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tv   11 News Today  NBC  October 15, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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end. we will tell you what happened. >> in some nasty weather the next few days. the forecast as 11 news today continues right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to cover big story in just a minute. a check the forecast with our meteorologist tony pann. >> this is not going to be the nicest stretch of whether going into the weekend. 20 degrees below normal. wendy and rain. maybe even some snow. i would not be surprised if there was some snow coming in the weekend. scattered showers and drizzle. this is as good as it is going
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to get today. temperatures in the 40 kooky. this is where we are currently -- 40's. this is where we are currently. a high of about 48 degrees today. let's take a look at the seven day forecast to see what is coming up this weekend. >> let's check the area roads. >> most russell looking good. harbor tunnel looks good. a 10-minute ride here. let's look at the terrace for
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expressed by. so far so good, problem free. the area of the harbor tunnel is looking ok. >> flu has taken its toll on the shortages. baltimore with more on that. >> you do not just ask to get office anymore. you think it natural local grocers store or pharmacy. things. the seasonal flu shot is getting depleted. many places have shifted from seasonal flu vaccine with challenges of a vaccinating for the swine flu virus. reported seasonal flu outbreaks this season.
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the disease is january, february and march for the seasonal flu. it. the vaccines will be here for december. >> call before you show up. that is the message. the supply chain is on a daily basis. if you like more information on where you can find a clue kinnock -- flu clinic in your area, and you can call this number. >> thank you. coming up, we will have more on the free clinics in our area and the impact that it has had on businesses around the state. we have a whole host of information on our website at knopf under hot to.
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crew were the ones that needed call last night when they intersection. its side. officials say everyone involved suffered only minor injuries. the baltimore city paramedic who incorrectly pronounced a victim at the scene did -- it dead has some work to do. police found the victim alive. the paramedic was suspended without pay for 30 days. he must undergo some retraining and an evaluation before he can return to the job.
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>> more courtroom surprises. guilty plea. a baltimore hotel bathtub last he wanted to cause his wife pain. hopes he gets the help he needs. >> as budgets tighten, city officials find it difficult to keep up with the needs of the fire and police pension plans. year to nearly $165 million. halfway. -- will not meet them halfway.
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but some said the city has>> this proposal has been around since march 2009. we have yet to get an answer from the city. if they do, it is not going to get us out of a long-term mess. >> it could raise the property tax rate by 11%. >> there has been a lot of importance of washing your -- in new orleans charge neglect. >> he should of been down here a long time ago. >> this is his first trip down here since the beginning of the campaign. >> we are definitely back on an uphill swing. >> many homes remain abandoned. >> i would say to him that we
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need help in the lower ninth quarter. have cut red tape. they address economic pain almost daily beyond new orleans. >> i was out of work for 10 months. >> he played up highway work in virginia. work doing the work that america needs done. >> other buildup firms on wall street handout big bonuses. some take aim at this. >> these bonuses are excessive. >> the american people are still suffering and losing jobs
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and still worrying about paying bills and paying the mortgage. >> the it ministration wants new payout to seniors from social security to make up for a no cost-of-living increase next year. in washington, wbal-tv. republicans say that the and americans still need help. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. has the economy turned around for you, personally? >> there are two weeks left in the maryland tax amnesty program. they are far from collecting the millions in back taxes they hoped to receive. one person says he hoped the program would generate $25 million in outstanding fees.
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the only received applications for $3.4 million in amnesty requests. he hopes to see a last-minute surge in applications before the deadline. >> still ahead, the mornings financial news in a bloomberg business report. >> a series of explosions in pakistan leave many dead. >> and we will study what happens about an nfl team. >> maybe you want to try out a discount procedure in such as this harvest facial. you can get it at an amazing price. price.
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>> will come back to 11 news today. light rain outside. tony says this is as a good as
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it is going to get today. looking for a way to get away from all the stress the workweek is bringing upon you? >> sandra shaw joins us live with some help. >> it is spa week. you can get signatures of treatment at a discount. -- signature treatment at a discount. harvest facial, one of the $50 signature treatment. usually it is about $80 to get this treatment. tell us what you are doing. >> we are putting the freed peel on. this will exfoliate the face. -- fruit peel on.
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this will exfoliate the face. >> they have a body polish for $50. take advantage of this chance. a good excuse to go inside as far as the weather does. light showers already and it will get worse. >> there could be somewhat snow mixing into the rain over the weekend in certain areas. the spa is the place to be when it is cloudy and rainy. temperatures in the 40's. most of the heavy rain is off to our west. a big mess of heavy rain is headed eastbound. the rain will pick up in
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intensity as we go through the day today. high-pressure off the coast. this will fadeaway and a transfer its energy to another area of low pressure off of the carolina coast late this morning. we think the rain will intensify. it will be cold enough for snow in the mountains. our winter advisories are in effect. keep that in mind if you are driving out that way towards the mountains. it will not move. upper 40's. do not take the bowed out. that is not a good idea especially after lunch time when the winds will pick up. a small crafted by azeri will be in effect.
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tonight, temperatures in the low 40 pinkie. that will last into friday morning. the storm will be pulling away from us. scattered showers will be left behind. another front is behind that. in another rain all day every day through monday. but it will be close. high temperatures in the upper 40's. we will break out of it next week. perhaps near 70 by wednesday. a touch of winter the next few days. >> if it does rain that much, it may affect the roads. northbound 895 getting reports of an accident. starting to see some delays on many of our area roadways. they are volume related. an accident near pittsburgh.
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12 minutes on the west side of the loop. -- out her loop. -- albert buouterloop. looking good at curtis creek. over to you. >> more than two dozen people are dead in a series of attacks in pakistan. again man attacked three targets while a suicide bomber rammed his vehicle into a police station. they have had a stream of taliban lead suicide attacks in the past few weeks that killed a least 100 people. >> life in prison is not agreeing with a texas by nancy year. he is a dinner during his court appearance today had to be let
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out of the proceedings when he began spitting up blood. he allegedly skimmed billions from investors. he suffered a broken nose and concussion in a jail house fight. days after suffering a devastating loss, a marching band has pulled triumph of a tragedy. the band lost one of their teacher advisers over the weekend. it was in a bus accident on the way to a marching band competition. the bid to come first prize in the competition yesterday. the dedicated the victory to their fallen teacher. >> the dow hit a milestone yesterday for the first time in more than a year closing above the 10,000 mark. what is ahead today on wall street? we have that story and more in a bloomberg business report. >> good morning, investors are
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hoping that economic reports would kick the the up -- kicked the dow above the $10,000 mark. the cost of living probably rose at is which tells us that inflation is not a threat as the economy emerges from the recession. unemployment at a 26-year high, many may want to hold the prices in the coming months. and interest rates will be kept low for a long time. the number of americans filing claims for unemployment benefits was the lowest level last week since january. manufacturing may continue to expand. the dow climbing above 10,000 for the first time in a year. legg mason is leaving your bloomberg marilyn index higher.
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they had the biggest advance in the s&p rallying 9.6%. goldman sachs raises the company to a buy. reporting for wbal-tv. >> thank you. with so much traffic on the internet, it is not hard to fall into scam artist. our reporter reveals a latest one with a new twist. >> i think most of us feel that our e-mail is forsake haven. it is our home away from home. we trusted and use it. but she found herself locked out of her e-mail four days after someone hijacked that e-mail and went through her cyber house talking to her friends and asking them for money. >> they lure unsuspecting users to a site and get them to prevail -- reveal personal
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reformation like an email password or something like that. >> find out how to protect yourself tonight. >> the computer is dangerous. >> another check on weather and traffic straight ahead. >> coming off two straight losses, the ravens are trying to take on the minnesota vikings. find out how the team is handling pressure next. >> here are the winning lottery numbers from last night.
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>> an accident on broken that parkway and on deer park parkway. if independent on northbound 895. in life you of that. a live view of the white marsh area. that is the latest. over to you. >> good morning. not a great thursday weather wise. let's take a look at hd doppler. temperatures in the 40 kooky. scattered rain showers. that will pick up in intensity. heavier rain for the evening commuter. high temperatures around 48.
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>> coming up, a pair of losses with the minnesota vikings. the ravens may be concerned. >> pete gilbert explains more about the team. >> the ravens started out 3-0. then they have a loss and people say it is time to panic. >> as a leader, you never panic. once you do that, everyone else will panic as well. he comeback in the huddle with a smile on your face, encourage them, and move on from there. >> ray lewis smiles. >> we want to go back and have a fun. that is what this is about. you do not drop your head whether it is a win or loss. >> the vikings have not yet
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beaten a good team. they may have some stars and some statistics, but it will not fit the ugly shade of purple anything against the ravens. >> we have to keep doing what we are doing and do it better. we do not want to bury ourselves when we are not doing well. we had a couple of tough games back-to-back, but it is not the end of the world. >> a former raven, stover has signed a contract with the indianapolis colts. he will kick against his former team november 22 here in baltimore. wbal-tv. conservative radio host were expressed.
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the head of the bidding group said his involvement has become too much of a complication. several players and one team honor had already voiced their opposition to his ownership of the team. the referenced some racist statements that he made in the past. >> there is much more to come this morning in the next step hour of 11 news today. >> if you have been waiting to get your seasonal flu shot, it is probably a good thing. we will tell you why straight ahead. >> an accident to watch for the northbound 895. we will update you on other problems coming up. >> some rain to contend with on this thursday morning. temperatures will be 20 degrees below normal for the weekend. forecast coming up. >> a comedian and matt lauer.
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lots of comedy tonight o
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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. tony pann has a quick look at the forecast. >> good morning. temperatures in the 40's right now. not much to talk about yet. light rain and drizzle. this afternoon, there will be heavier rain to contend with. i will be back with the seven- day forecast in a few minutes. >> the lines are forming for those who hope to get immunized on the seasonal flu. availability of the seasonal flu. >> many are reporting vaccine story. vaccine supply changes daily at retail pharmacies. demand is high. people are worried about which is affecting the supply of the seasonal flu vaccine.
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>> if you would like to get a seasonal flu shot, he may want to call ahead before showing up. we do not have to rely on your local doctor to get a flu shot anymore. it is available at local stores to make it easier to get vaccinated. >> about 65% of the seasonal flu vaccine has been shipped out. remaining. they are focusing more on meeting the challenge of swine flu. >> it is getting harder to get the seasonal flu shot. day. they finally told me that i them. it will take a week to actually get the shot. >> doctors are urging high risk groups to get the shot including pregnant women.
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are also among the group. hospitalized. this season. >> if i can do something to stop myself from getting it, that is what i am going to do. >> for more information on flu clinics in your area, go to our at the swine flu. up to 20% of employees are kept from their jobs each year from the seasonal flu. to keep operations running.
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swine flu. combat this as well. >> crucial positions like 91 responding positions are of great importance that we are looking at. >> prevention is key. they are giving employees to hours of work to get vaccinated. vaccination clinic. 8:00 p.m. it is open to a healthy, young baltimore city residents. the health department is holding its first swine flu vaccination clinic friday at the middle school.
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that is available for people who are at high risk only. pregnant women, care givers of children under 6 months old, children and young people ages six months to 24 years old and people 25-64 with underlying medical conditions. those are the people who are high risk. even by that more information on our web site under hot topics at >> person. 61 year-old jessica jones. he said he never saw her. he did remember something hitting the windshield. license and did not stop to
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render aid. >> maryland students are doing well on a test. state school officials say math teachers deserve some of the credit for the visit -- recent test gains because of how they are helping students learn. >> some kids struggle with mac. i try to make what i do every day in gauging, a lot of communication and hands-on fun. we want to make it enjoyable for everyone. the state school separate -- superintendent applauds the test score results. >> problem spot. accident coming in. eastbound 32, a crash of their
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being cleared. watch for lane closures near eagle street. fire department activity with a problem there. windsor mill having some delays. greenmail at deer park, an accident location. 895 we are dealing with an accident there. it is off to the side. volume is impacting traffic. plenty of brake lights in the white marsh area. that is the latest. checking in with sandra. but a perfect day to get pampered. >> you can get these treatment at a discount because it is spa week. only $50 for a harvest facial. first three signature treatment
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available here and at other locations around the baltimore metropolitan area. for details on that bill to cover web site -- go to our web site >> we are talking about a whole body approach as opposed to only treating with the client comes in for. we ask them how they use their body every day. we look at the whole person into account of this. >> we will be stuck in the 42 key with a cold rain through sunday. looking good on monday -- 40's with cold rain through sunday. looking good on monday. >> thank you. coming up, a british priest is putting the fire back in his
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sermons. we will have his story next. >> i am nikole killion in washington. president obama makes his first visit to new orleans. i will tell you more about his trip coming up. >> we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. has the economy turned around for you, personally? email us your response to
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>> a priest in england is putting fire in his sermons literally. he learned a skill at a circus. he hopes to incorporate the flames as he talks about the holy flames.
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>> a woman wanted to be a big spender. she rolled up in a stretch, limbaugh at a burlington coat factory in columbus. -- limousine at a burlington coat factory in columbus. she announced to everyone the she had just won the lottery and would pay for everyone's purchase. hundreds of people tried to take advantage of the offer inside and outside of the store. she never won the lottery. she cannot even afford to pay the limousine driver. she was arrested and will undergo mental health evaluation as well as possible charges for causing panic. >> we will take a look at t
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. in the headlines,
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medical help after a dramatic its side. suffered only minor injuries. killing his three young children guilty plea. year. he wanted to cause his wife pain. hopes he gets the help he needs. he was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences without parole and he will be at a psychiatric facility. the dow jones reached above 10,000 for the first time in the year. wall street may see a recovery.
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watercooler question of the day. has the economy turned around for you, personally? >> one person says i am ok. my concern is the disconnect between wall street and main street. the recession could linger on for years if this is not checked. >> [unintelligible] >> one person says not at all. credit-card companies are taking advantage of the situation and are raising rates. average mortgage has been sold so many times, i am not sure who has it. congress has got to do something and put a stop to this mess. we will post more answers to the front page of ever website
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the big easy today. president. our washington bureau reporter has the details. >> his visit is mixed -- is met with mixed reviews. president obama travels to new orleans today. office. it is welcome news for some and a bit of a letdown for others. >> and the state is not longer. that is a disappointment. katrina. >> this is not about the rhetoric but results and action. >> the white house is aware of the criticism from president bush for his response. >> after taking office, mr. obama promised to make an city his priority. he said cabinet secretaries to the area in numerous occasions.
6:46 am
recovery remains and even since the storm and many residents wonder if it is enough. >> do not judge anybody on the amount of time they have spent what this administration promised it would do and what they have done every day and what they continue to work on. >> during this trip today, president obama will visit a local school and town hall meeting. some are saying it is a drive- through daiquiri summit. in washington, nikole killion, wbal-tv news. >> we are seeing some new accidents as volume picks up. watch for delays on the
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eastbound direction here. fire department activity forming out of this area here. white marsh is having some delays. here is the lead in view of traffic in the area of 895. traffic is getting by this accident which is off on the shoulder. a volume picking up on the west side. a pretty slow ride their end of the northeast side. let's check in with sandra shaw. >> good morning. hope you are doing well. she has been undergoing the signature facial, the harvest food facial, only $50. there 3 signature treatment here at apothecary wellness. you can get them for $50.
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they will extend the special for another week. go to our website for more information. >> this is our apple mask which will help firms can and protected. it helps to decrease puffiness. >> this can introduce you to new treatments that she may not otherwise try. >> it is a time to try a new spa or treatment. >> this business has been open since april. it is a holistic spa. allied shares -- some light showers around. tony has more of the forecast. >> i do not have good news as we head into the next couple of days. it will feel rock and cold with temperatures in the 40's today.
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scattered showers at the present time. more rain coming from across the ohio valley. this will be here later on this morning. high pressure is sliding off the coast right now. we are watching this area of low pressure in the ohio valley. this will fizzle out in transfer its energy to another area of low pressure developing on the carolina coast. it will give us the wind and rain and cold and snow in the mountains. the first winter weather advisory will be advised for the mountains in western pennsylvania. i would not be surprised if the western maryland mountains will be included in that. it is chilly but not cold enough to snow.
6:50 am
upper 40's may be adding a few degrees to the current temperatures. a small craft advisory is in effect on the chesapeake. the winds may guest as high as 30 knots. waves may be up to 4 feet later today. the seven-day forecast looks like this. another storm follows this one going into the weekend. chevron on friday, saturday, and sunday. -- showers on friday, saturday, and sunday. temperatures in the 40's. 20 degrees below normal during this time of year. next week, we should break out of the pattern. expect a high temperature of 70 on wednesday. >> thank you. more people are turning out for flu vaccinations and health officials can handle.
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our reporter joins us live with more on that. >> it looks like if you are hoping to get a seasonal flu vaccine, you may have to wait a little while. demand has been very high. the flu vaccine is in short supply. awareness about the dangers has depleted the seasonal flu shots. one doctor with the city health department says they are trying to meet the challenges of the swine flu virus. there have been no seasonal flu outbreaks reported so far this season. there is plenty of time to get your seasonal flu shot because the busy part of the season does not begin until january, february, and march. you may want to call ahead before trying to go get the seasonal flu shot. you can get more affirmation on our website
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>> here is a look at what is coming up next on the today show. >> coming up, the dow above 10,000 for the first time in more than a year. those big bonus is back in a big way. is something wrong with that picture? we would get someone to take on that. a teenager clinging to life after being set on fire from classmates set for revenge. and the father of anna nikole smith's three year-old daughter says he plans to testify in a case regarding her death. >> just ahead we will take another look at weather and
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>> the good thursday morning to you. it is spa week. the harvest facial is only $50 this week and next week. go to our website to find all the participating spas with discount.
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brace yourself. the rain and cold temperatures are going to be here throughout the rest of the week and weekend. >>, to get some of the fruit spread they are putting on the face. >> off and on rain will be with us all the way through sunday. high temperatures in the 40's. that is 20 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. >> i think that was the world's longest facial. >> as far as traffic, southbound at 32 an accident. but for lane closures at deer park. a jam from middle river to mount carmel. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today.
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>> we have a live update at 7:25. traffic and weather together on our radio station. our radio station.
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good morning. money, money, money! investors rejoice as the dow hits 10,000 for the first time in more than a year. but with it, word that wall stre a


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