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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  October 16, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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so you have three people here that are very worried about you. how does that make you feel? >> i mean, they are my family i know they are very worried about me. >> kirk: should they be? >> yeah, i mean, of course. >> kirk: so you admit that you have a problem? >> yes. well, yes, definitely i have a problem. >> kirk: you've had a problem for a longtime? >> yes >> kirk: have you tried to get help? >> yeah. well i was going to celebrate recovery and that helped. but like -- >> kirk: but you are still on drugs? >> yes, >> kirk: so it did not help that well? >> do you want to get help? >> i want -- i don't want to be using drugs for the rest of my life i'm not going to. but i want to get help and i will but you have to be ready. like you have to be ready. >> are you ok with the lifestyle >> kirk: if you continue using drugs you will not have the rest
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of your life. i mean they will kill you. >> so you are ok with the lifestyle are you living right now? >> no, i'm not. >> no. >> wouldn't you rather get help than living on the street? i don't know like where do you live? like where do you sleep? >> i am not on the street because of me using drugs that is not why i am on the streets >> kirk: why are you on the street. >> in my dad is like stopped paying rent and then we didn't have a place. >> why do you think he stopped paying rent? what were you doing at that apartment all day long. >> that is not why he stopped paying rent. mckenzie -- >> kirk: did you stop ping rent? >> i reduced the support i filed for divorce and reduced the support to the amount that the court would award for alimony. >> she still had enough money. >> and a place to live. i offered her a place to live
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she did not like the rules i set down. >> kirk: what were the rules? no drugs. >> those were ridiculous. it was a signed contract. no friends, no friends, me being -- searched everyday. >> why do you think friends were not allowed to come over >> kirk: first of all let me say one thing. mckenzie you are a heroin addict. he is worried about you. so he wants to search things to save your life. that is why he doesn't want you hanging around certain people because obviously he thought you were doing drugs with those people. >> why would we keep you there? we love you. we want to get you out of that. nothing we are doing is to hurt you. >> when you say you have to be ready which you were saying before what does that mean? what makes you ready? >> you have to be ready and willing. you have to make that step yourself. >> usually you hit rock bottom. haven't you hit rock bottom. >> living on the streets.
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>> what can be worsen your life. you were a beautiful young -- >> kirk: your next step is death and if you hit death you don't have a chance. how are you using heroin everyday? >> yes, i'm not shooting it, never have done that. and i will not ever shoot it. some people will never do that and i will never shoot up. >> do you know you can overdose by smoke to go? >> i know. people can think that they don't -- >> you might not die from an offer dose but you might die from a bad drug dealer with kill you. >> i'm not going to use for the rest of my life. i don't want to. it's not what i will do. >> when are you going to change? >> when i'm ready. soon, i want to >> kirk: when do you think you will be ready? what has to happen? >> you just have to i have to find the courage in me to make that step. >> how can we help you?
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>> you can't. you have to wait until i'm ready to do it. >> kirk: how will you go about doing it? have you read up on this? i have been reading on this drug you cannot do it on your own. >> you know you cannot do it on your own. you know you need medical attention. >> you have to have -- you have to make that step to go do that. >> we need to you make that because we love you and we don't want something bad to happen. >> but can you not make that decision for me >> kirk: here is something that i want to talk about. and maybe it will help you remind you what life can be like. when you were a cheerleader do you remember your life? >> i do not -- ok. i quit cheering because i was going to do a nursing rop that i tried to get into and i didn't get into it. and it wasn't going to work with my schedule. and that is why i quit. iasn't using drugs or -- that is no reason -- >> kirk: it's not about
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cheerleading. i wt to look back to a time before you were doing drugs. >> yes, >> kirk: do you remember that? >> of course i remember >> kirk: and that is the feeling that you should try and get to now? >> i know that. >> kirk: that step should begin right this second can be a time that you say i'm done. we have three lovely people here that care so much about you. everyone out here cares. and everybody that is watching tv they have someone in their life that they are trying to instill the courage in to take that step. >> and you can help with that >> kirk: and it starts when you say it's not when i'm ready but i think i am ready. >> i am ready >> kirk: you say i'm ready i'm done. >> what do you have to lose? you are living on the streets? >> kirk: you say i'm not shooting i'm snorting but you are putting heroin in your system. people die from snorting heroin. >> and meth.
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>> and now are you smoke. >> kirk: they die from putting heroin in your system. and where are you getting the money for the drugs? >> you don't work. >> my friends they -- i get it from around. >> you make deals to support your habit >> kirk: are you stealing? are you prostituting? what are you doing? >> absolutely not. like i have friends that have a lot of it and they give it to me. >> kirk: just so you know those are not your friends. >> i know that [applause] >> kirk: i mean, have you been in dangerous situations? >> no, not really. no. >> you've never been in a dangerous situation? >> kirk: you probably don't know. you are high. has she been in dangerous situations? >> of course. she got caught with heroin. she got caught they were driving with a couple friends and you know, they got pulled over for a moving violation and she hid it but they had found it. she did not get arrested.
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but -. >> i'm having a flashback right now of when you were a little girl so beautiful so full of life so just an amazing little person. and it's just amazing to be sitting here right now looking at you hearing the things that you are saying. >> and you don't look well. you don't look like yourself. have you looked in the mirror? are you happy with the way you look right now? you are like 75 pounds. like your face is caved in. >> kirk: do you remember when you wanted that insurgentsing program? do -- nursing program? you can still do that nursing program. all you have to do is just say i got to make a change. >> i want to hear what she has to say. ken hold on. >> kirk: next on "the test". >> i've been so depressed for so
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long so angry with people. i use it so i don't have to think about anything >> kirk: and later... do you want to get clean? do you want to start your fight today?
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does your ex deny he is the father of your baby? do you want to prove he is the father with dna? if you want to put your ex to the test call...
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[applause] >> i want to hear what she has to say. >> ken, hold on, come here. hold on. >> kirk: mckenzie. mckenzie. this is all part of it, mckenzie. this is all part of it. just remembering who you are and who you want to be. i mean this is a crucial time. just take deep breaths it is ok. >> they don't realize that the reason i'm doing that is because what i've been through and my family. >> kirk: whatever you've been through right now you are just surrounded by love. ok? because with you getting that is the start for you to just take that step. we don't want to you hit rock
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bottom where it's death. >> i know. i'm not going to >> kirk: you don't know that. >> i've been so depressed for so long and so angry with people. >> kirk: let me tell you one thing. part of being able and dealing with that anger is being in touch with your feelings and you cannot find your true feelings if you are on heroin. you don't know who you are. >> i know. i know. i use it so i don't have to think about those things. and it eases my mind enough not to think about it and that is why i do it. >> kirk: the truth is i think deep down you might be angry at yourself. >> no, bad things they have done. >> kirk: well, what have they done? what have they done that made you so angry that you feel you want to kill yourself? because that is what heroin is doing? >> i've been through a lot and never got help for it. >> kirk: you are getting help today we are all here today. everything can start today.
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and whatever has happened in the past they can talk about it and you can talk about it with them right now. come back and let's get it out. this is the chance to do it. let's get it all out today. you will feel better about it. trust me on that. when you pour this out whatever it is, tell them how you are feeling about some things. i'm not going to interrupt this is a safe place. don't worry about the cameras or anything. because when you are helping yourself you will help thousands of girls just like you out there. >> that is why i came on the show. >> kirk: then let's stay on the show. if you came here. let's do what you are going to do. you know what i'm saying? [applause] >> kirk: all right we are going to go to break and when we come back she is going to open up to you guys. we will get truths out and find
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out if we can stop this path she is on. because i think she deserves a lot more than where she is headed. that is for sure. we will be right back. [applause] [♪] next on "the test"... >> i want to see you smile again. >> it's really hard for me. >> odds are you are going to die.
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coming up tomorrow she is obsessed with her ex. >> i want to love you. >> what is wrong with you? >> you stopped taking the pill! >> he is planning a new life with someone else. >> there might be another girl involved. [all talking at once] >> kirk: did you stop taking the pill on purpose? >> that tomorrow on "the test." [applause] >> kirk: actress christy swanson and her brother rob are here fighting to save the life of rob's daughter, mckenzie. you have things that you want to say to them? this is the chance. we can open up here. all right? here is a chance.
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>> really hard for me. >> we're all here for you. >> do you think -- you know that you are hurting. nobody ds drugs because they are not hurting and they feel well. >> i can't breathe. >> we want you to get clean. so that we can address all these things. >> we know everybody has problems. and we can help you fix them but you have to get sober first. >> i have to heal. i have to. >> you cannot heal on heroin. >> kirk: heroin is not going to make you heal. >> i know that. once i'm not feeling these -- once that is not sad anymore about these things i will not need the drug. >> kirk: but the drug is what is making you sad. it is a depressant. >> no, it's not i was sad before. >> not this sad >> yes, i was.
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yes i was. >> you answered phone calls and came to family events. >> kirk: how much sadder does it need to get? >> you have the most beautiful smile i've ever seen on the face of this earth. i want to see you smile again. i want to see you happy. >> kirk: what are your dreams? what do you want to be when you grow up? how old are you? >> 18 i will be 19 next month >> kirk: tell me what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i wanted to do nursing >> kirk: you want to be a nurse? >> yes, >> kirk: it can never happen until you are clean. never. anything that all those dreams they are not going to happen when are you on heroin. all right? so anything you want to happen, has to start today with you admitting that you are done. you are just done. and then we find a way to make
9:20 am
sure you stay done. >> and we will get you help >> kirk: do you want to have a family and children? >> yes. >> kirk: ok. it can't ever happen, because odds are you are going to die. you are not healthy right now. they see someone that is barely recognizable. is this the sister you remember? >> no. she is always tan and her skin is white. she is just so thin. >> kirk: you say you are not living on the streets but you are not living in a stable environment. are you not living with true friends. if you are in a house with people giving you heroin. >> you would have a job and you would be working to support yourself. you and brandon would probably have an apartment together >> kirk: tell me a little bit about brandon. >> i think it's so rude how you guys blame him. >> we are not blaming him. >> for this. i made this choice myself.
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like when i was i partied way harder than -- he did not start doing anything -- >> kirk: we are not here to blame anyone. >> we are heretofore give and heal. >> kirk: it doesn't matter how anything started and christy is right. it's forgiven. whatever has led you here you are here. you cannot have now without then. and even if then was not pretty and if you were sad and depressed, the key is to find a way for you not to be sad anymore not to be depressed so you can be a nurse and anything you want. you might find you have other interests. right now you have no intest except drugs. >> no, i have interests. >> kirk: mckenzie did not descend into the dark world alone with her every step is her boyfriend brandon. his mom laurie is here and is terrified what will happen to brandon and mckenzie if they do not get help soon.
9:22 am
welcome laurie to the show, please. [applause] [♪] hi. have a seat. so what do you think of mckenzie? >> i love her. >> kirk: she is a sweet young lady. >> i know. >> kirk: and she has been with your son for a lot of years, four years? >> like four-and-a-half. >> kirk: and are you worried about -- brand as well? >> yes. yes. i just finished going through this with his twin brother. he is also a heroin addict. >> kirk: and you have gotten him off? >> over eight months. [applause] >> kirk: how bad is brandon's addiction? >> i don't know. i have not seen him. he is away from us. he doesn't want to be around us. he is ashamed. he is embarrassed.
9:23 am
and we love him and we want him to get help. but i saw him and he is skinny and you see bones and such a gorgeous guy and he is so skinny. >> kirk: so you think brandon is on heroin. >> absolutely. and if not more. >> kirk: is he on other drugs as well? >> no. he has tried meth as well as i have, but we are are not on that we do not do that on a daily basis we don't have a problem with that. we started just a few times. >> what is making you so skinny? the heroin? >> the heroin i guess. i don't eat three - i can't. >> kirk: is that the life you want? >> no, it's not i've said that is not the life. >> kirk: you have to make the decision. a few minutes ago you said i have to be ready inside. >> i do. >> kirk: but soon you are not going to have insides. >> you won't be able to have a
9:24 am
baby. >> kirk: and you just say you know what? i'm ready. so you got to decide if you want to live. because there is a lot of people that want you to live. including me. including everyone in here. [applause] [cheering] next we'll meet brandon. can he be convinced to get help. will mckenzie get help if he doesn't? stay tuned. we will be right back. next on "the test"... will mckenzie's boyfriend stand in the way of their recovery. >> there is a reason she is using. she is not happy with her life and reasons why she turned to drugs. with rich moisturizers... and a revitalizing lather ♪you're not fully clean... unless you're zestfully clean!♪
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is your family in crisis? do you want to confront your family about lies they spread about you? do you want to expose family secrets? if you want to put your family to the test call...
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[applause] >> kirk: welcome back. christy swanson is best known for her role as vampire splayer buffy. today she is here with her brother rob waging a desperate battle to save her niece mckenzie from a life of defendant constitution and drugs. mckenzie's is not alone on the streets. her boyfriend is addicted and homeless. brandon is here. brandon, come on out. [applause] so you've been hearing everything that is going on up here? >> yes. >> kirk: how do you feel about
9:29 am
it? >> i have -- there is a reason why we are using -- why she is using. things -- >> kirk: you are using a well? >> yes. >> kirk: there is a reason why we are. >> there's things >> kirk: what is your reason? >> just because i choose to use. >> kirk: you choose to use? >> yes. but there's things that gone on in her life that has made her depressed and she is not happy with her life and there's reasons why she has turned to drugs. >> kirk: but that doesn't justify why using -- why people use heroin. everyone in here. >> she is depressed and sad. >> and i think it's so important to get clean so that you can address those issues. >> we cannot use that as the excuse. >> you are right. >> kirk: what do you want to say to your son? you have not seen him in a
9:30 am
while? >> and i miss you. >> i miss you, too. >> and brandon i'm depressed everyday because i've lost both my boys to this drug. one of them is on the road to recovery. and when he went in, do you know what you said to him when he accepted help you said i'm going to see you on the other side when i'm sober. i'm going to see you on the other side we are going to do this together. >> i look at austin everyday and i cannot be more proud of him. >> we want that for you now >> kirk: and you can be proud of yourself. this is a twin, right? >> they are connected. so much >> kirk: don't you want to be clean? >> i look at him everyday >> kirk: he comes out on the other side. your other side might be death that is the other side for a heroin addict. >> right. >> i mean you were this -- you played every sport. >> you tried to get him into treatment? >> he has had every opportunity. >> i've been pro cass naturing
9:31 am
and i don't know why -- procrastinating. and i don't know why. >> you know what makes you procrastinate? heroin. it is a great side effect. a lot of time tomorrow does not come. you need to take procrastinate out of your vocabulary and add words like i need help. >> don't let this drug -- >> kirk: how are you getting the drugs? >> from friends. >> kirk: they show up. the drugs? >> you've been arrested? >> just recently. >> kirk: for? >> stealing. >> kirk: so prison is also on your horizon then >> yes. >> kirk: and i tell you one thing you would last five minutes in prison. i mean. >> i hate jail >> kirk: are you a beautiful young man this is the. >> i'm scared for you. >> kirk: yeah. >> this is not you. this is not you. you are a natural, talented
9:32 am
athlete who was a good student and a caring brother and a to your little sisters. you have little sisters brandon >> kirk: you have to set an example. do you love mckenzie? >> yes. >> kirk: if you love her then you would get clean and have the strength to help her get clean. the truth is you should just get clean together. [applause] i mean you guys should fight for each other. and get clean. she said she wasn't ready. but i bet she would be ready if you told her. i bet she listens to you and said let's do this she would listen. is that right mckenzie? >> a lot of our friends they say they will get clean and what happens is the next day you see them -- >> kirk: this is not about your friends. >> i don't want to be -- i don't want -- >> kirk: don't be your friends.
9:33 am
you don't have to be. >> i don't want to go get clean and come out -- >> kirk: you just don't go get clean it starts with you saying i need to get clean and admitting it and it begins. it is a long process. it's not like washing your clothes. it is a fight. and i can tell you are a ghter. >> what he is saying he is worried as well as i am like he don't want to do that and get out and. >> and fail. >> exactly. it's not ok. >> kirk: brandon, mckenzie, you can't fail if you don't try. i mean you are already setting up failure. [applause] it is about you being ready to kick ass. you are an athlete. you got to attack this your sobriety the way you used to attack sports. man you got to be the winner again. are you so young you could be anything. and i am going to make sure it
9:34 am
happens. next as we said brandon is not the only boy in this family to fall prey to addiction. his brother austin overcame his demons and he is here. we will meet him when we come back. next on "the test"... will this young couple stand up and fight for their lives? do you want to start your fight and fight for their lives? do you want to start your fight today? all across america, people are using lysol in hundreds of ways. what's christine's story? i started using lysol disinfectant spray, gosh, as long as i can remember. i use lysol on soft surfaces because you can't put your couch in the washing machine. i think that lysol disinfectant spray compares to other products in that it actually kills the germs. which helps keep my family healthy. it's tried and true. i mean all you have to do is just spray. it does the job for you. lysol - hundreds of ways to help protect your family.
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>> do you like action?
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do you want to witness shocking results? if you are in the la area and want to be in the studio audience for a taping of "the test" go to [applause] >> he is getting angry. >> no. he promised you. [applause] >> kirk: today two families are in a fight to save mckenzie and her boyfriend brandon from addiction and homelessness. brandon is not the only person in the family to battle substance abuse. his twin brother austin fought
9:38 am
and defeated his demons and i here today. how are you? >> good, how are you? >> kirk: good. first of all, congratulations on eight months. [applause] listen eight months is great but you got to for it's one day at a time and keep fighting. you have to if anything set an example for your other half. >> absolutely. >> kirk: i mean what do you want to say to brandon? >> too much to say. but i was once there. we all were doing it at the same time me you and her and we were all there. i got out through a different side. i just want you guys there, too. >> kirk: you decided you wanted to live? >> yes. yes. i didn't want to have that hold on me anymore. >> kirk: and austin, i want to thank you because you tracked them down and got them here today. [applause]
9:39 am
>> he is the on reason why i came here. he is the reason why i came here >> kirk: he is the reason why you came here. but these are also reasons why you came here. >> he brought me. >> kirk: i'm saying now that you are here, listen, i did not know you before today. nobody did. but now we are all here today. because of you. ok? and listen, are you proud of your brother for fighting that fight? >> oh, yeah. >> kirk: do you want to get clean? do you want to start your fight today? >> yes. [applause] [cheering] >> kirk: mckenzie do you want to start your fight today? >> yes. >> kirk: are you ready? [cheering] [applause] now, mcken issy, brandon we would love to offer help. in our audience is ken sele who has helped many families who
9:40 am
have children addicted to drugs. welcome ken to the show. [applause] thanks for coming and it is a pleasure to see you. you have been watching this unfold here today. what do you think of these two? >> yeah, kirk, you know what she is saying mckenzie hasn't felt enough pain she is not ready yet and i heard wanting help is what every other addict has to feel enough pain and i'm hoping today is the day that you feel enough pain because you will die from this. and kirk and his team have setup a sober way home in prescott, arizona for 90 days of treatment for the two of you if you want to get help. >> each of you you can go. it's not you will be separated. >> kirk: before you answer this, before you answer that and thank you, ken, i was going to do other tests today we were going to do lie detector tests and
9:41 am
maybe do a drug test but i don't need to do that. because i know you are both on drugs. and i know that that is not the test that needs to be approached today. the test that you guys need to do is get sober test. to clean it up. that is the test and that is the most important test that anyone can face. because your lives are on the line. all right? now before you answer that, before you answer, i want to take you outside for a second. >> why are you crying, dog? >> he is feeling something. brandon what are you feeling? a little fear? >> not... more or less. >> kirk: tears are ok. all right? [applause] all right. listen. listen. i want everybody to stand up.
9:42 am
and before you give me the answer, i want to take you outside for a second. i want to show you one more thing and then we'll find out. ken, austin, you guys come with us. [applause] all right. [♪] next on "the test"... >> if you don't stick with this we are going to hire private investigators and turn you in for dealing. will do whatever it takes to get you better.
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[applause] >> kirk: we have a few more family members we are rosemary, carmine, tom, aunt carol and let's see other people that love you. mckenzie's grandpa and grandma. >> i'm so proud of you. this took a lot of courage. thank you for your love. i love you and i care about you. and you can do this. >> what we are looking at is a minimum of 90 days at a sober way home in prescott, arizona.
9:46 am
if you try to leave against medical advice they will have consequences waiting for you on the other side. >> ok. >> just know that your family is prepared to do whatever it takes. >> and name the consequences. >> well, you will be completely cutoff from your family. no longer that you will not be in your lives anymore. ok? cellphones completely gone. that means you will not be able to communicate -- >> kirk: everyone believes in you guys. >> do you want to get clean? i was telling your brother he said what made him want to get clean he broke down a cried the day before and i'm hoping that is where you are at. >> did you leave and get out and you do not stick with this we will hire private investigators and i know the best in the business. and i will get him -- >> kirk: i will find you and drag you back. >> we'll turn you in for dealing. we'll do whatever it takes t
9:47 am
get you better. ok? >> kirk: they love you so much that they are going to get toug this is tough. they've tried to be nice but this is tough. >> they cannot be nice anymore. you have to fight for your life. >> kirk: nice didn't work. but you guys have to attack it as well. >> here is the test. are you willing to take this? are you willing to take this? >> yes. >> kirk: all right, mckenzie are you ready? >> yes. yes. >> kirk: today is the day for you. it all begins. [applause] i can't wait to see you guys when you are clear and you can see. all right. i want you to look in his eyes he has a twinkle. we have to get that twinkle back. let's get you in the car and start this up. >> i'm so happy. you will do it. >> kirk: take care, all right? all right. >> ok. >> good luck you guys. i have no doubt that you can do
9:48 am
this. all right? we'll be right back. [applause] the busiest place in your house is the one you want to be the cleanest. but using bleach leaves some stains behind.
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coming up tomorrow... she is obsessed with her ex. >> jimmy accuses her of trying to trap him by getting pregnant on purpose. >> you stopped taking the pills. but he is planning a new life with someone else. >> there might be another girl involved. >> all new test. that is tomorrow. [applause] >> kirk: welcome back to the "the test". i just saw a car drive away with mckenzie and brandon. they accepted problem lit hardest test they will have to face, sobriety. but i have no doubt they can do it because they have a lot of love surrounding them.
9:51 am
and ken,an you tell the family what to expect? because there will be tough days ahead. >> absolutely. as we talked about, there's going to be days at that time are difficult. and they are going to buck and want to fight but that is the day that you have to hold firm with the consequences that we discussed. just stay firm. they heard the consequences on their way out. and let them know there is no wiggle room. there is no way out. the on way out is to be in recovery. >> kirk: i mean listen they will say they are treating them terribly it's awful, it's hell. >> food is horrible. dirty sheets >> kirk: you have to stay strong. especially you, grandparents. >> you better believe it. >> kirk: all right. the whole family agrees to these consequences? we worked hard to get them in there but we did it with love. >> we are so grateful. thank you. thank you. >> thank you so much. did you a great job
9:52 am
>> kirk: i was happy to be a part of t see you next time. thank you, have a good night. [applause] [♪]
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now here's wendy! ♪ [ cheering ] >> yeah, turn it up! ♪ whoo! hi! thank you for watching. i'm so glad you're here. thank you studio audience. how you doin'. i'm doing great. we've got such a good show planned for you, okay, and then the hot topics. forget about it. you heard about it. kris and bruce. they're officially separated. we'll talk. miley cyrus has a hot new hookup
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and we have the proof and it is the dirtiest story i've told so r this season. and then we have the inside scoop on "the real housewives of new jersey." remember the fight we saw last week? it ended in a lautd, so we're going to talk about that as well. let's get started. it's time for hot topics. thank you. i love that. i love you so much. let's get started. there's a lot to share with you. first of all, it's official. bruce and kris have separated after 22 years of marriage. not "oh." good for bruce. you know what i'm saying? he finally found his man parts. oh, please. eight seasons of that show.
9:58 am
she treats him like, well, less than lovely. here's a quote. we are living separately, and we're much happier this way. what an odd thing to say. but we saw this coming. so it wasn't really a big deal. i root for love, and i root for marriage, but when you clearly see, at least through the tv, that this is not working, you know, then they're saying according to tmz, bruce was the one who wanted to move out. good for him. weadreported and you had seen it in other outlets that bruce has been living in malibu. and this all kind of started when kim came home with baby north, and then the house was filled with e cameras and nannies and it was all about the baby ands big as the house is, it just wasn't big enough for bruce. bruce was being driven insane by
9:59 am
all the hubub in the house. reportedly that's the reason that he moved to this malibu place. and kris was working on her talk show. it was probably nuts in the house. reportedly the reason they've announced the separation, i told you. it was bruce who wanted it. kris reportedly didn't want it because it's bad for the kardashian brand. bruce has finally had enough. my thought about bruce though is, you know, while bruce doesn't have a backbone, i'm hoping that his sons, brody and the other ones. i'm hoping his sons who are also allegedly putting it in this malibu house with us, come on, dad. you missed out on a lot of our childhood. bruce has a lot of narcissism with him as well. he probably appreciates smelling the roses of life. when he was running and jumping and on the


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