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Voice of America

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This Collection includes more than 68,000 hourly radio newscasts which aired on more than 2,900 unique broadcast dates by the Voice of America (VOA), the flagship U.S. international broadcaster.

Since August 15, 2014, these five-minute English-language newscasts have been downloaded from the VOA website. A small number of older newscasts come from other sources including some over-the-air airchecks. (VOA also produces content in more than 40 other languages.)

VOA archives much of its radio and television output on its own website, but content management systems change, and in the past audio files have been lost in the transition. This Internet Archive Collection may be the only independent site where a large number of Voice of America newscasts are permanently retained and available to researchers and the public. (In fact, it may be the largest collection of its kind in the Internet Archive, and if there is a larger collection of this sort of news broadcast in any other institution, online or not, I would be interested in hearing about it.*)

In most cases where there are fewer than 24 newscasts for a given day it is normally because the missing items were not available for download on In some cases it may be due to curator's error or technical glitch, or a scheduling decision to produce fewer than 24 x 7 newscasts a week.

Newscasters heard on these hourly, English-language newscasts include (in alphabetical order) Frances Alonzo, Anne Ball, Victor Beattie, Jim Bertel, Laurel Bowman, Michael Brown, Vincent Bruce, David Byrd, Christopher Cruise, the late Dave DeForest (who died in March 2017), Bob Doughty, Marti Johnson, Ray Kouguell, Michael Lipin, Nicole Livas, Tommie McNeil, Ira Mellman, Marissa Melton, Bill Michaels, Steve Miller, Steve Norman, Joe Palca, Liz Palka, Gene Randall, Diane Roberts, and Sarah Williams.

The daily package of newscasts is normally uploaded shortly after the final newscast of the UTC day.

You may also be interested in our related collections: Voice of America Radio Scripts (1953–1980); VOA Our World (2004–2010), Voice of America Editorials (2004–2014), and VOA Music Time in Africa (2006–2008).

If you want to download any of these files in bulk, you'll find helpful instructions in this Internet Archive blog entry:

Updated July 29, 2022

* The Vanderbilt Television News Archive ( describes itself as "the world's most extensive and complete archive of television news. We have been recording, preserving and providing access to television news broadcasts of the [U.S.] national networks since August 5, 1968. The core collection includes evening news from ABC, CBS, and NBC (since 1968), an hour per day of CNN (since 1995) and Fox News (since 2004)."


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