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tv   Teen Kids News  NBC  May 15, 2010 1:30pm-2:00pm EDT

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coming up on this week's edition of "teen kids news" -- >> "the little mermaid" has certainly made a big splash on broadway. i got to meet two of its cast. >> they're teens at the top of their game, and their game is pool. we'll go to the world championships. >> they called it the "ghost ship" of world war ii. i'll explain why. that and more, next on "teen kids news."
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>> welcome to teen kids news. i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm jessica. when it comes to history, it's one thing to read about it in a book. it's something else to be able to actually see and touch it. that's exactly what you can do at the intrepid sea, air & space museum. permanently docked in new york's hudson river, with the city's remarkable skyline as its backdrop, "the intrepid" is the largest naval museum in the world. ♪ the intrepid is more than just an aircraft carrier. it's a naval legend.
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december 7, 1941. japanese planes attacked the u.s. fleet anchored at pearl harbor in hawaii. president franklin delano roosevelt declared war against germany and japan. as soon as construction on the "uss intrepid" was completed, the carrier was sent to fight in the pacific. the ship is huge, longer than three football fields. its nine decks were home to a crew of mar than 3,000 men. the "uss intrepid" took part in some of the most important naval battles of world war ii, including okinawa and leyte gulf. during the war, the ship was hit by seven bombs and by five attacks. >> so what was a kamikaze? >> a kamikaze was a kind of
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japanese special attack. japanese pilots would intentionally try to crash their airplanes into allied ships. often the japanese planes would be filled with bombs or fuel, so if they hit their target, it did a lot of damage to the ship and killed a lot of sailors as a result. >> but "the uss intrepid" was true to her name. regardless of what the enemy threw at her, the carrier and her crew never gave up. well, they say that the japanese called "the intrepid" the "ghost ship." because no matter how many times she got hit by kamikazes, or torpedo attacks, she was repaired and just came back to fight again. with the help of a number of the museum's staff, i got an amazing tour of the great ship. >> the whole point of "the intrepid" was to be a floating airfield. so they needed a place to keep the planes. and that's where we're standing now, in the hangar deck. so this is the biggest open space inside the ship, and the intrepid could hold anywhere from 80 to about 100 aircraft when this ship was built during world war ii.
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>> the ship had 4 propellers. this is one of them. it weighs 15 tons. that's the weight of about ten cars. >> so what's this area called? >> we are walking into the fo'c's'le. >> okay, that's a strange name! why is it called that? >> well, "fo'c's'le'" is really a shortening of the word "forecastle." that's basically just an old-fashioned name for the forward part of the ship. >> oh, okay. this is cool! >> yeah, this is a cool space. >> this is the anchor chain room. the very, very front of "the intrepid." and as you can see, these are the anchor chains. "the intrepid" has two anchors, and they're both still on the front of the ship. you can see them outside. >> so this is a big chain? >> yeah, this is a serious chain. each link of this chain weighs about 150 pounds. in the fo'c's'le, you can see graffiti drawn by sailors, who had time on their hands. after all, this wasn't just where they worked. it was their home. >> well, as you can see, we have beds here and dressers and things. this is where the junior officers on the intrepid slept.
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so these are actually much better lodging areas than some of the other parts of the ship because these were officers. so they had a little more space for their stuff. >> it needs a mattress. when we return, i'll tell you how the "uss intrepid" was saved from being turned into scrap metal. new revlon colorburst lipstick. impossibly light feel, intensely rich color. together at last. revlon colorburst lipstick. it's lo at first swipe.
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♪ after its long and distinguished career, "the intrepid" was retired from the navy in 1974. the noble ship was going to be demolished. ♪
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>> the person who saved "the intrepid" was a man named zachary fisher. and he was a philanthropist and real estate developer here in new york. and he really had wanted to serve during world war ii but was not able to. so he always had a strong commitment to military families. so when he heard "the intrepid" was going to be scrapped, he orchestrated a campaign to save the ship and turn it into a museum. >> more than 700,000 people visit "the intrepid" each year -- including some of the sailors who used to call it home. >> having served on it, i never thought i would see it again. and here it is now, back in my hometown. and it's going to be a permanent part of the landscape. it's just great. >> when mike sailed on "the intrepid" in the 1950's, he
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played a lifesaving role. >> i belonged to the "helo gang." our job was sea rescue of pilots that crashed into the sea while trying to land or take off from "intrepid." >> mike's rescue helicopter is now an exhibit on the hanger deck. it even has his name on it! so what's it like to live on an aircraft carrier? >> it's a floating city. we had a tailor shop. we had a candy shop. we had an ice cream shop. we had a souvenir shop. anything you can think of! >> a recent addition to the museum is the exploreum. it allows you to get hands-on with history. >> so every single piece here is designed to be played with, to touch, to handle in some way. all right, let me introduce you to our cockpit simulator. you want to hop in here? >> yeah, i'd love to. >> so, the best line you want to follow is right along there. you can see the two different color greens.
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now the pilots that would fly these types of aircraft and try and land on an aircraft carrier would describe it as, "trying to land an airplane on a postage stamp in the middle of the ocean." >> i need some practice! >> being a 40,000-ton aircraft carrier, you couldn't always get really close to docks and really close to the harbors. so throw a cargo net over the side of the ship, the men could just climb up and down and head on to shore using some different smaller boats. >> and now i can join the navy! if you've ever wondered what it's like to be in a lifeboat, this gives you a mild clue. >> well, this is actually kind of a miniature version of the boats you would have on ship. now here we can maybe fit about four people. but the actual whaleboats that would have been on "the intrepid" would hold about 40 crewmembers at a time. >> oh, wow. >> this gives you a good experience of what it'd be like out on the water. ♪ the exploreum even has a replica of a space capsule you can climb into.
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>> now normally when these space capsules returned to earth, they would land in the ocean. and it would be "intrepid"'s job to go out and find exactly where their location was in the ocean, and rescue both the astronauts and recover the capsule, and bring it onboard the ship. >> blast off! there's lots more you can do in the explorium, like sitting at the controls of a helicopter. or find out how challenging it is to do simple tasks wearing clunky astronaut's gloves. but don't forget to check out the rest of the ship! so where are we now? >> this is one of "the intrepid"'s ready rooms. the intrepid had a few rooms like this, and this is where the pilots would get briefed on their mission. so the pilots had nice comfy chairs to wait in, they had spaces for all their books. and these were some of the first rooms that were air conditioned on "the intrepid," so the pilots could wait in comfort. >>oming up next -- fasten your seat belts! i'm going to take you on a trip back in time, when "teen kids news" continues.
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a typical airport runway is about 10,000 feet or longer. on "the intrepid," planes had only 250 feet of runway to land on. >> this is the flight deck, and this is where all the air operations happened. all the takeoffs and all the landings. >> this ship may look huge, but it seems pretty short if you're trying to get enough speed to take off. "the intrepid" was the first aircraft carrier to use steam catapults, which could accelerate a plane to 150 miles per hour in only 2 seconds! and landings required special equipment, too. >> you lower your hook and you
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come in, and the wires are stretched across the back of the aircraft carrier's deck. and you try to catch one of those, and it'll stop you instantly. >> today, the flight deck proudly hosts a number of interesting aircraft from around the world. >> this is the f-14 tomcat. and this was really made famous when tom cruise starred in the movie "top gun." so, a lot of people can recognize the f-14. it's very distinctive. it has the "swing wing." the wings swing back to fly fast and swing forward to fly slow and land. >> just like a bird. >> yeah. >> so what is this thing for? >> a lot of people ask that question. that's the in-flight refueling probe. another airplane called the tanker, you come meet up with it, it drops a hose and a basket and you fly that probe into the basket. it's like filling up with gas without stopping.
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>> okay, that's awesome. >> these are our two coast guard helicopters. this is the hh-52 from the 1980's time period. and this is its older sister. this helicopter goes all the way back to the 1950's. >> so what is this plane? >> it's one of our most popular displays. this is the a-12 blackbird, and it was a spy plane from the early 1960s. it's made of all-titanium, travels three times the speed of sound at 80,000 feet, twice as high as your normal airliner. all the aircraft on this side of the flight deck are our international collection. they come from all over the world. i have -- one of my favorites is my mig-21 from poland. >> the tiger? >> the tiger, yeah. i think it's popular with the kids because it's got this real tony the tiger look to him. so i was able to flex my own artistic muscles, and i hand-painted the tiger on that myself. yeah, it was a lot of fun. >> you did? well, good job! that's a nice tiger. >> so i understand there's a story about how you got this plane?
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>> yeah, this is a real funny story. i found it on ebay, believe it or not. the gentlemen who was selling us bought two from the chinese government. and he used one to fix up to fly, and this was just for spare parts. and he sold it to us, he put it on ebay. i got it for a real steal. >> we're coming up to the captain's bridge. so this is where "the intrepid's" commanding officer would be in control of the ship. >> oh, cool! ♪ >> so, during world war ii, this whole area was open to the elements. 'fichts 50s so it would be a little bit easier to work up here. >> watch out for the iceberg, leo! >> these are talk tubes, and they're located throughout the ship. and it's a way that the guys could talk to people in different parts of the ship. so you could speak into this, and somebody would hear you on the other side. it's very simple, but it works really well. >> now hear this! this is jessica from "teen kids news!" may i sit in the captain's chair? >> be my guest.
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>> lovely! i feel at home! many say it was an honor to serve on board "the uss intrepid." for me, it was an honor just to visit her and learn about the extraordinary achievements and sacrifices of her crews and pilots. >> jessica, on behalf of the intrepid sea, air & space museum, i'd like to present you with this admiral's hat as a souvenir of your visit today. >> thank you! i'll wear it with pride. you know, learning about history has never been so much fun. we'll have more "teen kids news," right after this.
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whether you call it billiards or pool, the game used to conjure up an image of smoke filled rooms. but tyler tells us that image is changing. tyler? >> mwanzaa, the game goes back centuries. but you could say it's getting younger!
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welcome to the junior nine ball championships. teens from finland to the philippines, and at least a dozen countries in between are here to pursue their passion, pool. >> i love the game, you know? >> joshua gets plenty of time to practice. his parents own the local pool hall back home in north carolina. but to qualify for competitions like this one, he also has to make time for school work. >> it really motivates me to get good grades, or i won't be able to play. >> in fact, some people, like landon shuffet's mom, feel the game itself can help with academics. >> there's problem solving and reasoning and thinking ahead, which transfers into science skills and into daily living skills that children will definitely need as they get older. >> and no, it's not just a guy thing. brittany bryant, from canada, won top honors here and is ready for the big time. >> i want to go pro, and i can't wait! >> brianna miller is 13, and among the best in her age group.
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>> i've been playing pool for five years, and i've gained a lot of confidence doing it. >> the billiards education foundation wants more kids to discover the game. so they have a pool in school program to support gym classes and teams. >> they have a lot of fun, they get out there and learn all about life skills. and that takes them throughout their whole life. >> for austin and braden murphy, the game has special meaning. braden competes in the wheelchair division, and that's how austin got into the game. >> and i was just a little kid. so i followed him around. so it brought us together. >> it's given me a way to be competitive and have something to practice at with people who aren't in wheelchairs. i'm at the table with my opponent just as if i wasn't in a wheelchair. so that's good for me. >> the teens who play pool at the championship level get to do a lot of traveling. but as we mentioned, they have to keep their grades up if they want to qualify for the
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competitions. if you want more information, check out the link at i'm tyler, and that's sports for this week. >> there's something really amazing about history. it happens every day! so, while it's great that you're watching this program, you might want to make the news a part of your daily diet. if you read just the front page of the newspaper, every day between now and your high school graduation, you'll be a lot more aware of your world than many of your classmates. knowing what's going on will make you not only a better student -- but a better citizen! i'm natalie, here to help you make the grade. >> coming up, we'll meet two young members of the cast of broadway's "the little mermaid."
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the images from haiti are heart-breaking-- homes, hospitals, and schools destroyed; families searching for loved ones; parents trying to feed their children. but we can all do something. we can help the american red cross as it delivers the food, water, and medicine that can save lives. donate $10 by texting "haiti" to 9-0-9-9-9. visit or call 1-800-red-cross. thanks for your help.
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[whistle blowing] visit... ♪ under the sea under the sea darling it s better ♪ ♪ down where it's wetter take it from me ♪ >> what do you enjoy most about being in "the little mermaid"?
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>> i've always loved "the little mermaid." ariel has always been my favorite princess, and to actually be working with her is a dream come true. >> she was my favorite princess, too! >> i love doing it. i love what i do. and it's a great experience, too -- with all the people you meet. >> do you still get nervous? >> yeah, usually when there are people that i know out in the audience. not usually any old show. >> theater people have a saying -- "the show must go on." that's why both trevor and brian are at the theater for every performance, just in case the one who's scheduled to perform gets sick at the last minute. >> how many stairs up is it? >> four flights! >> four, are you kidding? >> this is our clean and neat dressing room! >> clean and neat, very clean and neat! for this performance, it's trevor's turn to get suited up and brian's turn to work on his math homework.
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next stop, makeup! are we almost there? >> yeah. >> how do you like wearing a wig and having your makeup done? >> i think it's fun. after i get my makeup and wig on, i look completely different. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is your one hour call. >> it's only an hour before the curtain rises. time for trevor to get notes on how he can improve his performance, from associate director brian hill. >> and they took her straight to ursula, and she traded her voice for a pair of legs, and if the prince doesn't kiss her -- >> good! so even in that excitement, you have to make sure we get every single word. >> got it! >> trevor also got a visit from the associate choreographer. it's her job to make sure all the dancing is being done correctly. >> five-six -- she's in love.
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she's in love. and you can smile. nice, thank you very much. >> "the little mermaid" musical has a bunch of new songs that weren't in the movie, including one that showcases flounder. >> ♪ she's in love she's in love see her hips how they swish ♪ >> why is "she's in love" your favorite number? >> i love doing it. i love performing with the mersisters, which are ariel's sisters. and to just sing and dance on stage in that theatre is just so special. >> sadly, we couldn't get any footage of trevor onstage. but here's another flounder performing the big song. ♪ to give the impression of moving
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underwater, a lot of the cast wears heelies, special shoes with wheels in the back. >> we just take a few steps forward and step on our heels and then we glide forward. >> have you ever fallen while gliding? >> i went on stage during the bows, and i fell down. and i didn't notice what had happened. so i kept going, and i fell again. then i fell again and the whole audience was like -- "oh, he got up!" >> finally, it's showtime. before each performance, trevor does a special ritual with his wrangler, the guy who looks after him backstage. >> can you teach me how to do the handshake? >> hey! >> hey! become flounder, we did it! ♪
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>> for those poor unfortunate souls who haven't yet had the chance to go under the sea, i suggest that you make "the little mermaid" a part of your world. for "teen kids news," i'm nicole. >> that's it for this week's "teen kids news." thanks for joining us. >> have a good one! -- captions by vitac -- here'sp here's a shout-out wiwire fop wire for includ news" on their big screen in
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