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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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today might have been a washout but sunday is shaping up to be sunnier and warmer. >> live, local, and late- breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good evening. authorities in aurora, of all, are working to clear danger is explosive material from the apartment of jarrettsville pike who's suspected of killing 12 people and injuring dozens more during the premier of the latest batman movie. holmes rigged his apartment with explosives and chemicals designed to kill ever entered a it. >> a plume of black smoke as tactical teams detonate explosives pulled from james holmes apartmentthose bombs and to the pain and frustration and
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chief tourora's police is boiling point. >> we are angry. as happened to these wonderful people and what he threatened to do to one of our police officers. >> with the explosive bond and fbi evidence response teams scouring the apartment looking for any clues that could help them understand how and why this happened. ♪ >> i once was lost ♪ >> answer that so many are searching for as well as they suffer through their loss and try to piece together what comes next. >> this violence has to stop. >> of memorial is growing, honoring the injured and fallen. he celebrating his 27th birthday tomorrow. jessica was a budding sports caster. another just graduated from high school.
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another was a college student. tw servero as men were killed. -- two server is men were killed. >> a valued member of our team. an extremely dedicated sailor. >> gordon was the oldest victim. 6 year old veronica the youngest. her mom had gunshot victims to grab him in. nine are in critical condition dealing with the pain of their wounds. >> it is something we do not understand your request the emotional scars which may take longer to heal. president obama will travel to colorado on sunday to visit with family members of the victims. there will be a citywide memorial tomorrow night. >> investigators are looking into the smoke devices that james holmes reportedly used
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during the shooting rampage. devices like tear-gas canisters and pepper spray grenades are not meant for civilians. law enforcement uses them for crowd control. authorities warned they could be dangerous in the wrong hands. >> it causes burning of the skin and eyes, closing of the eyes. respiratory issues. nose would be running. they would be coughing, gagging and choking. >> as far as the colorado attack goes, it is not clear what smoke device is the suspect used or where he got them. president obama has ordered all u.s. flags lowered to half staff as a sign of respect for the victims. flags at the white house and military installations will remain at half staff until sunset next wednesday. a people were injured and taken to area hospitals after a four wheeler tipped over. it happened after 10:00 p.m.
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this evening. baltimore county police are investigating the accident. police in carroll county are investigating a multi built a car crash this evening in mt. airy. if an accident happened at the intersection of route 27 and south main street before 7:00 p.m. there were multiple injuries. no word on what caused the crash. howard county police have identified the man killed and a car crash this afternoon in ellicott city f. the accident happened at 1:45. police say 87-year-old harold's truck ran off the road and struck a tree. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the accident was partially caused by the driver's failure to reduce speed. day two of the 31st annual artscape festival has wrapped up. attendance is lower than in years past because of the wet weather. we are live on the festival with more. >> day two, all day was
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dominated by the rain. that had an impact on attendance and sales. they are hoping for a comeback on sunday. ♪ as they say, the show must go on but it seems so far the rain is trying hard to drown out the main attractions at artscape 2012. largest free arts festival usually brings more than 300,000 people to baltimore over the weekend. this year, even the organizers admit the crowd numbers are down thanks to wet weather. >> there is the italian market. locus point. >> art is imitating life for victoria who is trying to sell her watercolor paintings of baltimore. >> the rain, we have to wrap
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everything in plastic and people are afraid to take it. they/''re ok. >> what is ok is the rain. it is a welcome sight compared to the oppressive heat that has been a staple the last several years. >> yes. a nice change. >> this is not make any difference. heat does not bother us. >> the weather has not affected the quality or quantity of the art. some of the new exhibits include one that is called a -tent-sion. where people have made art of tents. this is a full metal face can change expression when you pull these levers. it's the kind of creativity that could give this year's attendance a comeback on sunset. >> come mdonw. they have panchos. it is only a little bit of rain and the artist could use your support.
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>> the hours for artscape tomorrow are 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. >> festival goers will have some dreier and warmer weather to look forward to. >> this evening was not bad. all night tonight and tomorrow morning we may see some drizzle and some fog yhbut the rain moved south. to north carolina. we have this easterly breeze with moisture coming off the atlantic ocean. that will produce low clouds. they could produce a few sprinkles. i do not think we will get the kind of rain we get this morning and early afternoon. what about down the road? it warms up and it gets wet again. >> still toc ome, elijah cummings is recognized for work he did 50 years ago.
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michael phelps and ryan lochet are ready to take home a gold.
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>> naacp has come of with a manual to help discuss sexually transmitted diseases with congregations. the book was released at its july convention. officials say they felt it was important to bring attention to hiv and its impact on the african-american community. religious leaders say that african-american churches have been reluctant to discuss the issue. congressman elijah cummings was awarded for his work on a paper route 50 years ago. the newspaper recognized him and several other paper boys and girls during its 120th anniversary celebration. the paper is along this running african-american family owned newspaper in the nation. he delivered papers from 1960-
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1964. >> the afro is many things. it has prepared me for this moment. >> the awards -- was attended by the lieutenant governor and the brown and a new program will give baltimore police access to private security cameras throughout the city. it will allow police to review security footage from cameras at small businesses and convenience stores. the program is voluntary and funded by a $53,000 grant. let's take another look at the weather. a wet day to day but an improvement. >> we may not totally erase the drizzle, but it should be better tomorrow. there is some heat and the forecast. it is kind of cool this evening. 68 at
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>> now your 11 insta-weather- plus forecast with john collins. >> a lot of rain around the area
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this morning. not up here. we have clouds but the rain has slipped to the south, some sprinkle activity on parts of the eastern shore well south of annapolis. the big storms are in the carolinas. we're not done with the rain chance yet. more on that coming up and a minute. today, the rain an inch and 2.10 at the airport. that was some pretty generous rain this morning since midnight. and early afternoon before things wound down to drizzle. it's ddry this evening. i hope they do better at artscape. tomorrow looks better. 87 is the typical high. here is what it looks like with the high clouds, the rainmakers south of us. we have low clouds. we have a wind coming out of the northeast. waves traveling along this
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front. helped to stir things up. that looks like things are calming down. the most unsettled weather will be south of us tomorrow. we have that northeasterly wind, a lot of moisture in the atmosphere coming off the atlantic ocean. tonight we could see drizzle and fog in in the overnight hours. as the effects of the northeast wind with the cooler air over the central part of the nation coming in. the yellow to the south, hot conditions in the middle part of the nation. our forecast -- cloudy and cool. light rain and fog a possibility but not a soaking. 63-67. the winds will be calm. overnight tonight, a coastal flood advisory in effect for the counties on the west shore of the bed. that wind fetch, plus the high
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tides that will be around overnight tonight may cause minor flooding along the coast line. insta-weather futurecast. the computer was to generate some kind of light rain activity in the area, and the overnight hours. again, see all of the clouds as spotty. mostly drizzle but it does tend to break up during the day tomorrow. we have a better chance of seeing sun breaks during the day tomorrow. i saw a blue sky this evening for three minutes. i think we will have a better chance at mostly cloudy tomorrow which means some sunbreaks. in the morning, a little fog or drizzle is a possibility. southeast winds will be light. the winds do swing around during the day from north east to southeast. 81-85, a high. boaters, of east wins 10 knots. ocean city, a higher range chance for tuesday.
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the weekend comes out all right along the boardwalk. our forecast -- limited range chance tomorrow. 82 the high. temperatures go up. around 90. >> the olympic flame traveled around london today on his first full day in the city. the torch started at the prime meridian in greenwich. it will visit two venues around london. by the time it reaches the stadium for opening ceremonies of friday, the torch will have traveled 8,000 miles in 70 days. the u.s. olympic swimmers michael phelps and ryan lochet squeez in last-minute trading. michael phelps says he is feeling strong turnout. he is the favorite to win gold. lochte says the u.s. team is definitely prepared. >> it is the olympics. we trained 4 years for that
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moment. there is no doubt in my time net team usa will be ready. you try to go back to training, to try to find some of the things you did wrong. >> swimming events at the olympics will begin on july 28, the day after opening ceremonies. you can catch every olympic moment here on wbal-tv 11. the opening ceremony begins on friday, july 27. you can watch the olympics zone each night at 7:30. baseball. quite a power surge for the orioles. >> can the orioles extending their winning streak? highlights coming up next. >> it is america's favorite jackpot game. get those tickets already.
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>> now 11 sports. >> good evening. last year it took the orioles until august 24 to win their 50th game of the season. going into tonight, the orioles have 49 victories. the orioles can make it four straight wins with a victory tonight over the indians. in cleveland, ohio.
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trying to rebound after a bad start five days ago. the leadoff home run. he got help from the defense. jack hand-in-hand drives, a diving catch. he setttles down. the sixth inning. travis swinging to end the inning. he allows that lead off homer to chu. ht field.igt ryan flaherty to deep center field, 430 feet. a monster blast. more than and not for jim johnson. the orioles went 3-1. baltimore winds their 50th game
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of the year, their fourth straight. tiger woods had 14 major championships to his name and number 15 has proved elusive. tiger not what the majors since the last time we saw this many political ads on tv. that was the u.s. open in june, 2008, a chance for woods to end that drought tomorrow. round one today. a great major today. some great golf today. this a par 3, a nine iron hole in one. to tiger, shooting from 50 feet away. he buries it to go to minus 5. your leader is adam scott. to save par on the tenth. yes, for scott. he was rolling.
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he has been so consistent. to 18 as he tries to make a birdie putt here. no, not quite. he is in the lead, for shot. 18 holes away from his first major. tiger woods is in contention. >> adam is in a great spot. he is playing really well. he is going for his first major title. so he is in a very good spot. >> it does not seem to be very much of this year on any golf tournament i have watched. that does not mean a lot. >> adam scott is your leader and the open championship. he is -- he has never won a major. he's tied with mcdowell. minus 6. the masters champ bob watson is not tied for tenth. tomorrow is an adoption day --
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cooperstown, n.y.. a shortstop is going into the hall of fame who played each and every year for his hometown team. it is not cal ripken. it is barry larkin. larkin was drafted in 1985 by his hometown of cincinnati reds. spend every day playing for the reds. he won mvp in 1995. also, santo will be enshrined. he passed away in june, 2010. they will reach a legendary status tomorrow in cooperstown. stay with us. john is back with your seventh
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>> we could get spritz done overnight. a little fog that may last into the first few hours tomorrow. the rain chances are minimal tomorrow. a better chance for a son break. 82 the high. rain chances spite again monday and tuesday and will be up around 90 for the high. and humid. try wednesday and thursday. more rain chances the end of next week. we go to a wetter. >> 82 sounds great. thanks for joining us. we will see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. curtis "saturday night live" is next. vice president biden's still in there? >> yes, mr. president. >> joe, it's me, barack. can i come in? >> you mean president jerk face? >> coming in, joe.


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