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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  February 1, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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agenda. david collins was there for the address and he joins us live from annapolis with the latest. >> the governor titled his speech "balanced approach." the legislators called his agenda ambitious and expensive and summon up this way, it is a tough sell -- a sum it up this way. governor martin o'malley outlined an expansive agenda, wrapped around job creation. he recognized that his tax proposals will not be popular. >> the most important job we create is the next one. this is why everyone is needed. this is why i am asking everyone to get on board. >> he change the tax code on those making over $100,000 and extend the sales tax to gasoline and the internet. >> i don't know what world he
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lives in, but this cannot the world that the people in maryland live in. >> he has proposal after proposal raising tax after-tax. an internet tax, the list goes on and on. >> baltimore county executive kevin says they are prepared to absorb that cost. >> we will continue our austerity program in baltimore county which is reducing our expenses whatever we can, without having to raise tax rates. that is our goal. we are trying not to furlough employees. >> o'malley made emotional plea to pass the same sex marriage bill. >> we want our children to live in a loving, caring, committed, stable home, protected equally under the law. it is not right and is not just that the children of gay couples should have lesser protection and the children of other families in our state.
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>> foreign diplomats were on hand for the 32-minute speech which also discuss development of offshore wind power. >> if he wants to get his agenda passed, it will take a lot of elbow grease. >> the house version of the same sex marriage bill has just been introduced with 56 co-sponsors. a hearing date has not been set. the general assembly is expected to get the governor's gas tax bill and the coming days. >> our coverage continues on, where you can find the full text of the governor's speech and see reaction from lawmakers, and share your comments. >> after a big win by mitt romney less than 4, the gop presidential candidates now take
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their fight for the nomination -- last night in florida, they now take their fight for the nomination west. >> mitt romney may have one for the, but with many more states to go, the competition is not conceding. mitt romney rode his victory lap all the way from florida to minnesota. >> we just one florida. we are going to win the white house next. >> issue for it was upstaged after these comments to cnn during a round of new shows. >> i am not concerned about the very poor. >> he clarified what he meant. [unintelligible] i have said throughout the campaign, my focus is on helping middle-class people.
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>> i don't have a response. >> this is an election that is more than just replacing president obama. >> newt gingrich kept the focus on romney. >> we are going to contest every place and we are going to win. >> many wonder how long he can stay in. >> new gingrich is a lot of things. he is not a fool. >> this race is just beginning. >> but rick santorum and ron paul are drawing battle lines in states like nevada. >> nevada hold a caucus saturday. nikole killion, wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can see more photos from florida on you can see where the candidates are going for their next campaign stop. >> new reports about campaign finance money or giving us our first clues about how some key
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races in maryland seem to be shaping up. jayne miller is live in the newsroom with the details. >> all the political action is elsewhere at this stage of the political game, but come the fall, it appears maryland will host at least one real battleground raced, courtesy of the governor's redistricting map. >> republican congressman roscoe bartlett has rarely had -- rarely had to worry about reelection. it does not get easier after the april primary. a state senator is also running for the sea. his candidacy is fuelled by redistricting. he is off to a brisk fundraising day, calling in $349,000. that is three times higher than
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the $104,000 bartlett raised in the same time, though bartlett does have a slight edge in the amount of money has in the bank. maryland's second congressional district may also be a race to watch with nancy jacobs challenging incumbent robert berger -- carper serveruppersbe. >> back to that roscoe bartlett race, a prime opportunities to pick up the seat in the house of representatives. he has been put on a short list and net protecting incumbents. -- aimed at protecting the incumbent. >> city taxpayers foot the bill for the mayor's police security
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detail to travel with her on out-of-town trips. according to estimates, almost $4,000 was spent on officers accompanying the mayor on recent trips. >> jury deliberation will continue tomorrow in the trial of an inmate accused of killing a corrections officer at the state prison in jessup. they are seeking the death penalty for early stevens. kim dacey has the latest on this case. >> the jury left for the day just after 5:00 today. have only been deliberating since about noon when they got the case. they did ask for another look at that jail cell door that was entered as evidence in the case. if they do fine stevens guilty, and have to go back in a deliberate on whether or not to give him the death penalty. the prosecution started closing arguments by calling the murder of corporal davidson when a brutal, senseless act. he was killed in july 2006,
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stabbed 12 times outside the cell on the fourth floor of the west bank. amar harris and at least the winds were charged. -- la amar harris -- lamar harris and lee stevens were charged. a white tank top down under stevens mattress, and works in a plastic bag in his cell all had the victim's blood on them. it was argued they are not credible because they were given plea-bargain is to testify and it was several years before they came forward with evidence. they said the crime scene was chaos and evidence was contaminated by being placed in the same bag. in the words of defense lawyers, this was a horrible and
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meaningless crime. deliberations will resume at 9:00 tomorrow morning. the other man charged in the case, lamar harris, has yet to stand trial. he has a competency hearing is scheduled in april. >> police are investigating an armed robbery in the roland park area of baltimore city. two women were leaving a restaurant in the 4800 block of roland avenue. lowell melser joins us live with more. >> police tell us the two women were robbed when they were walking to their car that was part toward the rear of the building where the restaurant is behind me here. police said this area is not a common area for violent crime. however, they are reminding folks who live around here to be extra vigilant. baltimore city police warning residents and roland park after two when a rock wall trying to get into their car. >> these petty individuals are
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targeting unsuspecting victims. we take that very seriously. be aware of your surroundings. >> police say was just before 8:00 tuesday night when the two women left the restaurant in the 4800 block of roland avenue. as they were trying to get into their car at the rear of the building, they were approached by a male suspect to threaten to shoot them if they did not give him their purses. the suspect was able to steal one of their purses and got into a struggle with the second woman before fleeing the scene. >> we have seen six police cars and it is on rolling avenue just during the time of our water. -- just during the time of our walk. >> it happens. seems like it happens once or twice a year. you just have to be careful.
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the most important thing is that they were not hurt in the process. >> customers we spoke with shared the same feelings, also expressing disappointment. >> i just think that people are desperate. there is a lot of issue with crime everywhere. it is a shame. >> represented from the corporate office that owns the restaurant tell us they are talking with the landlord and the landlord has told them he will be increasing light around this area, lighting the parking lot and increasing security in the area, making it safer. as far as the suspect in this case, police simply don't have a good description, said they are asking anyone with information to call 911. lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> stay with us, there is much more ahead on 11 news at 6 pot.
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>> the ravens and outline their priorities moving forward. weighing in on kicker billy cundiff, later in sports. >> the weather systems heading this way will likely bring rain.
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>> exelon plans to build a facility between harbour east and fells point. it plans to build a headquarters in baltimore as part of its
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$7.90 billion buyout of consolation energy. that merger still needs the approval of the public service commission. they are expected to make a decision on the deal on february 17. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> before we talk about the start of a new month, lets put january on the books. it moved up and not with the final numbers, 38.3 degrees average temperature on month. yesterday it looked like it might finish 26, but it is 25th officially. a lot of those januaries were in the 1930's. that was a warm spell around this part of the world as far as winter temperatures go. this january just past was the
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25th warmus. it just continues right into february. 70 today officially at bwi marshall. the normal is 42 degrees. still not a record. it was warmer than this back in 2002 when it was 75 degrees. a little bit a shower activity went through. a front is approaching and will be here tonight, but it will only cool things off by 10 or 15 degrees, not dramatic at all. the weather system tracking into the region will take it off the coast. with these mild temperatures around, there is no real winter threat. 67 degrees as far north as well -- as boston at this hour. appendices a county, it looks like down to the coast there will be rain -- up into cecil county. avant western maryland, temperatures are well above freezing. -- out in western maryland.
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clear to partly cloudy skies across southern pennsylvania. by tomorrow morning, 37-45 degrees. if we don't get below 50 by midnight, the lower today so far has been 50. that could be a new record for the warmest low temperature on the first of february. this mild weather is being developed almost like a bermuda high. this is a winter version of it, taking mild air of a weapon to southern new england. a stronger storm out in the rockies may get here on super bowl sunday. most of the nation is unseasonably mild, with the exception of far northern new england. there is that system passing south of us in the morning, then expect to see lots of sunshine here on friday, temperatures cool but above normal. as we get into the weekend, the western system will be approaching. even in western maryland, a 20%
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chance of a sprinkle of rain tomorrow and then sunny skies on friday. no real chance for any significant stowe in the mountains until maybe over the weekend. 55 on the eastern shore tomorrow, 75 on friday. lower eastern shore, 55 tomorrow and then sunny skies on friday. take advantage of the spring conditions to get out on the water. waves averaging about 1 foot. the temperatures could come down by 50 degrees tomorrow, but that is still above normal. a chance for rain saturday night into sunday. >> from the susquehanna bank's board center, this is 11 sports. >> a very clear vision of the direction the ravens should continue to travel. he guaranteed rate rise would return next year. he made it clear that while they
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want to continue to improve their offense, the wilma do it at the expense of spending less on the defense. -- he guaranteed ray rice would return. despite seeing lee evans dropped touchdown pass and billy cundiff's kick failed wide left, the ravens owner does not feel anger toward the ravens kicker. >> you can i get mad -- this business is about managing your mistakes and failures. inopportune things like that killed these guys, and i die with them. i don't lash out. it is just different. you end up caring for these guys. you know how much time and effort they put in, and it breaks your heart that somebody has to be the goat.
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>> they want to improve offensive line, wide receivers, and you can never have enough pass rushers. he has not made up his mind if he will even watch the super bowl on sunday. our managers would greatly appreciate it if you turn on the game, even if you cannot get emotionally invested in it. the giants and patriots have started to settle into their daily routine in indianapolis. does nots' coach change. the biggest game of the year and he still looks about as happy as a man who has some kidney stones. >> the players are very excited about getting started themselves. they have had their day of meeting and greeting and now
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they are ready to go to work. >> consistency is a big key. he is consistently one of those guys who insisted that -- the glass is half empty. >> time for tonight's super bowl text question. do you think madonna is a good choice for the halftime show? standard text messaging rates apply. since we first asked the question at 5:00, we have heard from close to 200 people. 78% say no. stay with us for a look at the forecast, right after this.
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>> the search continues for a suspect tonight after two women or robbed. injuries and property tax assessment to lier to it -- to hire too low? bge is your reason property tax bge is your reason property tax
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>> it has been so unbelievably warm. >> we are going to send a cool front through here tonight and it was still in of 13 degrees warmer than normal. 15 degrees cooler tomorrow. sunny skies on friday and rain for super bowl sunday. >> that is a look at our news. thank you for joining us. see you back here at 11:00. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group]
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