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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  August 26, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> you're watching wbal tv-11, live, local, late breaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning and welcome to 11 news sunday morning. i'm jennifer franciotti. >> i'm lisa robinson. tropical storm isaac killed four people in haiti, has now entered the florida straits. >> a hurricane warning in effect for the florida keys where isaac is expected to arrive later today. it's still a tropical storm but is expected to worsen. here's danielle lee with more.
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>> a devastating scene in haiti has isaac sent heavy rainfall down on thousands living in tents, flooding their shelters and killing at least four. the damage was a window into isaac's strength. the storm is massive, stretching 200 miles and heading towards florida. u.s. republicans are responding to the looming threat by postponing their national convention until tuesday. >> i think if the chairman thinks it's better for public safety, i'm all in favor of it. >> 70,000 people expected to visit tampa will have to hunker down. >> everyone from louisiana to florida needs to watch this carefully. >> people throughout the coastal cities of florida aren't wasting time getting ready. in pensacola, residents are stocking up on plywood and emergency supplies. >> making sure i can get to the supplies while they're available. people wait till the last minute, the plywood's gone. >> the same was true in fort myers. treandrey hurried to protect the bed and breakfast she owns with 40 sand bags. >> they are predicting storm surge and we are very
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vulnerable. we're only two feet above sea level. >> feeling vulnerable because of forecasts predicting the storm could grow to a category 2 hurricane. in pensacola, danielle lee, nbc news. >> meteorologist ava marie is tracking the storm and joins us with the latest. kind of gloomy in our area, too. >> i was fixing my hair because it's a mess out there. just wear the ponytails today. heed doppler showing heavy rain tracking north of the city. the band of red heading towards york, that brought at least two inches to areas like tv hill, maybe some places north of baltimore, towson may have gotten more than that. this rain heading north but more showers are down to the south. right now, we are seeing temperatures around 72 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. it stopped rain there, just cloud cover right now but there's a possibility for showers at any time today
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especially through lunch time, then showers become more isolated. if you have outdoor plans, better have a backup plan in case of more rain. more details on the forecast when we return. >> you can stay informed any time severe weather strikes by downloading our free smartphone apps for 11 insta-weather plus forecast updates, all free for your devices. >> a man many considered an icon in canton has died. restaurant owner patrick mccusker was hit by a bus while riding his bike in ocean city. george lettis has more. >> this picture says it all. it's a sad day in canton. >> maryland's lost a hero today. >> patrick mccusker died friday night in a cycling accident, considered one of the pioneers of canton and civic giant across the region. >> he touched a lot of lives.
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i feel like, to host a funeral for him, you'd have to have -- with everyone's whose lives he's touched, you'd have to have it at m&t bank stadium. >> the 49-year-old husband and father of two was killed in ocean city when he collided with a city bus while riding along coastal highway. the circumstances are under investigation. >> we love him. me and my family, everyone down here. >> back in 1994, on elvis' birthday, scunny opened a tex mex restaurant, nacho mama's at a time when canton was a far cry from where it is now. >> the joke was a jewish guy talked to an irish guy about opening a mexican restaurant in a polish neighborhood. some of his best friends, people didn't think he would last a month. >> the success led to mama's on the half shelf and a revitalized canton. scunny had another passion, philanthropy. he was a big supporter in the believe in tomorrow children's
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house at john's hopkins. from his battle of the paddles fundraiser to serving more than 16,000 of his meals to sick kids and their parents, scunny's humanity set the bar high. >> he would give pizza to inner city schools for good grades. he's one of those people who i think symbolized all of the good aspects of our community. >> o'donnell square turned into a memorial as word of the crash spread. as the sun set, friends, residents and restaurant regulars gathered to honor the life of a legend in their neighborhood. >> this neighborhood lost a leader today. this guy was like glue. >> george lettis, wbal, tv-11 news. >> funeral arrangements have been made for wednesday at 10:00 at cathedral of mary our queen. in the meantime, howard county says goodbye to the final victim in the train derailment. family and friends gathered saturday to remember rose mayr at bethany united methodist church in ellicott city. rose mayr and elizabeth nass were both killed when the train
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collided while they were sitting on the side of a train bridge. >> in a tragedy of this kind of thing, there are things that just don't make sense to us and we ask god how to guide us and provide healing and comfort to the family. >> according to autopsy reports, the girls died from asphyxiation due to the coal that toppled over them. the accident remains under investigation. >> the first man to walk on the moon has died. 82-year-old neil armstrong passed away yesterday following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures. armstrong was a hero to many but the former navy fighter pilot who commanded apollo 11 described himself as a white socks, pocket protector nerdy engineer and rarely appeared in public after gaining fame. >> in baltimore county, police are investigating a stabbing in dundalk that happened early this morning in the 2400 block of plainfield road. the victim was flown to john's hopkins with life-threatening
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injuries. the meantime, in southwest baltimore, what was reported as a cutting has become a homicide. police arrived at the 600 block of brisbane avenue friday morning and found 79-year-old lindale carrington suffering from stab wounds. detectives believe the victim had been engaged in a confrontation with a male suspect. police say the suspect armed himself with a sharp object and stabbed carrington in the torso, then fled the scene. carrington was taken to shock trauma but later died. police in new york city have confirmed that all nine people injured during a dramatic shootout between police and a gunman outside the empire state building were all wounded by police gunfire. officers killed the gunman accused of shooting a former co-worker to death moments earlier. the police commissioner says ballistic tests and evidence confirms those wounded were hit by stray or ricocheting police bullets. >> take care of your teeth
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without spending a fortune. how to save money on dental care. >> and live to the convention center for the antique show in town. >> a flash flood warning out for areas near the city and northbound. we will talk about rain chances.
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>> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with ava marie. >> good morning. starting you off with a live look downtown. you can see rain drops still on the camera. heavy downpours pushed through the city. 75 at the inner harbor, 72 at bodily harm thurgood marshall with 93% humidity and rain reported once again at the airport. on h.d. doppler, notice the shading of yellow and orange tracking north of the maryland state line heading towards york county. that's the heavy downpour we had an hour ago, now tracking north. to the south, notice a couple of
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more rain showers near the airport, and as you head to delaware. of it is over right now but we could get more heavy downpours later this afternoon. we have a flash flood warning out for baltimore city and northern areas outside the city including the baltimore beltway as we had the heavy downpour that great nearly two to three inches in an hour. we have a facebook fan in millersville who says his basement is flooded. that rain came so quickly but it's an isolated area that saw the heaviest of it. currently, a lot of clouds, the thickest of the clouds with showers along the eastern shore. from baltimore up towards north, we may get breaking in the clouds later in the afternoon. high pressure to the north, low
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to the south moving our way. this will track up the coast throughout the day. once the low gets north of us, our rain chances taper. the week, a cold front making its way here. you can see the clouds across the midwest, that will move in monday and tuesday, bringing a couple of rain chances. today's forecast, chance of showers, especially benefit -- before 12 clock. if we plan your day, the best chances of rain happening now with temperatures in the low 70's. towards lunch time, starting to taper off but that's not to say we couldn't see more rain. this afternoon, showers will be around but maybe not as widespread and heavy but still a chance. if you have outdoor plans, maybe the orioles game, i would bring the rain gear. showers possible tonight, dropping into the 70's downtown,
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60's in the suburbs. quickly we will look at isaac, tropical storm, 65 miles per hour, traveling towards the key, then it stays west of tampa. mostly cloudy skies in baltimore today and into the seven-day forecast, 80's the next couple of days. >> the largest antique show in the nation is in baltimore this weekend. >> organizers estimate there's more than a billion dollar of unique items in a variety of price ranges. gregory peppin joins us. good morning. this is a buying show and baltimore stands to make a lot of money in terms of sales tax but tell me what can people buy? >> we can provide -- our company's based out of copenhagen and we are coming here with silver. we can provide a large variety of high-quality silver from the last 100 years of design.
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>> so people who want to come down -- can people bring antiques to have people look at them down there or trade or sell them? >> no. i don't think that's actually the show policy but they're welcome to talk to us when the weather's like this and perhaps we can contact them after. >> it looks like you have old pieces after. cutalk -- can you tell us about what it is in front of you? >> a pair of candle bras. over to the art deco pieces, also jenson designed. over to the extreme modern pieces, 1950's. >> is this fun for you? do you enjoy this show? do you like seeing the other antiques there, should? >> i absolutely do and i love being in baltimore. we caught an orioles game the other night. it's best town doan antique show
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in. >> thank you very much. in kim's piece, they showed monets and renoirs. >> making sure voters get to the polls in november is one of the goals for the naacp. the baltimore brach president will join us later with more. >> taking care of your teeth. it can be expensive. >> here's a look at events around town. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
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>> time right now is 9:19, 71 degrees on tv hill. taking care of your teeth can cost you a fortune if you need major work done but there are things you can do to cut costs. this is the time when people get afraid, when doctors say things like crowns and root canals. >> it get very pricey. 40% of americans don't have dental insurance so it's definitely something they can look at different ways to save. >> some of those ways, you have a list of tips. the first you say is try a
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dental school. >> a lot of people might be nervous but dental students supervised by professionals can do treatment for a third of the cost. it might take longer for the treatment to happen but you don't want need to worry about pain or anything like that. >> request a payment plan. you can ask for that? >> some of your dentists may have this as an option so if you needed to put it on a credit card, ask if you can negotiate a payment plan sphead. >> this is fascinating, you can negotiate a price? >> not every dentist will agree to it but if you're a cash paying client, look at typical insurance rates in the area and ask if your dentist will accept that and that way they don't have to deal with the insurance company and they're willing to accept it. >> is that haggling? >> if you're a cash based client, it's worth it for them. >> investigate a discount plan. >> if you don't want to do negotiating on your own, has a network of
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25,000 dentists across the country. you sign up for membership with the website and you can go to the network of dentists. if you went to a particular dentist, it might cost you $1,000 for the crown and you can get 20% to 60% off of that with the prenegotiated rates. >> do they normally have dentists in your area? >> they're all across the country. enter your zip code and find the participating did he did he wan- dentists in your area. >> you say stagger your treatments? >> if you need to save up for it, get a temporary fix and doing something at the end of the year, waiting until the first of the year to stagger your payments. >> if you don't want to go to your dentist to get it done because maybe none of these options of working out, there are other places you can go. >> several community health centers have dental services, as well, you pay as you can afford
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to. so call your local health department. >> and in the end, it costs you more not to take care of the situation. >> there's a lot of ramifications, heart disease, simple cavity could turn into root canal. so get it taken care of early. >> stay with us. coming up next, your sunday gardener.
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>> good morning and welcome to your sunday gardener, i'm john collins along with kerry angle. bugs in your plants! can mess up the best of plans. >> folks may want us to identify what they have and it's nice to get a closer look. so the guys have gotten themselves a microscope that hooks up to a monitor. this looks like the end of a q tip. >> it looks like on the plant like vucotton stuck on the plant but when you microscope it, that cotton has legs and this guy was moving around earlier, sitting there now, drawing juice out of the plant. >> exactly. >> that's a mealy bug. >> scale work similar and the best way to get rid of them is to suffocate them. you can use natural products like oils. if we don't know the insect, we have other folks that are experts including the university of maryland extension. >> they have a great website. >> they do and we have a lot of support with each other.
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so many of us have been here so long, that you've seen one of them before so that's handy but you can make a quick i.d. and be more accurate with the microscope. it's cool. even in the greenhouse, we go out and know what thrips look like and aphids. >> what it comes to these chemicals, read the directions carefully, specific chemicals do specific things, some are more what we could say dangerous than others and need special handling, can't use some on vegetables or only at a certain time. you have to read directions. >> you do and you want to know the right plant and right product. this is a mealy bug on a ficus leaf so we can check the label and make sure it's ok to use on ornamental house plants and it will be effective on mealy bugs. >> here's an ivy leaf with brown
9:27 am
on it. you may want to know why the brown is brown or you have leaves from what is that? an ash tree? >> this was an ash and it has anthraxinous. a lot of times we can help folks with cultural needs. there may be lace bug on azalea. the best thing is to make sure thea, zale i-- azalea's not in the hot sun. >> you have to read the labels and use the right chemical for the right job and there are in many cases more organic or natural or less impact on the environment and people type products, too. there's plenty of things to choose from. >> in the heat that we have experienced, many are oil based so be careful about going
9:28 am
outside. you don't want to burn. >> thanks for joining us with information and pet ruining that branch. next sunday we will be back with more on your sunday gardener, tips on how to keep the garden healthy coming up next sunday. >> if you have a gardening question, send it to sunday gardener, 3800 hooper avenue, baltimore maryland 21211. >> up next, our q&a with president of the baltimore branch of the naacp. >> how you can get victoria beckham's bag or kick's scarf. >> we are looking at the radar as more rain showers are on the way.
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>> you're watching wbal tv-11, live, local, late breaking. >> welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. let's take another look outside with ava. >> it looks like the heaviest of the rain is ending right now for the baltimore metro area. that's not to say we couldn't see more showers popping up. h.d. doppler showing the heavy band of rain, that moved up
9:31 am
towards york where it started to fall apart but right around baltimore including 95 and northern parts of 97, there are still rain showers reported so we are not in the clear just yet. at any time today you could encounter more rain. currently in the 70's across the metro area, down the 75. pikesville 72 and randallstown at 70 degrees. forecast today, highs in the upper 70's, low 80's, mostly cloudy skies, showers and thunderstorms mostly this morning and past lunch time, more scattered but still a possibility. if you have outdoor plans, something to keep in mind. we will talk about isaac in a few minutes. >> time for our sunday morning q&a and joining us this morning, tessa hill-aston, president of the baltimore branch of the naacp. nice to see you. the local chapter just given a special award. tell me about that. >> at the national convention in texas this summer in july, and
9:32 am
we were honored with the award that means we've done great work in the past 12 months and doing outstanding programs in reaching out to the community. >> you do the freedom banquet. >> that's something all branches are charged with to do once a year and ours is october 19 at the hyatt regency and we are having vendors and we're having art shows and looking forward to of outstanding baltimoreians. >> let's talk about the role of the naacp as we go into the presidential election. what are some of the things -- >> the number one thing we are trying to get people to register to vote and the other thing, we want people to go out and vote. we are nonpartisan so we want the numbers up across the united states but here in baltimore, we did so perly the last election, we are really trying to
9:33 am
encourage people to go out and the right they have to vote and each vote counts so we have been doing an outstanding job with voter registration, going to churches the past five weeks, we have been to festivals and churches with back-to-school activities so we have been registering people and have registered ov 200 people the past five weekends and yesterday morning, also. now we need to encourage people to go out to vote and make sure they get out so now we are working on the next step, getting people out. >> and there's still people out there who think they may not be eligible to vote. >> yes and we are trying to do that. as we do voter registration, we want people, especially ex-offenders, to know they have vote if they have completed parole and probation. we're encouraging people to call us and encourage ex-offenders they have the right to vote and we've gotten lots of people
9:34 am
their voters' card that were excited to be eligible. >> another group is the holeless. >> they also have the right to vote. even though they may not have a permanent address, many have p.o. boxes and healthcare downtown so everybody has right to vote and thank god in maryland we don't have some of the issues such as florida and ohio and pennsylvania so we are doing great so even should come out and feel proud they have the right to vote and maryland is not one of the states suppressing the vote. >> seniors, if you know someone wants to vote and can't get out. >> we are very much encouraging anyone -- if you feel you can't get out, we will pick you up. you can call the naacp. the other thing is that on election day if anybody has problems, they can call our office for help. we are trying to encourage everybody, their vote counts. we are working with all ages and
9:35 am
we've registered ov over 900 high school students. >> you don't want have to be a member of the naacp to ask for your help. >> you can join if you want to don't have to we help anybody and the churches are working very well with us. >> good luck. don't go away. here's nbc's david gregory with a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." >> a special edition from the republican convention in tampa, florida, a gathering delayed because of the approaching tropical storm. we will talk politics with jeb who will weigh in on hot issues this campaign season. also, the run party's nominee four years ago, senator john mccape, he knows what's at stake for mitt romney. our political roundtable discussion on what to expect in the fall campaign -- taxes,
9:36 am
debt, immigration and the fight debt, immigration and the fight for women voters.
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uppiness on top. frut up. as the europeans say. in their language. wow. you really are bilingual. yeah, i dated a comma in high school. [ male announcer ] muller. the european for yummy. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with meteorologist ava marie. >> good morning, starting you off with a live look downtown. still a lot of low clouds and a few rain drops on the camera as we had heavy downpours about an ago. 75 degrees downtown, 72 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. winds at the airport northeast at 8 miles per hour. light reports of rain around the baltimore metro area but nothing compared to what we saw earlier on. if you watched the radar, we were seeing rainfall rates of two to three inches per hour, even on tv hill located northwest of the city, we got two inches of rain in an hour. looking at the radar now, most
9:39 am
of the activity pushing north. a couple of spotty showers, there's one across 95, outside of severn. also a new shower that developed outside of california, rain showers across northern virginia outside of d.c. by no means are we completely dry but it is easing up. this is what we are expecting through the rest of the day. as far as cloud cover the rest of the day, the satellite showing thick clouds across the eastern shore, baltimore towards harper county and west of the city, clouds are breaking apart so some areas may see sunshine. high pressure to the north, low pressure from the south causing an easterly flow across the mid atlantic. this storm system is responsible for our rain. tell track up the coast and bring some rain chances but we expect the major of the rain today to be scattered.
9:40 am
we watch for the next cold front coming in, bringing scattered rain chances monday and tuesday. chance for showers for the state at any time. highs, around 82. ocean city at 81 and the mountains in the mid 70's this afternoon. the best chance for rain today is before 12 p.m. there's still a chance for rain in the afternoon but you may escape showers altogether. they are going to be scattered. if you have outdoor plans, i'd have a backup plan but it's one of the last weekends of summer break, might as well take advantage of being outside. tonight, showers possible, dropping into the 70's downtown, 60's in the suburbs. in florida, live look at radar, ov the past several hours, notice the bands of thunderstorms, the first bands of isaac pushing into the southern part of the sunshine state so they're feeling impacts. we are going to see isaac
9:41 am
continue to impact southern florida throughout the day, heavy rain, strong wind and a direct impact to the keys today and possibly as the storm strengthens to a category 1 hurricane. anyone from the western florida panhandle to new orleans should be concerned. back to the seven-day forecast, 80's the next couple of days, scattered rain chances monday and tuesday. >> look like a celebrity for dollars. our expert is here from shop for sparkles and today we are talking most he bling but other things. let's start with these earrings to look like jordin sparks. >> the movie came out last week, whitney houston's last movie and in the promo poster, jordin sparks is wearing a beautiful red dress and we found earrings that match her, like little disco balls but you can wear them all the time because they're small and sparkly.
9:42 am
>> her earrings retail for -- >> i'm sure they're expensive but these are only $10. the deal of the century here. >> these are great. so versatile. rihanna's multilayered necklace. >> she's edgy but how classic she looks with the pearls. this set we have is really great because it's got four or five layers and they're all different sizes, the pearl layers, so it gives it dimension and uniqueness with matching earrings for $22. >> black and gold, as ravens fans, we don't like to say that but we are talking jewelry. selena gomez. >> this is a huge trend for fall and all the designers were doing it. here it is, this is a great,
9:43 am
very baroque looking bracelet and that's the trend, baroque with black and gold. this is $19. >> look for those colors in accessories. this bag carries everything. >> and more importantly, it's a great very multifunctional bag but in the color of the season, also. we have black and gold and burgundy and everything will be burgundy this fall. we have a picture of victoria beckham in her burkeam bag. >> this is the beckham bag. >> she's always ahead of the trends and she had her last year, you should follow her a year ahead of time. it has two handles, the shoulder strap and pocket in there and a bunch of compartments, a pocket on the back. this is $65. >> her bag retails for thousands. the hounds tooth scarf.
9:44 am
>> you saw the picture of kim kardashian earlier. she's wearing black pants and white tank and even has that so as we are transitioning to fall this, scarf is a great piece for the closet. >> and lisa brought up a good question, talking about sleeves and fall dresses, sleeveless dresses in the store for the fall. >> even in the winter you'll see sleeveless. i'm not a fan so i always have a scarf. >> you have deals for folks who watch wbal. >> 20% off the site today and tomorrow with the code wbaltv. >> 20% off? >> 20% off everything. >> excellent, i love it. >> that's exactly right. >> that's bargain shopping. don't go away. up next, in the kitchen for sunday brunch.
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>> welcome back to sunday brunch, patrick russell joining us from cooper's tavern and miles from cooper's north. miles, this is a new -- cooper's north is new. tell me about it. >> we are going to open on tuesday at 5:00 p.m., our burger night. we brought sample burgers here. we are located in lutherville
9:48 am
timonium in the round wood shopping center. >> get your hair done and get your burger. tuesday nights will be burger day? >> we always have burgers but tuesday night is our burger special day. and daytime we do it during the day downtown. it's our grand opening sort of thing as far as the night. >> show me what we'll sample. >> leon, the griffon, it's french brie and beer battered onion rings with maryland tomato with brioche. >> what's over here? >> this is our eldiablo burger. >> what is on that? >> peppery spiced cheese with fresh ground turkey, with avocado and spicy jalapeño ranch with sesame seed bun. >> dressing? where's the avocado.
9:49 am
>> look at that. >> delicious! >> this is bison burger. buffalo, lean, good for you, healthier. choice. >> ok. >> sweet potato fries. >> pickle. >> those pickles are really good. >> same thing. we brought three and did two the last segment. >> you have veggie burgers. >> ragu beef, blag -- black angus, 100%. veggie burgers from scratch. >> are you going to give up any recipes on the burgers? >> i can't do it. it's a secret. >> just give us one tip. >> one tip. use 100% premium black angus beef. use locally sourced. >> thank you very much. cooper's north, over there -- >> opening 5:00 p.m. on tuesday,
9:50 am
located lutherville and tim timonium. hey, listen, real quick. you can get into fells point this weekend. the city's not shut down. i promise you. it's not shut down. >> are you saying because of the race? >> we are good. come on down. >> thank you for that. thanks, guys. >> stay with us. >> coming up in sports, the orioles keep on keeping on. it's a pretty good baseball team. john harbaugh on decision making 101.
9:51 am
9:52 am
>> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> good morning and the orioles
9:53 am
continue to do things we don't expect. they keep winning games but at this point we should expect it. they are who they are and that's a pretty good baseball team and last night they looked forward to the future which is promising and enjoyed the past, as well. as a few new members went into the orioles hall of fame. the induction of rich dower and mike mussina into the hall. ceremonial strikes from both two, honors well earned. rough start for steve johnson. st. paul's school alum, with an ill positioned changeup against edwin encarnacion in the first inning and quickly 2-0, toronto. the blue jays haven't lost 10 out of 11 for nothing. bottom three, adam jones, double play ball to yunel escobar and that was not exemplary fielding. whiffs, runs scored, flood gates from that point open. bottom five, jones this time, no assistance from the jay's. maybe the baseball gods as that flare got down. that scored two, orioles in front 4-2. steve johnson settled down nicely, six strikeouts, six innings, just allowed those two runs in the first. bottom 6, j.j. hardy officially
9:54 am
putting the game out of reach. very high and just far enough. home run number 17 of the season. 8-2 victory at camden towards, giving baltimore a record of 69-57. where does that put them in the standings? in the a.l. east, four back of the yankees for first and half game out of second from the rays. red sox and toronto are no longer in contention. the red sox traded away several of their stars. they're done for the year. wild card standings, orioles tied with oakland for the second wild card spot, half game back of tampa. detroit, one game back of the playoffs, an enjoyable conversation we may be having about the orioles hopefully the rest of the season. as far as the ravens, if you're looking for a reason to check out preseason game number four, there won't be many starters but there is a position battle that's interesting to watch, kicker. billy cundiff, an incumbent, but the big miss in the a.f.c. championship game and he's been
9:55 am
ok but justin tucker has been exceptional. frankly, consider what tucker did in preseason game number three, where he made everything, including a 53-yarder, you have to think he may be in front. has a decision been made? john harbaugh is emphatic on that. >> i don't think we've made a decision yet. we are on schedule. we learned what we needed to learn. but it's not an easy decision. if it's an easy decision, we'd have made it. obviously both guys bring something to the table. i don't think it's complicated as to what the factors are so we have to make a decision but not before we have to make a decision. >> the more i hear that sound bite, the more i enjoy it. coach-speak 101 from john harbaugh. tune in thursday and maybe we will figure out who wins the kicking battle. that's a look at sports. have a great day. >> ava is hogging her burger. i want the bison burger.
9:56 am
>> brought you t-shirts. >> thank you. >> quick check of the seven-day forecast. 82 today, chance of rain showers but the worst of them are before noon. hopefully the o's game will be ok today, maybe a shower around. >> we will be there. >> and thunderstorms early week, sunshine by the end of the week. >> cooper's north. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you.
9:57 am
>> this is a wbal tv-11 editorial. >> with the start of the new school year comes an important reminder to all of us on the road. it's time to put down the phone and pay attention to buses and students lining our streets. school zone accidents are too common despite red light cameras, stop signs and crossing guards, each year we report on students injured by the recklessness of a driver. the problem of texting and driving is not new and the state has taken steps to make those who break the law more accountable but as we get into our back-to-school routine, we encourage you to take the pledge, don't drive distracted. log on to and click on news to get information about distracted driving. it's better to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
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