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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 8, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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relocation would be advised not to allow a license. the bill does not set the number of table games but they would be taxed at 20%. to ease concerns about competition, the legislation allows baltimore city and reindl -- and anne arundle the scene as to -- casinos to keep revenue. >> this is not so much about what we want. it is about what we need to get behind us. >> the state comptroller released a letter urging legislators to voluntarily disclose all contributions from national gambling interests. the letter raises several issues. unintended consequences of cannibalizing existing casinos
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and uprising the entire program. he cites mgm reserves which wants to open a casino in prince george's, alleged ties to chinese organized crime perry he's -- organized crime. this is an illustration of the curse of a fact of special- interest money. >> in this bill you may know that there is a prohibition on donations from casino operators to the general assembly. >> the bill also includes a provision inserted by speaker bush making sure that local share money that goes all ready to local jurisdictions who oppose casinos does not decline because of the additional competition. >> maryland and local officials are upset after learning the sparrows point steel mill was sold to a liquidator at a lower price than expected. the location has been put out for auction after the owner
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filed for bankruptcy in june. baltimore county officials add representatives of the steelworkers' union had hoped two steelmaking companies would make bids. also objecting, the attorney general who said he was not able to review the sales documents and negotiations were not complete. the u.s. bankruptcy court in delaware must approve it. that hearing is scheduled for august 15. >> the board of estimate close down a previously agreed upon settlement of $150,000 for the family of a baltimore teen who was purposely left in howard county without his shoes, socks, and a cell phone by city police. we spoke with the teen's attorney about the decision and we're live from city hall with the story. >> it was a strange story. the three officers accused of kidnapping the teen, bringing him to howard county as -- and virtually leaving him there. three officers were dealt with internally. the mayor feels this is enough
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and city taxpayers should not have to pay for the officers' mistakes. >> it was crazy. i was shocked. >> that was michael johnson in 2009 days after he said 3 city police officers forced him and a friend into a van in the 1600 block of north gilmore street. johnson was dropped off in a rural part of howard county along route 40 and he had to walk to this gas station to call 911 for help. >> the police beat me up, i am outside the city. they have me all the way out here but i do not know where i am matt. >> they drop you off and maybe you up? >> yes. >> i am at a gas station but i do not know where i am mad. >> two of the three officers were found guilty of misconduct -- misconduct. the family sued the city for $100 million and agreed upon a $150,000 settlement.
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the judge said the board of estimates had to approve it. on wednesday the board shot the settlement down. >> my job is to set the policy and directions for the city and i do not believe the taxpayers should shoulder the burden for aying for these individuals' conduct. >> the officers had been dealt with and the burden should not fall on taxpayers, the mayor said. >> this is strange and unusual but the city turns around and says we agree and it was recommended, it was a good settlement. now we will default. >> johnson's attorney said he has never seen anything like the decision claming the settlement was a done deal and the mayor and the rest of the board are wrong. >> this is horrible to turn around and say we're not going to stand behind baltimore city police officers. we're going to have our own interpretation of the law. >> the judge said -- in the
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original case said if something like this happened he would set a trial date immediately. at this point it will go through the appellate court process to see if they can force the city to pay. we're live outside of city hall today, wbal tv 11 news. >> five new speed cameras to know about while driving in baltimore county. all the locations are near schools. kim dacey is live in towson with details. >> starting today, there is a 30-day grace period for this camera so if you get caught, you'll be mailed a warning instead of a ticket but after that, it will cost you. >> almost everyone cutting through is speeding. it is daily. all hours of the night. every single day. there's a lot of children in the
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community, and a lot of elderly people try to cross the streets. >> that is why people live in the area are glad to see a new addition to their neighborhood. a speed camera. >> i think it will get people's attention to know that they should not be going too fast. >> i have two kids, 9 and 5. i agree it will be safer for them. people will be getting caught for speeding from now want. >> there all in school zones along johnnycake road in catonsville, register avenue in townsend, a wise avenue in the end of, and near owings mills elementary bringing the total number of 227. >> beating in neighborhoods and communities is one of the most common complaints that we -- speeding in neighborhoods and communities is one of the most common complaints that we have. we're looking for ways to help
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control speed in neighborhoods. the speed camera is one tool that allows us to do that. >> if you're caught going more than 12 hours over the posted speed limit, no points will go on your license but you will be mailed a ticket for 40 bucks. folks are glad the camera is here and they're hopeful it will help in more ways than one. >> it may -- it is a lot more crowded than it needs to be. >> i hope it is very successful. if they keep up long enough, people will come down -- calm down there speeding. >> to get the exact location of the speed cameras, you can visit our website, click on news. >> thank you. team baltimore racing is revealing its newest addition. expected to be driven by mark bunting during the grand prix
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weekend. >> this is spec class so i will be racing against similar cars and their limited things we can change. it is a driver's class. the advantage is with the drivers. >> bunting retired in 2008 but came out of retirement after fighting at the baltimore grand prix would be held here. he hopes this would put baltimore in the last -- national spotlight. a traveler due to the construction of the grand prix track. the goal is to finish pratt street in this latest phase. officials are looking to close pratt street from light to south street from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. >> beach volleyball has created a lot of buzz at the games in london. the women's competition will wrap up with what promises to be a spirited finale.
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night at the a beach for the united states. the scene of an all-american showdown for beach volleyball gold. the two defending champions against april ross. >> we have not been on the podium at all with them so it will be a nice experience to hear the national anthem altogether. >> there will be no anthems for the u.s. men's indoor volleyball team. there were eliminated today in the quarterfinals by italy. >> they played well. >> the soccer when looking to avenge the world cup loss. -- women looking to avenge the world cup loss. >> medals were not the point. she wrote a page in the history
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books. >> to have so many people reporting -- supporting me is a huge honor. >> she was her nation's first female olympians in track and field. >> earlier in our text question of the day, we asked which team had you found most impressive? >> 61% like to jennings. you can still texture favorite to 8509. >> replay the 1500-meter race and see matt centrowitz's finish. it is all on >> there is more attack ads and
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unusual. >> war and where they're coming for -- coming from. >> the orioles are making it five straight and they're looking to a local pitcher. >> dorms and under char's become more numerous. -- storms and thundershowers are becoming more numerous. 86 downtown. 86 downtown.
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>> both parties are investing
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heavily in opposition research. >> a superpac is spending its million solely for the purpose of digging of there. sally kidd has been in command 2012 report. >> superpacs are hauling in huge sums of money and most of it is bent on -- spent on political ads. >> welcome to the world of opposition research. >> this is our research and tracking and communication have. >> it is all about calling them out. holding them accountable. >> this is the room of the progress of american bridge 21st century. it spends its millions digging up the third on republican candidate. >> every vote they have taken, every public stance they have taken on an issue, their business dealings.
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>> the latest offering, a website showing their research on potential running mates for -- mitt romney. >> we're seeing some of the groups on the right as well. innovate to meet demand from voters to have more information, have more substance, have things in more real time. >> republicans supporting superpacs spend most of their millions on an ounce. leaving most of the research to the republican party. >> we have a war room that is literally 24-7. >> they're tracking every utterance and gesture made by president obama. taiex we're going to use his own words and is on record against him. >> as the race heats up, so will the search for more political ammunition to take the opponent out. in washington, sally kidd, wbal tv 11 news. >> now your 11 insta-weatherplus
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forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> we have a few isolated showers around the area today. none of them hitting bwi marshall. the renne deficit continues to grow. no precipitation measure their today. we're below 8.77 inches below normal. this is one snapshot of the weather conditions in that part of anne arundel county. a little more as far as heavy downpours go. today at the airport, the official high was 89. the normal was 86. a little above normal. thankfully no where near this record high which was 102 degrees in 2007. around the area, it is still warm and humid and a shower mel -- may still pop up. we're seeing some isolated showers redevelop.
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temperatures in the mid- to the upper 80's. 79 showing up there. the risk of a thunderstorm in the next couple of hours. partly cloudy and light winds. lows ranging from 69 to about 77 downtown. one friend to the south has been sitting there for couple of days. stalling in virginia and the carolinas and fading away. a new front pushing south to chicago where it is only 76. this is moving in our direction thursday and friday. that brings a better chance for storms and the rain chances go of little tomorrow. you will see that on insta- weatherplus futurecast. on friday as the front moves in we're expecting an operable low pressure to enhance the activity along the front. you see widespread showers and thunderstorms friday afternoon and some of that might linger into the first part of our
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weekend. the deeper into the weekend we get the better the weather will be for outdoor activities. tomorrow partly cloudy. wynns at the south and the rest of the late dave thunderstorm, sunrise at 6:00 a.m. -- 6:14 a.m. in the mountains thunderstorms returning. a nice day and around the 80's. sum the% chance of getting some showers and storms in the mountains of -- on friday. cool temperatures in the mountains, 70's for the highs. swarmer on the eastern shore, 20% of the chance of storms. showers lingering into saturday. the thunderstorm chances will be increasing in a little bit for the next two or three days into the first part of the weekend. tropical storm ernesto moving
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across the far southern sections of the gulf of mexico. not bringing any rain into the united states. staying to the south and cutting back into mexico over the next few days and fizzling out down there. 90 around baltimore and cooler with showers and storms on friday. randy bring off saturday and a good deal of sunshine on sunday. >> from the susquehanna bank support center, this is 11 sports. >> good evening. last night for the orioles was a microcosm of their entire season. a disappointing by the star pitcher. high drama. not the start he was looking for. a three run shot. and they got to hit the comeback trail. two on with the birds down by three.
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tieing the game up at seven. this would provide a lot of free baseball downtown. adam joes at a tie game. and omar would score and the orioles win. 8-7. will ore's steve johnson make his first big-league start. >> the preseason presents a golden opportunity for young players to get acclimated to the nfl. the last one -- he barely played
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for a variety of reasons but he has been practicing better and there is a huge need for extra passing with the injury loss of tyrrell suggs. >> we're very optimistic because we have seen him practice. sergio will give us a pass rush and to what extent, we will have to wait and see but he is playing very well. >> de 13 in london and we are nearing the end for men's volleyball. the u.s. defending their title against italy. quarterfinal action in the first set. david lee will try and send home right here and he does just that. the u.s. of 14-9. the italians will answer in this match. italy with the winner right there. set and match for italy right here and u.s. on the verge of being eliminated. matt anderson cannot handle it
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here for the united states and that is all the italians will lead to advance the semifinals. the men's volleyball team eliminated today by italy. we're back with your seven-day forecast next.
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>> a warning for parents. gestingildren are inte tiny
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>> very fuad but i did not see any showers. any showers. >> showers and storms will
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