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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  November 20, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> on 11 news. >> he's known for controversial speeches, reverend wright speaks in maryland. >> jurors go home and no
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verdict reached for dixon. >> i decided next season, season 25 will be the last season of the oprah winfrey show. >> it's the end of era for the queen of talk, oprah winfrey, but does this mean she's gone for good. >> controversial pastor, the reverend, jeremiah wright wrapped up a speech. >> wright spoke to those attending an annual function and we have details on this. >> reverend jeremiah wright has been a controversial figure since he burst on the world's stage since the presidential campaign, those got tonight a
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calm, sedate history lesson. >> the decision to ask reverend wright here was not a difficult one according to the naacp president. >> we were planning a freedom banquet and we wanted to bring a speaker to present a message. >> she said that reverend's wrights controversial views are shared but not across the board. >> those are his views and we hear what he says, and because he's here has a speaker, doesn't necessarily mean that we agree with everything he says. we have free speech and he is allowed to voice his opinion. >> the views that the reverend spoke of were not fiery, but spoke of the history of naacp
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and how its helped many races. >> if you are a white citizen hearing me tonight, it's a glorious times, and the response to the races and the response to the violence committed to blacks for a group of those meeting for racial justice. >> there were some prominent politicians that opted not to attend this evening, and just as reverend wright has the right to say what he wants, people have the right not to listen. >> jurors deciding the fate of sheila dixon were sent home for the weekend. investigateor miller spoke to those from both sides.
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>> mayor sheila dixon walked from the rear of the courthouse to city hall, her guilt or innocence still undecided. she that does she intends to spend the weekend with personal duties and the wait for the decision. >> we appreciate that the jury is taking these serious charges to heart. >> notes from jurors decided deliberations as overheated that. came over the 10th hour to decide each of the five criminal counts the mayor faces. >> you can't decipher what a jury is thinking. >> 12 people that are pulled off the street, and don't know each other, and trying to get along and understand the facts. >> recognizing the break from
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the deliberations, the judge admonished not to listen to others outside of the group. and the judge is concerned about fractions to form within the jurors. >> and will the push to the jurors be within reach, we are not there yet. >> as jane said the jurors have passed notes to the judge asking specific questions, and we have more on those notes and why the jury may be at odds over the verdict. >> though it's just a snapshot of time and the notes may offer where the jury is and what they may be thinking. the note on the first day had clues that the panel was not getting along. >> this was a strongly contested trial and it
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shouldn't be surprising that jurors will have strong different points of view. >> the jurors asked for a legal dictionary and the judge said no. >> they are wrestling with legal term, and in some ways we want jurors to be wrestling and questioning as long as they listen to one other. >> and they asked about intent for property and the leniency of the period of time. >> if i took property from you and had no intent to keep it. then i am not exercising intent. but if i keep hold of the property and not tell you about it, that's the point where the intent may be formed. >> the judge told the panel of the jury instructions. and just like the first day, the second day note was, quote,
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things are heated and can we end the day, end quote. >> the defense wants the jury to have reasonable doubt, disagreement can be healthy up to the point where the jury cannot reach a verdict, and then the judge has to decide whether to call an end to the trial or encourage jurors to deliberate longer. >> we have continuing coverage of the trial of mayor sheila dixon, on our website, you can follow proceedings from tweets from the courthouse, just go to and police are investigating a man shot after a carjacking, the victim was shot in the head and was able to walk in a
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nearby gas station for help. >> also new tonight city police are on the scene of a late night shooting, called and officers are saying that a man was shot in his face. and police are searching for the gunman. a body was found tuesday night in east baltimore, latisha freeman was found beaten to death. she was not killed at the scene, but her body was dumped there. and investigators are seeking to see if she was sexually assaulted. and detectives are searching for someone who shot and killed a woman outside of the joseph brown funeral home. authorities say that the victim,
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virginia mcgee was at the funeral home to attend her boyfriend's funeral. when she stepped outside, she was shot with a shotgun. police are investigating whether both killings are somehow connected. >> it's very coincidenceal that she was murdered at her boyfriend's viewing. >> if you have information, you need to call crime stoppers. >> two months after the massive main break, crews will be out tomorrow doing work and over the next three days there will be lane closures. authorities are urging drivers to use caution and consider alternative routes.
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>> in tonight's project economy report, thousands of more jobs are headed to the port of baltimore. >> state and local officials made their way on to baltimore terminal that there is a contract to operate the terminal for the next 50 years. the mayor said this can be summed in three words. >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> that's 5700 more jobs and many are permanent. >> i have been here 37 years, and never, this is the first time this has been done, and this is a big day for the port of baltimore. >> more money and more people, my livelihood is sound. >> these jobs will be available for three years, and the construction of a $5.5 billion
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port, and the place to accommodate the largest of ships. >> we will need to be able to accommodate those ships so our port is more competitive. >> they have the potential to bring in $1.3 billion over the term of the agreement, and expected make more for maryland. >> this agreement will make our port more attractive to businesses and more revenue for the state and additional job creation. >> this is not a done deal yet, they have to go to the department of works. >> thousands of baltimore middle schoolers are getting an early start on their high school plans.
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there will be a glimpse of the city high school fair at poly from 9 to 2. >> queen of talk, oprah winfrey announced what many fans hoped never to hear. >> this show has been my life, and i love it enough to know when it's time to say going. -- good-bye. >> and a new controversy in the medical world, when should women get their first pap smears and what doctors are saying. >> and a new book out to answer the question, why women have sex. >> dry regions and a storm from the gulf could impact the weather. baltimore now is a chilly 43,
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>> an attorney for the army psychiatrist at fort hood will have his first court hearing, major hasan has been recovering since the november 5 tragedy. he's accused of killing 13 people and injuring more, and weeks after the tragedy at fort hood. today army officials reacknowledged their commitment to army family, they signed an army family covenant, this year the ceremony took on an extra meaning, signifying a stronger commitment to all. >> it's the army's commitment
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to the soldiers and his family, that no matter what happens, we will all be taken care of. >> the officials said that the fort hood tragedy left a scar, the ceremony will help heal the process. >> in tonight's medical alert, first it was mammograms and now it's pap smears, announcing that women should wait until 21 years old to get their first pap smear and get screened every other year, women with a history of norm paps can be screened every three years. and it's suggested to be tested three years after being sexually active or turning 21. women that are screened as teens can cause problems in life.
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>> these patients that have pap smears have part of their cervix destroyed and that weakens it. >> and because cancer develops slowly, skipping screenings will not hurt. >> and there is a book, why women have sex, it's not dirty, from a professor from university of texas, she runs a clinic and she says that the reasons that women have sex are diverse. >> and there are just as many women saying they wanted to have sex because it was fun and exciting and they wanted an orgasm. >> the doctor says that the goal of her book is for women to figure out why they do what
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they do. and from the queen of talk, oprah winfrey said she will be saying good-bye. >> we have more on oprah's announcement. >> the queen of daytime talk made the announcement. >> i decided that season 25, will be the last season of the oprah winfrey show. >> and with that unique blend of personal inspiration that is trade-mark oprah. >> i could never have imagined the yellow brick road of blessings that lead me to this moment with you. these years with you -- >> oprah has influenced a nation with best-sellers and infamous moments and perhaps
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even altering a presidential election. and through it all, she put herself out there. >> i have been on the show talking about weight and this and that problem, i am just a person trying to be the best i can. >> and for oprah that means it's time to move on. >> this show has been my life, and i love it enough to know when it's time to say good-bye. >> but it's tough for fans who consider oprah like a best friend. >> you get so much push from oprah, and women will miss that. >> but this oprah plans to start a cable network and continue or magazine and media adventures and to make her season memorable. >> season 25, we are going to knock your socks off. >> the end of the show, but not
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the superstar. >> oprah's last show will air in september, 2011. >> the excitement is building for the monument that will shine extra bright, bge donated new led lights, there are 84 strands hanging from the monument. wbal is your official monument lighting station, and we hope you will join us two weeks from tonight, and we'll be there with acts and a spectacular laser light show, you can watch it live at wbal, thursday december 3 at 7 p.m. >> now your 11 forecast. >> month of november running three degrees above the normal temperature. for november if you average all
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the temperatures, you almost get 3.9 average temperature this month, so today's numbers in line with what we have been experiencing for the month. 61 degrees at the harbor and 43 reading at bmi marshal is the low temperature, and hitting that today. and you see one storm over eastern canada, and a break in the action, and in between with a little clearing, it's getting chilly. and we are running in the low 40's to the low and west, and 39 in montgomery county, and temperatures in the low 40's at the airport and even in the 30's in salisbury, and it's chilly and look for temperatures ranging from 36 to 43.
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at sunrise that sun will be up at 6:57. and across the region, the high pressure will try to control the weather tomorrow, and this storm will be coming up the coast. it looks slower, and it may not get here until monday. and a little cloud cover and a lot of sun tomorrow and right up to the kick-off of the raven's game on sunday. and the clouds start to increase on sunday, and on monday that rain marches up from the carolinas and push into our region for monday. near 60 tomorrow and a lot of sunshine in the mountains. 49, which is chilly but not that bad. and sunshine around the bay, and about 60. and at coast milder, temperatures in the low 60's.
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on the bay, a fairly light breeze at 5-10 knots. rain comes in on monday, and a few showers on tuesday. and now thanksgiving day could feature a few spotty showers and looks to turn cooler on thanksgiving day. >> we will look at football in carroll county, and recent memories too, stay tuned for sports next. >> tonight's megamillion is an estimated 27 million. now let's see if i can make you a millionaire tonight. our first number is 3. followed by 4.
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up next we have 56. the next number is 7. and the final white ball is 16. now for the megaball number is 39. now if no one watches all
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>> now 11 sports.
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>> week two of the high school football playoffs and we see an all-time great game. well, we didn't see it, but i have to tell you about arondo 58-55 in double overtime, and look at josh with the rushing and six touchdowns with an epic game that sends ol mill to the finals. and south carroll hosting the cavaliers. first quarter alex with this nice pitch and catch, down to the two, but a missed field goal takes care of that drive. and then a fumble, and south
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carroll fumbles and half back option and it's 14-0, middle town. and then a gorgeous throw, and 21-7. and then knocking on the door in the third quarter is cavaliers, and here the 2-a winner rolls on 21-7. and the finals is frankford at harfer and they are rolling and the indians hoping it's not too little too late, and to james cooper and goes 76 yards and
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harfer wins 38-15. for more log on to and the men in action before their thanksgiving trip to maui. and they will face several ranked teams and they look ready. improvement over new hampshire and sean mozly with 13 points and 10 assists in the game. and syracuse and north carolina the defending champ, and then the action looking to answer for the orange. and three-quarters court and off the iron but not in, and in the second half syracuse
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looking strong and then the orange chris joseph, with syracuse destroying north carolina. and having a pass for maryland, with this face-off in salem, and first half is katie to anna, and getting that done. 2-1, princeton hanging around and second half, and then the game is tied. and then a pass to herself, and maryland will face north carolina sunday looking for a national title. >> after the semi-finals and having a tremendous game on both teams, high scoring and they didn't let us by easily.
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>> seven-day forecast, a nice weekend and good football weather on sunday, and then the rain arrive on monday. >> and if you miss this forecast, the review is tonight
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