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tv   Government Access Programming  SFGTV  August 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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sure we know what we mean by affordable housing, and making sure that folks have access to community serving retail, possible transit, so i'm fully committed to working along with my colleagues to better defining family housing in particular. >> supervisor yee: thank you for your answer. and i have the same questions for commissioner fong, but maybe you have questions. >> supervisor stefani: thank you. it's good to see you again. i know we spoke when you were first up for appointment, and at mayor breed's inauguration, so it's good to see you. i was just thinking about something in terms of zoning in our merchant corridors and having walkable neighborhoods. and i have a lot of seniors in district two, and there are areas where it's difficult for people to get to a grocery store. and we have a grocery store that recently shutdown. and i -- i just -- when you are
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considering projects that come before you, i mean, what do you think about in terms of making sure that our neighborhoods are actually walkable? i mean, obviously, there are so many reasons to make our neighborhoods walkable, but what do you think about how you do approach decision making when it comes to making sure that we have access to all types of services and -- in our neighborhoods? >> commissioner johnson: great. thank you for asking that question. that's actually something that's near and dear to my heart. i'm 34 years old, and i don't have a driver's license by choice. i choose to walk everywhere because it's the best way to see the city, and so i think walkability is very important to me. i think we recently had a project in the design district that was being built that was a really interesting kind of p.d.r. mixed space. and they took the extra step of consulting with walk sf and with the san francisco bike
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coalition to make sure that the development was actually going to be a benefit to the surrounding community by improving kind of the curb cuts, the walkways, making a very unsafe intersection safe. that's the type of thoughtfulness i think that i look for and that i try to encourage in all of the projects that we see, really, and kind of engaging those stakeholders that can help strengthen projects. so ultimately, when we approve a project, it's something that benefits all of our members of our city. >> supervisor safai: i just want to say for the record, i know i ask a lot of the same questions. you've just been appointed a few months ago, so i think i'm happy to give you an additional term. i know that you've been working hard on the commission. i know that supervisor yee and stefani asked you a lot of different questions, but i think the most important thing is have you enjoyed being on that commission, because i myself personally, i said this
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to all of you when i met with you. i mean, we have long meetings here, but i don't -- they pale in comparison to the time you all have to sit in committee meetings. it's a true test of stamina. i mean, we have other obligations also outside of our tuesday meeting, but the preparation that you all put in, it's commendable, so i want to say that to all of the commissioners. and i said that to you privately, so thank you. i don't have any additional questions, and same thing for our fifth generation president fong. so i think that there's been a lot of time and effort put into these conversations, and the questions that we've had. we met -- i think it's really important, and i'll just say it again for the record. i think it's really important to be thinking about how you balance this desire for moving into the future with additional units in demand and preserving what makes san francisco so special. >> supervisor yee: so i was
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going to ask commissioner fong the same questions. >> supervisor safai: oh, okay. great. >> president fong: i think there are some road blocks. i think there are some opposition groups that don't want to see the same thing necessarily. i think there are some economic things that are happening, construction cost, land parcel costs play a part in why we have so many projects that are entitled but not being built, and i think you are going to continue to see that until construction prices start to drop some. with that, i think there are some opportunities for us in particular, sites that have owned the property for a long time, and that includes some of the city sites where the land basis is low, and you can spread out the construction over time. but if someone's paid top dollar in the last 24 months and wants to try to pay price
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persquare foot to build, that is a difficult performance to reach. i think anybody will argue, if you look at the math and you look at the performance, it's difficult. the challenge is if you press that, and you add the affordable housing piece, the mandatory housing piece, what happens is the mandatory units meet the threshold of the affordable housing piece. in addition, design begins to suffer, and you end up with less than top quality projects. so i don't know the answer to your question, i'm not sure if that's exactly the answer to your question, but efficiency in trying to expedite as much housing is important, and no crystal ball or silver bullet to that, but would love to continue those conversations with the housing commission, the planning commission, and the board of supervisors. >> supervisor yee: it's really interesting that looking at the -- what are the issues as
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the laying some projects, and you spoke about a few of those reasons. and then, but what i've seen more legislatively in the recent year or so is to look at the external piece of the neighborhood's always complaining or the delaying of the projects, so let's eliminate the amount of opportunities or time they could actually appeal to -- or to provide input into a project. yes, maybe there's some of that, but there's very little that's looking at well, there, you have entitlement already. and projects have been sitting there over ten years, so the excuse that, you know, why didn't they get started ten years ago when construction was -- wasn't that expensive?
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and what about these vacancies? so those are good answers to me, that we also need to look at those issues when it comes to the housing crisis that we're facing. >> president fong: and i think it would be a good time. when i first came on the commission eight years ago, the mayor had asked to take a look at all the projects that were entitled or weren't building and started construction, and look at them and categorize them, why they didn't start. was it an economic problem, was it a finance problem? i think it would be a fair time to look at those projects that we've entitled and look at why they struggled. >> supervisor yee: so did you look at them a few years back. do you have the results. >> president fong: i'm sure we have them. >> supervisor yee: can you get us a copy. >> president fong: yes. >> supervisor yee: and the other question i asked was about family housing.
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would you agree to push for some universal definition we can all agree on? >> president fong: absolutely. i think the under lying idea is to keep san franciscans in san francisco. that's a multifold answer that has to do with school, with getting your first choice school near your neighborhood. that's affordability, that's how far you have to drive to your work. many people live in san francisco but work outside, and that just eats into expenses and family time. so as far as defining that, yes, i'd be, obviously, part of a discussion to help build that sector of housing. >> supervisor yee: okay. thank you very much. >> supervisor safai: great. we'll call you back up if there's any additional questions, but any member of the public wishing to comment on item 3 and 4, please come forward. >> clerk: one minute? >> supervisor safai: yes. do the same time as before. >> commissioner richards: i just wanted to chime in here. i know i should have spoken for
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commissioner moore, as well. i think the commission is functioning really well, and i think that commissioner fong and johnson really add to that clo colorful debate. commissioner johnson has only been four months, but we have some great conversations. commissioner fong is going to be in his ninth year. he brings that experience with him, that gravitas with him. he's a great calming influence. i absolutely hope that you support the renominations. >> good afternoon. my name is alex lofton. i'm here to speak on behalf of the nomination of milicent johnson. i know commissioner johnson from our work together on projects related to the future of work here in the bay area as well as working on housing issues for all in the bay area.
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i actually rush an organization that's focused on helping middle class afford home ownership in the bay area. why milicent? one as a fellow operator in the space? i've seen her approach as being balanced, fair, and compassionate, and her approach to life is one that acts with integrity at all times, and that's one that i want working for me, and she brings that and more to this board. i hope that you reappoint her. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you. next speaker. >> greetings, all. my name is shakira simley. i am the acting director of the southeast facility here in the bayview, and i'm here to demonstrate my strong support for commissioner johnson and her reappointment.
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[please stand by]
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. >> hello, everyone. my name is mara dilley. i'm a neighbor and friend of my i cent johnson, speaking on her behalf today. i think many of her supporters will speak to her racial and social justice and equality. her career has risen up alongside technology and innovation here in san francisco. and her passion for both of those things, how can we be
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sure that this rising tide raises all ships, that's what milicent's going to look out for. thank you. >> hello. my name is brian pritchard. i'm glad that there's a fifth generation that's going to be on the board. i support both these people. they bring great opinions to san francisco and to the planning department. thank you very much. >> hello, again, supervisors. joe el koppel, district four resident, here to speak in favor of my fellow commissioners and their moving forward with the reappointment. both of them play vital roles in the commission as a whole, keeping it ethnically diverse, and milicent, the newest commissioner, as me being closest to the newest commission, knows how it is to start off, and i think she's incredibly on ramped very well
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and do something but succeed in the future. as well, president fong exudes culturalness. he's very well travelled and forward thinking. thank you. >> lisa ferber from community hill. i just wanted to say a word about milicent johnson. while she's new to the commission, i do think that she does bring a fresh perspective and represents different viewpoints in terms of generational, perhaps, and adds a diversity to the commission. i think she understands that people are behind planning and land use, and i think she's generally respectful to the
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neighborhoods. thanks. >> good afternoon. ossie roman with neighborhood council. i just want to support commissioner johnson as the only my lenni on on on only milennial on the commission. we're very supportive. we welcome the fact that we have someone that is going to be representing that generation, and we'll look forward to working with her. thank you. >> hello again. anastasia yanaopolous, district 8 resident in support of commissioner johnson for
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reappointment. she's been on the commission a short while, and she's a breath of fresh air. she brings a wealth of experience with the background she's had, dealing with groups, community organizing, and i feel that she's an asset to the commission. commissioner fong brings a balance to this commission, as well. >> good afternoon. todd david, speaking on behalf of myself today. i want to say that i think both of these commissioners do an outstanding job. i really think that it's great that rodney is a parent raising children in the city really brings a perspective that myself as a parent raising children in this city, it's helpful to have a parent. i'd love to see more parents on commissions. when milicent speaks, i feel that everything that i'm thinking comes out in her mouth, and it's so beautiful when she says it. when i say it, it gets all screwed up. she does a great job of talking
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about the core values of equity, of making sure that we're building well located housing in all levels of affordable throughout the city, and that we have, you know, people have access to really great housing at all neighborhoods at all levels of affordability, and i really commend that she's taken that message and is driving it home in her short time on the commission, so thanks. >> supervisor safai: thank you. any other members of the public wish to comment on this item, please come forward? seeing none, public comment's closed? [ gavel ]. >> supervisor safai: any additional comments from colleagues? seeing none, can i entertain a motion? oh, sorry. supervisor stefani? >> supervisor stefani: yeah. just want to add, very supportive of commissioner fong who i've known a very long time, and commissioner johnson, who i've met recently and very impressed with both of this records. there's something that cory smith said that struck me, that i thought was good when he said
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that because someone's xyz, and he's xyz, that person is the best to represent somebody, and it got me thinking that just because someone is an xyz doesn't mean they weren't once before. so i think it's really important for us to all understand that commissioner richards said that it's really important to work with both sides. if you're not xyz, you need to reach over the aisle and understand xyz. the highest level of empathy requires profound purpose larger that the self-kind of understanding. so i am thinking, when he said that, it just struck me that it's really important to be able to identify with people, but that -- if you -- you have to be able to understand people that are different than yourself, and i hope that our commissioners do that. i think we have a planning commission that does that, and i just want to move forward. commissioner fong and
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commissioner johnson, and approve their nomination to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> supervisor safai: great. and can we do that without objection? great. so that is ordered. congratulations again, commissioners. >> clerk: i believe the motion was to amend the motion to remove the rejecting and to refer to the full -- >> supervisor safai: board with positive recommendation, and we're sending both item number one and two and three and four -- >> clerk: there is no need -- >> supervisor safai: it will be automatically on the 31st? >> clerk: yes, it will. >> supervisor safai: okay. great. congratulations. please call item number five. >> clerk: item number five is a motion approving, rejecting the treasurer nomination of ben rosenfield, reeta madhaven, kevin kone, eric sandler and aimee brown, terms ending june 17, 2022 to the treasury over
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sight committee. >> supervisor safai: great, and i think we have someone here from the treasurer's office to speak. >> thank you, supervisors. amanda confried from the office of the treasurer's. i'm pleased to announce the most recent appointments to the treasury over sight committee. this is an advisory body to the treasurer, primarily comprised of c.f.o.s from department are oztiare -- or agencies that invest in our commission. this is a body that's created by state law and is active in most counties around california. with your support, we recently updated the authorizing legislation for the committee to clarify the comsignificanpo we're approving several members at a time.
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they are appointed as part of their duties as controller or c.f.o. there are coming before you in the future three remaining seats, one representing the community college board and two public members. if you'd consider it, i'd like to ask that you consider -- that you continue the consideration of aimee brown, a public member, so that we can bring both of our public members to committee at the same time, and -- and we are still working with community college to identify an appropriate representative. we are currently accepting applications for the public seats, and members of the public can find the information on the treasurer's website, which is i thank you for your appointment of ben rosenfield, reeta madhaven, kevin kone, and eric sandler. and i will note that not everyone was able to attend
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today, but i am happy to speak to their qualifications and we have a few of them here today, if need be. thank you so much. >> supervisor safai: i don't think we need anyone to speak today. that's fine. so what you're asking us to do is you want us to continue aimee brown? that's the only one? >> correct. >> supervisor safai: so you want us to sever that, but otherwise, you want us to move forward the whole package. >> yes. >> supervisor safai: the whole proposal? okay. i'm fine with that. supervisor yee, do you have a question? >> supervisor yee: no. i just needed a clarification, and you asked the same clarification, so i'm fine. >> supervisor safai: okay. so why don't we have a motion to sever aimee brown from the proposed -- >> supervisor yee: i'll move it. >> supervisor safai: so moved. without objection, it's ordered. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor safai: and then, may i have a motion to approve -- >> supervisor yee: i make a motion to approve the nomination of ben rosenfield,
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reeta madhaven, kevin kone, and eric sandler to the full board with a positive recommendation? >> supervisor safai: any members of the public wish to comment on this item, please come forward. seeing none, public comment's closed. and can we take that without objection? okay. great. congratulations. thank you. [ gavel ] plea [ gavel ]. >> supervisor safai: please call item number six. [agenda item read] >> supervisor safai: i've been informed that one of the applicants withdrew, so we have one applicant. that's commissioner steven lee, unless i'm misinformed. commissioner lee, please come forward. thank you for your patience. this is like being in a
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planning commission meeting. >> i am steven lee, i have not missed a meeting in six years. i actually learned a lot over the years, and with some of the new tools we have to help keep night life vibrant is working. and i enjoy making comments and doing -- my focus is about public safety. even though i'm not a public safety seat, but i do want to have a voice for the capacity clubs of over 300 that draw a lot of attention to this city. and things are changing now because of economics, as you know, you know, with affordable housing, not enough housing, people moving out of the city. it is happening for the business owners, as well. i'm very -- i own small businesses in -- in the city, and there's a lot of empty
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storefronts in each of your districts that i noticed. and i know that even for myself, even trying to start-up new businesses in the city, with the c.u. process being as long as it is, it does discourage a lot of people from making an investment or even trying to attempt to have a new lounge or a new bar or restaurant in the city. and, you know, night life, i love night life. i still go out. i'm still out to 4:00 in the morning. i enjoy the different generations of -- of clients, i guess, or clientele or friends that i have met over the years. and i just enjoy the -- you know, being that person to give some advice to people that want to get in business or maybe there's a -- a club that, you know, i see, you know, just around town that might be slipping somewhere. i might make a suggestion. but other than that, you know,
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i just love being here, and i want to serve four more years. >> supervisor safai: great. thank you. any questions -- so i just want to double-check. can you call the other person's name, just to make sure that you're not here. >> clerk: thank you, commissioner. hold on one second. amy baylor-nobler. >> supervisor safai: yeah, i don't think she's here. i think she withdrew her name. any comments or questions, commissioners? i think you answered commissioner yee's question about the attendance record. you passed that initial question. i will say i had the pleasure of working with commissioner lee on a very important issue for our community. this was a nuisance bar in the neighborhood where a security guard at that bar had, unfortunately -- well, let's say, has been arrested
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subsequently for the shooting and murdering of a patron. we -- obviously, that case is working its way through court, but the result of that was a continued and highlighted behavior of a very violent and nuisance bar in our neighborhood. we subsequently had a hearing. the license -- entertainment license was suspended temporarily. that was all the power they had within the jurisdiction of their commission. and then, subsequently abc went in and found additional violations, and we were able to shut that bar down. now, we're not in the business of putting businesses out of business, but when there are nuisance businesses that are causing extreme stress and danger to our community, we want to act, and i want to say, i think commissioner lee was very responsive and helped us in that process, along with some of the other cases that we've worked on in helping to entitle and promote small
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business in the community and working with particularly those that are in the monolingual community that have a harder time transversing the small -- traversing the small business environment. commissioner lee does a good job in that regard. so i just wanted to make those comments for the record. any members of the public wishing to comment on this item, please come forward. >> good afternoon, commissioners. henry -- >> clerk: one moment please. would you like one minute or two minutes at this time? >> supervisor safai: i think given the pattern, i think we'll just stick with one minute. >> clerk: thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you. >> good afternoon. i'm the president of the san francisco district of merchants associations. this is one of the most difficult commissions to be out there, the entertainment commission, that steven lee has been very dedicated to make it work. it is that sort of industry,
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you get all sorts of people in there, and things happen. but at least he's out there and making sure he's going out there and making sure these businesses operate by the law. lastly, i want to mention we had an event in the summer of love, and we're trying to find a band to play some 50's music -- i'm sorry, the beatles music, and i will tell you, they're great. they were fabulous. thank you, steven. you're awesome for all that you do. i urge you to reappointment him to that position. thank you, supervisors. >> clerk: next speaker. >> hello. thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak today. my name is ray bobbit. i am part of the south of marketen tainment commission. we work with kmiecommissioner on several issues.
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we've worked on cell phone theft, we've worked on a multitude of issues. but most importantly we've worked on the ability of nightclubs with capacities of over 400 people to accommodate and evolve into a circumstance with which we can work directly with neighbors and development. that's been very, very important and just on the heels of the planning commission appointments, we've -- want to thank commissioner lee for opening up so many opportunities for us to coexist with the new direction and development of this city by allowing them the ability to stay here. so i just want to thank commissioner lee and urge that you reappointment him. thank you. >> hello, board of supervisors. my name is venita louie, and i am very grateful that san francisco has an entertainment commissioner. steve lee remains a pillar in
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the community and many different communities of san francisco, and he is called what i think is the master of organizing and rallying any of us for safety for the community, for the saturdays, to preserve -- arts, inform preserve landmark restaurants. so i want to support steve and the continued work that the board of supervisors does. thanks. >> hello, commissioners. my name is arash, and i own a couple lounges in san francisco. i'm here to support steven lee's -- or commissioner lee's reappointment. i believe he's the most qualified person for this commission, not because of just his ties to the night life and hospitality committee, but also, i've known steven lee about 15 years, and what i admire the most about him is
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his ties and his reach to different generations. again, i'm a 15 year veteran, started from -- as a promotor, and i can see that the people like i started today, steven lee can reach out to them and represent them in the entertainment commission. so it's great to have someone like him that understands different generations. thank you. >> clerk: next speaker. >> hello, esteemed commissioners. i'm here to support mr. lee. i happened to meet mr. lee back in 1999 when i was an investor in a nightclub, and he happened to introduce me to who is now my wife when i met him, and we are still together, this young lady and i. mr. lee is a pillar in the night life industry. he also knows how to run a club and how to help people make it in this -- in this city of san
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francisco, so i have to throw my hat in and hope that you folks reappoint him. thank you so much. >> clerk: any other speakers? >> supervisor safai: okay. great. any other members of the public wish to comment on this item? seeing none, public comment's closed. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor safai: can we entertain a motion? >> supervisor yee: sure. seems like i did this before. wasn't that long ago. i'd like to make a motion to appoint -- who's appointing him? are we appointing him? >> supervisor safai: yeah. >> supervisor yee: okay. sorry. >> supervisor safai: it's okay. >> supervisor yee: i'd like to make a motion to appoint steven lee to the entertainment commission and send it out with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> supervisor safai: can we do that without objection?
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without objection, that item's ordered. thank you, commissioner. congratulations. [applause] >> supervisor safai: please call item number seven. >> clerk: item number seven is a hearing considering appointing two members term ending july 31, 2021, and two members term ending january 1, 2021 to the veteran's affairs commission. >> supervisor safai: so i know we have -- do we have all ten applicants here or just four? four? okay. so why don't we go up one by one. why don't you go first, mathy -- margot. sorry. either one. matthew -- >> good afternoon. my name is matthew brauer. i come to you as a ten-year resident of san francisco district six seeking seat ten on the veteran's affairs
10:36 pm
commission. i am a disability lgbtq veteran who has a 15 year record of service both active duty and reserve service in the u.s. army. i also have experience in our social work services and medical research programs. i come to you because i want to leverage my experience in those areas to better serve our city's veterans because their experience really is my own. i struggled as well to transition from military to civilian life, struggled with the cost of housing, difficulty accessing services, and lived under a hotel. so i want to leverage all those rich experiences, the deep knowledge i have about v.a. operations and the ways we serve veterans, the issues and limitations we often face and work with city agencies to optimize services to veterans at both levels of government through data sharing and
10:37 pm
through colocating space and other initiatives around policy. i think a lot of you have heard about what those coordinations and collaborations might be. i don't think any of that's new to you. i think what you're looking for in this commission and from me is specific policy recommendations you can make at your level or ordinances you can pass, and those would fall into three main areas. supporting -- in the v.a., we need to greatly expand access to services, and i think specifically for our homeless and disabled veterans, so often, they have difficulty accessing and getting enrolled for services. i think we can do a better job of colocating enrollment specialists in city agencies and empowering specifically our county veteran's service office to do that. additionally, i'd like tovert leverage v.a. data -- better leverage v.a. data so that we can reach under served communities, and then,
10:38 pm
additionally, i am going to examine -- if appointed, i am going to examine the difficulty many veterans have in using their v.a. home loan guarantee in securing, when they seek to buy a property. obviously, cost is always a factor in that. but also, the fact that relatively few properties are approved by the v.a. for home loan use. i think we -- all the documents required to do that are in fact held by city agencies and can be proactively transmitted to v.a. to make that easier for veterans to access those units and potentially free up rental units for others. so those rb the main focuses i have on the commission, and i'm sure there will be many others, and many questions you'll have for me, which i'm happy to answer now. >> supervisor safai: supervisor yee? supervisor stefani? great. we'll call you back up if you have any additional questions. >> thank you very much. >> miss ellis? >> hi. my name is margot ellis, and
10:39 pm
i'm so glad matt had to go first, because i would echo much of what he said. so i agree with everything that matt said. i for context used to work as the legislative aide for the senate under the obama administration for the department of veterans affairs. so some of the things that i've been talking to my good friends who are on the commission about, along the lines of access, i just kind of want to echo some of the things that matt said. i was part of that group that really helped to advocate to have women vet centers within hospitals. as you know, there's still not a single birthing facility in any of the v.a. hospitals in the u.s. because it wasn't actually built for women, but we actually need different doctors because we literally have different parts. and so making sure that that voice is heard and understood about what the needs of women veterans are is something that i've been doing for a long time, and i look forward to formally doing as a part of the commission, echoing meat's
10:40 pm
second point, data to serve under served veterans, this is an amazing town that hears truth when -- in the form of numbers, right? so i think men -- numbers don't lie, right? and so i look forward to working with the commission in helping to look at the data and see how we can better serve populations. and then, the last is something that's really dear to my heart. i am a third generation san franciscan who does not live in the city of san francisco. my grandfather was also a veteran, and he drove a city bus for the city of san francisco and could afford to buy a home with my grandmother who was a sales woman at macy's. my father now drives the trolley cars in san francisco, and i, as someone who is the beneficiary of their hard work, was able to go to georgetown using my g.i. bill but can't afford to buy a house in san francisco. so this issue of how to keep san franciscans in san francisco is something that i feel very passionate about, and
10:41 pm
i'm excited to become a part of the commission to talk about how to create a pathway to ensure that when veterans leave and go fight for their country, that they have a place to truly come home to. i hear that there's also a concern about making sure that commissioners come. i just want to say that i've been hanging out at club v.a. commission for a long time. my good friend, dotty guy used to be a commissioner. so i'm looking forward to hopefully not just being a visitor to the club but actually getting membership. >> supervisor safai: thank you. so i think you answered supervisor yee's most important question, have you actually even attended commission meeting, and it sounds like you've been hanging out there. you live there, so that -- >> looking for my membership. >> supervisor safai: okay. we'll call up the next speaker. george. thank you. >> supervisors, i'm george ishikata, i'd like to start out first by thanking you,
10:42 pm
expressing my appreciation both for the opportunity to appear before the committee as well as your time in considering my application for a position on the veteran's affairs committee. i'd like to answer two questions in my brief presentation on -- that i think you have. first is why does this guy want to be on the committee, and the second is what qualifications does he have? as far as why i'd like to be on the committee, i think i can best explain that by telling you when i was 15 years old. that was the year i joined the civil air patrol and put on a military uniform for the first time. and as a matter of fact, i still happen to be a member of that organization today. and i joined not because -- not just because the uniform was cool, although i did join because the uniform was cool, but even then, i was a p
10:43 pm
patriotic kid and it was my duty. it's the same sort of thing with the veteran's affairs commission. i've attended some meetings, know a number of the commissioners, and i feel that would be an opportunity for me not only to serve the city that i love, but also to give back to the veterans and the veteran community for all the things they've done for all of us here today. as far as my qualifications, i know that there are a number of applicants for these positions. some way well be more -- may well be more qualified than me. i served 30 years in the military, in the army, having retired as a colonel. i attended san francisco state university. i ended up with three consecutive combat tours in iraq, afghanistan, and kosovo, and in my last assignment in the pentagon, i worked very closely with an organization
10:44 pm
that was focused on trying to get critical assets and resources to the folks that needed it the most. and i'd like to think i'd be able to help do the same for the veteran's affairs commission as far as the folks that we'd be representing. as far as who i am and what i -- what i -- what the reasons are for my desire to serve on the commission, that's pretty much the indepth detailed analysis that i can provide you in a brief three-minute presentation, and i stand ready for any questions you may have. >> supervisor safai: great. thank you. we'll call you back up if we have any additional -- if we have some questions. i think we're going to hear from the chair of the committee, mr. chesney. >> victim. victor olivari, i'm here to speak on behalf of georgia ellis, george isshikata, and
10:45 pm
matthew brauer. these are the people that i cannen ders for a commission that has a lot of work cut out in front of them. i would like to recommend margot ellis for seat 12. i would like to recommend the reappointment of debra dacumos, for seat five, the appointment of george ishikata for seat two, and the appointment of matthew brauer for seat ten. thank you very much. >> any other comments? >> supervisor safai: okay. members of the public, if you would like to speak on this item, please come forward. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is steven notesell.
10:46 pm
i'm a commissioner on the veteran's affairs commission. i have been for eight years, three of which i served as secretary, two as president, and i am here today to advocate for the reestablishment of the -- of a balance of diversity on the commission which has faltered in the last few years as you can see by the resignation of four women that were on the commission. so i advocate for the reappointment of commissioner documas. she is a colonel in her retirement, and that's a difficult position to achieve
10:47 pm
for a female. and i also would -- [inaudible] >> supervisor safai: thank you, sir. thank you. next speaker. >> thank you, supervisors. i am the vice president of the commission. also representing president kennedy who's unable to make it today for a preexisting issue. just wanted to highlight, you know, we're going through a change on the commission, trying to be more and more impactful in our primary role as advocates for good policy in the city. the four candidates that we're recommending today, but in particular, margot ellis and matthew both served as experts on veteran's policy both nationally skm locally are really good additions to the commission, along with commissioner decomas, and
10:48 pm
george, who's been a really good addition. thank you. >> supervisor safai: thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. [ gavel ]. >> supervisor safai: supervisor? >> supervisor yee: first of all, i'd like to say thank you once again in stepping up and serving the veterans or wanting to serve the veterans on this commission. and i appreciate the services you've given to the country in the past. so there's four of you here. makes it real easy -- three of you here, and then, there's the fourth one that's incumbent. why don't i go ahead -- would you like to? >> supervisor stefani: i just wanted to thank you for your service, first of all. it's so important. my dad was a lieutenant in the army. volunteered for viet nam, and it's so important, your work there, and your work here on the commission. and i just express so you i want to work -- to you i want
10:49 pm
to work with you as you role out any new initiatives. also i want to encourage you to touch base with the county clerk's office in terms of their city i.d. program. i know they're looking at a way to redo that. there's a way we can work to identify veterans on the city i.d. it was something i was hoping to do when i was a county clerk, so i was hoping you could look into that. i think it would be a really good project for the veteran's commission. supervisor safai? >> supervisor safai: ah. i just wanted to say one of the things that i said, and i met with all of the different applicants is one -- i understand that the veteran's affairs commission is a place for there to be a voice and place for them to air their concerns. maybe you choose one or two issues a year that you bring to this body that we can have a
10:50 pm
conversation about. i had a conversation with some of you about using additional or existing spaces in the city for veteran's or veteran's programming. i know there's a desire to expand some existing housing programs or housing opportunities, access for women in the hospitals that we have and women veteran's. [please stand by] . >> supervisor safai: i don't know of any recommendations for policies that have been brought forward, at least to our body, and it would be helpful to try to understand that work with you better. so that would be my recommendation, i think, and i would echo what supervisor yee and supervisor stefani have said. thank you for your service to our country, and thank you for
10:51 pm
coming forward and presenting yourself as an opportunity for public service on this commission. i think we have some really good qualified candidates, and so makes our job easier when there's the right number of people for the right number of seats. and i know that -- and i know -- i just want to say, for the record, i did meet with lydia, as well, and she was also a very well qualified applicant. i know there's additional opportunities coming forward for appointments, so i know you all will be recommending her. i was very impressed with all the folks that have come forward. so can we entertain a motion? >> supervisor yee: i'll go ahead and make a motion to nominate margot ellis to seat
10:52 pm
12, did he obser debroah decumw brauer, and send it out with positive recommendation to the full board. i want to say, before we finish with this one, i see that there's two specific seats for a woman veteran. i don't want to think that we have to limit ourselves to two women. we should probably really consider that some of the seats that are at large to be -- to have maybe some additional women representation, so i'll make that comment. >> supervisor safai: yes. and the only thing we need to add is the candidate, miss ellis, would need a residency
10:53 pm
waiver. so on that, without objection? great. congratulations. thank you for coming forward. [ gavel ] [applause] >> supervisor safai: please call the next item. >> clerk: next on the agenda is item 8, considering two members, terms ending january 1, 2020, to the sunshine ordinance task force. >> supervisor safai: okay. great. so would the applicants please come forward? you can come in whichever order you prefer. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is matthew cate, and also in keeping with making your jobs easier, i'm happy and honored to be the only nominee
10:54 pm
for seat one on the sun shiez ordinance task force. i'll try to be brief in discussing my interests and qualifications so i can address any questions you might have. i'm a former journalist, requesting lawyer and dedicated believer and supporter of the proposition that the people have a fundamental right to know what's being done in their name. i developed or at least strengthened this belief during my first career as a newspaper reporter in the south where i'm originally from, covering mostly state and local governments. i experienced firsthand and through my columns the people's exercise of the right to know muscles and the central right that doing so has in a functioning democracy. after seven great years in that work as a reporter, i decided to move on and change careers and enrolled at u.c. hastings here in the city in 2010, moving out here, among other reasons, so my wife could be
10:55 pm
closer to her family and so i could enjoy the far better weather that we enjoy out here in the south where i'm from. in the time i've kept a general practice at a firm here in the city, practicing, of course, my advocacy for and on behalf of my clients, but always working every day, applying, you know, a dispassioned analysis and objective application of the law to the particular facts in front of any particular case. along the way, i've increasingly looked for ways to apply my background and experience in the service to the community, especially where that service would overlap and interests that are deeply held, passionate interests that i have. so when i learned that the society of professional journalists was looking at an attorney applicant, i jumped at the chance to apply because i do believe that open records and public meetings laws are
10:56 pm
only as good as their vigorous exercise by the public, and only as good as their strict adherence by the government representatives at the task not only by the letter of these laws, but their spirit, as well. i applied because i believe because as the sunshine ordinance states at the beginning, that only the ordinance enforced by a strong sunshine ordinance task force can enforce open government. i believe that i can help ensure that this task force remains strong in its effort to promote open government and hopefully grow stronger in carrying out its mission. so once again, i am honored that s.p.j. agrees with that and has placed its confidence in me on this task force, and i
10:57 pm
hope that you and the supervisors will also do, going forward. >> supervisor safai: let's call the second applicant, and then, we can ask any questions. miss lahood? >> yes. >> supervisor safai: did i say that right? >> yes. hi. i'm lila lahood. i've lived and voted in san francisco since 2002. i have been a member of the board of spj nor-cal since 2010. i am president from 2014 to 2016, and in that role, i got a birds eye view of the challenges that journalists face in meeting access and information across the region. [please stand by]
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
and i might say that is perhaps in part due to changes in the media industry.
11:00 pm
fewer journalists are doing the essential work of covering local government. in all of my roles as publisher and board member and advocate for first amendment and public access i am eager to promote best practices to make san francisco a leader. i see my role on the sunshine ordinance task force to assist all members who need help navigating the law to better understand and participate in the workings of local government and increase civic engagement. thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. any members of the public wish to comment on this item? please come forward.


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