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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  August 10, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to "11 news today. " i'm stan stovall. >> and i'm mindy basara. we're going to get a check on traffic and weather. it is going to be so hot out, maybe people will just stay home. >> yes, basically the hottest day of the year today. right now we'll take a look at the curpt temperatures and give you a feel -- current temperatures and give you a feel for things around. it is 71 out at the airport. forecast highs today in the mid to upper 90's. looks like 96 for central maryland. so when you combine the heat and humidity, we're looking at heat index values anywhere around the baltimore metropolitan area between 100 and 105 depreeze. that's why the heat advisory is in effect. that's why you need to stay inside if at all
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>> we mentioned from car-b-q's. that could be the technical term. southbound 95 approaching 100, we have a medical call coming in there. that could cause delays. also columbia, at phelps luck drive and thurso court, an accident. police on the scene there. harrisburg expressway and the rest of the major roadways leading up to the beltway. 95 and harford county. let's switch to a live view of traffic. the west side checking out fine at this time. mindy and stan, back to you. >> a grief-stricken family mourns the loss of a loved one after a plane crashes in carroll county killing the two people on board. >> it happened about 7:30 friday morning about a quarter mile
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from the keymar airport where it took off. we have reaction from general from letty williams' family. >> letty williams leaves behind two sons and five girn. they say her spirit of -- five grandchildren. they say her spirit of adventure and love of life will be dearly missed. >> it is devastating. that's my mom, you know? >> eric says it is just starting to sink in that his mom is gone. the lane letty williams was riding in crashed shortly after taking off. >> without going overboard, ye she just liked having a good time. she really did. >> the pilot of the two-seater plane, robert kociemba, was also killed. williams' son says bob and his mom loved traveling, scuba diving, and traveling in bob's
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plane. letty williams was also work ong getting her pilot's license. at 66 she was enjoying life. >> she loved her kids, loved her grandchildren, and she was the life of the party. >> eric said the one consolation is she died doing what she loved. but, he says, it is hard to understand why. >> you trust in the lowered and there is a plan and there is a reason. it is not for me to know or anybody else to know. >> funeral arrangements have not been planned yet. funeral investigators have not released information on what caused that plane to crash. >> general, thank you. police in south baltimore are questioning a pair of men in connection with a murder over the weekend. officers arrived on the scene along the 600 block of cherry hill road when they found an unidentified victim suffering from multiple gun shot wounds. he was pronounced dead a short time later. police say they have two men in
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custody but have not identified nor charged them at this hour. >> a fundraiser for american's daughters of fallen heros was held. supporters and their families came out to play bowling in memory of fallen police and corrections officers. police memorabilia was also for sale. this was the second annual fallen police and correctional officers at stoneway. >> at least 32 people dead and dozens wounded in the northern city of mosul and baghdad. the most recent was a deadly truck bombing. bombs also exploded early this morning in three neighborhoods in baghdad. at least nine people were killed and another 80 wounded in those blasts. >> today president obama was in mexico for a summit with the leaders of mexico and canada. they will be discussing trade, climate change, drug
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trafficking, and the swine flu. the meeting comes as the president's plans come under attack here at home. >> as barack obama's trip abroad began, his domestic plans faced a barrage of criticism. >> this is not reform, this is control. >> town halls are being called "town brawls." senator hart got an earful in tampa. people outside were rowdy and inside -- >> you guys have no ideas. you're typical, man! >> some opponents in tampa got wind of the event through the 9-12 project, conservative glenn beck's web site aimed at anti-tax tea parties. the senate top republicans say the outrage is genuine.
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>> of quors american -- course american citizens are concerned about it and upset about it. >> democrats say the opposition is manufactured. they cite internet fliers like this one encouraging critics, yell back and have someone else follow up with a shout-out. facing anti-stimulus rallies this season, they gave it a name. >> [unintelligible] >> senator sarah palin said terminaly ill americans would face obama's death panel. president obama hit back. >> let me start by dispeling the rumors that reform will promote youth nashia or bring about a -- euthenasia. that is not true. >> dozens more fountain hall meetings are scheduled this month. liberal organizers are also organizing people to these town
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halls. they plan -- he says he wants to correct misleading information. brook hart, -- brooke hart, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a mother to be is hoping someone will shell out big bucks for the naming rights of her unborn child. she has put the naming rights to her unborn son on e-bay. she said the idea is to support herself and her zoo six children. while family members oppose the idea, she said she's optimistic it will all turn out ok. >> i'm excited to see what name will actually be chosen. hopefully not her should i or pepsi. -- hopefully not hersh. ey or pepsi. >> corporate response sponsorship doesn't seem -- corporate sponsorship doesn't seem to be in the bidding yet. that brings us to our "water
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cooler question of the day." what do you think of a mom auctioning off her child's name? the only problem is someone that might bid the highest bid and give the child a real weird name. 5:37. 75 degrees on tv hill. >> there's a new zero calorie sweetener on the market. >> plus, are you feeling lonely? you are not alone. the number of people feeling the blues is increasing. >> and we're getting a check on your morning commute. one accident of note in columbia. we hear it involves a motorcycle. and a medical call on southbound i-95 as we
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>> welcome back to "11 news
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today. " it is 79 degrees and pretty steamy already downtown. probably going to go up in the mid to upper 90's in the metropolitan area today. even a high of 96 out at airport today. definitely the hottest day of the year. 96 at the harbor. today even hotter. plenty of sun, hazy, hot, humid, and slight chance of a thunderstorm late in the afternoon. unhealthy air quality in the metropolitan area today. so take it easy if you have to be outside for any length of time. more coming up for you in your he can tended forecast. >> in this morning's "medical alert" new research indicates loneliness is common and will likely increase in the coming years. experts say feeling loney is perfectly normal but staying that way is not. they found loneliness increases depression which is a risk fart fact for for several conditions. experts say what matters is the
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quality of your friendships. they expect loneliness will increase as the number of widows and wism doers go up for the baby boom generation. >> a new l sweetener. it is an extrabblingt -- it is an extract from the stevia plant. one packet equals two teaspoons of sugar. pepsi and coca cola helped develop this new sweetener. carlotta tried it, and she gave it the thumbs up. if she liked it, lyle like it. >> medical research right there. survey conducted by carlotta. [laughing] >> the time is 5:42. coming up, the economy seems to be taking its toll on many couples' love lives. what you can do to help your
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relationship. >> and here is a live look -- >> at us! >> at us! >> all right.
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>> good morning. sarah caldwell here checking on your morning commute. here's what's going on. not a lot. southbound 95 approaching 100, we have a medical call there. and then phelps luck drive in the area of columbia, we have a motorcycle accident in that intersection. as far as what else is going on? not a whole lot. our speed sensors are up. drive times are up in the outer loom loop down from 95 to i-95. let's give you a look outside this morning. a live view of traffic in the area of 95 just south of 100. north and southbound traffic looks good through howard county. problem-free in the white marsh
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area. and we'll switch to a live view of traffic heading out ot harrisburg expressway. i thought this was a helicopter, but it is actually lights going around. it is a utility truck going on. that's the latest -- let's get the latest on the buses and trains. for that we go to kurt kroncke. >> good morning. we have a few diversion s. that's about it right now. the 17 with a diversion of whitterson and nurse -- nursery due to construction. light rails are on time. metro subway also on time. marc transit at this hour looking good. no delays. with the mta transity teasm, i'm kurt kroncke. now back to sandra shaw. good morning, sandra. >> it is already incredibly mild out there, especially considering the sun hasn't officially made it up yet. 6:15 is the official sun-rise time and then we will see more scorching conditions. it is 79 at downtown baltimore.
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80 in ocean city. with the heating of the day and a strong high-pressure ridge in place, we'll likely see our hottest day of the year. in fact, even in the upper elevations of western maryland, we're looking at a high of 89 degrees with mostly sunny skies. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. it looks like a high of 96 degrees is forecast. 96 degrees, well above the normal high of 10 degrees. you factor in the humidity, it will feel worse than that. in ocean city it looks like a high of 95 as well. what will it feel like out there? when you factor in the elevated dew points, it looks like 95 to 100 in western maryland, but here in the city, 105 degrees, and that's the reason a heat advisory goes in effect and will persist until 8:00 tonight.
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so we are in the dog days of summer. a true scorcher on tap. unhealthy air category today. that means pollution is at a depruss level for people. yellow, just a sensitive group, it looks like on the eastern shore and in western maryland. all and all, try to take it in stride and drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. i don't think we will tire or set the new record. the record was set back in 1900, so it was long-term established. we will be about 20 degrees above the record tonight. still lows in the 70's. 72 to 79. not a major cooldown with mostly cloudy skies insulating things. here's a nice strong high-pressure ridge. nice clock-like movement of the winds. it is holding not only here but in the entire movement of the winds. in d.c. they hit a high of 96 degrees. it looks like it's going to 95. in new york, the hottest day of the year for sure, because they
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have been in the low 80's all summer long. one-day heat. that's the good news. then a front moves through. a weak cold front, but it is enough to get us down into the upper 80's by wednesday. low pressure settles in, but a nicer week as we're back down into the 80's. >> all right, sandra, thank you. >> well, some people say their bank accounts aren't the only thing that's taken a hit in the downed economy, so have their sex lives. >> sarah caldwell finds out how to get it back on track. >> ask anybody these days, and they will tell you the economy is taking a major toll on their lives. >> i think it makes you a little more edgy. >> and apparently the recession hasn't only hit some couples in the wallet, but in the bedroom. according to a smaller survey by, one in four moms say they are having more sex. >> the natural human inclinton asian is to withdraw and worry. >> this person says it is
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natural for people to worry over lost jobs and money problems. >> it can be something that disintegrates a relationship. >> taking its toll in the bedroom. >> how do you climb out of that quh finances are such a major issue right now? >> there are so many things that couples can do. >> they say keeping a positive attitude is important, and tackling the finances aze team could make the relationship stronger. >> relationship is a team sport. nobody is in it alone. >> they recommend taking at least 15 minutes aday for talk time. >> how much does it cost to talk to your partner? >> it dunts cost a thing. but this time stay away from stressful topics, and no kids, tvs, or blackberries to distract you. >> exercise together, eat healthy, go on a picnic. go for a walk together, so you are talking, which by the way is foreplay. >> and build in affectionate
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non-sexual contact. >> by building in that connection time, sex flows. >> we're going through some rainy times now, and how you handle those rainy times will depend on whether or not you flutter away or whether you see a rainbow. >> i guess the premise is, when the economy improves, everyone will be happy? >> yeah, and the other side to the coin is, it's free in most cases. >> don't go there! [laughing] >> just identical to the couple -- >> they are. they finish each other's sentences. they are a neat couple. >> they know how to talk to each other. >> doesn't that sound like a girl thing? woman thing? >> totally. >> let's talk. >> guys talk, too, but sometimes
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they are not heard. should we go there? >> no. [laughing] >> 75 degrees on tv hill. so much more ahead. we'll look at one of your answers to our wourwour. that should have been our "water cooler question of the day," by the way.
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>> the ravens with two more practices as they get ready for the season opener against the redskins. first just for suite holders and then at 2:45 all the fans can watch it. tiger woods treated fans to another win. check tiger out here. do you think the pressure getting to him? munching on a powerbarment oh, i think i'll win this one again. going away on birdie. number nine for the lead. tiger 180 yards away. a vintage tiger woods shot. watch the backspin on this baby. oh, man! he knocked that in for birdie. harrington not as fortunate. over the flag, into the water. it led to a triple bogey. and then tiger finishes with another birdie. his 70th pga win behind snead.
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the birds lose to roy haliday of huff scores with a rare 1-0 lead. ripped down the right-field line. halladay settled in and the j's hit two more runs. the oakland afse in town tonight. >> and later this morning, cal ripken junior, guys, i know will join you in studio concerning a big announcement concerning the cal ripken world series and everyone here at wbal news. >> time to get to one of your answers to our "water cooler question of the day." >> this morning we asked, what
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do you think of a mother's decision to auction off the name of her child to the highest bidder in return for quick cash? >> well, bob writes, "whatever the case, she should use the money to ensure she has no more children and become a furd burden to the state." the whole baby-area naming shows some area of concern. if she gets what she feels is a substantial amount of money, will that prompt her to get pregnant again and again? who needs another octomom. we will read more answers in the next hour and post them on our web site. >> here's a look ahead to the next hour of our news. >> heat advisory going in effect today at noon. i'll let you know what's going to happen with the weather coming up. >> and on the roads an early-morning accident in columbia involving a motorcycle and now police activity on the scene. an update next.
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