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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  December 14, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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cut down on the ballot -- on the violence. >> police are on the front lines. it is up to prosecutors to put criminals in jail. they have started any strategy to make sure that criminals get fewer chances to become repeat offenders. a northeast baltimore family was torn apart early saturday morning. 30-year-old glen johnson shot to death, his sister wounded. >> she came to stay with us. >> more than 200 families are grieving loved ones killed and baltimore city this year. the murder rate stand sit 224, compared 223 during the same time period in 2008. a 20-year low for baltimore city, and a steep drop from the year before it went 282 people were killed. anti-gun initiatives are making inroads against the violence. >> it is very clear that our
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energies have to be placed on getting bad guys and when in with illegal guns off the streets. >> prosecutors say regular guns? revealed that many armed robbers graduate to murder -- revealed that many armed robbers graduate to murder. they are increasing the chances of jail time. >> we have worked hard to develop a stronger protocol. >> that includes showing victims of the ups right after the robbery and exhausting all avenues -- and showing victims photo lineups. >> we had seen correlations between those who were charged with robbery cases and eventually are charged with homicide cases. >> the state's attorney's office says it is set up more training in the new year. i am kerry cavanaugh.
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>> baltimore police are investigated why a man opened fire on two people in broad daylight. around 12:30 this afternoon, he shot a man and woman in the legs just blocks from the courthouse in brooklyn. officers are arrived and chased the gunman before shooting him in the chest. the victims were treated for non-life-threatening injuries. police are not releasing a motive for the crime. >> city fire crews are urging residents and not to use stoves to heat their homes. this comes after an elderly man died while doing that after 5:30 saturday morning. it was 73-year-old alexander jones inside his apartment. they say that four ranges on his gas stove or turned on and left on. the temperature inside -- between 130 degrees and 170. that with the water from the
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sprinkler system created a steam environment/ >> my understanding is that a person's skin, the moisture content when it gets to 130 degrees, will dissipate. we believe that is the case with this gentleman. >> an autopsy will determine exact cause of death. a two-alarm blaze destroyed a million-dollar home. it was ruled accidental. flames broke out in the 12th -- 1200 block. the cause of the fire? electrical. >> in tonight's project economy, federal, state and local officials broke ground for two commercial office crown's equity aberdeen proving grounds. that paved the way for more jobs in the area.
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by the fall of 2011, more than 8000 jobs will be created. they will start the transfer of 400 employees from new jersey. raytheon plans to move to aberdeen next fall with 300 jobs. >> the rangers are going to be, about averaging $85,000 per year. some will be more, some will be less. these are high-tech jobs. >> they are credited with a boom in housing market. 10,000 homes are expected to sell between now and 2011. >> this weekend, congress passed a massive spending bill, which includes projects including a red line project. more on the east-west light rail line. >> most canton residents oppose the above-ground light rail
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line. the city says it is a done deal and they have federal money coming their way. those residents say it is not over yet. the proposed redline will connect the east and west sides of baltimore. it is a project the city, and the mta have been working on together. >> air quality is a major issue and traffic congestion, downtown as well as east and west of the city. this is one step we can take to improve their region's quality of life. >> the project has a lot of opposition. they will run all along alston straight. some residents see a problem. >> it will come out in the middle of an urban landscape. it is an issue of safety. they are also in our mental concerns. things do not connect. >> the city's transportation department is aware of the neighborhood concerns.
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they say the above-ground rail is the best option. >> we recognize the budget issues that need to be worked through and we are committed to working them through. we believe this is the best course of action. >> now $3 million of federal money is going towards the red line project. that money will be used to help design the final plan spurred >> i think the money would better -- be better spent on a bus line, because the buses are a little more flexible than a real system. >> the money will also ensure that the community will have a seat at the negotiation table during the design process. >> we are willing to hear anything they have to say that will make this project better and make it so that it is done the right way in the first place. we are not giving up. >> the city hopes to break ground in 2012, and they hope to have that light rail up and running by 2016.
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>> several other programs in the state will benefit from the federal spending bill, including the college of notre dame, was to receive $550,000, for its school of pharmacy. also getting fundy -- maryland food bank. -- also getting funding. it will go towards new insulated trucks and a new roof. >> you can call it in their face at the white house. president obama warned bankers not to stand in the way of financial reforms and to work immediately to speed up recovery. >> president obama called that fat cats yesterday. today he called in the nation's stock bankers -- top bankers, demanding dathey call off theirk
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street lobbyists. >> if they wish to fight common sense consumer protection, that is a fight that i am more than willing to have appeared >> bad weather canceled their flights. parsons is chairman of citigroup, the biggest group in the wall street bailout. they got $45 billion. today they have repaid $20 billion, selling public stock to cover the cost. they met a possible government profit of $13 billion. j.p. morgan chase cut $25 billion bailout funds and paid it back. wells fargo cut $25 billion in has not paid it back. president obama demanded that all members do more to get money out to main street. >> given the exceptional assistants banks received to get them through a difficult time, we expect them to explore every responsible way to help get our
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economy moving again. >> the bankers said, ok. >> we agree we can do a better job of working with the american public to make loans more available. >> telling the story and working better, does that mean making more loans and playing by the rules? the answer to that up here is, don't trust and to verify. on friday, the house passed a bill to protect banking customers and to ban future bailouts. early next year, the senate could follow suit. >> the federal judge is considering restricting all lawsuits by baldrige -- baltimore city that claims wells fargo was responsible for the duration of the intercity. -- deterioration of the inner city. that resulted in mass of foreclosure. wells fargo says the city cannot prove it. both sides were in court today for a motion to dismiss the complaint. the judge said he would consider limiting damages for wells fargo properties that
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were 4) >> in the time of budget cuts, the city is spending $24,000 to buy new uniforms for employees of the 311 call center. it will pay for uniforms for a 80 workers. they say they must wear uniforms to promote "professionalism and consistency." some are questioning the idea of buying close for workers. mayor dixon had this to say. >> they are not going to use all the money, and it is a uniform. it has been two years and they will monster -- monitor how much they will spend on it. >> the money was approved last week by the city. >> a soldier wounded in the shootings at ford could recalls that tragic day. 00 at ft. hood. >> i remember everything, every step i took. >> but now he has called for the holidays. >> they are multiplying aid
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flock of flamingos at cafe hon. >> mounting problems for tiger woods. the endorsement deals in jeopardy as another mistress comes forward. >> a mild december night, but there is a cold front had this way. big changes in the forecast. in baltimore, temperatures are in the mid-40's.
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>> better weather conditions are happening rescuers in their search for two missing climbers. a helicopter went to the area this morning. three climbers went up on friday but never came back. one of the climbers was found over the weekend.
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rescue teams also search by fight -- searched by foot. >> john murtha with -- was admitted to the national naval medical center in bethesda last night for a gallbladder issue. he is resting and doing well. he was the first vietnam veteran elected to congress. a florida soldier is now home for the holidays with his family. johnson -- justin johnson flew low to fort myers this weekend. he was shot in the back and once in the fight and still has a bug which a bullet lodged in his chest. -- a bullet lodged in his chest. >> i was over there for a long time. i am still here. so i am excited. >> when i think about justin, i know there is a god. >> justin has exactly 29 days to
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enjoyed time with his family. he will fly back to fot hood to continue rehabilitation. >> baltimore city is gearing up for its new year's eve spectacular. this year's event will feature live music leading up to the fireworks display. it is said to begin at 7:00 p.m. on he received at the inner harbor. -- at the inner harbor. the signature. fleming wrote now has a neighbor -- a signature pink flamingo has neighbors. the odyssey school donated them. their teachers say the project stems from their students of the box creativity. >> i think we gave and guidance, but it really came from them.
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>> receive a restaurant on tv. seeing all the ones that we gave from every class. each one of us help for all of them. >> some of the flamingo's will be auctioned off to raise money for the school. >> baltimore's pallone maown max factor hit a high note. the women performed "dancing queen," on t"the sing-off". we wish them all well when they take the stage tomorrow night from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. right here on tv-11. >> it seems some sponsors are not praising tiger woods. >> this could signal the start of tiger's end.
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more women come forward. >> after years of building his brand, the stories of multiple women are taking a toll on the business that is tiger woods. over the weekends, excenture was the first to sever its relationship with what spurred >> this is not being a perfect call for. -- the perfect golfer. he was considered the perfect man. >> a late-night car crash, allegations of love affairs with more than a dozen women, and the highest paid athlete announcing another -- an indefinite leave to work on his family. >> he had two options -- go away or go to rehabilitation. i think our way is really smart -- going away is really smart. >> it has not stopped the talk. >> this morning, another mistress told her tail and what
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tiger told her. >> his marriage was on the rocks and there was a baby on the way and he had to pull this image and stick it out for now. things were not good at home. he had always to make believe he is an honest and good man. i am not saying that he is not a good man. i do not think he is an honest man. >> it is a very different image for tiger woods, one that has other sponsors evaluating what to do about the high-price pitchman and millions wondering what will happen next. >> gillette says it will limit tiger posies ro's role. nike and the pga tour say they look forward to continuing to work with him. >> now your insta-weather plus forecast. >> a sprinkle will show up on
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doppler this weekend. it is unseasonably mild outside right now. temperatures will take a tumble tomorrow. snow through the upstate new york -- and up near the canadian border. scattered showers and sprinkles trekking through pennsylvania. there will be less participation. we need a dry weather system. there is zero in the precip column. one of the soggiest years so far. for the next day or so, that colorado will stay at zero. -- that column will stay at zero. temperatures in the 40's across the region right now. it is not colder as you head
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back into the mountains. 40 at hancock. it will get a bitterly cold out there this time of year, but not tonight. there could be some patchy fog to start the day with temperatures of 38 to 43. there is the storm that will drag across baltimore tomorrow. one more mild day, but then the arctic cold behind that fried. we will catch a glancing blow from that front. 16 below in the great falls, montana. eight below zero in bismarck right now. some clouds in the area tomorrow morning. the showers dried up. the skies clear is to the mountains tomorrow afternoon. winds of follow on wednesday. temperatures will be below normal for the second half of the workweek. tomorrow, if you like warm, hang onto it. 52 to 57 tomorrow.
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northwest winds will bring rain and snow showers fort garrard county to are, changing to all snow tomorrow night. -- for garrett county. tomorrow, 55 with mainly cloudy skies. temperatures could approach 60 at kokomo's city -- pokomo city. the winds will gust over 25 knots. the seven-day -- 55 with the possibility of a sprinkle tomorrow. 39 it with gusty winds on wednesday. to the cheers and a 20's on thursday and then watch as storm developing on thursday. >> after racking up more than 200 yards against the detroit lions,, it running back from the city council president stephanie rawlings-blaravens, and helped e
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kids to select gifts for themselves and for a family member today. the special olympics maryland at college a party happened tonight. -- party happened tonight. he is the official spokesman. and he is there to promote the annual polar bear plunge at sandy point state park. >> i am steve davis. rice rice baby. now what they aravenravens hageo do.
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>> now 11 sports. >> the ravens are one of four teams tied at 6. they have the easiest schedule. they could benefit, when three
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and a row. they will get a playoff check. i know some of he was a, i do not get too excited. i disagree. the ravens do not let that teams beat them. a blow of yesterday against the detroit lions. most yards ever. they rushed for five touchdowns, a new team record. >> one thing about our guys is they have not let down in any week. we perform better some weeks than other weeks, but you cannot say our guys have not gone out and played tremendously hard and fought right down to the end, for two years now. that is a credit to them. >> news on the injury front. mark clayton, jarret gaither, ed reed -- this sent a shiver down the code shouach's spine.
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he says it is no big deal. is the last thing the ravens need right now is an injury operate. as far as competition -- the bears are 5-8. the steelers lost five in a row. the raiders -- a stake. and easy schedule for the ravens. ordeals' no longer have to worry about doc holliday. -- the orioles. no longer have to worry about doc holliday. the blue jays get some top prospects for both teams. nothing is official, but it is believed the deal will get done at holiday time. the contract will be three years, $60 million. happy holidays to the holidays. -- the halidays.
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do not accuse those red sox of being lackey. they are about to sign him to five years, $85 billion. they will pass on that holiday because of my cameron's agent says he has agreed to a two- year $50 million deal with the red sox. what about the yankees? now they lose their world series mvp. they are on the verge of signing a one-year deal. there will be one quarterback left in the nfl draft. maybe the number one quarterback has decided to stay in college. here is that the thing. he has signed a minor league contract with the l.a. angels last year, so he is not on scholarship. he is paying his own way to stay in college. imagine that. >> wow.
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>> no haliday there. >> he will get his holiday later. >>
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>> this mild weather has to stop. >> your wish is granted. >> look at how much power you have. >> the sunshine goes through about midday tomorrow. maybe even a sprinkle as the front tracks 3. a chill comes in, highs in the upper 30's. maybe we will put a sprinkle of snow on top of that for you. >> if you missed this newscast and would like to see it again, we have another presentation at midnight. have a good night, everybody.
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