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tv   11 News Today  NBC  October 9, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the reaction says that all as the orioles bottle back to even the series against the yankees. highlights of reactions from players. >> the orioles fans are ready to cheer the team on the all the way to the world series. we're live at camden yard with the latest. >> form policy plays a part in domestic politics this week. that story next. -- foreign policy plays a part in domestic politics this week. >> 11 news continues right now. >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news today as 6:00. >> good morning. as think you for joining us. -- thank you for joining us. another day of mourning. to go a lot of it should clear
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out. may hang along the eastern shore a little bit later. we have 48 as the current temperature. that is a chilly start to the day. temperatures are below average into the afternoon as high as barely make it up to the upper 50s. fog this morning in showers as well. mostly cloudy for the rest of the day. ocean city in eastern shore may deal with the showers through the early morning and clear out in the afternoon. a slight warming up coming up for the seven-day but does not last long. >> good morning, everyone. the rain definitely affecting your ride. several accidents in the past few minutes. this could impact your ride. another accident coming in at david said road. watch for delays and possible closures. -- another accident coming in at
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davidson road. franklin town road and morrison. 65 coming out of the white marsh area. harbor tunnel traffic -- harvard, traffic looking good. here's a quick, live look at traffic. 70 just west of the beltway. to and from the beltway problem- free other than just building volume. 795 checks out ok at a winds bills. that is the very latest. -- 795 checks out ok at owens mills. >> our big story this morning, hope is back and baltimore as the orioles have a much-needed win in game two. >> one game apiece in the best of five.
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things got off to a shaky start in the beginning. suzuki was on first base. a little be hinting at the plate. touches the plate. score's one. the orioles did bottle back. bottom of the third inning, bases loaded for chris davis. he singles in. orioles 2-1 lead. three innings later, mark reynolds at the plate. matt leader comes around. -- matt wiener comes around. jim johnson did not have a good night the night before. the ninth inning last night, easy work of the yankees. alex rodriguez striking out of the very end. the series now heads to new york
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all tied up at one game per piece. >> it was a very different mood in the clubhouse compared to sunday. >> steve gilbert caught up with the heroes of monday's win. >> after sunday night's game when judging -- when jim johnson gave up five wins, everyone afterwards said they had no reservations about him getting the ball again. he did. he proved very worthy. >> we'll trust each other. we just know we're cord to prepare for a game. we're all grown. we all have each other's backs. i have never been in the clubhouse like that before. that is what makes it more special and more fun. >> normal. he was missing location last night, something he rarely does. he has no fear.
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i do not think any of us doubted. >> you obviously want to get a win going into home fans -- going into the home game. good for us to get go wind and momentum. >> you could not overstate the importance of the victory. now the head to new york -- they had to the new york area. they have won two out of three each time. we will see if they could make up for for for. camden yards, pete gilbert, wbal-tv 11 sports. were happyo's fans after the game would be an understatement. they went absolutely insane. >> that is certainly right. candid yards went wild as they beat the yankees 3-2 last night.
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these fans are so proud. they could not be any more excited. after the game that fans were bursting with excitement. last night was such in a board game to keep them alive. fans are convinced we're going all the way to the world series this year. this way and has them revved up for the next up. -- this win has them revved up for the next game. fans say this is their chance for redemption. >> i have been a season ticket holder for 20 years, and this is awesome. >> we are a brand-new series now. >> if the orioles to take the series from the yankees, they will play next week at the american league to be gypsies.
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-- championship series. >> should the abeyance, tickets will go on sale this morning at ticket availability will be limited in quickly sell out. speaking of positive thinking, that brings us to the water cooler question of the day, has your opinion changed of the past 24 hours? share your response on our facebook page or send us an e- mail. >> homicide detectives are handling a deadly shooting in northeast baltimore. the fund and a guide -- unidentified victim around 9:30. he was taken to the hospital but did not survive. police have identified the victim of a monday night shooting. someone killed her in the 6200
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block of fair lawn avenue. investigators in hartford onnecticut say richard here oon help to stop a driver. the tractor trailer perched and hit the stalled vehicles. he jumped over the elevated highway to get out of the wake, not realizing there was a 45 foot drop below. a grisly discovery as detectives discovered a human body. more remains were discovered as police kept digging. we're told remainder of a man but no word how long he might have been buried there. >> the number of patients contracting on golf meningitis continues to grow. -- some will meningitis continues to grow. there have been eight deaths.
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the total has risen to five, with one fatality. the massachusetts pharmacy identified as the source of the health-care shipped 13,000 injections. health officials stress is not clear how many received contaminated injections'. >> in this morning's live a 2012 report, mitt romney heads to roll higher today, one day after laying out his vision for foreign policy. president obama will also be in the book i state. all of this comes as the new poll shows iran the taking the lead in the race for the white house. >> tomorrow it is congress's turn to talk foreign-policy when a house committee investigates an attack in libya. >> the administration has
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finally conceded these attacks were the deliberate work of terrorists. the use violence to oppose the dark ideology on others. >> american should be asking questions about how the attack in libya happened. i know the president hopes for more prosperous middle east a line with us. i share this hope, but hope is not a strategy. the obama to respond to the web video. >> he has been erratic, and stay -- and steady and irresponsible on the world stage. >> he calls for a bigger push in palestine and israel. d itics wanted more specifics.
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although polls have shown more people favor president obama when it comes to foreign policy, new research poll shows mitt romney pulling ahead. >> it is 47 degrees. >> coming up, on the eve of the sex scandal that rocked penn state university, jerry sandusky is finally speaking out in his defense. hear what he has to say next. >> bizarre contests comes to a bizarre end. find out what may have been the death of a man who ate cockroaches. to go still talking about the morning commute. we will talk about when the reign ends when we come back in your forecast. >> 4 accidents retracting. >> 4 accidents retracting. we will [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds."
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could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria. lysol. mission for health. ♪ >> welcome back to 11 news today. the time now is 6:14. . live look at oriole park's we will be talking about what happens for the forecast as they headed to new york city. first, look at what is happening on the radar.
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a lot of rain showers still continuing. the rain showers extend into philadelphia and into new york city as well. a wet start to the day, but things should be improving in the next few hours as the rain starts to ship off to the east. a cool start to the day. everyone else basically in the 40's right now. b.w.i. at 48. westminster checking in at 45 as well. close to the 30's and prospered and oakland. -- in frostberg and oakland. everyone else with clout coverage today. the eastern shore deals with the rain showers a little bit longer, at least through lunchtime. i should be a little bit milder but the afternoon. mostly cloudy with a little bit later on.
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that is all the clouds you see right now across the dakotas and into the great lakes region. this one is starved of moisture. when it comes to the mid- atlantic, not a lot of rain associated with it. the front basically falls apart as it passes through baltimore and into new york city justin time to play their wednesday evening -- just in time to play their wednesday evening. up to 70 degrees tomorrow. a slight chance for rain shower tomorrow evening. dreier tomorrow but cooler. 68 on friday. maybe sprinkles by the afternoon. that is the latest on the forecast. >> the rain impacting your drive. accidents to watch out for as you head out. across being cleared. another one along route 3 with possible closures and delays in
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crafted. bellaire road tracking an accident. another one on the southwest side. you can see some yellow on the outer loop west side beginning prior to i-70 moving down toward baltimore national pike. average speed is 33 miles per hour. major roadways leading up to the beltway looking okay. 295 has delays developing of a southbound side. as we switch over, we will show you what it looks like just south of 100 in howard county. southbound traffic building there making our way towards the capital beltway. >> former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky could face anywhere from 60-400 years in prison when he is sentenced today. staying silent during his trial. penn state media received an
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exclusive statement. here is a portion of what he had to say. >> the young man who was dramatic and veteran accuser started everything. he was joined by a well- orchestrated effort of the media, investigators, psychologists, civil attorneys and others. they won. >> he and some of his victims are expected to speak before the sentencing. decode georgia authorities believe they found the body of a missing florida man encased in a concrete slab in the back of a house. a tip led them to the home of twin brothers. the missing man was last seen with the twin brothers. right now they are in police custody, charged with concealing a death. a man has died after eating at dozen cockroaches and worms as part of our contest. he took part in the contest in
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deerfield. shortly after winning he began throwing up and collapsed in the store. contestants had to sign a waiver saying they did not have any allergies to shellfish which have similar allergens to cockroaches. >> in this morning's consumer alert, another product makes the recall was due to possible salmonella contamination. polenti gillato, the company of the center of a national salmonella recall. the reports of the illnesses so far. customers are as to discard any unused portion of bring in the receipt for a refund. if you want to save money on the dingell bill, do not is your job. -- do not kiss your dog.
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>> job cuts at one of the biggest employers. lockheed martin reorganized a system and cutting to enter jobs as a result. you've is giving split in half with the missiles and fire control division in dallas in mission training division in washington. meantime, shampoo prices moving higher. procter and gamble moving prices essence.l herbal watch for a new book on the late apple co-founder steve jobs. his old high school girlfriend is read -- writing a tell-all book about her former lover. her publisher says the book will cover his appeal, energy, drive ambition and ruthlessness. shares of apple did weigh on stocks after a report of more
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unrest at a chinese factory that assembles by-phone 5. if you want to avoid getting cavities, not just about staying away from the suite. a study in oral biology says dogs and their owners are sharing oral bacteria, including those that cause gum disease and cavities. people could hurt their dogs oral health by kissing them as well. that is business news, i am taking. jane king. >> we have ourselves a series. those bottle back after the loss. -- the o's battle back. >> take a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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>> now, insta-weather-plus and traffic pulse together. >> the weather impacting your
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drive this morning. and accidents we are tracking around the area. tracking an accident there. an accident grafton. bellaire road. another one still clearing at franklin town road in morris road. delays developing big time on waterloo plus side. down from liberty down to 40. otherwise, looking pretty good on the major roadways. volume is picking up. allied you where we're seeing slow going. -- a live view where we're seeing slow going. alternate looking a little bit better, but started to build just out of 100. that is the very latest on traffic pulse 11. our check of the forecast. >> it is still raining at the airport right now.
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the rain is starting to fall apart. that is what we're expecting through 8:00. 48 degrees at the airport. a chilly start to the day. very cool into the afternoon as well. that puts as 10 degrees below normal. 8:00 mostly cloudy. taking a look at the radar in the seven-day forecast when we come back. >> now, 11 sports with keith mills. >> the orioles took the train up to new york earlier this morning. what a sweet ride it was. even sweeter for the birds and their fans. they beat the yankees to even the playoff series. what a night. when mr. to this game. -- what a sweet start to this game. flying around. he gets the green light. check out. angel hernandez says you are
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safe. it is 1-0 yankees. the orioles say no problem. and d. pettit has beat the orioles 27 times in his career, but not last night. -- andy pettit. they add another in the six. mark reynolds tried to move in the third. drives them in with a base hit. three-one. 3-2 in the ninth. jim johnson. the night before he gave up five runs. not last night. three-to the orioles win. talking about the clutch outing. >> i am real proud. all year long. you think of all of the challenges that have been with him since day one of spring training. as his teammates have done a great job making him feel good. >> the one run the wind.
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30-9. -- the one run win. the 16th anniversary of the jeffrey mayer game in new york. also a day off for the ravens. the ravens did not have their eighth game against the chiefs sunday. >> a lot of things we're not pleased with. we feel like we do not want to give up any of those plays. we want to have our a stuff every single week. we did not have our best of yesterday. >> the orioles certainly did last night. the fans are living this. >> time is 6:27. a maryland congresses -- congressman takes aim at businesses that put american secrets at work.
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we will tell you why and 11 news today. >> fans are all revved up and ready to head to new york. i'm live with details. >> governor o'malley teams up with a member of the baltimore ravens in support of a controversial ballot measure.
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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news. this is wbal to the 11 news. -- tv 11 news. please tell as the rain is moving out of here. >> yes, it is starting to move on out. falling apart on the western edge of baltimore. stuck in it at least through the next four hours. cloud cover. chilly day. we warm up in the seven-day. details in a few minutes. the orioles take down the
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yankees last night. fans cannot be more excited. good morning. at camden yards and things were just crazy last night. they actually just went wild when they beat the yankees 3-2. they cannot be more proud of the orioles. fans streaming out of camden yards after the game monday night could not contain their excitement. the orioles took down the yankees winning 3-2 in the second game of the playoff series. the play offs of a long time coming. >> awesome. a season-ticket holder for 20 years. this is awesome. >> it is unbelievable. the whole season has been a miracle.
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>> i have never seen some of the orioles fans in my life. i love it. >> last night was such an import get to keep them alive in this series against the yankees. this has them revved up to head to york and take down the yankees tomorrow and thursday on their home turf. fans think this is our year to make the world series, and they say they will cheer them on the whole way. >> we are going to go to yankee stadium. >> we will be here next week for sure. all the way. >> can't wait to go back and beat them. >> let's go os. >> if the orioles win the series against the yankees, they will play next week in the american league it championship series. >> thank you. baltimore ravens have teamed up
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with martin o'malley at a fund- raiser supported marriage equality on the november ballot. there were guest of honor at a monday night football event held in federal help. 10 lucky winners at the chance to watch the game after entering a raffle on the marilyn beers for marriage equality website. >> a matter of equality in treating everyone fairly is what it is. it is not religious issue. it is about fairness. >> an economist commissioned by the state to examine the expanded gambling says maryland wins. >> the goal here is to maximize economic impact. by maximizing economic impact, the state benefits from fiscal impacts, mean a tax revenues, but also from indications of broader prosperity, jobs, so on
6:34 am
and so forth. to go to maryland current gambling program has not been particularly effective in growing the economy because it is wrong drawing gamblers from other states. they were from 1.1 billion to 1.5 billion in maryland spending power will go to west virginia is charlestown casino over the next few years. while many people are still going out of habit, others are still attracted to the lucrative table games. >> a congressman calling some chinese companies a threat to american businesses. ei and zte. they are concerned if they get access, they could gain sensitive information. >> the public is not aware how
6:35 am
serious the cyber attacks are. we get a terrorist or other they could wreck havoc. >> the chinese foreign ministry called the accusations prejudicial insisting their products are safe. >> now, insta-weather-plus and traffic pulse 11 together. >> get you up-to-date because it is a little busy out there because of rain coming down in many areas. walmart ridge drive is the latest accident coming into us. another accident being cleared in edge water. if you want to travel across did, route 3. 97 looking good at the moment. 295 is delayed. another accident coming in and hartford county. church hill road, delays there
6:36 am
due to an accident wrapping up. 95 not bad debt. a little bit for this out once you get toward the 895 split, that is when things really start to build. a live view with 295 stop on delays. they began around 195 down toward 32. we're looking at west side delays at security boulevard coming toward us. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. over to you. >> the rain has added to the normal delays we see in the morning. things are starting to improve weather-wise across the baltimore metro area. crane showers are starting to fall apart. it's just a few light showers now are around the beltway. most of this is heading across the bay and into the eastern shore. more rain showers in ocean city.
6:37 am
seven-day forecast, 59 for the high today. another chance for sprinkles tomorrow evening. then 62 on thursday with sunshine. >> think you. the time that is 6:37. 47 degrees at the airport. a jump that could make history. how skydiver is preparing for a fall. >> we are taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. has your opinion about the orioles chances changed over the past 24 hours? you could share your response on or our facebook page.
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>> a man in one did not nearly as get the antlers of a stag. playing a game of cat and mouse. finally the man climbed the tree to safety. good idea. police arrived on the scene to chase the animal off. keep at least 150 feet away do regretting season as they compete to meet with females. i guess he thought he was competition. [laughter] >> last-minute preparations under way for a truly amazing act of courage and engineering. equipped with a specially- designed the space suits
6:41 am
peerless felix will attempt of august of her free fall from 125,000 feet above the earth's surface. during the first retreat during the first few moments he will try to break the speed of sound going more than 690 miles per hour wearing just a pressure suit, helmet, and parachute. a team of engineers have planned this for two years now. it is slated to go off this morning. >> it begs the question, why? 6:41. still ahead, a look of the morning's top stories. >> we will also look of the morning commute. busy in terms of accidents. >> looking at hd doppler as showers continue across the metro area. they should be ending soon. details coming up. i live look a camden yards. 52 degrees downtown.
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we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. in the headlines this morning, homicide detectives are handling a deadly north the shooting. police say the from the unidentified victim in the 600 block of dumbarton ave. was taken to an area hospital but did not survive. no word on the suspect or possible -- or possible motive. allston was also found guilty back in june of misdemeanor that the issue -- after she reportedly use state funding to pay an employee of her law office. last month her license to
6:45 am
practice law was suspended. investigating the incidents that led to a trouper by airing monday night. it happened in whitehall. when troopers arrived, they say a man pointed a shotgun at the responding officer. after the man refused to drop the weapon, the trooper fired his weapon, striking john murphy in the shoulder and arm. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. >> in this morning's women's doctor, just a few days thousands of people will help ohit the streets for the baltimore running festival. what should you eat if you are running the marathon? >> dr. jonathan rich says marathon runners need to -- need to pay special attention to what they need a leading up to
6:46 am
the race. to go you want to make sure you are balancing your diet. 00 ." . -- >> you want to make sure your balancing your diet. alongly o'connor says with complex carbohydrates, they need to be lean protein. it's a combination will keep your body going longer. >> you are looking for foods that give you energy that enhance those that keep the energy all the way through, if you could help it. here are some examples. >> greek yogurt has protein in cards. sandwiches on whole wheat bread. fresh fruit. >> dinner the night before is not necessary to carbo load. a blance instead. >> go a little bit light on the fact. your body takes a long time to
6:47 am
digest that. >> whether you are competitive long-distance runner or during a marathon for the first time, realize the food you eat is not just about satisfying, are but has an important job to do. >> it is your gasoline. the fuel off your body burns to keep it going. >> all 26 miles. >> good morning once again a look of your tuesday morning commute. weds are a little bit rest -- roads are a little bit wet. watch for delays of the area of 665 and ed water. an accident wrapping up a crafted. 97 north and southbound not tracking any delays at the moment. we do have delays on the westbound out a side. this is backing up traffic on southbound 795. bellaire road watch for an
6:48 am
accident. traveling along route 22, watch for an accident there pier/coming out of the northeast. delays from white marsh down to the split. a live picture prior to 175 is where the back of develops. switching over to some of hundred 95 at windmills. southbound traffic very heavy. bumper-to-bumper traffic down to the beltway. that is the very latest on traffic pulse 11. >> as you mentioned, rain is a problem right now on the roads. the good news, it is starting to fall apart. but as of the rain is starting issued -- starting to shift east. this is moving towards easton and even did 10. it will get light rain for the next couple of hours. much of the beltway is starting to dry out. 95 down to d.c. things are improving. because the roads are already splashed back for
6:49 am
quite some time. that will make to slow down a little bit as you head outdoors. taking a look at the temperatures right now. a chilly start to the day. 52 downtown. 48 in pikesville. high temperatures still below normal in the upper fifties to low 60s. showers winding down by 8:00. mostly cloudy through the rest of the day. we will stay dry through the night as we dropped down into the 40's across much of the suburbs. one storm system moving off the coast. another storm moves are way by this wednesday. a lot of clouds associated with that, but i do not think there will be much rain at all. hardly any rain to speak of, eason -- even as a visit to new york city, just a brief amount of rain during gain time.
6:50 am
that should not cause many problems. at the most, a minor delay. 62 on thursday. not bad as far as weather goes for the rest of the series for the yankees. seven-day forecast shows we are warmer tomorrow. 74 the high temperature in baltimore. brief chance of rain tuesday evening. another chance for sprinkles friday evening. saturday looks good. 60's by the afternoon. >> time for a last look of the big story. were happy after last night's win would be an understatement. there were possibly insane. -- positively insane. >> these fans could not be more proud. the fans streaming out after the game were bursting with
6:51 am
excitement. fans are convinced we're going all the way to the world series this year. this way and has them all revved up for the next up. they are ready to head to new york and take down the yankees tomorrow and thursday of their home turf. if they win this series they will play next week in the american league to be a chip series. -- championship series. >> thank you. >> this morning we as has your opinions changed over the past 24 hours? >> t. j. writes, where are the jobs and haters now? he had one bad game on sunday and everyone hates him. together brought it last night, just like i knew they would. congrats on an awesome when.
6:52 am
-- win. >> todd writes my opinion will never change. even when they're losing, i always thought it would win. -- they would win. >> good morning. coming up on a tuesday, much more of the new jail house statement from jerry sandusky as he prepares to be sentenced today. we're live at the courthouse and pennsylvania. the search intensifies for a missing 10-year-old girl in a cold bottle last seen walking to school five days ago. we will talk to police about where their investigation stands now. a group of high-school students suspended and forced to miss homecoming. their crime, taking legal caffeine pills. professionals way and on hot topics, including a controversy here in new york city. a guidance counselor fired because of revealing photographs
6:53 am
she took 17 years ago. how do the pros feel about that? we will get into it as we start on a tuesday morning right here on "today." >> 47 degrees at the airport. >> taking a last look at weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day.
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♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪ ♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ just let it rock ♪ let it rock ♪ this time >> we are seeing accidents around the area as we normally do when the weather is like this. 22 and churchill road. be careful. delays on 95 out of the white marsh area.
6:56 am
80 miles per hour on the west side impacting traffic on 795. what for an accident at route 3. another at 665. one more of notes in annapolis. showing you the delays. 295 heavy traffic down towards 432. 795 backed out of the windmills area. >> nice clearing on top. watch out for the wet roads for the next couple of hours. 59 is the high today. that is below normal. back to normal tomorrow. thursday looks dry. saturday for the festival, it will be chilly. probably low 40's. >> a it is better to run in the cold. >> here's a look at some of the news stories to confined on wbal-tv 11 news at 7:00, fresh off his appearance.
6:57 am
another big night for perry hall shooting victim daniel were way. what is being tell you done in his honor. >> those stories and more when you join us at wbal-tv 11 + and comcast. take a figure for jordan as. to go back here with a live update. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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