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tv   Today  NBC  January 5, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EST

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a nice morning in rockefeller plaza. yes it's cold but not as cold as it has been earlier in the week. we're happy for that. and we're happy with such a nice crowd out here at the plaza joining us this morning. and i'm ann curry alongside carl quintanilla. we have al roker and also savannah guthrie is back. thanks for being here. matt is on assignment. coming up we'll be talking about today's professionals. >> we have a lot of topics including the new video on youtube with casey anthony in some kind of video diary. we'll talk to our panel. she never mentions other little
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daughter caylee. a very interesting story, a cop pulls over a woman for a speeding ticket then later tracks her down to try to get a date. guess what? she is suing. was it cute or was it creepy? did it cross the line? we'll ask our panel. they are assembled. >> they're ready and chomping at the bit. oh, my gosh. we better go quickly. what else? >> of course one of the most popular resolutions every year is to either go on a diet or give up something that's bad for you. well, joy bauer in our diet s.o.s. will answer your questions and give you easy tips to keep you motivated as we get into the new year on diet s.o.s. >> okay. >> we'll help you clean up your skin by clearing up some popular myths about aknecne. not a problem for teenagers, not caused by dirt. we have the facts. >> a lot of people get acne as they get older. that is something to look forward to. >> great. meantime, we now look forward to going inside and talking to natalie with a check of the morning's top stories. good morning once again and good morning everyone.
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it's off to new hampshire now for the slightly shrunk enfield of gop presidential candidates. after her disappointing sixth place finish in iowa michele bachmann has called it quits on her run for the white house. meantime texas governor rick perry has decided to stay in the race after all. he returned to the lone star state to re-assess after finishing in fifth place in iowa. this as rick santorum is defending his support of earmarks and iowa caucus winner mitt romney is pushing ahead hoping a victory in new hampshire could solidify his front-runner status. a major wave of violence across iraq this morning as explosions rock shiite areas in the south killing at least 38 people and injuring dozens of others. in baghdad bombings killed at least 29 others as violence there intensifies following the u.s. troop withdrawal last month. six police officers were shot late wednesday night in ogden, utah as they attempted to serve a drug-related search warrant. one of the officers died of his injuries over night. he is a seven-year police veteran with two young children.
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the five other officers remain hospitalized. the shooting suspect is also hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. a funeral is being held today in new york city for three young sisters who died along with their two grandparents in a christmas day fire in connecticut. officials say the fire was started by a bag of embers removed from a fire place to make way for santa claus. the girls' mother a new york city advertising executive escaped the fire along with a friend. for the first time since 2004 album sales in the u.s. were up last year. it's a sign that digital sales are finally stemming losses from the decline of the cd. a major factor was the blockbuster album "21" from british singer adele, which sold nearly 6 million copies worldwide. well, just in time to make your new year's resolution crumble the girl scouts are now coming out with a brand new cookie. the lemon flavored treats with a dusting of confectioner's sugar are called savannah smiles after the georgia city where the girl
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scouts were found'd hundred years ago. we think of course they're really named in honor of our own savannah. i get they're as delicious. it's three minutes after the hour. let's go outside to see our own savannah smile. >> that is a nice smile. >> that is. >> back in the day they had a different girl scout cookie named savannah. they were peanut butter. >> like the lemon cooler. >> we could try them. >> get some of those. >> just what i need. more cookies. >> more cookies. >> we do need a check of the weather. >> we need more cookies. let's check it out and see what's happening for you. show you for today, we don't have much going on in the weather map which is a nice thing. we got a few showers moving into the pacific northwest. a little lake effect snow, eastern great lakes. that's about it really. looking at some record highs in the plains all the way back into nevada. some showers along the texas coast line. we've got sunny skies in the northeast. temperatures are starting to moderate and as we mentioned rain is moving into the pacific
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northwest. >> good morning.t mountain there is a cloud cover hanging around and a slight chance for a snow flurries. it will turn out mostly that is your latest weather. savannah smile? >> thanks. now to today's professionals. our team of power players tackling the hottest headlines, stories, and studies making news. you know them by now. star jones is an attorney and author. donny deutsch is chairman of deutsch incorporated. and dr. nancy snyderman is nbc's chief medical editor. good morning to all of you.
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happy new year. good to see you. >> welcome back. >> i'm sure you've seen now casey anthony is out with a web diary posted on youtube. i think we've got a little portion of it to play for folks and let's talk about it. >> just a little surreal how much things have changed since july and how many things haven't changed. things are starting to look up and things are starting to change either way. things only get better. >> it's unclear why she did this, why she posted youtube. >> who cares? >> it couldn't get any worse than your dead baby being found in a swamp after several months. okay? it doesn't get much worse than that. the fact she doesn't even mention her child, the loss, now she is glad to have something of her own, that she doesn't have to give back. >> the difference in a sensational situation like an amanda knox who people maybe think was a victim and they want
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to help bring her back, she left the public consciousness. she has no redeeming value. a lot of people think she got away with the most horrific murder. she is irrelevant. that's irrelevant. >> i really think she is a sociopath. she has disassociated herself from that other world. i kept looking at the back of the wall behind her and the pictures. there is not one picture of her child. there is a group photo of maybe a family photo. this is a woman who as sociopath and i have to agree with donny, gone out of the public eye. >> good advice. go climb under the rock from which you came. >> it was an incredibly self-centered video. not only did she not mention her daughter. she just talked about herself. to be honest it is actually pretty boring. what do you think is motivating her? do you think she wants -- somebody posted this on youtube. >> she misses the attention. casey anthony had all of our attention for all of that time, and now she doesn't have her family around her telling her how fabulous or wonderful or bad she is. she doesn't have us talking
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about her. >> and a perfect example of how people blur the lines between fame and infamy. >> no redeeming social value. >> now she can be recognized because everyone can see how she has changed her appearance. >> this is what she wanted. >> okay. the next segment. which is i didn't know i was pregnant. there as tlc show called "i didn't know i was pregnant" about women who don't recognize they are pregnant until late, late in the pregnancy or even in some cases have a baby, you know, go to the hospital thinking their appendix has burst but lo and behold they're having a baby. this happened in kentucky. i think before we get into the larger issue, nancy, is it possible somebody can be pregnant and not have any symptoms whatsoever? >> in my medical training i delivered two babies, very obese women, who had not realized they had put on 20 pounds and yes delivered babies, women who said oh, i thought i just had an upset stomach. it can happen. >> not always obese women on the show. >> no it isn't. it happens with skinny women too. here's why. women a lot of times don't keep track of their periods.
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sometimes they're on iuds and periods are come and go. they may not pay attention. they don't want to. there is a real disassociative aspect. i'm telling you, there is a denial that over rides everything. >> i think the bigger issue is why does the show exist on television? i'd like to know. >> because -- >> tlc, you know, 35-year-old virgins, half-ton moms, and people who are pregnant and don't know because we watch it and go as bad and stupid as i think i am there are stupider and lamer people. >> and mothers and daughters pregnant at the same time. >> used to go like wow. there are people who have it -- i'm not as dumb as i thought i was. >> back to our original issue, i think a lot of women, we hear about these stories and let's be honest. a lot of women judge other women who say what's wrong with someone? they are in denial. how can they not know their own bodies? you had a visceral reaction. >> my reaction was my best friend just gave birth and i
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watched an arm move through her stomach at some point sitting at dinner and i thought to myself, either she's sigourney weaver or she i pregnant. anybody who can't see that, i would think is -- that's me. >> having gone through a pregnancy with a woman, you know when a woman is pregnant. she'll tell you. >> okay. let's move on to our next topic. i can't wait to hear your opinions. it happened, a cop issued a ticket to a woman in illinois. >> this is donny in his police outfit. >> so the cop issues the ticket to a woman. she goes away, and then later he tracks her down using the state's electronic records and asked her for a date. she did not think it was adorable. she sued. let's start there. does she have a case? >> she 100% has a case. first of all, there are privacy protection laws all across the united states and they are supposed to say that anyone in the government can't use your personal information that they access solely due to their
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relationship as a cop. >> what a fuddy duddy you are. >> the hell with you. creepy. >> creepy. >> i would like to -- >> okay. creepy. legally i just want to let you know. you know this. legally she's got -- >> relax. i would like to see what the good doctor has to say. >> relax. that seems like the answer of the day. >> when you tell someone to relax doesn't it have the opposite effect? it makes them madder? >> exactly. >> all right. nancy? >> relax, honey. >> if you're fighting. >> is it a man/woman thing? >> a man thing. >> men rule the world. >> okay. can we give it up? >> okay. regardless of whether you are married or unmarried, you, in times in your life, meet people where you have this phenomenal attraction. you in some cases must step back and think over a 72-hour period, does this make sense to move
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forward? and i would hope that a police officer would say, no matter how much his attraction was for her this crosses several lines. >> i want to mention quickly we did a poll and most viewers thought this was over the line. >> two of three. let me give you the other side. obviously with a cop -- let's say a pharmaceutical sales rep was in a doctor's office, selling, and had the doctor's address because of that and she or he called to ask on a date he met through work. >> wrong. wrong. >> but it happens. by the way, if the woman had acted differently we might today -- might be doing a story about what a charming thing that was. and the woman had a right to have that reaction. but like i said, if she had a different reaction we'd be talking different he carries a gun. he has access to my personal information. >> he didn't go rob her. >> excuse me. he carries a gun. that is why there are laws in
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place. he should be fired. >> i agree. >> i agree. >> he should be fired. >> by the way, how about if he is a lovely man. >> he's not. >> so he made a mistake. >> a big one. >> with what goes on in the world maybe he fell in love. he was trying to -- if the woman had a different reaction we'd be talking differently. >> what goes on in the world. >> no we wouldn't. >> is the craigslist killer that. 's what goes on in the world. you don't do that. >> we all are connected now and that happens to be what people do for a living and he is taking a beating whereas so many people meet that way and you wouldn't say it is inappropriate. he is not using his gun. if he goes if you don't go out with me i'll shoot you then he is using his gun. >> but using his authority to have access to information normal people don't. let's move on. a recent survey -- we'll talk about sex and get in a better mood. a new survey says men have twice as many sex partners as women between the ages of 60 and 69. now you report an average of 9.3 partners in their life. women report 4.7 partners.
9:14 am
>> women are lying. >> both of you ladies said that. >> here are the statistics you need to remember. men think of sex about 19 times a day. women about 8 to 10. now talk about sexual partners over a lifetime, if a woman says three, multiply it by a three. if a man says nine, divide by three. >> people were surprised that most men only had eight. i think because the media is so over sexed, most men if they're not guys who are one nighter guys have had only sex with the relationships they've been in and there are a lot of guys that have had sex with -- >> 9.3 female partners. how would you like to be the 0.3? that seems depressing. >> i'd like your opinion. where do you fit in on that? >> are you kidding me? give me a break. donny, it is the new year. turn over a new leaf. >> we don't get to talk about -- >> an honest answer.
9:15 am
are you less than -- >> none of your damn business. >> i'm less than 8 for a man. >> got to go. star jones, donny deutsch, dr. nancy. >> wow. >> i thought it was in the 60s. >> i'm kidding. >> we don't need cameras. carry on. coming up next joy bauer helps you stick to your resolutions in her diet s.o.s. and a little later the real work begins for the duchess of cambridge. kate middleton makes a royal announcement. first these messages. about whole grainere's surs and the cereals your kids love. ♪ now all general mills big g kid cereals have more whole grain than any other ingredient. the same great taste they love in cereals like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch with whole grain that they need. just look for the white check, only on general mills big g kid cereals, the delicious way to help them grow up strong. now with more whole grain than any other ingredient.
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this morning on joy's diet s.o.s., your resolutions whether trying to stay on a diet, need help staying ontrack or air stressed our "today" nutritionist joy bauer has great tips for you. >> happy new year to you. can't even talk. >> still trying to get all the weather. let's go to skype. we have melissa from massachusetts. melissa, happy new year. >> happy new year, al. >> thank you. what is your question? >> happy new year. >> this year my resolution is to kick my addiction to diet soda. any ideas for a plan of attack? >> oh, i love this resolution. i'm always encouraging people to pull back on some of the artificial sweeteners they take in. you have two options. you can either go cold turkey, a lot of people just like to wipe it out completely in one swoop so they're not tempted. or you can just dramatically cut back. so if you go with that option
9:19 am
this is what i would tell you to do. allow yourself one daily diet soda and push it, save it for between lunch and dinner. this way you look forward to it. it's a treat and you're not using it up with a meal when your taste buds are already excited and engaged by the food. and then after a few weeks assess it. do you still need that one daily soda fix? if you do, fine. if you don't, give it the boot. get rid of it. >> all right. melissa, good luck. >> it's a great question. thank you. >> really. the next one is good too. we have mary jane in lansing, michigan, on the phone. happy new year, mary jane. >> happy new year. >> you've got a stress question. >> i do. how do i stay ontrack? i seem to stay motivated until a stressful situation strikes and then i go right to my cupboard. do you have any suggestions? >> yes. i want you to follow a three-step interference plan. before you reach for food you're going to do three different
9:20 am
strategic activities. and hopefully that is going to help defuse the urge to emotionally eat. so first you're going to grab a stress ball and pump it for five minutes. then you're going to get up, do 100 jumping jacks either regular or modified. this is going to help you rechannel some of that frustration and anxiety. the third thing is to make a hot cup of tea that you're going to nurse. this will help to calm you down. so write these three things down on paper, post it on the refrigerate aon make sure it is front and center the next time you go grab for some food. >> good luck. >> our director tried that but when he is doing the jumping jacks kept spilling his drink. we've got a few more e-mail questions. tina from pitsfield, massachusetts writes i was diagnosed with diabetes this past month and put on medication. my resolution for 2012 is to get my blood sugar under control. what are the most important things i should be doing? really good question. >> great question. most people with diabetes know that they should layoff the sweets and you want to minimize
9:21 am
the starchy carbs. rice, pasta, potatoes. fill your plate with ample protein and nonstarchy vegetables. what most people don't realize, there are two other powerful ways that you can stabilize your blood sugar. the first is if she is overweight, lose ten pounds. because losing just a small amount of weight, al, could have a significant impact for the better on your blood sugars. and the second thing is to walk 30 minutes a day. exercise increases sensitivity which then keeps your blood sugars nice and even keel. that is really going to help her blood sugar. >> all right. joy bauer, great advice. thanks so much. if you're looking for more diet inspiration go to and read joy's daily tips. join our 10,000-pound weight loss challenge already at what? >> we already have 5,000 entries. >> unbelievable. >> join us! >> come with us. >> woo! >> still to come it affects more than 70 million americans but what really causes acne?
9:22 am
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news update. >> temperatures starting out as a 20's and 30's. temperatures will rise into the 40's. typical for this time of year. we break out of some of these clouds and get some sunshine.
9:29 am
9:30 am
good morning. this is "today" in romania. >> we are in pearl harbor. >> i am in caesar's palace. >> reporting from st. peter's squaur. >> good morning and welcome to beijing. >> we're in the northwest corner of zimbabwe. >> finally two hours to go before the wedding. >> and that's just a fraction of the places our program has traveled over the last 60 years. next week we'll be celebrating. a look back at some of the highlights over the last six decades of your favorite anchors and us. >> that was a good one. >> amazing. >> meanwhile, looking forward to
9:31 am
that. a huge week next week. coming up in this half hour it's a problem associated with the awkward teen years but it actually affects 70 million americans. we're talking about acne and it's not caused by what you think like dirt or not washing your face enough. coming up we'll clear up some of the myths and hopefully help you get your acne cleared up as well. all right. >> also ahead the duchess of cambridge has been slipping into her royal role with ease. now she has taken another major step announcing the charity she plans to work with. we'll be live in buckingham palace for the latest on that. and then in today's kitchen a lesson in meatless mexican cooking. we are cooking up spinach enchiladas. they're easy and healthy and there will be guacamole on the side. >> meatless mexican. sounds like deprivation. right? >> it's going to be good. first though you have a check of the weather for us. >> you bet. let's show you what's going to be going on for today. we have sunny skies in the east. temperatures moderating a bit. showers in the pacific northwest with interior mountain snows there. record highs from the plains into central nevada.
9:32 am
we've got showers along the texas coast. for tomorrow the frigid conditions continue in northern new england. flurries around the great lakes. more showers through the afternoon and evening hours in the pacific northwest. temperatures nice and mild through the gulf on into the southwest but it's going to stay cool to frigid from the central rockies all the way to the mid-atlantic states. that's what's going on >> good morning. we're starting out chilly. we will see some cloud cover hang around for awhile. that's your late weather. >> all right. thank you. coming up next the truth about acne at any age is coming
9:33 am
up right after this. beth!
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no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. hey, aren't you... shhh. i'm researching a role. today's special... the capital one venture card. you earn double miles on every purchase. impressive. chalk is a lost medium. if you're not earning double miles... you're settling for half. was that really necessary? [ male announcer ] get the venture card at and earn double miles on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? cover for me. i have an audition. this morning on "today's health" acne myths revealed. it is not just a teenage problem but affects more than 70 million people in the u.s. according to the american academy of dermatology, our guest is an eye village contributor and dermatologist. good to have you with us. >> great to be back. >> we know acne can affect us throughout our lives so it's here to stay. >> right. >> what are the main causes of it? >> well, it's genetics, stress,
9:37 am
and hormones. and the reason acne is such a hot topic in the eye village community is because it affects women and men but women 20 through 52 and they're the first ones that seek treatment. then the men come in later when their girlfriends or wives are starting to look better. it is a very significant thing. it affects your image and how you feel about yourself. >> the 20 to 52. that bebunks the first myth. that is a teenage problem. >> it is not a teenage problem. >> so your skin changes over time. is that hormonal usually? >> right. then this is just a very high stress society. and that causes a lot of it. so it's stressful and if you have a family history. >> that's right. let's get to our second myth that acne is caused by dirt. a lot of people think that and therefore over spread their face. >> it is not dirt. it is a disease of the oil glands. the disease of the oil gland and you can't scrub the acne away necessarily. it's not caused by dirt. it's caused by pores that get blocked. as the pores get blocked, you get this over production and there is a bacteria in there
9:38 am
that really can flare the disease in many people. >> so washing your face then goes by the same way. it doesn't necessarily help in getting rid of the acne. >> right. when i was a teenager i had acne from 11 to 27 and people would stop me on the street my acne was so bad. and say go wash your face. if you just wash your face. it's not washing it that will take it away. if you over scrub it with these harsh, abrasive cleansers, you can actually strip all the oil and then get rebound oil and that can make your acne worse. so you should wash your face at least twice a day. you shouldn't strip your skin because that can make it worse. >> what topical should you use when you are washing your face? >> just something that is gentle, not abrasive. you can use an abrasive maybe once or twice a week. people tend to use it two and three times a day. that's too much. >> a little peroxide. >> and it can help as well as the sulfur compounds. >> the other thing i think people always try to do is pop your pimples which we all have been told don't do that. >> okay. this is a big no.
9:39 am
you pop your pimples you're disrupting the top layer of your skin and you cause scarring. >> right. >> for me, golfing i put divets in the grass. you don't want that on your face. it's not a good thing. >> so the myth that tanning also will help make your face and skin look better. >> right. >> and will clear up your pimples. not true right? >> that is just -- tanning, the negatives of tanning are the fact it causes premature aging and skin cancer. there will be 2.5 million new cases at least of skin cancer during 2012. >> not to mention premature aging. >> exactly. you don't want those things. so the negatives of tanning outweigh the positives. maybe it dries out your skin a little bit. there are some lasers and light therapies available that can help a little bit but maybe they just help in 20% of the cases. it's more of the topical over-the-counter drugs, prescription drugs, the topicals and prescription orals that really can help more than anything else. >> all right. now there is the other i guess myth out there is that diet can affect whether or not you have
9:40 am
bad acne or not. >> right. >> turns out that's a myth. diet has nothing to do with it? >> diet has a little bit to do with it in that basically if you're eating chocolate only 2% of the population is allergic. you can bathe in chocolate and it won't really cause acne. the reality is though that they've done studies and milk, yogurt, dairy products can raise your insulin levels and cause acne in some people. so it's a post insulin level and it can actually cause acne in some people. we see milk and dairy products can actually cause acne so we tell those people to maybe watch their dairy intake unfortunately. but you're not going to have an allergy to chocolate or greasy foods. i mean, you can drip bacon grease on your face and it won't cause acne. >> okay. also, a myth sweating can clear up acne. >> right. through a study that was very interesting that proved a lot of sweating in these hot saunas and stuff like that can make acne worse. it can aggravate it and make it worse. >> okay. good to know. also, finally, acne no matter
9:41 am
what you think will not go away on its own. that is a myth as well? >> it is a chronic disorder. people think that i'm just going to be clear in two weeks. this is something you've had for 20 years. it won't go away in two weeks. the bottom line is that it needs to be treated and if you're not successful with over the counter you need to see a board certified dermatologist. that is the bottom line. >> go see dr. jenin. thanks so much. you can logon to our website or eye coming up next the duchess of cambridge makes big decisions that have a lot of people talking in great britain. we'll go to buckingham palace right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] take the special k challenge. lose up to six pounds in two weeks. get your free, delicious personalized plan
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they doing a lot of good out here, man. tell him the messenger sent you. she has been at prince william's side since her royal wedding last april but now the duchess of cambridge is branching out on her own choosing the charity she will support. nbc's michelle kosinski is at buckingham palace with the details. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: the last couple months we've seen princess katherine make low-key, very personal visits to charities that touch her heart. many of them are small. for her to reach out to them unexpectedly they say you can't imagine the difference now that her patronage will make in so many lives and this is how she will serve her country. evident immediately katherine has a natural way with kindness. and in particular with children. >> just like one of a kind.
9:46 am
>> and an art history major back when she met her friends kate also holds a place in her heart for art. all reflected in the charity she has just chosen as royal patient ro ron. the art room. giving kids with major difficulties a place to gain confidence. >> having her here, she realizes what a powerful thing it is. >> and kate will be patron of a national portrait gallery wherein we'll likely hang her portrait one day. she will volunteer with the scou scouts. >> what an inspiration that is. that is just going to grow and grow. >> she also chose a children's hospice princess diana helped open 22 years ago. kate wants an active role helping families like the clemmons who lost a family at only 4 days old. >> sweet, genuine, kind. you can really feel that when you meet her.
9:47 am
you feel comfortable in her presence. >> keeping kate in a supporting role to prince william, but these solo charities show she'll start a royal career on her own in a way really quite early for her to do so. princess diana took many years before she stepped out on her own. >> reporter: and another organization katherine chose touches a far more difficult subject -- addiction. here kate's support will help more people regain their lives. >> for someone who is so globally respected to care is quite extraordinary. i think it's just brilliant that the royal family is kind of stepping forward. >> and it's tough to over state the impact this could have on a charity that might otherwise be invisible during tough times to suddenly being able to raise
9:48 am
hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. some say it means more to them that their efforts will be recognized. what great timing that the princess's job essentially is announced just before she turns the big 30. her birthday is monday. savannah? >> all right. well 30 is the new 20 or something. michelle kosinski in london. >> reporter: definitely. >> so is 40 by the way. up next we'll get to the kitchen and meatless mexican enchiladas but first this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
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[ male announcer ] visit contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead. good morning. in today's kitchen meatless mexican step by step. our guest from los angeles is here with a special enchilada. good morning. >> good morning. >> you know what? most people don't realize that mexican food can be very healthy. and we have several healthy
9:51 am
vegetarian options and our enchiladas are by far the most popular. let's start off making our salsa verde the sauce that tops the enchiladas off. okay. >> in two cups of water we'll add our tomatillos just by themselves. add a bushel of cilantro. >> can't have mexican without cilantro. and a half onion sliced. and a teaspoon of garlic and a little bit of salt to taste. and what we'll do is bring this to a boil and cook it for five minutes. >> you can find pretty much -- >> you can. >> i've never seen -- >> you can see, it's loaded with antioxidents. really a very healthy sauce. we transferred everything now into the blender. >> how long do you let this go? >> for five minutes after it comes to a boil. >> put it in there. >> and this on? >> right. >> then we'll puree it. to this for richness we'll add half an avocado.
9:52 am
>> you know how to turn it off? >> you want to add the avocado? >> take the whole thing. >> and then we have one more thing. >> there's more. >> good old fashioned sour cream. >> yes. >> if you wanted you could use low fat sauer cream. >> exactly. >> okay. >> we're not being that naughty with everything. >> really. >> you let it go until it is nice and creamy, maybe two to three minutes, and that's good. >> okay. >> we'll make the spinach filling for the enchilada so we have our tablespoon of onions already simmering. >> all right. >> olive oil there? >> canola oil which is trans fat, very healthy. to this we'll add a couple handfuls of spinach. >> amazing about spinach. you start with so much and you get almost nothing. >> and then we'll let this cook down for like, you know, two to three minutes again and then what we're going to do is add about, let's see if we can get
9:53 am
that off. perfect. we'll add three to four tablespoons of the salsa verde we just made. >> just a little bit of a cream. >> add a little bit of flavor inside. can i just reach over here? >> you got that. >> then we'll add some cheese. maybe a handful of jack cheese. and then we'll just -- >> a little salt? >> stir it together. you could add a little salt to taste or not. >> okay. >> let's keep it healthy and not. >> okay. >> all right. >> we'll go back and i'll teach you how to wrap a proper enchilada. everybody would take -- >> looks like a corn tortilla. it is. the flour tortilla will tend to get gooey underneath. >> gluten free. >> exactly. this is an entirely gluten free meal. that is nice. >> great. >> so down the center we'll put a little spinach mixture. >> this is how it's going to look once we're done over there. >> exactly. >> almost looks like cream spinach. >> it looks delicious. here we go. >> terrific. >> make one, too. >> okay.
9:54 am
great. we'll get some to al. >> okay. >> all right. we'll put it just down the middle. >> looks delicious. >> al, would you like this? >> so we're rolling it. >> right. then you just roll it over and what you want to make sure is you gently roll it over so that the seam is down when you place it in the casserole. you want to warm it first with a little canola to make sure they don't break. >> nice and soft. >> place it in the casserole dish. >> place it in the dish and then top it, natalie, if you would, with the salsa. >> some of the left over. oh, i get you. >> a couple more in there. >> and a handful of sprinkled cheese. >> al. then to this we'll put it in a preheated 350-degree oven until the cheese melts. it should just take 2 to 3 minutes. might take a little longer this
9:55 am
time. that's what it is traditionally served with. you can also serve it with slices of avocado and we've also got some baked not fried tortilla chips and guacamole. >> the one i nearly choked on right before the segment. >> this is great. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up hoda and kathie lee find out how to fix your reputation. >> uh-oh.
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