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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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in canton. bu [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] good evening. the big story tonight, tropical storm is it is gaining strength and still targeting the gulf coast tonight. embassy officials are urging residents to make sure they have an evacuation plan in place and that they are ready for what could be a category 2 hurricane by the time that it makes landfall. jay gray is in fort myers, fla., tonight. >> it is a beautiful light along the off shoreline, but these conditions will be changing dramatically over the next couple days. isaac continues to hit the caribbean. at least four people were killed as high winds and heavy rain
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ripped apart shelters in haiti. >> everybody from louisiana to florida is watching this carefully, making initial preparations. >> in fort myers, that include sandbags. >> is the size of this born that we are concerned with. th>> events scheduled for monda, the first day of the republican national convention, have been pushed back to tuesday because of the storm. >> it is better for public safety. >> emergency teams are ready to move in when isaac moves through. >> there are over 800 aid workers in florida. as the storm decides where to go, we're able to move those resources at. >> the current forecast tracked it shows the storm going to a category 2 hurricane with 100
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m.p.h. wind before landfall. >> that is a lot of warm water for the hurricane, and it could easily intensify if it holds together. >> holding things together could become increasingly difficult as the conditions take a turn for the worse at a place that before the storm looks like paradise. paradise preparing for hurricane conditions possibly by the end of the weekend. >> with many people bracing and florida, here, we're not as concerned, but we still talk about the weather. >> we could still see the effects by the end of next week. we certainly will not have the heavy wind associated with the storm, but we definitely could see the rain. for now, some of the rain totals around the area, to show the difference on what we're dealing with. on the eastern shore, almost 3.5
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inches of rain over 12 hours. closer to home, annapolis, just under 0.2 inches of rain, and in cockeysville about the same. it is something that we are watching into the evening, and those numbers could rise as we head into the early morning. bwi, 73 degrees, mostly cloudy skies. there is a little bit of rain in the forecast through monday, on and off, and we will show you why coming up. boy read about the effect of isaac, the republican party is the link their plan to have the republican national convention. they will convene briefly on monday and immediately go into recess until tuesday afternoon. they believe that is when the worst of the storm will have passed. this is the second republican convention in a row to be delayed by severe weather. the convention in 2008 was also
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delayed. the first man to walk on the moon has died. >> that is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> 82-year-old neil armstrong passed away today following complications from a cardiovascular procedures. he was a hero to many, but the former navy commander described himself as a nerdy engineer and rarely appeared in public after gaining fame. neil armstrong, dead at 82. a man many consider to be an icon in canton has died. patrick mccusker has died of -- after getting hit by a bus while riding a bike and ocean city. >> here is the skinny.
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when nobody else felt comfortable opening a restaurant and canton, he did it. when there was a chance to give back to the committee, he did it. this picture says it all. it is a sad day in canton. patrick mccusker died friday night in a cycling accident. he is considered a pioneer of canton and a civic giant across the region. >> he touched a lot of lives. host a funeral for him, you'd have to have it at the stadium. >> the 49-year-old father and husband of two was killed and ocean city when he collided with a city bus while he was riding one coastal highway. the circumstances are under investigation. and we loved him. we're very sorry. >> in 1994, on elvis birthday, he nacho mama's.
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>> the joke was always out where they opened it. some of his best friends are the people that did not think it would last a month. >> the success led to his equally popular mama's on the half shell and a revitalized canton. but he had another passion, philanthropy. he was a big supporter of the believe in tomorrow children's house at johns hopkins. from fundraisers to serving more than 16,000 restaurant meals to sick kids and their parents, his humanity set the bar high. >> he gave food to inner city schools for good grades. he is one of those people who symbolized all of the good aspects of our community. >> there was a memorial saturday as word of the crash spread. as the sun set, friends, restaurants -- residents, and
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restaurant regulars gathered. >> we lost a real leader today. >> his funeral is scheduled for this wednesday at the cathedral of mary our queen. in southwest baltimore, what was reported as a cutting has turned into a homicide. it happened at about 11:00 yesterday morning. the police arrived and found a 70-year-old suffering from stab wounds. the detectives believe the victim had been engaged in a verbal and physical confrontation with a male suspect. the suspect armed himself for this sharp object and stabbed him in the torso. he then fled. he was taken to shock trauma, but later died. there is a person of interest. coming up, a frightening moment for passengers of a fairy and massachusetts. 149 people stranded in the
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harbor. plus, lance armstrong at a recent event, just days after being stripped of his titles after a little doping investigations.
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a powerful explosion has shaken venezuela's largest oil refinery, killing 19 people. that is willing officials say a gas leak exploded and ignited to storage -- two sotrage tanks. the energy minister said the explosion caused significant damage to the plant and nearby community. venezuela is the largest oil exporter in south america. a passenger ferry ran aground in boston harbor saturday morning. 149 people and a dog or on board. nobody was hurt. if a passenger captured this video. the cap -- the coast guard said
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it happened during foggy conditions. the boat ran aground erase small island in boston harbor. another ferry came out to rescue the stranded passengers. one day after a lifetime ban by the u.s. anti-dumping agency, lance armstrong was compete and a bicycle race. it was a mountain bike competition in colorado. he said thursday that he is dropping his legal battle with them over the allegations of illegal substance use. they have recommended that he be stripped of his seven tour de france titles. we dodge some bullets tonight with the weather. we were able to get the orioles game in, but there could be changed tomorrow morning and monday as well. outside right now, it is a nice evening in baltimore city.
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the temperatures are hanging in the 70's.
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the first day of school is
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monday for many students, and some are still without supplies. but there was an event this afternoon where they held a back-to-school block party. the organizations provided free school supplies to over 200 children. >> we know some of them cannot afford it, some of them needed. >> the kids also enjoyed free food and games to kick off the start of school. parental rain in north carolina has flooded parts of roanoke rapids. smith church road was under water after 7 inches of rain fell overnight. emergency officials say 80 homes have been damaged. interstate 95 would shut down because of the flooding. three people were stranded and a car and rescued. the interstate has since been reopened.
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the flooding as part of a low that has moved inland, bringing us this precipitation. luckily, we are not in any of it, just a couple showers north of annapolis. the eastern shore is getting pounded right now around ocean city. some spots on the eastern shore, almost 4 inches of rain within the last 12 hours. coastal flooding advisory's there. the rainfall seems misleading only because the main rain gauge is at bwi-marshall, with just a trace of rain, well below the year to date normal, almost 8 inches under. the temperatures today, 80 degrees at the airport, pretty much normal, and the low temperature was 70, a little above normal, nothing to worry about.
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the correct temperature right now, looking good. the 76 downtn, 73 at the airport, 73 ocean city. hancock, western maryland, 67 degrees. high 60's in pennsylvania. the current weather shows this big mess. the low that is associated with this, just hanging around. earlier this evening, at 6:00, it was over the atlantic. it has moved in, which is why the showers have come in. on the back end is where we have more rain into the early morning hours, probably until about 10:00. we're also watching this system, which if you think about it, i think this will move through wednesday or thursday, as isaac comes up from the gulf. with these two systems, there is a possibility they could merge. there is enough high pressure that it will probably dissipate
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or push in the direction where we will probably get some rain by the end of the week, but at this point it does not seem too bad. but things could change. tonight, cloudy conditions, on and off showers, 65-73. the future-cast, the early morning showers coming in. 11:30 tomorrow, spots in northern baltimore county could have a shot of heavy downpours. about 3:30 in the afternoon, and into sunday evening, a couple of more showers. tomorrow, cloudy conditions, morning showers, 70% chance, on an offering. 77-82. ocean city looks good, low 80's, chance of rain sunday. thunderstorms tuesday. the tropics, there is isaac, moving through the gulf of mexico, becoming a category 2 hurricane.
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that will be as it touches the mainland, between louisiana and florida. 80's most of the week, a chance of rain sunday, monday, and tuesday. we have the question here saturday. will isaac have an impact? stay tuned. a tremendous serious for the orioles. and a celebration of orioles history. >> we will check in on that and a couple of people who were honored tonight, including moose. get ready, everybody, this is powerball. tonight, we have a guaranteed jackpot worth $60 million.
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good luck. 7, 20 -- in washington, the proud winner of $2 million, 6, 1, 49. and tonight's winning powerball number, 23. there are many ways to win, so check your tickets carefully.
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win total from 2011, matched. the 2012 orioles continue to ro ll, but atypical tonight, they did so with these. induction into the orioles' hall of fame.
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both honors well learned. rough start for steve johnson, the field-position to changeup. encarnacion crushes it. adam jones, a double play ball, the run scores. that set the tone. bottom 5, jones come this time with no assistance from the blue jays. the single scores two, the orioles in front. steve johnson said plan. six strikeouts, six innings, just two runs allowed. j.j. hardy puts the game out of reach, very high and just for enough to left. two-run shot, 17th of the season. that gives baltimore record of 69-57, there when total matching last year, something worth noting for fans and media folks,
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but not the manager. bu>> no. think yout -- i don't will find anybody in the locker room who knows that unless you tell them. if somebody said that was the benchmark issue, who said that? >> well said. elsewhere, turmoil, the red sox imploded their team, sending ez, beckett,la crawford, and another to the dodgers. the yankees have failed to put the division away. in cleveland, not michael brantley. the pitcher would like to do that over. his only mistake of the game, 3- 0. the yankees left nine runners on base.
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1-7 with runners in scoring position, and the loss, 3-1. the standings in the east, the orioles move a game closer of tampa, just four games behind the yankees. the wild-card standings, the orioles are tied with oakland for the second wild-card spot, just a half-game behind tampa for the first. detroit is on the outside looking in. the little league world series, between tennessee and california, one for the ages. tennessee jumped out, lorenzo bought or with the game of his night. his third three-run homer of the afternoon. in the little league, no lead is safe. in the sixth, the 10-run lead is gone. the home run, dream moment, extra innings. 15-15. then tennessee takes ownership, nine runs in the frame. tennessee is the winner, 24-16. they will face japan for the world series crown.
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the most interesting position battle for the ravens comes for the kicker. cundit thought he was on the competing with himself for the job. thursday night, an undrafted free agent, tucker, took all of the cakes, leaving cundit to stew. the coach says no decision has been made. >> i don't think we have made any decision yet. we learned what we needed to learn. it is not an easy decision. if it was easy, we would have made it. both guys bring something to the table. item that is complicated with the factors are. we have to make the decision, but not before we have to make the decision. >> they have time to make a decision, and give you reason to watch their fourth preseason game thursday against st. louis. please stay with us. ♪
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chances of rain sunday, monday, tuesday, looks good by the end of the week. then a chance to see some remnants of isaac. as someone who has lived in canton, really sorry to hear the news about the restaurant owner. a great loss. thank you for joining us. join us again tomorrow sunday morning at 5:00, and now, please welcome your debate moderator. from fox news, shepherd smith. [ cheers and applause ]


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