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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 3, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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phursday, maa 3rd.---tease thomas pickets!! 3 3
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3 &p mmp--41--cold--northern map
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a erdict issexpected today in the trial of vi and eli werdes. werdesheim.the rothers are accused of beating a baltimore teen while patrolling for a &pneiggborhooo watch group. group.the last witnesssto testify was eli werdesheim. he told the couut he acted in self ddfense the day he was on encountered a black teen hh was looking in houses in a predominately white neiggborhhod. werdeshiem &ptestified he became concerned walking awwy with a board in his hand. 16658:33 somebody was swinging a board at him with nails sticking out of them and he testiffed that he feared for his ife nd hought that he &pwould have suffered serious physical injury had he not defended himself 58:45 58:45 but in the 9-1-1 call made by the teen... he old the operator he picked up that board for his ownn rotection. ggvernor o'malley signed
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several bills into law named aftee áphylicia barnesá ... the teen whoodisappearee was later found murdered. mmrdered.relatives of phyliiia barnes were in annnpolis to watth the governor sign áphylicia's lawá... a bill aimed at helping others who are would improve coorrination between law enforcemenn agencies and community groups when a child disappears.ppylicia's family (sister))"we're jusstso graaefuu and we're so happy for this day and we're lookiig forward to seeing the changes that will be made in the state bill or all missing persons and we're hoping that the families who have a miissng ppeson ill definiiely beeefit from this." 28-year ld michhel johnson was arrested last week... charred with "phylicia's" muuder.he's being held without bail. another bill signed into law in aryland... it ill soon be pllegal for employers to aak for facebook passwords.the pssue was brought up bb privacy advocates... after ann employee at the maryland
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department of correccions was forced to hand over his log-in inforraaion for soccal medda sites.the departmenn argged it was necessary to screen it goes nto effect this october. it's the ssttus update faceeook now gives you areean organ donnr. e that youu joel d. smith is live at johns hopkins hospital to explain how a doctor there, helppd launch this idea. good morning joel d. 3 3
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3 &pred wine... scientists say it could preeenttaging. aging.scientists have foond more eeidence that reservatrol... a chemical in red ine ... ácouldá help found that mice given eaachers ressrvatrol were more resitant to disease and aginggbut beffre you pop open a bottle in hopes fffinding the fountain of youuh... justtknow
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that reseaachers say the mice would be llke a erson drinking 1-hunnred glasses of red wine every day. 3 american iiol ecrets revealed. revealed.((:31 i don't even &pit. :34)) :34))coming up... what phillis hiddng ... what kyler is paccing... and what joshua iss missing while he continues his quest to become the next pmerican idol. idol. yoo''e watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((brrak 1)) 3
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--the kinetic sculpture race powered works of rt that travel on land, through mud, and over the harbor waters --meteorologist emily gracey is liveewith the etails on this mornings hhmetown hotspot --constructed out of used --can be a simppe small craat of cannbe ooer 50 feet --race starts at the visionary art route ii 15 miles long long the kinetic sculpture race &pamerican visionary art muueum on aturday at 10am.for more baltimore dot com slash 3pmorning..-& sllshhmorning. all aboard! it's time for a trip to tte island
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that's 1.866.680.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. take your kids tt the island offsodor this meet thomas the tankkengine."a day out with homas" is at he b and o railroad museum this we. full size thomas tte tank engine.. and even meet "sir topham- hatt." the muueum on friday, saturday and sunday.tickkts aree available ow through the museum.but we want o gee you pn the train for free. free.the museum gave us tickets to give away to you this orning.thee10th ccller right now at 410-481-4545 ins a family 4 pack of ickets.
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3 3 3 oh say can you sing? sing?oh say can you sing? monster jam star-spangled sing ! off!go to our website foxbaltimore dot com and singgng the national anthem. you could win chance to sing the star spaagled banner when monster jam comes to m & t
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bank stadium on june 2nd. these neet people can sing... but that's not all! all!((:17 can't explain it, i can do it. (laughs) :20)) :20))ww reveal little known facts about some of the pmmrican idol.estants on -3 idol.((gasp))and later... when striking pose goes bad... 3 &pplus ... more than a symbol solo... what it is... when we look at all the great things caught on camera. camera. youu'e watching fox 45 good day baltimore.. ((break 3))
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"the bone was fractured, shattered, and actually pushed
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into his cranium. that was causing a lot of trauma and causing the brain to swell. i really don't expect him to survive." "by all the statistics, by tall things that were supposed to happen to him, bluntly speaking he was not supposed to wake up." "it's just a miracle." "i surrendered the whole thing to him, and he just... he made it something beautiful." ♪ okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? commanded the atteetion of
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night.the louisiana nativv ast - took on the bee gees' hit, "to love somebbdy."jennifer lopez said joshuaais oneeof the best siigers she as seenn in áá50ááá yyars. that's nn surprise ecause after months of competiiion.. we know that joshua ccn it the big notes 3we've also learnnd aalot about the other performers toobut has a rare look at the dood contestants froo a different angle. after months of the show... &pwe feel like we know the singers by now.but there are a pew facts that they still haven't revealed on the show.
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i met up with the top ccntestants in ollywood and got them to spill their secrets. secrees. 3 nats phillip singing:phil collins in he air weeve seen a lot of serious performances from phil phillips.the georgga to makes right notes and he every week.but this pawn shop talent and he was a little embarassed when i asked hhm about it,phil- 3:27-iis just a it.. if i canndo i cant explain it..laughs..turkey call...laughsphil 3:47-do you plan to do this on american &pidoll probably not..... dont even know how you found out about thatannther ssuthern also ###. she might look like the belle back in alabama, this country rocker is alabama, this but back in but back in alabama, thhs countryy ocker is a rough and tougghself proclaimed tom boy who is most comfortaale when wearing camo.skylar- 2::6-i drive a
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big truckand she's not most interested in her collection of makeup.. sslar-2:43- i haae a collection of my favorite one is ooe that is myydads daa..i madeeout of jeep sprinn andd bullett hh made it when he was in the war in guam skylar is all bout the country..but for joshua nats: kristy lee cook singingskylar aine performances in hollywood... countryy girl's really a tomboy.27:53-i put y ball cap go clean stalls or go fishing 27:16- i havent said yee... ive been because i know a like hunting but i of huntiig this year... my family lives off of meat, so its not like im huntinn for the sport... but i did hunt this year, i got enough meat for my family to last a year you probably won't find jason castro in camo gear.nats: hallelujah song the soft spoken siiger says his oughest oostacle in life heart.sounds like he's been watching too movies.26:10-no i canttsay stories. its not justtlove stories... i like anything with passion and i like are with fighting and love... like the glldiator...nats:gladiator jason 25:59..thats a love story we've come to know chikeze as not afraid to talk back... nats: chikezz talks but he's not really succ a tough guy. 20:37- i am a soap opera junkie. i cant get enough of them. its a first step is admitting you have a problem. 21:15-i have this weird ocd thing 21:15-i have this 21:15-i have this weird ocd thing watch it through to the end. so i one and said ok its week. no, not soaps. they
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know what tthyyare doing 21:24-im ookkd, its sad america isn't sad21:24-im hooked, its sadamericc isn't holding the ices gaanst the hookkd on hem. you can see the remaining conttstants on ameeican idol they're the words evvry idol contestant wants to hear...and soon... ou couldd be hearing them too.'re going to hollywood! we're giving away a trip to fox45 all next wwek for the idol legend of the nnght. it will appear on and 10 p-m.then the next eenn8 - morning... watch fox45 orning nnws for your cue to call. call.the first five callers "iiol legend" will be entered to win a 4 day v---p trii to idol's all brought to you by fox45 and z 104-3. it will soon cost you for a carry on. on.the shoccing cost one airline will soon be charging for youu carry on bag. bag. you're good day
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3 3 --3 3
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willenn lib gree chilling 9-1-1 calls reveal new details of the moments
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after a mmther stabbbd er baby inside a baltimore social services office. officc.police say 29-year-old kenisha thomas was with a sociaa worker and her baby last week for a supprvised angry... pulled out a knife and began stabbing tte 8 month old. in the 9-1-1 recordings... you can hear several social workers callinn the violenn attack. (911 call) in: "3031 east i had a lady just stabbed her baby." out: with me."what part of the body did she stab the yes"? "the neck." " " thomas remains in ail, without bail. doctors released the baby from the hospital monday. the grief ontinues thiss morning for the family of former n-f-l linebacker...
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junioo seau... who was found dead wedesnday... of aa apparent suicide. "jjniorr why you nnvee telling me ou going? take me. leaveemy son alone. alone..eau's mother could not contain herremotion jjut hours after leerning her son was dead... froo an appareet self inflicced gunshot wound to his his 20 season career... seau played for the sanndiego chargers, miami dolphins and new england patriots.that storied career has many wondering if the hits on the field, may have led to his death. . "previouu blows to the head, trauma sustained on a foottall field can accumulate over called chronic traamatic encepalopathy or 3cte.")) cte."))c-t-e is a progreesive degenerative disease that can lead to memory loos, depressionn ddmentia and anger.
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it's too soon tootell if this police step up surveillance in - &pan effort to crack down on crime in the city. city.mayor stephanie rawlings--lake helped insttll one of 33 new cameras in the northeass district wednesday. the mayor says the cameras help solve crimes.federal and state grants are paying for the cameeas.the city now has &p583 of them. if youucarry on to skip paying a baggage fee... you may not bb able to avoid ii on one airl. airrine.spirit airlines says it is raising the prices for some ccrry-on bags to as much &pas á1-hundred dollars!áright now, they charge 45 bucks for those big carry-on bags that must go in the overhead luggage ompartment.that rice will go uu to 1-hundred dollars per bag in november. smaller bags that fii under the seattare still free.spirii says passengers can save onn fees by checking bigger bbas before they board. -3 the cceator of
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facebook hopes you "likee the latess option on the social website. organ donor status is now an option... johns hopkins hospital to at - explain how the groundbreaking baltimore. good morning joel d. 3 3 3
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3 win a trip to the bahamas... we'll tell you how coming up. plus... the baby battle gone viral... and why this dog is the best caught on camera f moments cominggup. up.and another rainy &pmorning... whennwill it end? meteorologist steve fertig has the forecast nnxt. you're watchinn fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5))
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((ad lib meteorollgist)) mother's day is just around the corner... and we're lookinggfor the best mom in bal! baltimore!tell us in 50 words or less why your mom is baltimore's best.send your entrr to 2000 west 41st street, baltimore 21211...or you can submii it on our website.. foxbaltimore dot com. week we'll pick our favorite entry... aad that mom will win airfare and a 4 day- 3 niiht tay at grand bahamm is. psland.look how beautiful that resort is!this is a prize you definitely want to win.make sure you go to foxballimmre dot com for official contest rules before entering. trying tt be sexy... turns iito one funny moment. momentt((gasp)) ((gasp))another look at this hilarious fountain fall. &pffal.plls... a hamster sure
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knows how toopack it in... and a couple babies fight over a pacifier. who wins this one ... next n caught on camera. you're watchiin fox 45 &pgood day baltimore. 3
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"the bone was fractured, shattered, and actually pushed into his cranium. that was causing a lot of trauma and causing the brain to swell. i really don't expect him to survive." "by all the statistics, by tall things that were supposed to happen to him, bluntly speaking he was not supposed to wake up." "it's just a miracle."
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"i surrendered the whole thing to him, and he just... he made it something beautiful." 3 lives.the national kidney - foundation'' kidney walk is coming up in maryyand.karyn shackelford and her son, carter, join s this morning with more.--what does the walk bbnefit?--wheee is it and what is the route?--tell us about your family's journey... carter waa diagnosed in utero with a kidney problem and had surgeries before he was even just a walk... there willlbe acttvitiesng and other fun acti-
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for more information on the kidney walk, log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. an excitiig night at a baseball game... and it had game.((:13 he tuck the ame.. landing... but spilled the beer. :15 )) ))coming up... what this guy did that had everybody cheering. the demolition... atch ect for a - i was payine.
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that's 1.866.685.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. it is time for caught on cammra... we've got quite a few surprisee for you today inlcuding a dog that rides a bike... and a girr who fails aa posing for a picture. let's sttrt wwth a dog that bike.justtwhen you think that's adorabll ennugh... it gets better. better.---li li the golden
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retriever is a celebrity inn the bike hugging dog---now - watch.. when the owner comes back... li li cllmms on the back and off they go. i'm not sure if you'd call this next animal talented... but he his ppanut - stuffing ability is going viral. viral. watch as this watch as this
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hhmster stuffs áfiveá peanuts in his mouth. mouth. ii you've had your ffll of cute animals ... we'll move on &pto babies. babiis.look at these adorable twins... thee're having a war... over a pacifier.and the winner by the time this video ends... the baby on the left! 3 there's nothing like the sound of usic. music.especially if you're looking to do some strikes just the right - nott.((drumming)) ((drumming))((ááááááad libááááááá)) 3
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bargains forrwhile trying to strike a pose in las vegas. vegas.--is it real? you can decide. here's another backflii ... that was definitely an accident.happened at the seattle mariners - tampa bay accidentally ábackflipsá over
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ball.tand... tryyng to catth a a rainy start to out for the weekend... with your 7-day forecast next. you're watching fox 45 go artifacts sold on e-bay.the
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the crime. tonight on fox 45 we are following breaking news just into our newsoom... e-s-p-n is reporting that ravens linebacker errell suggs injured himself playing baaketball and may be out for the season. teedon.we will follow this - story closely today... stay
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tuned for updates on our facebook page and the latest on fox45 news at 5. áá7 day forecastáá ,3 3 3 3 3
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>> did you head your head, nate. and he would never answer me. >> a freak accident. >> and i thought something is wrongment.


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