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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  September 25, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> you're looking at the near-record heat going, no, it's september. temperatures now look like fall. 's early in the morning -- it's early in the morning, and we have a lot of time to go for the heat-up we will experience this afternoon. 70 in philadelphia. 63 atlantic city, and 64 in dover. lancaster, you're at 66. and we're at 68 degrees in mt. pocono. in the end of september. wow. what's happening here is we have been seeing very hot conditions, very warm temperatures. all thanks to high pressure sitting over our area. it's not budging today. we will stay with the hot conditions and the clear picture. look across our area. there's no rain or clouds to be seen. as we go through the next several hours, same deal. we stay clear, temperatures start to rise quickly. by 8:00 a.m., 73 degrees. by 11:00 a.m., we're already into the low 80s which means we are already well above average. and winds are going to be on the light side again. there's not any breeze relief as we go through the afternoon hours. temperatures will start to
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change as we go into midweek and especially by the next coming weekend. we'll talk more about those changing temperatures and what you can expect at the shore thanks to hurricane jose. first we'll go to traffic and jessica boyington. thanks, mansfield township in jersey shore now, on the new jersey turnpike's southbound side. part of the inner drive is blocked with a crash near exit 6. getting by should be no problem here at the turnpike in here. everything's green especially considering it's only taking out something on the inner drive. the outer drive is still open. getting by will give you no problem. that's exit 6 and southbound. the schuylkill expressway looks good, too. montgomery drive, both directions are okay so far. eastbound and westbound, drive times fine in both directions. no problems over the tacony palmyra and clear into philly, too. breaking this morning, a home invasion and shooting has
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investigators at a chester county apartment complex now. >> nbc10's matt delucia joins us live from the scene. we last saw you, you said investigators had not been on scene for a while. are they telling you details about what they think happened? >> reporter: no, they're not. we're still inside the apartment complex. they been coming in and out trying to get evidence in there. so this is still early in the investigation at this point. right now we're at the corner of worth boulevard and keller road. this is the ashwood apartments here in north coventry township. you see chester county has their crime scene unit here. they have been here for a few hours. what we know is this happened around 11:30 last night. police dispatched to a shooting at the complex. one victim was taken to reading hospital, still unclear what the condition is of that victim. the initial calls to police reported a home invasion. there's still a lot of questions as to what happened here last night. as we take another live look, you see there's that yellow
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crime tape here in the neighborhood that has been up for a while there. a lot of that activity has been going on insides this apartment complex. there are several units here. we have not really seen any residents coming in or out of this complex or even around the neighborhood at this point. we're still working to gather more information about what happened. for now, we're live in north coventry township, nbc10 news. 5:03. entire teams are responding after president trump called on nfl owners to fire players who demonstrate during the national anthem. the anthem demonstration spread across the nfl yesterday. team members, even some performers took a knee, linked arms, or refuse today to take the field during the anthem. free agent chemical colin kaepernick -- free agent colin kaepernick started this as a protest against social injustice last year. with the american flag as a backdrop at the linc, the eagles and giants put on displays of unity during the singing of t
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tthe -- of "the star-spangled banner." birds' ceo jeffrey lurie stood with players, some of whom spoke out after the game. >> i felt like, man, why? singling people out. you know how much power you have. let's put it in the right light instead of the negative light. >> saying as a president that everybody who protests deserves to be fired. maybe you're leading the wrong country. that's not america. >> last season safety malcolm jenkins was the first eagle to demonstrate during the national anthem. the nfl showed its unity by rerunning a tv ad during sunday night football on nbc10. take a look at it. >> inside these lines, we may have our differences, but recognize there's more that unites us. inside these lines is a game of inches. >> the league's unity video originally aired during the super bowl in february. the nfl's anthem debate
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could be an issue for nascar. racing legend richard petty said he would fire any member of his team who protests during the national anthem. a legal analyst with "sports illustrated" says petty would likely be able to do that since nascar team members work without contracts. 5:05. home cooking could not be more delicious for the eagles and their fans. >> that record-setting kick as time ran out capped the birds' comeback victory yesterday. watch and listen to this -- >> ball is spotted, the kick is away. and the kick is -- it scored! the eagles win! >> rookie kicker jake elliott booted the record 61 yarder to beat the giants at the linc. birds signed elliott two weeks ago. after the kick, his new teammates carried him off the field on their shoulders. [ wild cheering ]
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it sent eagles' fans into orbit in philadelphia. >> to fight to the end, to have that comeback at the end and get the drive together and kick the field goal, and the game-winning field goal, that was huge for us. >> it's a blur to me. i don't know. i just knew the ball was in the air a long time close to the upright. >> we might have come up short this year, but we've learned to finish games, finish drives. they're never going to be easy. >> one eagle said the team will have to research whether the birds each attempted a -- even attempted a 61-yard field goal up to yesterday. new, philadelphia police hope that surveillance video will help solve a robbery and assault that sent a man to the hospital. it happened around midnight at 11th and locust in center city, philadelphia. police tell us two armed men with a knife attacked a man and took off with his wallet. medics took the victim to the hospital with
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non-life-threatening injuries. something almost killed a pilot that's meant to keep him safe. the small plane slammed into the yard of a montgomery county home yesterday. people nearby heard the crash and immediately raced outside to help the pilot. they found him with his seat belt nearly choking him to death. >> i hurd gurgling in a bush -- i heard gurgling in a bush. and we found where the pilot was. we got into the bush, saw him, tried to remove him to get him out. it was clear that he looked like he was going. and brian noticed that there was a strap around his neck, one of his straps holding him into the seats. >> the neighbors elevated the man so he could breathe, then they cut the strap. emts took the pilot to the hospital. he is expected to make a full recovery. the plane was coming from wings field airport about two miles from the scene. the ntsb will be out there investigating this morning. it's 5:07. 70 degrees. another scare in the air happened over the skies of philadelphia. a live look at philly
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international now. a plane was forced to make an emergency landing last night. the american airlines flight took off around 7:00 last night headed for spain. the pilot learned of a possible maintenance issue, circled back to philadelphia less than two hours later, the plane landed around 8:45. 5:08. the u.s. senate will hold hearings today on the latest republican plan to overhaul america's health care system. as a showdown looms over the graham-cassidy bill. supporters made changes to the bill in an apparent bid to win the support of one wavering senator. the new version provides more benefits to alaska, home of senator lisa murkowski, who so far has not said whether she will support the legislation. two other gop senators have already said they will not support the bill. republicans can only afford to lose two votes. >> the republicans have been saying for seven years, repeal and replace. and now they have a chance. >> the only way to know how people vote is when you actually vote. we naught we had the votes -- we thought we had the votes last time, and we didn't.
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>> defenders of the plan say it spends the same amount on obamacare but shifts control from the foot -- from the federal government to the states. it would allow insurance companies to charge more money for people with pre-existing conditions. pennsylvania senator bob casey tweeted this overnight saying, "the new graham-cassidy bill appears to be as cruel and devastating families as the previous version." we're starting with a look at the radar and satellite. a nice, wide picture shows how clear it is over us. there are clouds to the west. otherwise, there's no big line of storms rolling our direction. there's no showers that are starting to pop up near us. we're staying dry again like we've been seeing last few days. in fact, we'll talk 90-degree days. yesterday, we hit 92 in philadelphia. a few spots including wilmington, delaware, hit records yesterday. we've had 2590-degree days --
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25 90-degree days. look at the neighborhood planners -- 70 degrees, 7:00 a.m. up to 88 by 3:00 this afternoon in philadelphia. upper 80s for the suburbs, as well. and sunny conditions out there. we'll stay sunny in the lehigh valley. spot clouds late in the afternoon are possible. 863:00 p.m. highs -- 86 at 3:00 p.m. highs peaking in delaware county in the 90s. way above average at 11:00 a.m. new jersey, up to 86 at 3:00. mid to upper 70s for highs along the jersey shore today. this is a tropical view of hurricane jose. the category will run like jose, parallel to the east coast. the difference is it's going to turn more quickly, still seeing impacts locally. we'll talk about what that means for us, if we may see rain coming up. and when we cool down in a few
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minutes. >> thank you very much. 5:10 on your monday. if you're getting up and out the door to work or school, jessica boyington is here to help you. >> nbc10 traffic at route 70. >> around cherry hill, shouldn't be a problem. route 70 at kings highway. you see in both directions through the intersection, somebody waiting at the light. everything looks good. east and west on 70 through cherry hill, still a good drive. in mansfield township, watching for this accident on the new jersey turnpike. southbound drive, taking out some lanes in the inner drive. traffic's still getting by. it's moving just past the p.a. turnpike, around exit 6. that's the problem there. 95 still looks good. southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway, a 13-minute trip. speeds into the mid 60s. >> 5:11. man of many faces. a serial bank robber is taking on a different appearance every time he picks out a new target. and relief at the pump weeks after a devastating hurricane caused gas prices to spike. how low will they go? and do you have fall fever?
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may not feel like it outside, but we'll tell you where to go to get that fall feeling.
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welcome back. a man of many faces. a serial bank robber changes his appearance every time he makes a heist. investigators warn that he is armed and dangerous. the latest happened at the park bank on arch street on saturday. the man showed the teller a knife and demanded money. the fbi says he's responsible for four other bank robberies in philadelphia since july. he wears different hats and switches up his facial hair. so far he's pet two banks twice. the moore bank on arch street and abacus federal savings on north 10th. today marked 60 years since nine black students in little rock, arkansas, walked into an all-white school ending legal segregation of schools in the
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united states. the same school will "huffington post" a celebration today remember -- the same school will have a celebration today remembering when the little rock nine were ushered in by the national guards in 1957. former president bill clinton will give the keynote ceremony. events are r scheduled throughout the little rock community through the rest of the year. 5:16. 70 degrees. we have entered the season of pumpkins, hay rides, hot apple cider. >> pumpkin spice. i'm confusing them because they're amazing. may not feel like cafall, but t calendar says it's arrived. we went to springdale farms in cherry hill, finding out the must-haves. pumpkins and gourds. when it comes to food, anything pumpkin spice or apple cider. >> we take the hay ride here. we always get doughnuts and
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cider after the hayride. >> sounds like a fun fall day. are you brave enough to try the farm's famous corn maze? it takes families, some families up to two hours to finish. something else that's popular this time of year -- fall family photos. coming up tomorrow morning, we're talking to a professional photographer to find out what you can do to improve the pictures that you take yourself on your phones. plus, we'll tell you some of the best places around our area to make sure you have a colorful fall background. and in haverton yesterday, pumpkin flavored coffee and ice cream. >> what do you do? buy them both. >> i didn't, but i should have -- >> i don't like the pumpkin flavor, but i order it because i'm so excited that it's fall. because it's seasonal. it always comes out at that time. i order anyway. >> then you can give it to me. >> i have a complex. it's fine. around the p.a. turnpike, both directions okay. the northbound and southbound sides of 309 are empty, dry.
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traffic is moving. drive times for the most part look the same. the schuylkill expressway on the eastbound side, from the blue route to the vine, a 12-minute trip. same with 95 into center city, speeds into the 60s. the blue route southbound from the schuylkill to 95, speeds are averaging into the high 60s there with a 14-minute trip. i'll end with mass transit, everything on or close to schedule. amtrak, septa, new jersey transit, and patco. >> thank you very much. flirt meteorologist krystal klei -- first alert meteorologist krystal klei has the most accurate weather forecast. does not feel like fall. >> not one bit. >> it will at some point during the ten-day forecast, but not yet. the rest of the temperatures will make it feel like fall. upper 80s later on. 70 in philadelphia, 66 in delaware. jersey shore at 63. we're at 66 in parts of the lehigh valley. look closer in, 75 society hill.
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69 fax chase. manayunk -- fox chase. manayunk, 68. later 70s, then 80s, then upper 80s for highs. take a look, we're talking near record temperatures. the record in philly is 92. today, high of 89. some spots in the philadelphia neighborhoods may make it to the low 90s. we saw that yesterday, officially 92. allentown, high of 89 today. reading, 90. two degrees short of tying the record. atlantic city, lower 80s for likely. close in wimbledon, as well. 93 is the record today. we're forecasting the high of 89. if you're not a fan of heat in fall, good news is things change. we'll see a cooldown as we go tuesday, wednesday. mid 80s. low 80s by thursday. a chance of showers over dover and wildwood through midweek. allentown from 88 today to 78 degrees on our thursday. temperatures cooling over the next handful of days thanks to a
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couple of things. first off, some of the moisture heading our way from hurricane jose. right now spot clouds late in the day. the cloud deck thickens tuesday. we may see an isolated shower by tuesday and wednesday,maria's p. running parallel through wednesday. outer banks of north carolina, tropical storm watch. they may feel the impacts of maria. a quick turn by maria to the right. it means that we are looking at staying away from major impacts. instead, we see a big cooldown in our forecast by this weekend. we'll have more on the ten day in 10 in the next half hour. drug production on hold. why hurricane jose's wrath could be keeping important medication out of your family's hands. and smartphone obsession. well, it's not just millennials. the generation a new survey calls out as being just as obsessed as young users.
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and order up. the head of the social media powerhouse gets a philadelphia staple from a well-known restaurant. it's causing some controversy.
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you may think that millennials are obsessed with smartphones. research shows baby-boomers are using the technology as much as their younger counterparts. they spend an average of 149 minutes a day on smartphones, 2.5 hours. 22 minutes less than millennials. it's not just parents who love their tech. >> grandparents are using them to facetime and video chat with their grandchildren. it keeps them feeling like they're a part of their family's lives. >> the research shows that baby-boomers are more likely to share content on facebook than any other generation. 5:25. the country is feeling the impact of this active and will
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violent season. now drivers may get relief at the pumps weeks after hurricane harvey. landon dowdy has details in the cnbc business news. good morning. hi there. good monday morning. prices at the pump, they're falling. a survey shows the average price of regular unleaded is down seven cents in the past two weeks to $2.62 a gallon. that is as refineries affected by hurricane harvey have bounced back. in pennsylvania, gas is averaging $2.80 a gallon. it's $2.64 in new jersey. $2.44 in delaware. good news there for drivers. the hurt, that hit puerto rico could have im-- the hurricane that hit puerto rico could have an impact on prescription drug prices. >> hurricane jose has halted crucial drug manufacturing in forecast that could lead to -- in puerto rico that could lead to shortages.
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there are nearly 50 pharmaceutical plants on the island. while most have backup power generators, many employees are unavailable. pharmaceuticals account for 72% of puerto rico's exports and 25% of total u.s. drug exports. let's check the markets here on wall street. we could see the trading day finally in the red. the markets are coming up in a mixed week with the dow posting gains for a second straight week. the nasdaq fell fractionally. back to you. >> landon dowdy with cnbc. thank you. patriotism and protesting. the nfl fires back at the president with a show of solidarity on the field and reaction to the demonstration pouring in. and breaking this morning, home invasion and shooting. investigators are trying to figure out what led to the shots being fired at an apartment complex last night.
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show of solidarity. reaction pouring in from across the country about the national anthem protest by nfl players.
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flying field goal. the incredible kick that gave the eagles the win. how fans and players are responding to the victory this morning. and special order. new, a social media ceo makes a stop at a famous cheesesteak spot. it sure does not feel like fall at 5:30. 70 degrees. we're getting ready for another day of near record heat in our area. good morning, and welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm katy zachry. let's get right to meteorologist krystal klei with the most accurate weather forecast. you said fall-like temperatures are coming up, but not today or tomorrow. >> i'm trying to make some people happy who are going, no, i don't want 90s again. another day, unfortunately, that is very hot. yesterday we had a high of 90 in philadelphia. today, near record conditions. yet again on radar and satellite, this is the nice part at least. clear conditions out there. sunny toos


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