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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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mexican imports to pay for that wall between mexico and the u.s. tonight, local businesses and ports really concerned that that tax could deal a big blow to their bottom lines. >> nbc 10's cydney long finds out how the president's tax could impact local jobs and the prices you pay for your dinner. pineapples arrive at the packer avenue marine terminal from colombia and costa rica. after a 30 day trip from across the world, this giant cargo ship from new zealand and australia carrying everything from dish washers and cocoa beans. but it's this ship from mexico that has them concerned. >> for us anything that slows down cargo or the pace of cargo slows down employment opportunities. >> he doesn't anticipate anything will change
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immediately. >> the super bowl is coming up and i think i read there's 100,000 tons of avocadoes being put into place to supply all of us who need guacamole. >> reporter: there are hundreds of thousands of other jobs that could be affected if the 20% hike on mexican imports becomes reality. >> trucking companies, raimel companies, air freight companies, people in the grocery business. >> reporter: this grocery store in cherry hill is waiting to see the impact. it's not just super bowl sunday the guacamole flies off shelves here. >> i don't think people will stop buying stuff in order to keep having those great meals. >> i expect the market will adjust itself. whether the consumer sees the prices or the producers end up absorbing the price increases, one doesn't know. >> reporter: holt is hopeful trade by water will help countries work towards free trade to keep our region
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supplied. cydney long, nbc 10 news. today president donald trump signed an executive action aimed at keeping what he calls radical islamic terrorists out of the u.s. the order creates new vetting measures for refugees coming into the u.s. the president says he only wants to admit refugees who support the country. lehigh county officials say they're not the kind of sanctuary president trump has promised to go after. lehigh has considered a sanctuary county. today the executives said his county has a good working relationship with immigration officials. so he says they need to take no action to comply with president trump's executive order. if you're wondering, sanctuary cities like philadelphia don't always hand over undocumented immigrants to authorities. president trump has vowed to stop sending federal funds to sanctuary cities. now, to chester county where a man was ambushed, beaten and robbed when he showed up for
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work this morning. it's all caught on camera right here inside that pharmacy in west goshen. the robber gut away with hundreds of dollars in cash before beating the victim again on his way out. nbc 10's deanna durante spoke to the victim's family. >> he doesn't remember a lot of it. he took blows to the edhad. he doesn't know what happened. >> reporter: it was just as the sun was rising and the manager of this rite aid was opening the doors for the day. he didn't know he wasn't alone until he was punched kicked and robbed by a man with the gun. we're not identifying the victim. he has head injuries a swollen eye and marks across the face. kelly ann is the man's sister-in-law. >> he didn't -- never would have thought twice about going to work. >> reporter: a major concern for police, the victim followed orders, didn't speak to the armed man and handed over the cash. >> the amount of violence in this, especially since most of the assault occurred after he had gotten the money. >> reporter: police need to get
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this guy off the streets. they have no reports of him striking in the area for sure and they want to make sure this is the only crime he's able to pull off. holcomb says her brother-in-law is out of the hospital but not sure about coming back to work alone. it was dark in this parking lot this morning. the victim thought he was the only one here. didn't see any other cars which leads police to think that the man took off running, maybe to a waiting car. they want to know if there was anybody here in the area around 6:30 this morning that may have seen something. if you have, they want you to call police. reporting live in west goshen, deanna durante. in the past two hours, prosecutors announced they'll not pursue a case against new jersey governor chris christie in the george washington bridge lane closing scandal. prosecutors say they don't think they can prove a case. two of christie's top aides were convicted of charging lanes of the bridge as retribution against the mayor who didn't
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support the governor. chris christie has denied knowing about it. new details on the closed delaware river turnpike bridge that connects the new jersey and pa turnpike. there is no cracks found underneath that bridge. the bridge closed last friday when inspectors spotted a crack on the bucks county side. it's expected to take a few more weeks before the bridge reopens. the extra traffic from bridge detours is impacting burlington city. police told nbc 10 today it is really adding to their overtime budget. extra officers are on the street during peak travel times to help with the dangerous stretch of route 130. happening right now in center city. hollywood arrives in philadelphia. kevin hart is bringing the production of his newest film to the city. while he's not filming himself tonight, his crew is. so the street closures are starting now. the shoot is happening on market street and jfk boulevard between
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16th and 20th streets. aundrea cline-thomas joins us live from near where the closures are happening. what are you seeing out there now? >> reporter: well, police officers came a few minutes ago and implemented the road closure here at 15th and jfk. you're going to hear some honking. we have some frustrated drivers here. as you said, the road closures are jfk to market street between 15th and 20th streets. so if you take septa, buses specifically, just know the buses are going to have to detour around the road closures. m the actors involve include kevin hart, brian cranston and nicole kidman. they will not be at the shoot tonight, but we're told they are in town. you may be able to see them in center city, starting next week. we talked with the film office, and they say as for the inconvenience of this road closure, that this is the biggest road closure they're going to have during the filming of this movie.
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which should last 30 days. this road closure starting right now lasts until 7:00 in the morning. reporting live in center city, aundrea cline-thomas nbc 10 news. now, to a developing story. we have new details on a crash involving a motorcycle you see right here. a motorcycle and a septa bus. we brought this to you as breaking news at 5:00. since then we have learned that motorcyclist is in critical condition. sky force 10 was over rising sun avenue where this happened shortly after the bike collided with the bus. it took place about 5:15. no word if anyone on the bus was injured. nearly $5 billion, that's how much the school district says it needs to repair philadelphia schools. the school district released its study of its schools today. it outlined all the changes that need to be done. school leaders showed off the problems at dunbar elementary. a million dollars is going towards getting a new roof. the roof is leaking and students
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have to move to different classrooms. the district plans to spend a billion dollars over the next five years to fix pressing issues. child sexual abuse reports are up in montgomery county. advocates say more money is need today investigate. state representative tom murt visited a child advocacy center called mission kids today to push for more funding. the center allows the team to gather in one place with a child abuse victim. that spares the victim from having to retell their story repeatedly. mission kids is one of 30 such centers across pennsylvania. tonight we're getting a behind the scenes look at republicans' efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. "the washington post" reported it obtained audio tapes from the closed door meetings during the republicans' trip in philadelphia. some said they shouldn't come up with a quick fix on obamacare, they need to make sure they have a good plan. they said their plan will be known as trump care and could have a major impact on the next
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congressional election in two years. hundreds of people from our region travelled to washington to participate in the march for life today. anti-abortion protesters march in d.c. every year. this year vice president mike pence took part. we spoke to jordan ashby from wilmington about the importance of the vp getting involved. >> it show said a little bit that he's willing to stand out on a limb. i think in the past people may have shared his views but were kind of afraid to get out and be part of this. >> most marchers don't expect roe v wade to be overturned this year. but say that day is one step closer. up next all new at 6:00. saving your kids from sextortion. the fbi has a warning for parents about one of the most dangerous issues for kids and their cell phones. and it's feeling more like winter just in time for your weekend. i'm tracking the cold and the
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flurries ahead in my first alert neighborhood forecast. the most accurate in philadelphia.
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new from the pennsylvania lottery. with five top prizes of a million bucks. it's a real game changer. (giggles) keep on scratchin' an iconic cycling race through manayunk may never run again. after 30 years the philadelphia cycling classic has been
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canceled. this year organizers say they couldn't find a sponsor to cover the cost. about $1 million. owners of businesses on main street say this will hurt them where it counts, in the wallet. >> i guess we have to reinvent ourselves again and it's a great disappointment. it's going to hurt. >> look there's still a chance the race will return next year. organizers are hoping a last minute savior will sponsor the race. new at 6:00, protecting your children from sextortion. authorities tell nbc 10 it is by far the biggest problem involving kids and the internet. and some middle school students in atlantic county learned about the trend from an expert with the fbi. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg has the story. >> reporter: from his home just steps from atlantic city's famous board walk, investigators say 49-year-old sherman miller connected with kids across the country. sending pornographic images of
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himself and even convincing one child to send a picture back. >> it's wrong. very wrong. >> reporter: miller, a registered sex offender was indicted on numerous charges this month. authorities say the case involves a growing and disturbing trend known as sextortion, a crime in which victims are often blackmailed with threats that private  sensitive materials will be shared if they don't provide sexual content. >> we found many children that essentially say it's like being raped. >> reporter: fbi special agent warned about sextortion while talking internet safety friday with kids at margate's middle school. >> think about what you're doing. >> reporter: some had never heard of the term until now. >> it was like eye opening to see like, how bad it can really get. >> i didn't think any of that could happen. and then that -- i saw that it could, it just made me scared. >> reporter: experts say it's important for parents to know what kind of apps are on their
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kids' devices and who they're communicating with. and to also restrict where they can use them. >> the first thing that i tell parents is, your child shouldn't have their devices alone in their bedrooms or bathrooms. >> reporter: he also says it's crucial that kids share user names, passwords and device id's with their parents in case authorities ever need to gain access. and if an online connection becomes inappropriate, never be afraid to say something. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. the cherry hill school district says a production of rag time will go on with a controversial word included in that performance. tuesday on nbc 10 news at 11:00, we told you about the controversy involving the n word in the show ragtime. the naacp filed a complaint and the school district decided to take the word out of the show. but students argued that the slur was necessary to preserve
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the meaning of that play. today, the superintendent says the play will go on as originally written, but there will be a curriculum to explore the difficult subject matter. come on, freddie. come on, buddy. >> the search is on for the macaw named freddie mercury in delaware. he escaped from his owner's house in wilmington yesterdalas. this is video of him yesterday. today he took off. pretty recognizable if you see freddie out there. turning to our weather and the return of winter-like temperatures. wilmington, some people bundled up -- we're not seeing the people are we? we're seeing the dogs have great time out there. running around, staying warm. >> let's take a live look at conditions in center city. flags over the ara mark building. it's easy to feel the difference out there, glenn. >> we have wind and the lower
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temperatures, the combination makes it feel like winter again. we had a few snow flakes in parts of the area along with a few sprinkles. it's 49 in philadelphia. 37 in allentown. and we still have some wind out there. but not like it was yesterday. in new jersey, we're seeing temperatures down into the 30s. mount laurel, turnersville, voorhees all at 39. 39 in vineland and millville as well. temperatures tend to get more uniform when you have a lot of wind. 39 in robinsville. 37 degrees in princeton. these are the current wind gusts. we're still gusting 20-30 miles per hour. we've seen that a good bit during the day today. the peak wind 31 miles an hour in philadelphia today. these feels like temperatures as a result, going down through the 20s overnight tonight. you get up early tomorrow morning, get outside, and it's going to feel like it's close to
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20 in some areas north and west. and that's colder than it's been around here for a while. it's nothing exceptional for this time of the year, but we've had quite a mild january, nearly six degrees above normal, which is pretty exceptional. as we go through saturday night and into sunday morning, we see a repeat performance. so saturday night is cold as friday night, sunday night's about the same. monday, it gets even colder. how about the snow? well, we've had about five inches of snow so far this winter in philadelphia compared to 22.9 last year. of course we had just about all of that in one storm. atlantic city is the closest to what we had last year. look at allentown, 2.1 inches compare today 32 last winter. up to this point, of course, winter's not over. we had a few snow flurries, they're pretty much gone as you
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can see. as the sun went down, last of the sprinkles coming through the shore areas. and tomorrow, we're going to be seeing a breezy day, not quite as windy as today. langhorn, 42. easton and allentown, only 37 for the high temperature. again, with those winds, it will feel even colder. and robinsville, 42. longport 44. newark, delaware, 44 degrees. this weekend, we're going to see high temperatures pretty close to average. we're expecting a little bit less wind. and also no precipitation. pretty decent weekend for the end of january. and lehigh valley, we're in the 30s during the day. now, the ten day, you can see that we have some flurries coming in on monday with the colder weather. then next week, it gets even colder. look at these high temperatures in the 30s starting thursday and increasing chances for snow by
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next weekend. i'm marshall harris up next, joel imbib talks about the all-star process not working for him. and we'll hear what's available in the draft.
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marshall harris here from csn. joel imbib says his knee feels great but he has a decision. he will not play in the all-star game after the eastern coaches passed him over for a reserve spot. >> i thought i'd be there.
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i was wondering if i could have been there. but to which i didn't understand if you have how many points. i don't know if that should be the case. like i said, i'm not disappointed. >> the sixers enter tonight's game with ten wins in the last 13 games. last year they won ten games all season. they managed back to back wins without joel embib and are four out of five games out of a pluf spot. >> we have been winning a lot of games. got to keep on doing that. keep coming and getting our work done. all the guys, they're working on their game. so we just got to keep on going. but the energy is really amazing. so we got to keep on doing that.
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>> meanwhile, last year, the eagles the were falling in love with carson wentz. this year they don't have feelings about any particular feeling in the draft. there's a lot to choose from, especially on offense. >> the skill position guys are really strong. i mean, coming down here and seeing the tight end group and the skill set they possess, it's unique mp unique. the wide receiver group is getting better. >> inside access that you only get on nbc 10 comes your way tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. our eagles network cameras were with them on and off the field for a special we call the journey. the story of the 2017 eagles. that's sports, jim, jacqueline? >> marshall, thanks. tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. al a community staple at risk. the fight to save a local organization that's helped
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generations of kids. that story at 11:00.
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philly auto show rolls into town tomorrow at the pennsylvania convention center. this year the focus is on high tech wheels, like hybrids, electric and solar powered cars. organizers tell us you can expect to see some new twists on the classics. now, for one last check on weather a live look at the wind turbines at lincoln financial. windy out there for those friday night plans, bundle up. >> it was gusting to near 50 miles per hour yesterday. a mere 31 today. >> okay. >> tomorrow, maybe about 20. look how much warmer this january has been than last. and what this means to you? you're going to save money on your utility heating bills the next month. because of that. and it's back to winter-type temperatures over the next ten days with increasing chances of snow by next weekend. >> we'll be making up for those bills in february, that's the
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question. >> we'll get to that later. >> hopefully not, thanks for watching. >> nbc nightly news is next with lester holt, see you at 11. :. 0. . . here's breaking news tonight, cheers, controversy and condemnation as president trump signs an order temporarily restricting entry to the u.s. from several muslim countries. amid a firestorm. what's in the plan? critical divide -- is the president about to ease sanctions on russia and putin? britain's prime minister saysdon't. and tonight powerful republican senators issue a warning to mr. trump. flu outbreak, now widespread in 37 states. worse than this time last year. a mean season hitting american families and schools hard. the price you pay to keep your pets happy and healthy. are you paying too much? and celebrating 50 years. as tom brokaw marks half a century at nbc news. tonight some of the biam


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