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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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put out fire fires -- fires. some are in hot water for posting how they felt about a recent dining experience. >> that volunteer posted his complaint on may 30. he and several of his fellow firefighters have been either suspended or demoted. the controversy started with a bel-air volunteer firefighter facebook posts. the post said even when myself and an engine crew are there, the manager said only military and police get discounts. >> the fire company president said he is not only angry about the post but about the comments from other firefighters that followed including, let's make
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sure they did i get a response. i smell a delayed response. >> said they dumpster on fire. -- set the dumpster on fire. >> i am embarrassed to have to stand in front of the camera and apologize for firefighters everywhere for these few individuals who believe they are entitled to some special consideration. >> 8 firefighters have been identified. the chief has suspended and recommended the terminations of three and demoted a fourth. the company has 200 members and according to him has a strict media policy. >> you cannot salemme this fire company or our citizens -- slam this fire company or our citizens or embarrass this company. >> a manager said she had no comment about the discount or the facebook activity. news of the post and the punishment has traveled quickly. >> i think it is in poor taste
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for sonic but as far as taking into facebook, i think too much is taken to facebook that should not be said in a public atmosphere. >> it is shocking to think they would not be there for a 10% discount at a fast-food joint. because you're not getting one would give you no reason to not respond to a fire. >> the disciplined firefighters are able to appeal their punishment. the ultimate decision would be left up to the board of directors. >> tonight, there is more terminaturmoil for john leopold. the aclu has proved that he improperly collected information on his so-called enemies. the organization is revealing names. >> john leopold is charged with misusing his police security
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detail to facilitate romantic encounters with a county employee and to run personal errands. he is also accused of using police to gather information about political opponents. >> is not fine for police to do that on the taxpayers' dime for the political benefit of the county executive. that is not legitimate. >> the aclu has repeatedly filed public information requests and the group has information they claim shows clinical behavior -- criminal behavior. >> does not only proves the searches were done but they were done on multiple persons and in one case there were done by someone who is not even a county police officer and would not seem to have any lawful access to the database in the first place. >> at least three people were targeted. national security agent force --
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and carl snowden. >> one of the persons conducting searches weras a retired officer who retired in 2007 and who would not seem to have any lawful access to these databases in the first place. >> the i team learned a corporal was suspended for a properly accessing of police database as part of this investigation. the aclu wants the police chief to explain. >> as the chief of police, he has an obligation to account to the citizens of anne arundel county for what happened on his watch. what he knew about it, what he is doing about it, and what he will do about it and explain how it happened. >> as for john leopold, he has vowed to fight the charges against him.
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we did reach out to the anne arundel county office for reaction. a spokesperson declined to comment. >> questions lingered after the ball toward teenagers spend a weekend in jail after she was mistakenly arrested. tiarra brown was released after being arrested. before police and prosecutors realized the war it was wrongly issued, she had spent the weekend in jail and did not attend a graduation. >> and so now this person is being held for god knows long on no bail because the commissioner issued a warrant based on a civilian's allegation and accusation which was never ever investigated. it is absurd. >> according to the district court, this situation can happen without an investigation. that is something legal analysts warn is a huge flaw in
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the system. >> that idea may have landed them in jail. a tip about a strong odor led officers to our room where they discovered a suspected meth lab. they were from out of state. >> they were traveling contractors and were in town for work. apparently, meth is their drug of choice and what they could not find it, they decided to make some themselves. >> police officers found a handgun and heroin. this man is in police custody after a massive drug bust in northwest baltimore. police arrested roger dyer. the bust netted more than $75,000 worth of crack cocaine and heroin and $20,000 in cash.
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panic -- and an extensive collection of high-powered firearms. a concerned citizen alerted police. >> a man believes the campbell killer planned to eat him as well. the victim was the attorney came forward saying that when joshua cesar came to, the man stood over with hiin life. days later, the man told investigators he ate the heart and brain of a family friend in joppatown. speculation about what could have motivated him. some suspect kenyan heritage is
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linked to the crime. >> ever since the story broke, everyone has been wondering what could have pushed a promising college student to allegedly commit a cannibalistic acts in his home. leaders of the canyon-american community are concerned that some believe the link is to their culture. the gruesome story of a college student turned alleged calomel -- cannibal is drawing worldwide attention. the debate generated over 600 comments on the huffington post including one that reads what is up with these kenyans? first it was dogs and then it is people. a leader in the kenyan-american
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crime is disgusted by the crime and the negative stereotypes it is generating. >> grossly misinformed. it does not happen. it does not happen. >> he describes the community as close-knit and reeling from the charges against him. he is hopeful it will not be tainted by the speculation swirling about what may have driven one of his countrymen to commit such a heinous act. >> we understand it. we have seen at all. we have seen everything. there's nothing we have not seen here. and amerians are --americans are enlightened people. this is an isolated incident. >> police tell us they have yet to identify his alleged motive but they are considering all possibilities. he is being held without bond
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on first-degree murder charges. >> another story that is getting a lot of national attention after a knockdown, drag out political fight that has dragged on for more than a year. scott walker has been -- beaten back a charge. this is a live look from wisconsin. his supporters are excited and he is expected to speak at any moment. the rising republican star becomes the first governor in u.s. history to survive a recall attempt. >> the president engaged in a legislative bill that was hotly contested. senate republicans blocked a democratic bill calling for equal pay in the workplace. barbara mikulski sponsored a failed to legislation. >> when i got and talk to my constituents, they say to me,
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they're mad as hell and they do not want to take it anymore. if they go to school and get the job, they do the job, they want to be paid for their jobs and we agree with them. >> democrats fell short of the 60 votes needed to move the measure forward. the paycheck fairness act would have barred companies from retaliating against employees who inquire about their pay and would allow workers to seek punitive damages. opponents contend the bill would open the door to more lawsuits against employers. president obama did get some good news on the war on terrorism. the u.s. military confirmed the second in command was killed in a drone strike in pakistan. abu yahya al libi helped transform al qaeda into a terrorist movement, winning converts all the world. jury selection resumes on the gerry sandusky sex abuse trial.
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nine jurors were chosen today. the former penn state assistant football coach faces 52 criminal counts for alleged sexual abuse of 10 boys. jurors are being picked from people live in state college, the same place where the main campus is located. >> queen elizabeth ii marked the final and no doubt exhausting fourth day of celebrating with a thank you. the queen did thank her subjects for what she calls the countless kindnesses shown terror. they wrapped up a grand party for the mottaki. -- monarchy. >> baltimore was the star spangled celebration is officially here. this morning marked the kickoff event.
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the celebration get started next wednesday with more than 40 tall ships and naval war vessels navigating through the harbor. we hope you will tune in to our celebration on june 13 at 7:00 p.m. right here on wbal tv 11. >> maryland took a gamble on casinos. officials learned if lady luck is smiling on the state. >> on the eve of another opening, we will look at the state of gaming in maryland. >> full month to master agreements, eclipses, en el live planet transits. we will tell you more about it. cool weather conditions but there is a substantial warmup in the seven-day forecast. down to
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>> we are less than 24 hours away from the opening of the largest casino in maryland. doors to the 4000 slot casino opened tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. maryland live will be the first to cash in. the casinos currently generated $14 million. nos have been cash cows for the state, generating $150 million. 5% is supposed to be used for
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small businesses but critics say the process is too slow. >> be prepared to fasten your cosmic seat belts. scientists and amateurs were excited about an extremely rare celestial event called a transit of venus. >> it kind of looked like a beauty mark. that was venus passing between the earth than the sun. a cosmic spectacle called the transit of venice. -- venus. this was the last in -- a once in a lifetime ban. >> it only happens twice every 130 years. >> these events provide a unique opportunity to study things that are relatively difficult to
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understand. >> light -- like the atmosphere of venus. >> this represents one of the best ways we have to detect and measure properties of planets around other stars. >> to celebrate, museums and observatories around the world through viewing parties like this once at johns hopkins university. and it was standing room only. >> people really love the sky and they are interested in what is going on out there. >> we hope this is a good opportunity to understand more about the universe around them. >> it is too dangerous to look at the sun. it was through specially filtered telescopes and eclipse glasses that millions of people looked up around the world. >> astronomy in some ways as the most democratic science. anybody can go out and observe an event like this. >> a spectacle that will not be seen again for another century. >> there it goes.
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look at it going! it was almost perfectly round. >> anything is possible but it did happen. >> it will not happen again. it is on the cool side but it is june and this boardwalk will get busy. this is from ocean city. it has been a cold day with the breeze coming off the ocean. check out the temperatures. 52 degrees at ocean city. not quite getting in the water beach weather but it is still nice down there. things will gradually warms up over the course of the next couple of days. 67 in downtown. 59 at cambridge. 57 at salisbury. 48 degrees in the mountains. we started at 39 add mccarren
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ray. we were kind of cool here, too. 56 at bwi marshall. we ended up 10 degrees cooler than normal. it will be milder tomorrow but still below normal. that big area of low pressure in the upper atmosphere and off the coast. some spotty showers through parts of maryland and virginia. there are some showers in the mountains to the west but out here, a partly cloudy sky. 51 to 59. high pressure is combining to drawdown that cool air to the mid atlantic. to the west is warmer. these were high temperatures this afternoon. much warmer in international falls.
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86 in denver. 90 oklahoma city. 94 in rapid city. some of that he will get here early and into next week. some sun in the morning and some spotty showers. same thing on thursday. hit and miss showers and a drier weather pattern on friday and warmer into the weekend. 20% chance of a shower late in the day. the south wind in the bay with waves averaging 1 foot. dry and sunny for the upcoming weekend. cool in the morning and mild in the afternoon. on the coast, look for temperatures around 70. 20% of a shower. noticeably warmer 80's as we go into the weekend. in mid-70 tomorrow around baltimore. about normal for saturday,
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sunday, and monday. >> in celebration -- a celebration turns into agony. come back for something you did not expect. trust me on this one. >> across america with mega jackpot. it is mega millions. >> it is tuesday, the june 5. see if we can make you a millionaire tonight. the first number tonight is 37, 39, 55, 53. the final white ball is 42. the megaball number is 22. 37, 39, 55, 53, 22. 37, 39, 55, 53, 22.
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>> night of the redo. they were at fenway bgut wibut d
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up with a two run win. adam jones on the left. o's in front. o's up by one in the sixth. sweeney comes into score, tied at three. o's up one again. you can make that not so much. steve pierce -- it is a two run lead. two outs and two strikes. a two run home run. a save of the season for jim
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johnson. top of the tenth, a single up the middle. beating red six eight-six in 10 innings. anotherday, i'll have faces the final test. if he wins he becomes the first triple crown winner since the firm. the trainer likes what he has seen from his horse this week on the track. >> what i am looking for is energy level and his stride and he looked fantastic to me. john a. garcia who gets on him thought he felt great so we were happy with his warning trading today. >> the workers have used the attention for leveraging their
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cause to amplify and crack -- threats to go on strike before saturday. they want higher wages and lower health-care costs. they will need a backup plan in place for the crowd of more than 100,000 expected to attend saturday belmont. most college football players have a dream of making it to the nfl. that dream came true for eric legrand. he made it in a wheelchair. he suffered a spinal injury that left him a quadriplegic. his coach had since become the tampa bay buccaneers' head coach. the contract has no salary but comes with an official preseason roster spot. on nfl team. they delivered an emotional talk, delivered by someone who
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knows something about facing life's challenges. >> i want them to appreciate everything they have. they are getting paid for something they love to do. that is something i always wanted to do. i do not take things for granted out there. >> a powerful message from an nfl rookie. stick around. stick around.
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>> tomorrow, 75 degrees. a couple of sprinkles in the afternoon. back to normal friday. above normal on the weekend. >> hav
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