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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news. a man hit and killed by a commuter rail train. the norfolk downdy da's sheriff's office investigating it. we know now. >> bracing for the cold the freeze watch in effect as temperatures start to fall. we are taking a 40 did grow plunge.
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in a hurry we're going to drop down temperatures more over the weekend. all of a sudden, we're talking about winter like temps. tonight, 32 to 38 in most suburbs. morning and we're looking at temperatures well back into the 20s and this is going to bring a widespread freeze into the area which essentially means the end of the growing season. that freeze watch is up, not up north and west because the greg over. then as we head toward monday, it gets cold tracking snow showers >> thank you we're following two developing stories. a 20 year old hacker arrested accused of stealing
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military members and then giving it to isis. he was detained in malaysia. officials say he stole names, addresses, and photographs of more than 1300 service members. isis posted that information online in a quote, kill list, urging lone wolf attacks against americans the fbi announcing the dow jones was hacked for trading tips. dow jones officials are denying those claims but are looking into it a new clue tonight in an arlington bank robbery. police just released this sketch of the man they say held up a bank this afternoon. police say he showed a gun and demanded cash. if you have information, call police developing news right now, crews working through the night to try to repair a water main break on the north shore. let get to katy -- let's get to
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katy reporter: david, you can see crews are still hard at work right now. about 30% of the town still does not have water. now, the historic water system is getting a closer look. the noise outside seven central restaurant was attracting attention, but not customers. the owner was fielding calls telling customers a water main water closing them for the night. today and tonight. reporter: how much. >> ouch. we opened today at noontime and within five minutes we could see the water gushing out the window. reporter: almost the entire town was without water for the afternoon as crews isolated the problem. ashley oaks finally has her water back. >> it comes through brown for a long, long
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time. you can't do showers. you don't want nit your hot water tank, it's inconvenient but kids are excited, no baths. reporter: the pipe that broke is 100 years old. in april, a bond goes before the town to fix the old water system. >> we had a problem last month over there, so it's an unfortunate situation but they've got to fix it. reporter: this is the third water main break this year. for now, residents are going with the flow. paul barclay is thinking of creative ways to make up the money. >> tomorrow we're going to have like one margarita for $10,000 to make up for the money we missed. reporter: fortunately, the water did not damage any of the nearby buildings and they're hoping to finish up here by midnight. reporting live in manchester by the sea. now to an exclusive, a local documentary film maker making
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international headlines. he was determined to track down the people who bomb pan am flight 103 which killed his brother. custody thanks to him. reporter: earlier i spoke to a local woman whose daughter was killed on that flight. she broke down in tears thinking about the work that this tv producer has done getting answers to question that no one else seemed able to get. >> so he is traveling twice before. unraveling this mystery is personal. his older brother david died in the bombing of pan am flight 103 and tim grew up knowing many were going free. maybe intolerable situation to many families and it just happened my career veered in journalism.
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reporter: he began taking the trips to libya. >> one thing leads to another and you chip away at it. reporter: his front line series identifies two men that his work connected to the bombing, both were already in custody. one intelligence chief and this man, the man he believes physically built and detonated the bomb that flew up flight 103. >> it was hard to believe i was now trying to find. reporter: sara phillips was one of many on that plane. tonight, her mother told wbz ken's research has made a tremendous influence in this case. now comes new word, u.s. and he has pointed. >> i believe that this week's news is in some large measure an out
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that i started and that i'm hoping they can finish. reporter: ken also said he believes his brother would appreciate the work that he has done in his brother's name. >> it's incredible work. thank you >>tonight the judge has rejected a request by prosecutors to have their own psychologists examine the teenager accused of killing his teacher. phillip chisholm is now under going statements to a court employee. lamar odom is awake and talking three days after being found brothel. a family spokesperson says he said hello and gave a thumbs up. odom's aunt andest stranged wife are thanking fans for their kindness and understanding. the kardashian family says they will not be posting anything,
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instead, they are focusing on being there for odom. the freeze this weekend should wipe out mosquitoes for good but tonight, state officials are urging people to avoid bites watch a ninth person tested positive the record west nile virus. we know it is a woman in suffolk county and she did not have to go to if hospital. 1332 that's the number of people who contracted west nile this year. illinois is seeking a legal opinion on whether sites like fanduel and draft kings violate state law. this comes after they were ordered to shut down. now to campaign 2016. the front hillary clinton
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front of the polls. jim smith following tonight. reporter: [inaudible] and i got to chance to ask him why come to massachusetts, adeem contractic state. >> do you think you can take massachusetts? >> i think we can. you see the crowd. we have 2,000 people standing outside, we have what, three rooms that are packed. reporter: a lot of democrats are up here. >> i know, but look, i love the people here. reporter: onced in, he continued -- inside, he continued the same theme. >> i love massachusetts [ cheering and applause ] why do they always say that a republican can't win massachusetts? i think we can. reporter: then he took game at a possible rival, hillary clinton who has an event in new hampshire friday. >> we have two rooms like this full, we have i guess 2,000 people outside and hillary had 250 people.
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reporter: as for mrs. clinton, she banged the drum for democrats in yen why she's a better bet than any republican. >> after the election, bill says to me, its so much worse than they told us. the deficit is so much higher. it's been quadrupled in the previous 12 years. reporter: [inaudible] this town voted republican in the past two presidential elections. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders are nearly deadlocked in new hampshire les than four months -- less than four months before the primary. a new poll puts clinton at 37%, sanders at 35%. clinton may have turned things around with her debate performance earlier this week. more than half of the voters questioned in this poll say she won the debate. fifty% of those polled say vice president joe biden
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coming up action one brook line resident is ruffling a lot of feathers. >> plus, one of the busiest highways in the country cut off by a massive mud slides. hundreds are trapped. >> wild weather out west, snow flakes, a look at the weather coming up. if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... v they want to go back to letting v the super wealthy
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. we are taking a closer look at how women deal with stress in their we talk to a researcher who may have
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it's going take days to reopen one of the nation's most congested highways as mud has completely choked off all travel on interstate 5. mud slides trapping more than 200 cars and tracks on the road. some cars buried in 6 feet of mud. rescuer needed to use ladders and tarps to help those trapped in their car. fortunately no deaths nor injuries were reported. a bird who flew the coop is becoming a pest. he's ruffled feathers by chewing on the home where robert kennedy was born. with temperatures dropping, the bird may not be able to stand the calmment the animal rescue league is working to bring him home >>thousands of elite allege heats will hit the water this weekend among them a team
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that's been out of the water for a while they are the state police rowing team and the team has not rowed together in more than a decade. the team is the first ever team from the massachusetts state police to race in the head of the charles. it is an honor that they cannot believe is happening. >> a dream. absolute dream. i grew up in lexington and just watching the boats come through. i never thought i'd be able to row in the charles. >> they are encouraging other law enforcement to join next year for friendly competition. they want to talk a little smack. >> you say friendly competition when you get state trooper and all. and the weather is not going to be good. its going be cold. >> i have to say, even today as it was cold by the river, these rowers were wearing tank tops. >> they're a tough bunch. if anyone read boys in the boat, they go through all
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conditions, the boys and the lady rowers. i think they'll be fine this weekend but the wind will make things uncomfortable. we're in the 40s and even some 30s right now. we're also tracking a cold front that's beginning to move in. it is snowing in parts of michigan. look at this video, some signs up on some roadways. large plows needed, not in michigan. we're starting to gear up hire already. -- here already. seems like we were in the 70s on monday. let's talk about what we're watching for the weekend. that cold front bringing a couple of scattered showers for tomorrow. i think we'll see a few rain drops here and there. as we head through the afternoon. pop up showers, noticing the snow flakes across northern new england. they'll pick up a
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coating maybe as much as a few inches in the highest elevations. they'll be clearing out sunday night. let's talk temperatures. after today, in the low 60s, tomorrow, it's the low to mid 50s, some 40s across central massachusetts. factor in the wind, it's going to feel more like late november outside. saturday, spotty shower, gusty breeze at ten to 25. we're well down into the 30s. many towns north and west of boston are in the 20s for tomorrow night. very chilly stuff. then on sunday, a high near near 46 in the city, near 40 in the higher elevations. november, maybe an early december feel with the wind. there is a freeze watch out, not to the north and west because they've already deemed the freez growing season -- growing season is there. doesn't mean you'll be any warmer. this is the end of the growing season on sunday. nice
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thing for the oyster fest, you won't need ice to keep them cool. also, bay state marathon, low 30s out there. there's also pam's run going on, a lot of layers necessary but it will be dry. we also have of course the head of the charles as you mentioned. the wind will be blowing out there in the charles river basin. if you're heading out there, having mittens, probably not a bad idea sunday. then our coldest temperatures of all, they are on monday morning as we start the week. mondays, you know, tough enough to get out of bed but with readings like this, 20, 23, i think freezing temps will get into the city of boston. if boston can hit 32, its the earliest we've hit freezing mark since 1939. here's your accuweather 67 day, its going to be a cold one monday in the afternoon however, we rebound. 60s and close to 70 by mid- week. there it is, times are changing on us.
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>> still okay. >> you're good with it. i like that you're very zen about this. >> you know me, mr. positive. >> we'll all handle our stress definitely. related illnesses more than men. >> the question is why. a local researcher may have found the key to calming your mind. . student debt with work. >> my children. that women are juggling more than ever these days. burden. reporter: that burden can lead to a lot of stress. rose knows that first hands. the panic attacks in her early 20s. you're really ill. >> the problem is an cy city is -- anxiety is twice as high in women than
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you don't need a scientist to tell you we differently than women. to estrogen. some areas of the brain tell us to be afraid while others tell us to calm down. >> the area that regulates fear tends to lose. estrogen seems to restore that function, restore that balance. reporter: so can getting -- giving estrogen to women change how the brain reactors fear? to study that, young volunteers like this are placed in an mri machine and shown pictures. when it's yellow, nothing happens. when it's blue, she's given an electrical light to teach her to fear the blue light. she's given anest astro general dose to see --
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>> if we with can come up with a way that four or five pills of estrogen over a weird of week can say make your reaction efficient, that's great. reporter: rose who, no longer gets panic attacks get stressed but has better coping strategies. >> i try to do one thing at a time. reporter: this research could have broader implications and could explain decompression the higher anxiety in women as they age. . >> are you stressed? >> always. >> yeah, me too. >> that's how it is. i don't think so. >> no? >> no. >> up next, dan roche sits down with the [inaudible] >> we're going to show you one
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. good evening everyone. some injury news as we prefair for the colts game. dante high tower and tray flowers all listed as questionable. the patriots hit the practice field this afternoon. the pats will meet the colts sunday night. the pats have beat tennessee colts three straight times but many
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expect a blowout win in this revenge game. after missing two games with a shoulder injury action andrew luck is listed as questionable for the game. luck was limited the first two days of practice this week but was a full participant today. [inaudible] when the patriots come to town on sunday. >> you need to out execute them in my mind. if you can pick one thing, that's the thing. they are real physical. they are real tough. they are real smart, but, at the end of the day, there's going to be a ball in the air, tight man coverage, someone's got to make play. >> it's the big game with and it's the next game. it is a very good team coming into town. there certainly is a history between us and then but it's also a new year. you gotta take care of business at home. reporter: meanwhile, four
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career games against the pats, luck has ten picks in those four games. don't forget, start your day at 11:30 with pats game day. after the game, tune show. red sox president friday. he was with his parents in the office. the 42 year old has been coo since 2009 and with the sox since 2002. as for what he'd like to accomplish, kennedy told me he wants to have fans have the best fan experience in baseball, and to help connect the next generation of baseball fans to the game. >> winning baseball games in october. that is why we are here, that is the central mission of the red sox front office. every employee understands that. >> and celtics preseason action. before
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we get to that, let's get to the baseball from tonight. game one between blue jays and royals. this was all kansas city tonight. perez with a solo shot. now to celtic preseason action. turner, strong game both ends of the court. he had 11-points on the night. we'll be back and talk have
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[ duck quacking and wind whistling ]
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- hey, jim. - hey, doug. okay. the new turbodown jacket: tested tough in the pacific northwest. .
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patriots nation is ready for this weekend's grudge match. >> every patriots fan knows it's the colts who started all the trouble with deflategate and an indianapolis bakery is having fun with it. there's the cookie of the smashed cellphone. they claim their profits have inflated. >> oh, boo. >> i didn't write it. >> if you think you need some, you think the pats need dwayne intervention, divine intervention, you're going to want to get this candle set. the candle tell us are on sale for 30 bucks. >> we never have to pray for the patriots, they take care of business.
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. i actually pulled out the winter coats for this weekend. >> winter coats. >>dy. >> i think its appropriate. by the time we get to sunday, you know, we have days in december where we're in the 30s 40s and the
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