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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, the hunt for a killer. tonight the evidence that could help find the man who killed two people, including a teenager. rocky ride. a flight to philadelphia turns into a trip to the hospital for ten passengers and we have pictures from inside the plane. usain bolt take a bow.
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the world's fastest man ended his solo career tonight, but did team usa play spoiler to his grand finale? >> "nbc10 news" starts now. we begin tonight with a search tonight for a man who police say shot three people killing two of them including a teenager. i'm denise nakano. that manhunt is happening right now in del care county. a shooting happened inside a chinese restaurant last night on fourth and walnut streets near darby borough. drew smith is live there tonight. leaders in that community say they are confident they'll find the man who did this? >> reporter: yeah why, we spoke to the mayor elect. he says they're going to solve this. these are the first killings here this year. people are angry tonight that two young people are dead and that their killer remains free. skyforce10 shows the crime scene in the middle of call win. investigators marked the spots where police say this man shot at least ten times. the surveillance picture taken
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inside the chinese restaurant right at the corner. investigators hope someone can i.d. him. >> frightening because it's close to home. >> reporter: a 16 and 20-year-old both died. another 15-year-old is in the hospital. >> it's unfortunate when you have the two people lost their lives and they're so young. >> reporter: witnesses who were afraid to go on camera with the killer still out there say it sounded like firecrackers. one shot after another. it sent neighbors scrambling off porches ducking for cover. >> this happens every summer, not here but it happens in every little town. unfortunately, kids fight. unfortunately, two people lost their life. >> reporter: as police remained posted at the corner all today, the top leader says this kind of violence normally doesn't happen here. they fear some of the people involved were in rival groups outside the small borough's limits. >> to lose their life over a fight of somebody's crazy nesness. >> reporter: one of the witnesses said she ran towards
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the teenager's lifeless body and said there was nothing she could do and it was a horrible feel. i'm drew smith, "nbc10 news." right now, it's clear and warm. nbc10 on a busy 40th and chestnut here in west philadelphia. the t-shirts and shorts were out and about tonight. we could have more of the same tomorrow. meteorologist erica mar teen has your most accurate forecast. >> a good one, too. i'm excited about tomorrow's forecast. tonight a very nice comfortable night. mostly clear. clear skies. take a look outside if you're into sky gadsing, you get to see the waxing gibbon moon. winds westerly at 10 miles per in center city. area of high pressure keeping everything high and dry. tomorrow's high temperatures seeing lots of low 80s. that's going to be the average across the entire delaware valley. plenty of sunshine. tomorrow brings a lot of
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sunshine. hour-by-hour forecast shows something different by monday. i'll quickly show you. notice clouds developing from west to east on sunday and on monday morning for that monday morning commute, extra time for an am commute. we already have the rain showers moving in and do have the threat of strong storms and a lot of heavy downpours by the time monday is done. >> erica, thank you. the faa is investigating and ten people are recovering after severe turbulence on a flight from greece to philadelphia. american airlines flight 759 left from athens this morning and landed in philadelphia around 3:00 this afternoon. the airline says shortly before landing, the plane hit turbulence. when the plane touched down at philadelphia sbshlgs fire trucks and ambulances were there waiting. three passengers and seven crew members were taken to the hospital. a passenger on the flight tweeted this picture of the ceiling of the plane over her seat and said the flight attendants were handing out
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drinks when the plane lurched without any warning. you can see coughee streaks in the picture here. american airlines sent us a statement saying "we are taking care of our passengers and our crew members at this time and want to thank our team members for keeping our passengers safe." today, another national organization announced its plan to file a lawsuit against president trump's ban on transgender soldiers. in media today, the group delaware continue indivisible echoed the feeling that the ban is is chris discriminatory holding signs and flags in front of the delaware county courthouse. members of the group are upset they feel like they can't live their lives the way they want to. >> it makes me angry and makes me sad. this is the united states of america, land of the free. and we should be free to live the way we need to live. i'm not hurting anyone living the way i do. >> the military has not
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implemented the transgender ban yet. the pentagon has said it's waiting for guidance from the white house. in bucks county, a person was hit and killed at street in knight's road in bensalem just before 1:00 this afternoon. the driver stayed at the scene and is cooperating with police. and a trio of thieves in bucks county is still on the run after police say they stole a truck, drove around, breaking into other cars and leading police on a short chase. here's some surveillance video police shared with us of one of the guys checking to see if he can get into these cars. police say the thefts happened in bensalem earlier this week. police say they noticed the stolen truck and started chasing after them but then called off the chase because of safety concerns. if you recognize them, police ask that you give them a call. the new jersey town of med minister is ready for the spec canal the first family brings.
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tonight the president tweeted he's still working and it's not a vacation. we went up above trump national golf course before the president arrived. the town's mayor worries about the cost of the president's summer vacation and as for a popular dele owner, the secret service is eating just fine. >> they're big burly guys and go for the roast beef and the bigger sandwiches. >> what was it like when he was in town this last time? >> sheer mayhem. >> some residents think bedminster will now lose its status as a best kept secret type of town. president trump bought his bedminster property in 2002. next on "nbc10 news," america's love for soda is turning sour and experts say it's about more than just being healthy. plus this. bolt at the line. photo finish! >> a thriller on the track for the world's fastest man as usain bolt pulls the curtains on his
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so loy career. >> see if nick bavetta could get the phillies back on track this evening. eagles coach addresses how carson wentz looks following an offseason of an justments is coming up a lit later in sports. "feeling alright" plays ]
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tonight a south philadelphia institution just served up its last hogie. sarcone's delhi has been selling sandwiches for the past 20 years. the owner posted on facebook a medical condition won't let him keep going. the bakery which is just a few blocks away and part of the family will remain open. next an update tonight on the search for a missing marine
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>> you're watching nbc10, the official station of the philadelphia eagles. count on it. >> in the past few hours a u.s. military suspended its search for three missing marines. their osprey aircraft crashed off the coast of australia. the military says it's now a recovery effort.
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23 of the 26 marines on board were rescued in the water. at least one of the rescued marines needed medical attention. the u.s. military says the plane was on final approach to the "uss green bay when it hit the flight beck and crashed. america's love of soda is going flat. new data from beverage digest shows soda consumption is at the lowest since the firm started keeping records in 1985. one reason, more americans are turning to healthier choices. there's something else that may be discouraging people from choosing sugary drinks. the cost. just this week, one county in illinois joined philadelphia and became the sixth metro area in the country to enact a so-called soda tax. sto store owners are worried about the sales. >> i know there's going to be a sales drop. that's going to be tough on us. >> it's not a drink that you're going to drink all day anymore. now it's a drink you indulge in when it makes sense. >> reporter: the prop in sales
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won't hurt companies like coca-cola. the company is already meeting new demand for low calorie alternatives like sparkling water. philadelphia implemented a tax on soda last year. the revenue supports pre-k programs in the city and the american beverage association is fighting that tax in court. in fairmount today, more than 200 people spent their morning kicking cancer. this was the ninth year that philly kicking for cancer held a kickball tournament and the money raised is donated to penn abramson cancer center. music fans of all types took in some smooth sounds on day two of music fest in bethlehem. you can walk around in between tents listening to different acts. people we spoke with say this festival is about much more than just the music.
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>> and the food, everything's great. walking around it's a great vibe. >> of course, the dancing always encouraged. music fest continues through next week ending on sunday, august 13th. now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> i'm meteorologist erica martin. a nice night across the entire delaware valley. mostly clear skies for tonight. satellite and radar image not much going on. we're tracking a system moving in from west to east. expect greens on the screen soon enough. i'll time that out for you hour by hour. our current temperatures across the area. upper 60s and low 70s. port richmond at 73. bustleton at 69. parkwood 6 for you. west mount area at 67 and an-dora a little cooler at 62 degrees. let's head up northwest of lehigh valley, blanton currently 62. allentown at 64, a little chilly
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for some. nazareth warmer at 66 degrees. and along the jersey shore, we're seeing a northwesterly influence right now as far as the winds. seeing lots of 60s. somers point 67 degrees. may is landing 61, upper township 62. so here it is, hour-by-hour forecast. we've got lots of sunshine for tomorrow. we'll start this at 11:00 p.m. clouds moving from west to east. 7:00 a.m., notice we're starting to see all the activity moving in across the delaware valley. we're seeing is oranges, reds telling us we have heavier rain moving in. early for that monday morning commute. heads up now. keep the brels handy. by lunchtime, everybody will see rain and thunderstorms. heavier thunderstorms especially for later on in the afternoon and the early evening hours. it looks like everything will start to clearover night monday into tuesday. hang on tight to that umbrella. your forecast, 2 degrees on sunday. 79 on monday.
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conditions will be pretty much dry at least through friday once we clear on monday. so for the most part, enjoy your sunday. we are tracking rain on monday. denise, back to you. >> thank you. usain bolt's final solo race went differently than he had planned. >> within the championship. bolt at the line! photo finish. >> american sprinter justin gatlin stunned bolt to win the 100 meter world championship in london. as he has often done before, bolt got a terrible start. this time he could not make it up. the 35-year-old gatlin -- after the race they each paid respects to one another. >> at the end he came across and said you deserve it. he mass much respect for me and i have for him. >> gatlin won in 9.92 seconds .002 ahead of christian coleman. bolt finished third .0001 behind
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coleman. >> this is sportsdesk. brought to you by exevent, x will change the way you experience tv. >> the phillies continued their series with the rockies tonight without the help of aaron al tear placed on the ten-day disabled list before the game. nick pa vet ta got the start in this one but did not last long. 4-0 when pat singles to right. the throw goes home. would not be in time. rockies get five off pa vet ta in the first inning. valeika up again in the third. you see where this ball is carrying, gone to the left. pa vet ta gives eight runs. the phillies take it on the chin once again. 8-5. just five days is all that is separating the fans from the eagles first pre-season game against the pack persons carson
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kentavious doesn't figure to get much time but enters his second season as the starter following the offseason of adjustments. he experienced issues with his flowing motion toward the end of his rookie campaign and spent time working out with a quarterback guru focusing on mechanics. he previously worked with braid by and matt ryan to name a few. the differences they're seeing in went now. >> you definitely see the carryover from the offseason, things he's worked on he's brought over into practice. you know, i think any professional at any position is constantly working their skill. that's the only way you get better. he's doing that every day. and cue the music, nbc10. your official station for the philadelphia eagles. don't miss eagles preseason kickoff special thursday at 7:00. john clark and keith jones will be live at lap bow field. eagles take on the green bay packers at 8:00.
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all the action followed by "nbc10 news at 11." tonight in canton, the class of seven was enshrined into the nfl hall of fame. ladainian tomlinson and terrell davis as well as jason taylor headlines hed the class which included jerry jones. congratulations to everyone except him. >> kidding. union hosting fc dallas tonight. beautiful play here. the flick finds harris. puts it op a plate. make no mistake, beautiful heel kick. 11th goal of the year for sapong. the union get their first ever win against fc dallas, 3-1. i'm danny pommells from csn. denise and erica will be back to wrap things up after this.
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a self-pro claimed guardian of the galaxy received an out of this world response to nasa after applying for a job. 9-year-old jack davis wrote this letter to nasa applying for the
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job of planetary protection officer writing i may be 9 but i think i would be fit for the job. listing his qualifications he writes he's seen a lot of space movies and his sister calls him an alien. nasa replied to the letter and he got a call from the planetary research director. he did not get the job but got encouragement from nasa to do well in school. i would hire him. give him another 15 years. >> i would hire him now, why not. i love being positive. we have to stay positive. sunshine on sunday but a downpour on monday. conditions are going to be really nasty on monday. heads up now. keep the umbrellas handy and be mindful of heavy rain. >> sunny sunday. >> that's "nbc10 news" for now. for all of us here, i'm denise ca cano. "snl" is next.
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