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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 5, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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his only complete game came against the rangers a couple years ago. >> ira appreciate this opportunity they are giving me. hopefully that we can bring them out to them. >> he is proud, but it is safe to say that if saunders struggles of all, they will be quick to go the bullpen with the well rested and stock. as for a little flavor, let's go first memorial stands having a great time getting ready for the game. >> as you know, this city has been waiting so long for this day. we are across the street, it gets things set up for tonight.
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there are plans to show the game on a big projection screen. fans are ready. they have their orange friday schurz on. they will watch the first orioles playoff game since 1977. here is just a sample of how fans are feeling. >> i am ready. >> do you think we can do it? >> i know so. i had a private conversation with reynolds earlier in the week. >> i know he is 0-6 against the rangers, but he has a lot of issues coming behind him. there is no doubt in my mind that he has three of the most amazing people behind him. >> we will have to play the yankees of all people.
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>> for the city of baltimore, it will be huge. the yankee fans won't be able to get tickets because we have bought them all. >> wouldn't it be something if they could play the yankees? fans know that they have to get past texas first. you can tell that they were nervous as well. we're live downtown. >> looking for the orioles biggest fan, we found the light, very excited. don't change me until the game is over, that can get a little smelly. go to the mobile application to share your photos for a 11 news. a bar fight ends with a man murdered and police are hoping that newly released surveillance
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video will help find the guy man. the shooting happened inside the crossroads duration, the surveillance video catching some of the chaos from that night. there was a fight on the second floor, the gunman opened fire. he died almost a week later. >> anyone in the bar tonight -- that night, people know the answers and they need them to come forward. >> anyone with information is urged a call the city police. >> and covering the case -- uncovering the case that was supposed to help police, but might have used it as a ploy to avoid going back to prison. >> a story no one wants to talk about even though he is being
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sought. the authorities won't release his picture or disclose a routine piece of public information. the state's attorney's office won't answer questions either, even though it is responsible for the deal that was cut. the night of september 25 in northeast baltimore according to federal documents, after a high- speed chase, they arrested a 31- year-old zachary martin that bailed out of the car. he admitted carrying a gun, a 40 caliber glock. he was never charged, but he convinced prosecutors to allow him to be an informant with the promise of leading them to bigger players. the problem, it never happened he was taken to an east baltimore housing projects, the location he gave for the suspected targets.
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a few minutes after walking in, police lost track of him. the only trace was a recording device he had been wearing. it had been left on a stoop and martin was gone. he may not have been the most trustworthy informant. he walked away from a detention facility and was charged with escape. he was in the federal prison system because of the 1999 case of gun possession. before that, he was convicted of a convict -- attempted murder at the age of 14. we don't know if prosecutors knew about his history, and if they did, why they thought they could trust him.
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dr. baltimore county police and officials investigating a case of arson during which a female firefighter fell for the first floor. -- through the first floor. they found two points of origin where the fire began in this an accelerant was used to spread the fire. they say it was burglarized before was set on fire. getting away with a television, dvd player, and a portia -- porsche cayenne. police say they have no suspects in the case. >> we are still in the early stages, we cannot say if it was a targeted act or a random act. >> called the baltimore county arson hot line. the maryland state police unveil one of the new medivac
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helicopters. >> of the first of 10 that will replace the agency's aging fleet. david collins has more on the story. >> impressive is an understatement. they have a contract to build state of the art helicopters that are the biggest and safest. today, the public got to see how tax dollars are being spent. the unveiling of the new helicopter marked the beginning of the new era in public safety. >> public safety is job one for all of us that have the honor to serve the public. the >> everything is larger and more efficient. the side doors are bigger, it has heat sensors, a license tag reader and satellite tracking. there is room for four patients, and a cargo bay can be accessed in flight. >> the leadership of o'malley
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was a just moving along with the status quo. >> a safer environment with the latest of technology. they give the paramedics more room and more equipment to care for the injured. it replaces a 20-year-old fleet spending too much time being repaired. >> the september 2008 fatal crash helped expedite the upgrade. safety features on the 139 including teheran awareness warning systems, night-vision compatibility, and advanced instrument flight readings. the new medivac arrives under controversy. the other aircraft is the one that they wanted. a rival company formed a protest saying that they skewed
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specifications. guaranteeing that that model was elected. he won 39 as frequently sided with the worthiness directive. over the summer, the aviation safety issued one and posing a new limit on the rotor blades. early last year, the same agency cited a tail rotor dynamic on balance. back in 2009, there have been in five losses. the faa noted that the fuselage frame is prone to damage. under the category of common issues, the high vibration of the river system. -- roroe -- rotor system. wbal tv 11 news. >> wouldn't it be great if a beer run for tonight could be done at the same time and place
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where you are buying your snacks? a lot of people like that idea. a 54% say they favor being able to buy beer and wine at chain stores. 31% are opposed, 5% offered no response. they support beer and wine sales at grocery and other stores. >> the unemployment rate falls to a new low. >> causing conservatives to question the accuracy of the work conducted by the bureau of labor and statistics. how officials are responding to that claim. >> we will show you why it will have no impact on the chance of winning tonight. >> showers and an indication of a strong cold front. the forecast coming up with some late they sunshine right now.
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>> you are watching wbal tv 11 news at 6:00p.m. 11 sports director jerry sandusky. wbal tv 11 news
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>> economists surprised by
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today's jobs report and a negative way. >> they were thinking that the unemployment rate was going to go up but it fell to 7.8% in september as the employment numbers soared. the number of people that want full-time work with part-time jobs rose to 7.5%. conservatives are questioning the accuracy but the accuracy is assured saying that every month they are walled off even from each other to pour over surveys conducted by the census bureau. some believe that the reason is related to the unusual number of part-time workers. >> chief meteorologist -- >> 81 degrees today, the first five days of the month running on an average.
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the love is supposed to be digging out and the upper 40's. we are still on the very warm side of an approaching cold front which will change things dramatically tomorrow afternoon. 81 in downtown as we speech. up and cecil county, the coastal areas and the low 70's. turning the winds to the north tomorrow afternoon, but until then, a southeastern breeze keeps this in the '50s and '60s tonight. you can see the temperature contrast, are around 50 in cleveland. only in the 30's in northern minnesota with a foot of snow on the ground. tracking of towards james bay now. that is driving the front toward baltimore. the same front that is about to
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push through the dallas fort worth area where the orioles are playing this evening. that might trigger a couple scattered showers with most of the rain on the northern end of the front. you can see some scattered showers trying to develop data and north texas. a little bit of rain in the forecast starting around 8:30. temperatures will be falling because the wind will turn to the north. there is a 30% chance of showers with temperatures into the 60's. the good news is, in north breeze carries baseballs out to right field. showers are going to be approaching tomorrow into the morning with baltimore in the afternoon and off the coast and tomorrow evening with the cold air starts coming. clouds and showers moving through on sunday with a chilly
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day before it clears up going into the other part of next week. the 73-78 tomorrow, the wind turns to the northwest. we will fall into the 50's during the evening. there is a small craft advisory in effect. the ticket jacket to the mountains. it will feel like winter out there. the rain can end on sunday night and monday morning. 78 on the eastern shore with 58 on sunday. much cooler weather, high only in the '50s on sunday and monday. monday and tuesday morning, the temperature starts turning around. >> this is 11 sports. >> spending too much time analyzing the wild card game
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tonight and the orioles' starting to look like underdogs. a texas played the world series last year, he owes haven't played in a world series since 1983. any major league team can beat any other major-league team in a one-game series. it comes down to who gets caught. if anybody feels pressure, it happens to be the rangers that have dropped nine of the last 13 games. the >> they are supposed to be in the postseason. but the fact that they limped in, the fans have been ridiculed for the way they have collapsed. look at what the rangers have done thus far. they did not get it done, they are not feeling terribly confident. they know they have lost 10 out of 12 against this team and those that losses have been brutal. they feel they belong and are
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happy to be here. >> it is always motivating. the goal was to win the world series. if you don't, what are you here for? >> give credit where credit is due. we don't take the rangers lightly by any means. what we are both still on the hunt for the world series. >> the winner advances on sunday to a host of the yankees, saunders going for the orioles. him over steve johnson who might have been pitching better but his knee is questionable. yu darvish has great numbers for the rangers, the orioles have never faced them and that lines up on paper. certainly favorable for the texas rangers and every match up has not been the orioles' favorite.
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they get to the division series. dodge and judging from the traffic, it should be a sellout crowd tonight in arlington. cardinal's lead the braves, 3-2 in the fourth. the ravens play on the road, only the second time this season. the ravens may have to take a more physical approach to change that outcome. a major focus for the reagans at arrowhead and on the road, it becomes easier to throw the ball for no. 1 draft picks in the defense. they have played for a high level this season, not to mention an offense. >> given the chance, go to the personnel of that defense. the front seven is outstanding.
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the defenses have set off the crowd. when the game is tight, that defense speeds up the crowd. >> sunday in kansas city, a third consecutive year. a huge weekend around here. >> cute pictures this afternoon. the kid that was shot at the high school, very seriously injured and still recovering. the ravens invited him down the practice. torrey smith, ray rice. can you imagine that? >> they are such great individuals. they can go through his strategy, powerful stuff.
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>> and this is what we're working on for tonight. if you plan to steal raven's tickets, make sure you don't leave your contact information when you try to sell them later. what they uncovered during the
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raven's-round game. will the orioles postseason matchup continue into this weekend? those stories and more
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>> the forecast features a strong cold front tomorrow afternoon, the 70's tomorrow, shower activity to go with that front as well. we will recover in the middle of the week.
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>> set your watch as baez. thank you for joining us.
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