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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 9, 2018 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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ellis, george isshikata, and matthew brauer. these are the people that i cannen ders for a commission that has a lot of work cut out in front of them. i would like to recommend margot ellis for seat 12. i would like to recommend the reappointment of debra dacumos, for seat five, the appointment of george ishikata for seat two, and the appointment of matthew brauer for seat ten. thank you very much. >> any other comments? >> supervisor safai: okay. members of the public, if you would like to speak on this item, please come forward.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is steven notesell. i'm a commissioner on the veteran's affairs commission. i have been for eight years, three of which i served as secretary, two as president, and i am here today to advocate for the reestablishment of the -- of a balance of diversity on the commission which has faltered in the last few years as you can see by the resignation of four women that were on the commission. so i advocate for the reappointment of commissioner documas. she is a colonel in her retirement, and that's a
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difficult position to achieve for a female. and i also would -- [inaudible] >> supervisor safai: thank you, sir. thank you. next speaker. >> thank you, supervisors. i am the vice president of the commission. also representing president kennedy who's unable to make it today for a preexisting issue. just wanted to highlight, you know, we're going through a change on the commission, trying to be more and more impactful in our primary role as advocates for good policy in the city. the four candidates that we're recommending today, but in particular, margot ellis and matthew both served as experts on veteran's policy both nationally skm locally are really good additions to the commission, along with
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commissioner decomas, and george, who's been a really good addition. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor safai: supervisor? >> supervisor yee: first of all, i'd like to say thank you once again in stepping up and serving the veterans or wanting to serve the veterans on this commission. and i appreciate the services you've given to the country in the past. so there's four of you here. makes it real easy -- three of you here, and then, there's the fourth one that's incumbent. why don't i go ahead -- would you like to? >> supervisor stefani: i just wanted to thank you for your service, first of all. it's so important. my dad was a lieutenant in the army. volunteered for viet nam, and it's so important, your work there, and your work here on the commission. and i just express so you i
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want to work -- to you i want to work with you as you role out any new initiatives. also i want to encourage you to touch base with the county clerk's office in terms of their city i.d. program. i know they're looking at a way to redo that. there's a way we can work to identify veterans on the city i.d. it was something i was hoping to do when i was a county clerk, so i was hoping you could look into that. i think it would be a really good project for the veteran's commission. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: ah. i just wanted to say one of the things that i said, and i met with all of the different applicants is one -- i understand that the veteran's affairs commission is a place for there to be a voice and place for them to air their concerns. maybe you choose one or two
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issues a year that you bring to this body that we can have a conversation about. i had a conversation with some of you about using additional or existing spaces in the city for veteran's or veteran's programming. i know there's a desire to expand some existing housing programs or housing opportunities, access for women in the hospitals that we have and women veteran's. [please stand by] . >> supervisor safai: i don't know of any recommendations for policies that have been brought forward, at least to our body, and it would be helpful to try to understand that work with you better. so that would be my recommendation, i think, and i would echo what supervisor yee and supervisor stefani have said. thank you for your service to
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our country, and thank you for coming forward and presenting yourself as an opportunity for public service on this commission. i think we have some really good qualified candidates, and so makes our job easier when there's the right number of people for the right number of seats. and i know that -- and i know -- i just want to say, for the record, i did meet with lydia, as well, and she was also a very well qualified applicant. i know there's additional opportunities coming forward for appointments, so i know you all will be recommending her. i was very impressed with all the folks that have come forward. so can we entertain a motion? >> supervisor yee: i'll go ahead and make a motion to nominate margot ellis to seat
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12, did he obser debroah decumw brauer, and send it out with positive recommendation to the full board. i want to say, before we finish with this one, i see that there's two specific seats for a woman veteran. i don't want to think that we have to limit ourselves to two women. we should probably really consider that some of the seats that are at large to be -- to have maybe some additional women representation, so i'll make that comment. >> supervisor safai: yes. and the only thing we need to add is the candidate, miss
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ellis, would need a residency waiver. so on that, without objection? great. congratulations. thank you for coming forward. [ gavel ] [applause] >> supervisor safai: please call the next item. >> clerk: next on the agenda is item 8, considering two members, terms ending january 1, 2020, to the sunshine ordinance task force. >> supervisor safai: okay. great. so would the applicants please come forward? you can come in whichever order you prefer. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is matthew cate, and also in keeping with making your jobs easier, i'm happy and
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honored to be the only nominee for seat one on the sun shiez ordinance task force. i'll try to be brief in discussing my interests and qualifications so i can address any questions you might have. i'm a former journalist, requesting lawyer and dedicated believer and supporter of the proposition that the people have a fundamental right to know what's being done in their name. i developed or at least strengthened this belief during my first career as a newspaper reporter in the south where i'm originally from, covering mostly state and local governments. i experienced firsthand and through my columns the people's exercise of the right to know muscles and the central right that doing so has in a functioning democracy. after seven great years in that work as a reporter, i decided to move on and change careers and enrolled at u.c. hastings here in the city in 2010,
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moving out here, among other reasons, so my wife could be closer to her family and so i could enjoy the far better weather that we enjoy out here in the south where i'm from. in the time i've kept a general practice at a firm here in the city, practicing, of course, my advocacy for and on behalf of my clients, but always working every day, applying, you know, a dispassioned analysis and objective application of the law to the particular facts in front of any particular case. along the way, i've increasingly looked for ways to apply my background and experience in the service to the community, especially where that service would overlap and interests that are deeply held, passionate interests that i have. so when i learned that the society of professional journalists was looking at an attorney applicant, i jumped at the chance to apply because i do believe that open records
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and public meetings laws are only as good as their vigorous exercise by the public, and only as good as their strict adherence by the government representatives at the task not only by the letter of these laws, but their spirit, as well. i applied because i believe because as the sunshine ordinance states at the beginning, that only the ordinance enforced by a strong sunshine ordinance task force can enforce open government. i believe that i can help ensure that this task force remains strong in its effort to promote open government and hopefully grow stronger in carrying out its mission. so once again, i am honored that s.p.j. agrees with that and has placed its confidence in me on this task force, and i
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hope that you and the supervisors will also do, going forward. >> supervisor safai: let's call the second applicant, and then, we can ask any questions. miss lahood? >> yes. >> supervisor safai: did i say that right? >> yes. hi. i'm lila lahood. i've lived and voted in san francisco since 2002. i have been a member of the board of spj nor-cal since 2010. i am president from 2014 to 2016, and in that role, i got a birds eye view of the challenges that journalists face in meeting access and information across the region. [please stand by]
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and i might say that is perhaps in part due to changes in the media industry.
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fewer journalists are doing the essential work of covering local government. in all of my roles as publisher and board member and advocate for first amendment and public access i am eager to promote best practices to make san francisco a leader. i see my role on the sunshine ordinance task force to assist all members who need help navigating the law to better understand and participate in the workings of local government and increase civic engagement. thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. any members of the public wish to comment on this item? please come forward.
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>> good afternoon. i am aaron field professional journalists freedom of information committee. one of those to the nomination letters before you today. i am speaking to behalf of and in support of matt kate and lila. we selected them as nominees after interviewing several journalists, attorneys and concluded that they were the two best candidates for this position. mr. kate has a journalism background in addition to stellar legal credentials. she has a long history of service to the society of professional journalists in san francisco and northern california. i would respectfully request yo confirm their nominations. thank you. >> good afternoon.
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i am matt drange. i am here to strongly support the nominations of matt kate and lila lahood. we have a pretty detailed and rigorous interview process. we spend weeks and take this responsibility seriously. both matt and lila quickly rose to the top of the list. i am confidents they will be able to think critically independently and work with others both of which will be worthwhile assets as problem solvers to the task force. i want to touch on something that matt said being as strong as we make it. the task force is strong and can be made stronger. both of them would help with that. i urge you to approve both of them. thank you.
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>> good afternoon supervisors. i am richard knee. i am on the sp north committee and served on the sunshine task force from 2002 to 2014. it is a challenging job, about 15 to 20 hours per month. you know, there are other kinds of so called political challenges to the job. sometimes you have got to have a chicago skin as i'm sure all of you have experienced in your positions as supervisor. i am you absolutely confident that matt and lila would be superb additions to the sunshine ordinance task force. i strongly remember favorable consideration.
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>> good afternoon, supervisor. i am doctor derek kerr. over the years i have attended a dozen or so meetings and testified for several. i write for the west side observer. i joined nine colleague the society of professional journalists to interview matt kate and lila lahood. they experience, knowledge, judicial temperament and inter ininterpersonal skills. this will strengthen the much needed public service. thank you. >> any other members of the public wish to comment on this item? please come forward. seeing none, public comment is
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closed. victor, what is going on? i am joking with you. okay. any questioning from commissioners? i have just two quick questions. have either of you attended the meetings or participated? you can nod. i wanted t to get the commissioner's question out of the way. i don't think we have an any otr objections or questions. you want to make a motion? >> supervisor stephanie. >> if i can make a motion to forward to the full board with positive recommendatio matthew a term ending april 27, 2020. >> with residence see waiver for
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matthew indicate. can we do that without objection? great. you will have a quorum to get back to work. thank you. congratulations. please call the next item. >> item nine hearing to consider appointing two members to the office of early care and education citizens advisory committee. there are two seats and three applicants. >> okay. please come forward. why don't we do catherine first. excuse me. miss autumn. >> good afternoon, i am cathy autumn center director for catholic charities. we serve a population connected
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to the housing services there. i don't want to be in your seat. it is a difficult decision. joanna is amazing also. this is what sets me apart. you grew up in a housing project in new york, one of seven children. we had an alcoholic mother and absent father. head start came to town when i was three and a half i was chosen to go to nursery school at the time and i fell in love with education. the smell of ivory dishwashing takes me back to preschool i remember the joy i had as a preschool child. i found my way back to my population. i grew up and went on to study child psychology. when i was asked to institute in the classroom i have brought my
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social skills to preschool children education. i believe in standing up for the children at risk. i stand up for special needs return and why teachers. i would not be here today if it wasn't for my teachers to find coverage so i could leave the classroom. i have five teachers when i need 12. i am here too speak to teachers and families and children. there can be no higher education without education. 0 to 3 is important. trauma can change that. that is why we do a lot of social work. i am a voice for the teachers. i have gotten the introverts to speak up. my staff is committed and very stretched. we believe in social justice, equity. i believe in my heart it is the right of every child regardless
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of background to have quality care and education. i believe as member it is great to see how funds are tightened up and used for prop c and to make sure there are outcomes for children. i have seen wasted fund was no outcome in the past. i am considered a voice from the floor, not the tower. when i started teaching i work understand one of the top programs in the city. i was excited until i found out she was not nice to children. i committed myself i would go through early childhood to make sure it doesn't happen again. what die when i return the center i give the kids what i never got and they deserve to have. i believe early childhood teachers are professionals, it d should be paid as professionals. my center alone in the seven
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years i walked into two classrooms struggling and built it into a hour classroom site. we achieved national numbers. i mentor the next generation of school directors. i mentored a lay teacher had is now amentor teacher. the bottom line is kids come first. that is who i am. >> great. thank you. call up the next applicant. we will come back for questions. >> good afternoon, supervisor yee and stephanie. i want to thank you for having me here today. i know you have a tough decision to make. cathy is an amazing leader. i want to share mytor story. at 16 i got pregnant. got connected to the institute
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to provide the two generational approach. internship and early care and education. i have been connected to the institutedtor 23 years as you client and now as chief operations officer of the organization. i have been committed to early childhood education. i saw the need for innovative approach between ece and k-12 system. ism advocate for system change to use my voice to represent those that don't get the opportunity to express what is working but what is not working in the system. as being a representative and advocate we have made it a point the ensure we offer services to different communities within san francisco. we serve about 350 children in
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san francisco, two sites. in the bayview valley and one in the mission. we have been around since 1971 providing ece services. it is turning 130 years. we are one you have the oldest nonprofits. currently i am the chief operations officer. i held multiple roles over the last 21-year in the organization from admin to classroom to director, center director and now overseeing ece and family support services. education i got my degree in early childhood education in san francisco state and educational leader him. i am starting my doctorial program in the fall in educational leader system to create a summary form in early
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childhood and education in general. some of the things we coachlished. i represent seat three. i am am playing for seat number seven. offer the last three and-a-half years we accomplished so much in collaboration with ece. we have created a more integrated early care system, increased access to ece for low income families, addressed the crisis in the work force around compensation. we continue to address equity issues among our target populations. my goal as someone with experience and provider is to continue to transform our educational system by actively participating and being a voice and challenging and highlighting the things not working and doing
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the best to represent the voices not at the table, which is children, families, teachers and providers. if selected to continue to be in this i look forward to an early learning scholarship 2.0, grand breaking planning and work and more integrated data sums for the systems we are part of. i am asking for reappointment to citizens advisory as i continue to serve the city of san francisco. thank you. i am open to questions. >> we will call you back up. >> you are currently in seat three until when? >> yes. >> i think someone has been reappointed. i didn't meet the residency requirement for seat three. i am applying for seat seven
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which does not require the residency. that is my understanding. >> next applicant. we will call you back up. >> good afternoon. my name is sandy black man executive director of children's counsel angi am pleased to be here today as nominee for reappointment to seat nine for the office of early care and education. the child care planning advisory council is state mandated local child care planning for san francisco. it has been a true honor to serve my city as the representative since inception in 2015. i am in all of my roles committed to making quality child carrialty for all children in the city. it is at the heart of the system
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and important part of the city safety networking with government and community partners to support families and the child care providers and early educators they do penned on. the children's council helps understand the child care options and find child care. we help pay for care by connecting with state and local subsidies. we work to expand supply by helping those interested in opening the businesses and elevating skills through technical assistance and training and coaching. we are deeply engaged in advocacy to advance child care and early education policy and funding. we serve 20,000 families and 2000 providers delivering services in many languages to meet the needs of the san
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francisco community. i am a 40 year resident of san francisco and raised three children here. i played leadership roles as a professional and volunteer. i have served as chair in 2015 and 2016. through my role as children council and cpac i develop developed the deep understanding of the system in the key challenges we are facing. the challenges are an ec work force in crisis due to low wages and the challenge that san francisco families have to afford cave so that parents can work and the children are prepared for school. i am thrilled about passage of prop c. i have been works with the partners to identify the key questions to be considered in decides how the new funding should be deployed. it will play a major role in the
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consideration of questions and development of the prop c plan. i would welcome the opportunity to bring my expertise and experience to the discussions as a member of the keck. thank you for your consideration. >> public comment. any members of the public wish to comment please come forward. seeing none public comment is closed. supervisor yee. >> the last time we appointed somebody to the oece you was difficult also. having so many good decisions to make or good possibilities. i don't know what it is, one of these days it will get easier.
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i know what is an easy one. i will nominate sandy black man to her seat. i am really attorney. both of you are -- sorry. cathy, autumn you and john. you both are great candidates. i hate to lose any of you in this processes spacely when we are coming into a crucial time for the office of the ece and early education in general for san francisco. i would say crucial to probably as a model for the rest of the country in terms how we are going to implement our next
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stage. i really don't know what to do. you both are very qualified. i know that in looking at the diverse city issue, i would say that i would like to keep it as diverse as possible. that shouldn't be the only factor, but it is a factor for me. if i had somebody that was a male that was as equally qualified, i would consider that. i don't think there is a male on there, is there? jerry. one male. i know how that feels.
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i am going to recommend that we appoint johanna to seat seven, and i say that with, you know, not comfortably. i think both of you are equally qualified. what i would like to see is to have the diversity in any of our bodies where there is commission or cac. i think i will go with that. >> i tend to guy. i think both apcan'ts are very well qualified. i had the pleasure of working with johanna in the process and
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you supported supervisor yee on a program i understand from your public testimony now more than ever is near and dear to your heart, teen pregnancy training for those involved in the field of child care and potentially running a child care center. you are the embodiment of that. i think, autumn, you are the embodiment of the story you told. it is true what supervisor yee said. at the end of the day it is this particular commission. we have such well qualified, committed, hardworking, passionate people for children which is deer to my heart -- dear to my heart. i know supervisor yee has dedicated his career to helping children and families,
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particularly children that can't speak for themselves, between the ages of 0 to 5, he has been a strong advocate for that. i defer to him in this instance. i appreciate everything that all of you have said about your experience. we have a wonderful opportunity and i think there will be another opportunity. ms. autumn how long have you served on the advisory committee. >> you have been on there three years. it is almost like it is so equal. it is a very tough decision. from the perspective of working with the program that is vul aniable and -- vulnerable and knew i would lean towards ms. ketos as well. >> i want to say that the implementation of this prop c
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regardless of whether you or not i am hoping that ms. he autumn t you will continue to have that input in there. it is important what you represent also. i have never found that i had to have a title to bait in making something -- to participate in making something happen for young kids. i hope you will be able to continue your work in helping us improve the early education system in san francisco. >> supervisor stephanie. >> thank you. this is the worst part of rules commit city with two -- committee would two qualified candidates. to echo the comments in terms of
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respecting the body of work that supervisor yee has done all of these years and not knowing either of you personally, i lean towards deferring to him, of course. i do you want to say i was moved by ms. autumn's story, and if i were a child i would want you to be my teacher. i want to find away for you to continue the serve in some capacity in the city. you have so much to offer. i would love to follow up with you and learn from your experience. at that point i would defer to supervisor yee's motion on this. >> i think you made your motion. i think we can do that without objection. that included the residency waiver. you you thank you. you and thank you for your
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service. all of you. >> please call item 10. >> ordinance anding the administrative code to prioritize the pro questioning of 1 -- possessing of 100% of affordable housing projects, require to provide quarterly status reports. >> i think we have amy. are we going to start with the mayor office of housing or the supervisor's office? do you want to start first? great, please come forward. >> if you can keep it brief as much as you can.
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>> keep it brief. >> good afternoon, supervisor ronen had to head off to another meeting. this meeting ran longer than we were expecting. >> the rules committee will be wrong. i want to inform the members of the board. >> i am here to speak on her behalf of the legislation she introduced to accelerate affordable housing development, and in april, supervisor roy nan held the hearing on the pipeline despite the projects in predevelopment we weren't seeing great ground. we heard from city staff and nonprofit developers and projects were getting stalled with permits and approofal --
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approvals behind other you projects. they can improve our internal processes. the city allocates millions of dollar to create this housing, but when the projects are moving forward through the city system they are thrown in a mix. the two sets of executive directors we focused on. one was in 2013 there was an executive directive to give priority to affordable housing. in 2017 a subsequent directive to streamline all large residential projects affordable or not diluting the intent of the previous directive. the board has recently passed the former mayor's legislation to streamline.
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ocd is leading the construction cost containment discussions and implementation of the directive. this comments those by focusing on affordable housing specifically. what the legislation does is very straight forward and simple to direct five city departments to give absolute priorities to 100% affordable housing development, second, it requires each department to designate a person to shepard the projects through the process, to tract those and third to require the board receive a quarterly update. that allows the board to keep an eye on the projects and for the public to inform if hold ups. we are asking the commitment the city is making in dollars is matched with the city priority in possessing. i am going to cut the rest of my
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talking points because i know you want to get on. >> thank you. you can stay there. the quarterly report is it come anything the form of memo? a written report? >> we didn't get -- we did specify the things to be included through ocd. >> i would say for the record i think it is important not to take away too much staff time from doing what you want. a simple clear property makes the -- report makes the most sense rather that in depth analysis to take up staff time. everything else i fully support. >> are we -- do we need comment from the departments? >> several of the departments are here in order to answer any questions. we weren't asking any presentation. >> what departments are represented. >> ocd is a leadership role.
8:46 am
>> who is here today? the mayor's office of housing, building inspection, planning, public works and fire and mod. there are five departments listed that are named in the legislation. those are the departments that such affordable housing and governed by the ad min code we left outperformed uc and mta. we are communicating with them to bring them in. >> what about pw? >> public works here, yes. >> there are amendments to be introduced and you have copies of that. >> go through it. >> sure. they are technical. globally. >> i think you have to talk
8:47 am
about them goalie. >> we are de wheating department of before public works. -- deleting department of before the public works. >> that is in the charter. you keep doing that. it is in the charter. >> the city attorney is here. >> go ahead. >> on page three we are inserting the word of. on page 4 line 23 it says department of office it should be or office. page 5 line 19. we are changing initial date commencement date for reporting from july 15, which is past us which we have past to december 15th. one more.
8:48 am
on page 6, line 8, the approval, permit. we replace that with any approval, permit. it explains what we are intending to do. >> you did it technically, not at the global level. >> the first is global that appears several places. >> any questions supervisor yee? >> no. >> supervisor stephanie? >> this is an important piece of legislation. it is something on all of our minds almost every district in the city has affordable housing in the pipeline. even if it didn't buy district it is something we are concerned about with the housing crisis. i think this is important. >> a motion? >> i will make a motion to accept the amendments. >> public comment?
8:49 am
>> motion and then public comment. >> i will make the motion to accept the amendments as outlined in the presentation. >> we will hold off on the motion. any members of the public wish to comment, please come forward? >> i see him in the second row. in cowen. >> good afternoon, supervisors. you excellent. you have been here all day. representatives of mission economic development agency and the neighborhood development were here earlier and had to leave. they apologize. to emphasize how important this piece of legislation is to the work we do. working with the city departments how we make affordable housing real. we talk about it, make policy speeches. at the end of the day we have projects. getting them through the departments and making the
8:50 am
systems standard is going to help a lot in all of those passing of the batons to get the projects to the finish line. we support this wholeheartedly. thank you very much. >> any other members of the public wish to comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> the motion as proposed by supervisor yee without objection? >> i made amendments. >> that was your motion for amendments without objection. we did that. >> make a motion to send this item to committee as amended with recommendation to the full board. my comments, i wish we had done this a long time ago. >> we can do that without objection. congratulations thank you all for sitting through and those that had to wait. this was a long day.
8:51 am
i appreciate you coming. next item. >> item 11 amending the administrative code require disclosure in the healthcare trust fund board elections, set late filing fies and penalties and specify enforcement of disclosure requirements. >> comments by colleagues? we have sophia from president cohen's office. i know you wanted to say a few words. >> yes, thank you. thank you for hearing this item today. legislation before you today is an update to the administrative
8:52 am
code to align disclosure requirements, candidates for retirement board and healthcare trust fund board with those of other elections. these three boards have combined 8 position to govern the variety of interests from healthcare to be contribution rates to fossil fuels and pension investments. upcoming elections in the next two years include two set service boards seats, one retiree healthcare fund election in 2019, retirement seat in 2020, health service board election in may of 2020. with so much money at stake it is essential they be subject to same disclosure requirements. this requires each interested third-party open a committee and file a form 10 intention statement, file a form 700, file
8:53 am
semi-annual campaign funding reports and late contribution reports, submit campaign advertisements, include disclosures. this legislation introduces much needed transparency to the overlooked commissions and boards which have influence on the city operations. i have submitted the amendments highlighted on your copies specifying electronic filing, conduct code references any person seeking voter data should request that from the retirement board. these are technical and not sub stan stiff. i am happy to answer questions. i hope you will support this with a positive recommendation.
8:54 am
thank you. >> i am going to be supporting this, just curious why we are doing it. was there ever a problem with candidates going for these positions, spending a lot of money? i am not sure why. >> my understanding is what president cohen said at the time of introduction there was an election in the retirement board. i believe it was in late 2016, but i am not certain, in which a specific third-party, independent expenditure you committee spent money to unseat one candidate and put in that. that is my understanding. you. >> we are reacting to something.
8:55 am
okay. >> indeed. >> any public comment os this issue? come on up. >> thank you, members of the committee. i am patford with the ethics commission. they would be charge with administering the ordinance. we have been engaged to refine this and bring it into line with other city law that affects electoral campaigns. i will say this version especially too cleanup amendments are a big improvement over the first version there. are a few other areas that still have a ways to go, in particular we are trying to get one dish closure to fit in the existing systems that would have to be
8:56 am
made on paper filings. they are cost ineffective and not very good in providing information to the public because they are not machine readable. the public cannot search the data. it is an uploaded pdf the public has to look at. in terms of modern disclosure technology, it is not the best. ideally we would like to refine this to fit it into an existing disclosure. that would mean refining the campaign advertise meant to only apply to mass mailings. 200 or more similar pieces of mail. if that were refined in that way we would piggyback it to the existing mass mailing disclosure that apply to all candidates. that would make sight there was very minimal cost burden. that would cost $60,000 to create the electronic version of
8:57 am
the campaign addvertisement or paper filing which wouldn't create up front cost it would be staff burden and not as effective. i think we are on board with the spirit and general form and we support it. >> if this were an amendments to be made, where would it be made? you. >> what section or whatever? >> let me look real quick. >> i would like to have a reaction you you you t to the possibility. i saw you shaking your head. can you explain it? >> respectfully, what we have understand i is that, and if i m not clear i would love to be
8:58 am
corrected. my understanding if it were a request ever of the rechoiring f electronic filings. we believe they are important and not mandating everything in paper. the idea we would limit the disclosure to mass mailings and exclude things like phone calls, items like digital ads on facebook because the department of ethics has not yet set up the financial disclosure system for electronic filings seems to me and to the president to be kind of a slow reaction. i think we should incest in making you are -- should inch vest that we require them and that brings transparency to the system.
8:59 am
the time lapse between what we have now and should have in the future should not reflect what we do or do not mandate on disclosure. is that clear? my understanding what the specific amendments is that we identify campaign advertise men's for mass mailing. we feel strongly it should be broader. if there is a way to meet the needs for electronic versus paper filing without limiting to mass mailing, we are open. we do not want to reduce the disclosure to mass mailings. >> if i am following you, you this legislation would actually lead a discussion, a bigger
9:00 am
discussion. if right now for instance if i am running and i don't have to do the facebook or whatever you are talking about, we have to change it to make everybody do that then, right? right now you are suggesting it is filed for these positions? >> that is my understanding. i would defer to the city attorney and mr. ford. >> did you understand my question? >> you there is a number of different disclosures any candidate in san francisco has to file with the ethics commission. campaign statements and copies of the advertisement. they are cent sent out a


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