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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  November 21, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> cold shoulders for reverend jeremiah right. >> what oprah says is in her future another she is sending her talk show. 11 news saturday morning start right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> welcome to 11 news saturday morning. >> top stories in just a moment. let's check with john collins on the weather. >> in the 30's. the bulk of the weekend including the football game tomorrow should be ok. let's take a look at our hd doppler this morning. the rain is down south.
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ed is in the gulf coast region. we will talk about the storm down south, because eventually, the rain should spread in this direction. our forecast in just ahead. >> two days of deliberations and still love verdict in the sheila dixon trial. team coverage begins with what that could mean for the fate of the mayor. >> mayor sheila dixon walked from the rear of the courthouse to city hall at the end of the day. her guilt or innocence still undecided. she says she intended to spend the weekend between work and personal activities before resuming the wait for the jury's decision. >> we appreciate that this jury is taking these very serious
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charges to heart. they are working very hard. >> notes requested guidance on legal definitions. one describes deliberations as overheated. that comes to the 10th hour of deliberations to decide east -- each of the counts the mayor faces. >> 12 people are trying to figure out the legal issues and how to apply them. >> the judge and minuses -- admonishes not to read or watch anything about the case to the jurors. there is concern about actions forming depending on each position they favor. the unanimous decision has not been made yet.
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wbal tv 11 news. >> bought experts say that a jury is at odds with a verdict if they are struggling over legal issues. >> although they are a snapshot in time, they are left for interpretation. this may offer insight as to what the jury is thinking. and the first day of deliberation, clues that the panel was not getting a long. things are getting out of order among us. >> this is a strong, contested trial. it should not be surprising that the jurors have strongly held a different points of view. >> they asked for the legal definition of appropriation. >> this is what happens sometimes. we want jurors to ask questions as long as they are listening to each other. >> they asked if the
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misappropriation involved immediacy or a time frame. >> they have no purpose of wanting to hold onto it forever and not keeping it from you. if i can choose to hold onto the property and not tell you about it and say i am going to return it to you, that is the point where the intent may lie. >> the jury instructions will give the jury guidance. things are getting a little overheated. may we be dismissed for the date? >> one juror could find reasonable doubt. the defendant would not be found guilty. this agreement can be healthy up to the point where the jury says we cannot reach a verdict. then the judge has to decide whether or not it is time to
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encourage jurors to deliberate longer. >> wbal-tv. >> we have continuing coverage of the trial on our website. you can follow the proceedings from the courthouse and watch previous stories from our team coverage. >> baltimore city police are investigating a homicide outside of a funeral home. a woman who stepped out of the funeral home was shot. here is our reporter with the story. >> i had just seen the young lady when she came in to the funeral home to view her boyfriend. >> the mortician and co-owner of the funeral home said it is something that just should not happen. around 7:00, the 34 year-old woman was gunned down in front
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of the funeral home. she was shot with a shotgun and another person was injured. he was attending the first viewing of -- she was attending the first viewing of her boyfriend. he was murdered in shot several times in the head in front of his home on november 11. police say they are looking into the possibility that both murders may be related. >> it is very coincidental that she is murdered while at her boyfriend's viewing who was also murdered. >> the funeral went on as scheduled with a huge police presence. the funeral directors says the murder was inexcusable. >> in a situation where we come to celebrate life, we would not think this type of tragedy would happen. >> wbal tv 11 news. >> if you have any information that could help police in this investigation, called metro
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crimestoppers. baltimore county police are investigating a possible carjacking that ended with a man shot. it occurred friday evening. police said the victim was shot in the head but was able to walk to a nearby gas station for help. city police are also investigating a shooting of around 10 last night. they found a man shot in the face. he was taken to the hospital. no word on a suspect. police have identified the body of a woman was found earlier this week. the family had a convenience store. she was beaten to death. her body was dumped at the scene but not killed there. they are trying to figure out if she had been sexually assaulted. and if it is connected with recent rapes in the city.
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>> a creation of thousands of jobs. details on next. >> it has enriched my life beyond all measure. >> the queen of daytime talk is in the her show. more on her big announcement coming up. >> you're looking at a live picture outside.[ thunder rumbl]
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>> it is chilly this morning especially in some of the suburban areas. current situation outside, only a scattering of clouds out there. 83% humidity. the winds are calm at the moment. the temperature is 40 degrees over here right now. take a look as some of the current readings outside. the temperature in pike still is 39 degrees. columbia 38.
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we have some 30's out there. what will happen with temperatures today, we will warm things up a little bit, almost typical for this time of year. 58 downtown. stuck in the 40's in certain areas. another area makes it to 60 degrees. a little weather disturbance spending over parts of southeastern canada and maritime provinces. a new storm to the south showing up on the satellite. that will be giving us klaus this morning. it will affect as the most
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today. the clouds may move out of the picture by this afternoon. here is what the map will look like this evening. high pressure is over rust. -- over us. the latest forecast models indicate it's slowing of a little bit. we may have a totally dry weekend if things keep going the way they are. harley cloud is guys. the temperature range is normal for this time of year. here is the futurecast for moisture. the sun is breaking through later in the day.
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rain chances according to one model will be increasing. saturday and sunday will be tried but an increase in plows on sunday. 64 the high today. 64 on sunday. a billick a chance for rain as the storm comes up the coast. rain chances diminished tuesday. wednesday looks dry. we could see showers on thanksgiving day. >> it traffic alert for those traveling in dundalk after that massive water main break. they will do reinforcement work over the next few days. there were alternate lane closures on the highway. but the orders are urging drivers to use caution and consider alternate routes. -- but authorities are urging drivers to use caution and consider alternate routes. more jobs are coming to the port
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of baltimore, thousands of them. here is our reporter with more. >> from gov. martin o'malley to others, and number of state and local officials gathered for the announcement that the port is starting in the 50 year contract to operate some terminals. >> this partnership will help us achieve our goals for creating jobs and expanding opportunities. >> it will bring in 5700 new, direct, and indirect jobs to the port. >> this will be three dozen construction jobs and 2007 hundred jobs to handle the increased container business. >> the governor says this is a partnership of the port. they will run the daily operations of the terminal and invest millions of dollars in the in the structure.
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baltimore is the second port on the east coast able to except the largest of ships. that will come in handy very soon. >> the big ships can come here. it will create more jobs. >> wbal-tv. >> coming up, the controversy surrounding the visit of reverend jeremiah right. >> in washington, there is another new recommendation. we will have all the details for you next. >> 25 years feels right in my bones and my spirit. that is the exact right time. >> it is time for her talk show to end.
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>> who just days after the new guidelines for mammograms, women are being told they do not have to give cervical cancer screenings as often as they used to. one office says they do not need their first screening until 21. the american cancer society agrees with this one. kretzer annual pap smears to detect cervical cancer is no longer necessary for most women. the american college of ob/gyn say today that women under 21 to not need them at all. women over 30 with a history of normal pap smears can be screened every three years. they can stop when they are 65
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or 70. cervical cancer develops slowly, skipping screenings will not make a difference. >> we can still detected in a timely fashion and put young women at less risk. >> there is one in a million chance of developing cervical cancer before the age of 21. teenagers are often screened in treated for abnormalities that could clear up on their own. >> based on the fact that they have had minimal abnormal pap smears and of getting part of their cervix destroyed which could cause problems for future pregnancies. >> this comes days after the government task force recommended fewer mammograms. a coincidence, but some women are worrying why there is some much fear over mammograms and pap smear. >> since we feel it will not
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diminish our ability to screen for cervical cancer, i think we are all in favor of this recommendation change. whether they are advised to get an annual exam every year. the american cancer society which oppose the mammogram guidelines is supporting this one. >> health officials say swine flu cases are decrease in around the nation. with thanksgiving just ahead and the time of get together and travel, it is hard to predict what happens next. the virus is widespread in 41 states. officials say we are not out of the woods yet. >> we are up to 171 swine flu deaths in children that are confirmed by the laboratory. this is just a partial accounting. >> experts say even though we have seen the peak of the season, half of the people who
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will get still have not gotten the virus yet. the usda has helpful tips on how to safely prepare your turkey without making everyone sick. if you buy a frozen turkey, allow 24 hours per 4 pounds fourth falling. -- fort thawing. the minimum to cook a turkey is at 325 degrees. follow directions on the packaging. use a meat thermometer to make sure the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. >> the queen of talk is hanging up her crown. oprah announced she is ending her long-running show shortly. we will have that for you when .
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>> after much prayer and months of careful thought, i have decided that next season, seasoned 25 will be the last season of the oprah winfrey show. >> the time is right, the upper
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winfrey is not giving specifics about what is next after her show goes off the air. she is in talks of starting her own television network. our reporter has more. >> the queen of daytime talk made her announcement in the style that made her famous. >> i have decided that next season, seasoned 25, will be the last season of the oprah winfrey show. >> the unique blend of personal connections and inspiration that is a trademark oprah. >> i never could have imagined the yellow brick road of blessings that have led me to this moment with you. these years with you -- i love tv. >> she created best sellers and infamous moment. perhaps even altering a presidential election. she put herself out there through it all as she said 10 years ago.
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>> i have been on my show with this problem and that problem. i am a person going through life trying to be the best i can. >> that means it is time to move on for her. >> the show has been my life. and i love it enough to know when it is time to say goodbye. >> it is a tough farewell for fans that consider oprah a best friend. >> do get so much from oprah. i think women are going to miss that. >> this oprah plans to start a cable network and will continue her magazine and media ventures. she will maker daily talk-show memorable. >> season 25, we are going to knock your socks off. >> the end of the show, not the end of the superstar. wbal. >> what do you think she is going to do? >> it is a long goodbye, 18
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months. >> yes. it is 5:29. coming up, we will take a look at our top stories. >> of baltimore get a visit from controversy alial rev. jeremiah wright
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>> welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thanks for joining us. in >> a little chilly this morning. some frost on my windshield. >> i thought about you. winter is on the way eventually. a big football game on sunday. a threat of rain is diminishing. >> excellent. now all we need is a win on sunday. not much is happening. satellite imagery on top of the radar we have some clouds moving through the area. these clouds mean nothing as far as our immediate weather is concerned. they are being blown off the
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tops of the storm in the mississippi valley and the gulf coast region. that storm will eventually catch up with us and move into the area. it will take a couple of days to get here. we will talk about the forecast for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> a controversial pastor rev. jeremiah wright gave a speech last night. some decided to boycott it because of his presence. our reporter has more. >> the decision to ask him here it was not a difficult one according to the naacp county president in anne arundel county. >> we wanted to bring a speaker who would present [unintelligible] >> she says that his views are of interest but not shared
5:35 am
across the board. >> those are his issues. there are things he said that we hear what he says. it does not necessarily mean that we agree with everything that he says. you have free speech. he is allowed to voice his opinion. >> but the views were anything but fiery or controversial. he spoke to the naacp 100 year history and that it happened with the help of people of many races. >> [unintelligible] in response to racism and violence that has been committed against blacks, white citizens are issuing a call to discuss the racial issues. >> wbal.
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>> gov. mark sampras' days in office could be numbered. the possibility of impeachment is being considered. a panel is going to discuss whether to begin the proceeding. they say he neglected the state while he went to visit his argentinian mistress. >> the senate ethics committee has admonish roland burris for making incomplete statements ceramic his replacement of the senate seat from president barack obama. the admonishment says that while there was no law violation, senators must lead a higher standard of conduct. christmas is coming to mount vernon, we have details coming up. " and the democrats' health-care
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overhaul faces a crucial day in the senate. the latest from washington. >> a storm to the south which will move in. we will give you details on when. that discussion coming
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>> a few thin clouds overhead. the nearest rain is a long way away. it is off the atlantic to the south and east of here. a significant amount of rain coming on land. it is to the east part of texas part of the mississippi valley, fla., places like that. that storm will eventually hit
5:40 am
us. it will come up the atlanta clothesline and blue -- atlantic coast line. the rainy part of the storm is going to hold off which is good news. let's take a look at the current situation outside. 40 at the airport. 46 at the inner harbor. 83% the humidity. statewide we will take a look at temperatures. yesterday, 61 of the airport. 62 at the inner harbor. a nice day yesterday. 41 was the low yesterday. this morning, about the same. typical for this time of year is -- yesterday was a nice day. typical for this time of year is
5:41 am
55. here are some of the readings around the area. ocean city 37 degrees. annapolis 41. for one frederick. -- 41 frederick. a fair weather situation. high pressure is dominating our weather right now. the high pressure over us, the storm is forced to move to the east. some of the clouds will blow up into this area of high pressure. it will not be until late sunday or monday when the storm begins to come up the coast as far as the rain is concerned and begin to have an impact on our area.
5:42 am
the forecast today, a really nice one. upper 50's to around 60, 10 miles per hour. futurecast shows a lot of sunshine in the picture. it will not be until sunday and monday that we will have a lot more clubs and a higher range chance. more clouds tomorrow. the rain holds off. 7% chance for rain on monday. expect -- a 70% chance for rain on monday. >> 400 families are ready for thanksgiving courtesy of a basketball star carmelo anthony.
5:43 am
members of his foundation handed the dinners to those in need. several turkeys are here to help feed the homeless during thanksgiving. the turkeys were prepared by in met at the maryland correctional institute in hagerstown. it will help feed those who need a warm meal on a thanksgiving day. >> others are preparing for christmas. there are many lights that will adorn the washington monument. this year, the lights will be green. >> bge donated these high efficient holiday light bulbs. the reason we did this is so that it fits with the efficiency programs we have implemented. the one customers to save money. >> it has grown into a
5:44 am
multimedia event. it will kick off many activities that go right on through the years. >> the monument lighting set for december 3 is the unofficial start to the christmas holiday season in baltimore. we are the official monument lighting station. join us for this monumental occasion. we will have musical acts -- spectacular fireworks, a laser light show that the city has never seen before. that is live right here on wbal- tv at 7:00 a.m. on december 3. >> up next, we will take you to capitol hill for what is next on the health care reform. it is good to check of future options. a look at the high school there.
5:45 am
here is the lead at the winning lottery numbers from last night.
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>> in the education alert, thousands of middle schoolers are getting in early start on their high school plans. they will get a chance to check out their options today. there is a high school fare this morning. parents and students will get a glimpse at the programs offered at more than a dozen area high schools. >> it is like shopping. >> very much so. we will showcase the gherig's. we will have the -- we will
5:48 am
showcase the very best. >> the city high school fair takes place this morning from 9- 2. be there. now to washington where a test vote on the $1 trillion health- care overhaul is set for tonight. all party members are needed to move the bill forward. it will acquire all americans to buy insurance and extend coverage to americans without coverage. >> the key vote on whether to start it starts tomorrow night. arguments began today. who gets coverage, the public option. >> it is going to reward what works in the system and change what does not. >> this will raise taxes by half a trillion dollars. this bill is being rushed, and
5:49 am
it should not be. >> the majority leader needs 60 senators, that is every democrat. >> i have been asked 30 or 40 times if we have the 60 votes. we are not assuming anything. >> a moderate democrat of louisiana and one from arkansas are holding out. an insider says that reed has probably one the whole front. >> at the end of the day, we will get 60 votes. we will have a health care reform bill. >> not yet. we have a fight. >> high your premiums, taxes on middle-class including small businesses, medicare tax. there is nothing here to like. >> just criticizing it is not enough. tell us what you would reform. >> democrats have to stand up
5:50 am
unanimously. the top democrat harry reid would not call for a vote unless he is sure he will win. nbc news, capitol hill. >> we will have a congressman as our guest tomorrow morning. if you have a question, you can e-mail it to us. [laughter] >> washing machines are high- tech and save energy. now they are being associated with a problem. we will have details coming up. >> some high-school football playoffs in sports. playoffs in sports.
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>> high school football playoffs, and an epic all time
5:54 am
gain. i have to tell you what happened in anne arundel. 58-55. look at the numbers on this one. six touchdowns. the wildcat, three scores. and the game winner for the patriots. boeing's mill to the semifinals, 4a. the cavaliers, confident. a field goal is missed. second quarter, a touchdown, 7- 0. kickoff fumbled.
5:55 am
third quarter, the cavs get on the board. a gorgeous toss here. 21-7. a fast matchup in the air. the cavaliers are not out of the playoffs. 21-7. the 3a the semifinals. one team having their way in harrisburg. 28-0. fourth quarter, they were hoping it is not too little, too late. this player open. 7 6 yards and scores. 31-16. for more on friday night's game, log onto
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your home on the web for baltimore area high-school football. >> hard to believe that santa claus is coming to town today making his grand arrival in baltimore city. there are a bunch of events at the inner harbor. jennifer franciotti has a preview. >> welcome to santa's house. >> the elves are here straight from the north pole. there are getting santas' house ready at the inner harbor. many things to do and making sure that his seat is just right. >> this has been an icon for holidays in baltimore for several years. >> all day long, you and your family can enjoy fun activities complete with live entertainment and discounted parking at the gallery garage.
5:57 am
budget cuts have put an end to the traditional thanksgiving day parade that for years heralded the arrival of the mansion read to baltimore. harborplace and the gallery are starting a new tradition. -- man in a red to baltimore. harborplace and the gallery are starting a new tradition. >> of our street performers will be here. >> the lead in celebration will begin at 4:30. after that, santa will be here throughout the season for everyone to visit. >> kids are welcome to come in and see him. we will have photos available. >> jennifer franciotti, wbal tv. >> we have much more news ahead on a 11 news saturday morning. we will take a look at our top stories coming up.
5:58 am
>> deliberations continue. what it means for mayor sheila dixon. that is coming up. >> a controversial pastor causes some to boycott an annual naacp event. we will tell you about that just ahead. >> rain out of the picture for now. your forecast for the up. >> as an unemployment rate soars to the highest rate in 30 years
5:59 am
in retirement continues to struggle, more maryland families are finding themselves having to make theory difficult choices. domestic violence becomes more prevalent as families deal with homelessness. some have to choose between eating and working to survive. the united way is trying to help needy families who are facing these tough choices. giving donations to the campaign will help provide actors zero care for children so their parents can work and help families have safe and affordable housing. human resource exports have documented increased instances of domestic violence when undergoing economic pressures. refuge for shelter protection helps address medical issues and basic human needs -- these are addressed as a result of your donation. donation.


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