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tv   WBZ News  CBS  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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rotation. a couple that are spinning are near the warm front. and the northwest side of worcester, this is moving to boylston and clinton. tracking this off to the north and east, and moving at 15 to 20 miles per hour. this would be in the oak dale area at 5:33. and clinton, 5:46. you probably won't see hail but heavy rain and the main nc is to see if one of these spins up briefly. and showers and downpours moving through southern new hampshire and the mayor mac valley. we've been watching the storms in pennsylvania and the sun has been coming out in connecticut and massachusetts. and very tropical atmosphere tonight. another round of storms is possible as the ones well off to the west come into the 80s and high humidity air.
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if warnings are issued we'll get them to your right away. >> and stay ahead of the storms with the boston weather app. get weather alerts and a personalized forecast. it's all free at the app stores. breaking news in the aaron hernandez trial. a judge has just set a trial date. liam martin has the details. >> reporter: the trial will begin february 13th. the hernandez's legal team said they would not be ready for the fall. partly because the team is ne he'll hernandez against double murder charges. prosecutors say he killed two men in boston. and at today's hearing we got a
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strategy. the eyewitnesses can't be trusts say the former patriot's lawyer. >> the descriptions have changed over time. specifically, once it became known that mr. hernandez was the suspect. >> jose baez needs more time to prepare for the case. at least we can assume that after he got the name client wrong. >> good afternoon, jose baez on behalf of aaron rodriguez. >> my client is aaron hernandez, not rodriguez. >> that was baes calling person aaron rodriguez. he's already serving a life
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lloyd. state troopers are searching for a car on route 2 westminster gardner line. the suspect on the florida sex offender registration dustry has a -- registry has a criminal history. >> reporter: this all began at 12:30 this afternoon when police got a call about a man making threats at a supermarket. the suspect hopped into a car and then took off. police gave chase through gardner and quickly bureaucracy it off when it reached unsafe speeds on route 2. police got a call about a white car that wrecked in the median trying to turn around. the suspect bailed and ran into the woods. a search by police dogs and helicopters followed but they
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they were looking for brian lafreney. police say he has several outstanding warrants and didn't give specifics. we found a history of armed robbery and indecent assault charges dating back to 2006. and in 2010 he was described as desperate and extremely dangerous. police are staking out several spots on the corridor. >> the suspect was seen fleeing westbound lane and into the woods. they utilized k-9 assets and the air wing and the search is still ongoing for the suspect. >> again, police still hunting for brian lafreney wanted for the incident at the supermarket. and also several outstanding warrants which police are not being specific about. if you know of his whereabouts
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corridor, call gardner police. ken macleod, wbz news. >> check this how the in peabody. a tractor-trailer carrying trash hit the guardrail near the ramp to northbound 95 and overturned. here's a view from the ground. the truck spilled most of the load on the road. the ramp was closed for several hours. new concerns about high levels of lead in the water at the on seven additional schools have unacceptable levels of the heavy metal. they include lee academy, josiah quincy elementary. boston latin school. and dearborn stem academy. all the schools shldstart the year with bottled water. boston police are searching for person who shot a teenager. a 15-year-old was hit three ?:,z
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the -- in south boston. this area has been a source of trouble. and the mayor is looking to make improvements. >> we have more cameras up around that facility. that's been kind of a hot spot even though there hasn't been a lot of shootings there. it's been a hot spot. >> the teenager is expected to recover and had surgery. a young woman was killed while jogging princeton near above our lady of the lake church in the early morning hours before a long funeral procession arrives carrying the body of vanessa marcotte. hundreds file into the church to say goodbye. and saddened neighbors look on from their lawns. >> god bless them. i hope they get through this with the least amount of pain but i know that's not going to happen. >> reporter: the 27-year-old
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returned. police discovered her body in the woods a half mile from her mother's house. investigators are tirelessly poring over 6000 tips. the death the princeton community to the core. >> i want to help that family any way i can. i'm a stranger. but i would love to go up to that family and just ask them though i did not know her. >> reporter: she's described as a bright, charming person who made many friends. she graduated with honors and recently landed a dream job at google in new york city. dozens of her coworkers made the trip to massachusetts.toget struggling to understand why they have to say goodbye. as of today, state police have
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asking the public for more. anna meiler, wbz news. if you have any information about the case, please call the tip line. the number is (508)453-7589 and you can remain anonymous. we also have the number on our website at we want to update our breaking news. a man bailed out of a car on route 2 near the westminster gar told us about moments ago. the suspect has a long criminal history. he's been tracked down after making threats at the price chopper in gardner. we'll update this story as soon as we get new developments. health officials announced the first human case of west nile virus in massachusetts. a middlesex county woman in her 70s is in the hospital.
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mosquito borne disease. last year there were 10 human cases of west nile in massachusetts. and we want to get over to eric fisher. he told us he's been following some severe weather. >> a new severe thunderstorm warning just came in and this one goes until 6:00 for this storm of the north side of worcester. moving to the northeast at 20 miles per hour. so here you see the warning and that includes clinton, bolton, and eventually, st carefully. not just very heavy rainfall. and we got a twitter report. this one has been rotating. we've been talking about the potential over the course of the day. it's not that there's a tornado on the ground. but the storm itself is spinning and sometimes the spin can make it to the surface. thmeboylston by 5:16. and bolton by 5:38. and stoa at 5:57.
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potential rotation. we're looking at this part right in here. greens are winds going that way and this spot is moving to the oak dale area and eventually to boylston is the part where we're seeing the broad rotation. there's not a tornado on the ground but we have a storm that's rotating. and we keep close tabs on those. you'll get heavy rainfall and gusty winds as this moves north and east. and the speed is 20 miles per hour and the warning is until 6:00. and if anything changes, we'll have more updates and keep talking about the storms throughout the course of the newscast. flood waters in louisiana killed eight people. thousands are out of their homes tonight. and more areas are bracing for devastating flooding. don champion is in sore revenue toe, louisiana. >> reporter: he felt helpless as he watched flood waters swallow the town. >> i kind of expected it but i couldn't picture it.
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residents in sorrento knew the water was coming. in a matter of hours, his mother's home flooded and his could be next. >> i got a lot of friends that are losing everything. i got friends that drove and lost everything. >> reporter: volunteers from a local college filled sandbags for homeowners determined to protect their property. people in sorrento and other parts of ascension parish are brg another foot of water. to the north in baton rouge, flood waters are receding. the governor says 40,000 homes are damaged and about 20,000 peopwe understand that there's still a lot of people who are suffering. >> some flood victims are getting a first look at the damaged homes. >> it looks devastating but
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to deal with and make it happen. >> reporter: even with massive property damage, many residents are determined to rebuild. don champion, cbs news, sorrento, louisiana. >> more than 11,000 are in shelters, and 30,000 homes and businesses have no power. a suspected thief is in custody and it's all because of a south shore father and son. >> how the two tracked the guy down and kept him from away. and a intentionally set. the arsonist has been busy. and the emotional end to a race in rio. why the runners are winning
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when i look for solutions, i don't start in washington, and i don't assume one party has all the answers. you know where i find common-sense ideas? right here in new hampshire... where i'm fighting for the good-paying jobs that strengthen our economy. i worked to make childcare more affordable and make it easier to save for college. i've worked across party lines on clean air and energy efficiency efforts... and to strengthen social security and medicare. together, we're making new hampshire and america stronger.
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welcome back in everyone. take a look at the minden area. heavy rainfall, this one on the far southern end moving across the area. and i want to share a picture from a weather watcher. this came infully mike kelly from menden. and this is likely a wall cloud. you have the downpour up in here. and the little bit that sticks down is what is rotating. and that's what we watch for a potential tornado to form. we talked about the storm that
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milford. but an ominous looking picture. and a sign of the type of atmosphere we're dealing with. and a lot of instability to work with. we have a new severe thunderstorm watch that's been issued that includes new york state and areas to pennsylvania and new jersey. there's another batch off to the west that we'll talk about this evening, a couple of storms to watch. look at the lightning an unusual setup. we have the downpours, very tropical, and they are still spinning, and that's why we have the concern that the biggest issue could be a brief spinup tornado. the severe thunderstorm warning goes until 6:00 for storm moving out of boylston to clinton as well as bolton and stow and into the concord area by 6:34.
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rotating broadly, the main impact will be heavy rainfall and gusty winds. there's another just off to the northwest side. and that's heading to the fitchburg area. and thshisoned you a moment ago that had the wall cloud earlier on. and the rotation has weakened. and we have heavy rainfall milford heading to wall pole, na and western mass, and another batch of storms in pennsylvania. and the actual cold front is way off to the west around pittsburgh. so that will be the last chance of rain and that doesn't get here until after midnight. the dew points are well up in the 70s. the reason the storms start to move is because when they get close to the warm front, there's more rotation in the
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west, we track them to our neck of the woods. and this evening they start to move to the hudson valley. and between 9:00 and midnight a chance for the storms to move east. and then the last blast, the cold front moves through before tomorrow. otherwise, very humid and we stay in the 70s and the dew points high tonight and very high tomorrow morning. and by torr start to fall back and we'll get relief. here's the accuweather 7-day. after this there's not much to talk about other than heat. the next chance of rain is not of next ekto get otherwise, a d hot stretch. rob gronkowski -- we were hoping he'd be back at practice but he was nowhere to be found.
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for the second preseason game, this one against the bears. >> it's raining by the way. gronk left yesterday's practice with what was said to be a minor injury. no sign of him today. hopefully, they are just playing it safe. malcolm butler got kicked out of practice yesterday for fighting. and brian stork got the same thing today. brady had to opener for personal reasons. bill belichick was asked if he needs to see time in the preseason with the suspension looming. >> i don't have anything to add to what has been said. >> bill belichick not tipping his hand. tom brady gets a lot of work in the joint practices and it
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controlled environment. thunder, i hear. back to you. >> all right. look at this, a forecast and a sportscast. >> just the drum beat of the patriots fans getting ready for thursday. that's all that is. >> wbz is proud to be the official patriots station. join us for patriots all access. that's at 7:30 followed by the game. and patriots 5th quarter here on wbz on thursday night. don't want toe know, turn the volume down, close your eyes. american gymnasts are on the top of the podium once again. simone biles just won the goal on the floor exercise.
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during the race, new zealand runner tripped and fell. and an american tripped over her. she helped the injured runner up and urged her to keep going. they hugged 59 the finish line. and the woman finished last and next to last. but because they tripped they advance to the final. >> which is an interesting twist. >> i would fall all the time. >> that's a good point. >> you automatically go to members of the avengers in massachusetts. coming up. super heroes in town help sick kids to smile. and the high cost of saving a life. why epipens are increasing in price? after missing for 65 years, a hero's welcome home.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here...
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in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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to save life? some families say that's exactly what the company that makes epipens is doing. people with severe allergies often rely on them to deliver a dose of lifesaving medicine. >> prices have increased 480% in a few years. >> reporter: an epipen isnever
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>> reporter: of the family's six children, two have severe food allergies, 3-year-old cora and 7-year-old ellie. both girls never leave without a fanny pack. >> it's always good to have it with you. >> you can get really sick if you don't have that with you. >> as a baby, hives covered her entire body. her family has twice used the epipen to >> her lips turned blue and she wasn't able to breathe. >> they have to replace the injectors every year. they paid $80.05 or six years ago before switching to a high deductible health plan. in 2009, pharmacies paid slightly more than $100, the
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pounds. bloomberg's senior medical reporter says the manufacturer of the device has a monopoly. >> the brand anymore epipens pen is look like kleenex to allergists. >> the epipen's price as changed over time to better reflect important product features and the value the product provides saying we've made a significant investment to support the device over the could continue to go up. >> absolutely. prices are based on competition and there's no competition. >> vinita nair, cbs news. >> the company offers coupons up to a hundred dollars which means some patients don't have to pay anything out of pocket. but families with high deductibles are responsible for a majority of the cost.
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offering moms privacy to pump or to feed they're been. it's a female owned company based in burlington, vermont. >> last year we had that boston based woman. they stuck her in a room meant for pets. >> you don't realize how wad it is noplace to go. what the commissioner is doing after no officers stepped forwto and a man under arrest accused of setting a massive wildfire. how crews are working to get it under control. and chasing down a suspected teach. what they did to keep the
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>> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news at 5:00. now at 5:30. on alert for severe st. warning is up in the area. rain, heavy winds, thunder, and lightning all possible. >> but the air is very unstable and in some areas we've been seeing rotation. let's check in with our chief meteorologist eric fisher. and there's a warning in place. >> there's one severe thunderstorm warning in place until 6:00 this evening. you can see it in orange. this storm has been moving from the packston area and now it's


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