps bring bob in to meet all of you at an upcoming commission meeting. >> thank you. >> okay. let's go to general public comment. this is up to 15 minutes, this item will be continued to number 9, if need be. eric and then richard. >> good morning. i'm here in the nature of user
4:59 am
feedback. i'm a regular swimmer at the pools, public pools. >> can i get you to speak -- perfect. >> i'm a regular swimmer at the public pools in san francisco, and i'm here to complain about an incident and follow up that took place two weeks ago. the first thing i wanted to make a complaint about is the user fees. i pay hundreds of dollars as a senior swimming every year for the passes. i regularly go to new york every summer, and i buy a senior pass for the recreation centers in new york. it's $25 for a senior. here, just to go swimming costs $493 if you want an annual pass for a senior. $740 if you're an adult. in new york city, it's $150 per year if you want to buy a pass for an adult. you get access to all of the recreational facilities. so that's just my first item.
5:00 am
but the thing i'm here for is two weeks ago, i was swimming at martin luther king pool on third street, which is one of the three i go to regularly. i went to the 3:00 to 4:00 swim, which is both recreation and lap swim. i came out at 4:00 and all of my valuables had been stolen, my locker had been broken into. i was not the only individual. there were three other people who this happened to within that hour. later, when i checked, i stopped all my credit cards immediately, thousands of dollars had been placed on my credit cards within 30 minutes of the 3:00 start. so somebody had come in. we reported it to the police. we reported it to the pool management. the police never arrived. the pool manager said he would follow up and make a report to the police. i called the aquatics division, and i had to leave a message. i couldn't reach anyone. i got a call back, and i asked if they had gotten the reportmehe