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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  March 5, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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shipp. >> we have another chance for nor'easter number two. not quite as strong in terms of the wind speeds but potentially more snow associate would the second nor'easter. let's get a closer look out the door. bus stop weather for us. allentown, low start. same thing for quaker town, reading, 32 degrees. dl be chilly out especially with our wind speeds gusting strong although our actual temperatures will be closer to the mid-as we go into the afternoon. expect temperatures by 4:00 in philadelphia, 43 degrees, 44 in pottstown, low 40s in allentown. same thing for parts of toms river. nice quiet day but big changes on the way. for now let's check in with jessica boyington for a look at
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traffic. watching the schuylkill expressway and our cameras right around south street. it actually looks pretty good so far. that's what's moving towards south philadelphia. westbound, not really seeing any problems. westbound moving into center city not seeing any problems. but springfield township just the right lane is closed near exit 41. you can still take the new jersey turnpike. we're also still watching for septa or any delays related to mass transit. 15 minute delays rights now for the trolley service for septa. we're following breaking news out of bucks county where a firefighter has been rush today the hospital after falling through the floor of burning home. we're live on the scene here. officials tell us the firefighter was awake and conscious when he was put into the it ambulance. it peers the fire started in
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multiple places in the home. other breaking news right now, an elderly woman is in the hospital this morning after a bullet flew through her bedroom window and struck her in the leg. police were called in southwest philadelphia around midnight. they found the victim with a gunshot wound to her knee. she was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. 5:02 and this is the sound you're hearing this morning. this is just a few hours ago around lincoln drive and westmont ary. nbc 10's matt delucia is checking on the storm damage in delaware county. what are you seeing in havertown this morning? >> reporter: now you see the
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trees on the ground and a lot of debris out on the roadways. you still have road closures and because of that you have some school buses that can't get through, so schools are closing as a result of that storm that happened three days ago. there's a giant tree down here, a utility pole right here that you see along the street here. and there's also some utility equipment, wires that are down here as well. so this a big problem that we're seeing throughout the area. peco is saying that 22,000 customers here in delaware county are still without power this morning. and it's something a lot of residents, unfortunately are having to get used to. and they're depending on those with power to let them charge up their phones or get some warm shelter. around the corner at the ymca they were allowing folks to come in and use their equipment to charge their phones and take some showers there over the
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weekend. and telling residents the power might not be back on until wednesday or thursday. >> the bad news is for many people in delaware county the estimate is power will not be restored until midnight on wednesday or midnight on thursday. >> reporter: yeah, that is not something that people around here want to hear especially with the cold temperatures and that storm that could be on the way that brittney was talking about earlier this morning. we are told some individual schools are still without power and because of that there are h some closures. we're going to keep checking the numbers. if you do have to get out and you're school is open today, be careful because this is something we're seeing a lot of. live in havertown this morning, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. here are the latest power outage numbers.
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peco reports more than 50,000 customers still in the dark. you can see fewer numbers for atlantic city electric and delmar customers. peco said it expects all its customers to have their power back by the middle of the week. happening today a crime that shocked our region last summer when four men were found murdered on a bucks county farm. today three the victim's families and their lawyers will be talking about their quest for justice. the families will announce what they are calling a major development. as soon as we know what happens we'll send out an alert on our
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free nbc 10 app. also prosecutors in the bill cosby case will testify they want to call as many as 19 other men to show the comedian had a five decade pattern of harming women. cosby's attorney say they will and for the trial to be delayed. the 80-year-old is accused of sexually assaulting andrea constand about 16 years ago. and today's hearing comes less than two weeks after the death of cosby's daughter. she died from kidney disease. she had spoken on her father's behalf on his trial last year. police are investigating a shooting by one of their officers in abington township. this all started when a woman with stab wounds came to the mckinley fire company for help. police later confronted a man they say had a gun and refused to put it down. officers shot that man.
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we're working to find out the condition and the woman's condition and how they are connected. in glossner county two women are under arrest after a fight at theme restaurant got out of hand. this brawl involved more than a dozen people. one customer suffered a minor stab wupd. a restaurant employee who was hurt trying to break up the fight is recovering this morning. investigators are looking into the cause of this brawl. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. we have big changes on the way today. it'll be a comfortable easier day with with breezy conditions. after 10:00 light rain starts to move in, but by wednesday this is when things get really interesting once again with a potential second nor'easter to hit our region all day wednesday. so there's some big differences
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between what we saw friday and what we will see on wednesday. it's not going to be as windy so that's good. but here's part of the system that's going to continue to move to the east here. it's going to tap into a second area of low pressure that's developing off the carolina coast and transitioning closer to us. the big question is going to be which areas are going to get the rain wintery mix and which areas are going to get the snow? we'll keep updating you especially as we get into tomorrow. but earliest models are showing we see the lines shifting. we're track snow over the poconos, the lehigh valley down towards philadelphia, south jersey. looks like more of a wintery mix here down the shore. but again we could see heavy snow associated with this system. and the heaviest is going to come right over that wednesday evening commute. our temperatures right now at 31
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degrees in trenton, 30 degrees in wilmington. vinelands at 30 as well, same thing for atlantic city. center city will stay in the mid-40s. same thing for chestnut hill, 45 degrees. westchester in the low 40s. 45 in trenton. ocean city, 46. wilmington ti wilmington will see a high today of 49 degrees. let's get a peek at traffic on 95. >> watching 95 right around front street. we look good actually and drive times moving towards center city are really quick. actually from woodhaven to the vine still about a 12 minute trip. 422 looks good. i always check in on the eastbound side.
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from 29 to the schuylkill expressway. we're still watching things out in springfield township where a vehicle went off the road near exit 5. if you still want to take the new jersey turnpike you're okay to do so. you're not going to be stuck inning t in anything. breaking overnight, shooter on the loose. two women are hurt after the guys they were with pulled off a violent heist. what we're learning about the suspects that police are after. plus puppy love. how dozens of pets stranded in the storm made their way back to owners. and still ahead highlights from the oscars, the winners and the history makers.
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florida lawmakers have just five days to pass new gun laws in a bill named after the school in florida's mass shooting. today the florida senate is
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expected to pass a watered down version of that bill that does not theclude a binclude a ban o weapons or magazines. it does include a ban bump stocks, a voluntary program to arm teaches, and raising the age to 21 to buy a rifle. students from parkland school who are pushing for stronger laws say their fight is far from over. >> it's either we see change or we're going to change our politicians. >> in reality none of this can happen unless people put their vote up and make it count. >> once the bill is passed in the florida senate it will go to the house for a vote. 5:14. today marks president trump daca deadline, but nothing is likely to change with the immigration protection law. lawmakers have not acted. two federal courts, though, blocked president trump from
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eliminating daca while judges are hearing legal challenges. the u.s. supreme court up held those rulings which means 700,000 immigrants who already had permits can legally apply to renew them. today in washington israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who is expected to get a warm welcome from president trump and also expected to invite the president for a ribbon cutting in may for a relocated embassy in jerusalem. investors will focus on wall street later this morning after president trump's hint of a trade war led to a wild ride for stocks on friday. the markets responded to the president's announcement of new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. analysts say those fees are meant to target china but could still hurt. critics of the plan include some
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republicans. here's what the president's trade advisers said about that. >> donald trump ran against 16 republicans. none of those republicans supported donald trump's position on trade. he beat every one of them. >> president trump has not officially signed off on the tariffs, but that may happen this week. no school again today in the state of west virginia. today is day eight of the teachers strike there. on saturday the state senate passed a 4% pay raise, but that's not teachers had agreed to. they want a 5% raise they negotiated with the governor. boy, that empas there in west virginia going on for a week now. luckily, nothing like that here. >> i'm starting on the platt bridge right now. on the west and eastbound side of the bridge is clean and open. a lot of times we see an accident at the bottom of that
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bridge there on the down side of course not today. so don't even get worried about that now. ten minutes from route 30 to the schuylkill. speeds there into the 60s. and also and i'll end here with mass transit we are seeing the trolley line dealing with about 20 minute delays. i'll have an update for you in about ten minutes or so. 17 minutes past 5:00 a.m., 31 degrees. a cool start for the start of had workweek. >> we have cool sunshine today, but getting ready for round two. >> that's right. round two on the way as we head into wednesday. we could see a bit of light rain starting late tuesday into 10:00 and wednesday is when the main course gets here. the difference is the wind speeds are not going to be quite as intense. still going to be strong with wind gusts up to 40 miles per
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hour. the biggest impact could potentially be heavy snow and this could happen right over your wednesday evening commute. we are watching this next nor'easter closely for you, but expect something to happen on wednesday. either say a rain, wintery mix or snow. we'll still see those stronger wind speeds. it's just a question of how much snow we'll get a wear. let's walk you through what we have so far. so tuesday 9:00 we start to see that light rain starting to move in. and once it gets going it continues through the entire day. and as the cold air continue tuesday come in from the north, that's heavy snow coming down. so some of the earliest models suggesting that the heaviest snowfall is going to happen right over that wednesday evening commute. and this is going to affect the poconos, philadelphia, wilmington, and parts of south jersey could see more of a rain/snow mix. and if you're right closer to the shore looksñi like rainfall rightñr now as this system will
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continue to spin-off the coast here. as we get through wednesday night we'll continue to see that pulling away, and we could even see snow coming down the shore. so again it's a little early. but this next nor'easter we're tracking strong wind speeds at the coast and wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour, some coastal flooding. biggest impact expected to be heavy snow over your wednesday evening commute. our temperatures right now as you're heading out the door in lehigh valley, 21 degrees, south jersey at 30 degrees. same thing at the shore, right around 30 degrees. wind gusts up to about 30 miles per hour. that's going to make the feels like temperature in the 30s for us today. even as we get into the afternoon with our daytime highs pushing into the mid-40s. the feels like temperature will stay closer to the high 30s. feels like temperature show temperatures take a dip with that system moving in.
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our rain/snow mix expected depending on where you are. as we get into next weekend we could potentially see another system with another shot of snow as we go into monday and tuesday. so a lot happening in that ten-day forecast. vai? brittney, thank you. coming up, paycheck changes. why you may by raking in more money than you realize. the new way you can get the car you've always wanted without buying or leasing.
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you can drive the car of your dreams without having to buy or rent it thanks to new car subscription services. more are expected pie years end. independent companies are also springing up offering cars to so subscribers can swap, monthly, weekly and even daily. a single monthly fee covers
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everything from roadside assistance to maintenance to repairs. most employees might not know how the new tax changes are impact their paychecks. >> only a quarter of american workers say they're aware of changes to their paycheck due to the new tax law. the new law allows employers to with hold less money from their workers paycheck, which could result in higher take-home pay. but only 24% attribute that bump to the law. out of those who have noticed a change in pay baby boomers and jen exers are most likely to say it's due to the tax law. wall street we could open slightly lower this morning. vestors are eyeing political developments in europe as italy has a hung jury and angela merkel is angling for a fourth
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term. steel and aluminum import tariffs would hit european and nafta allies more. this morning we're following breaking news out of bucks county where a firefighter is hurt battling a house fire. how his shift took a dangerous turn. how bill cosby's lawyers are trying to score a win for the comedian ahead of his retrial. and we'll see lots of sunshine today but chilly temperatures expected for us and big chachlgs big changes on the way as we head into wednesday. mother nature will deliver another round as we go tuesday night into wednesday. we're watching some roads. very minor. and watching the blue route right around the germantown pike on-ramp. really no problems so far, but i'll check in with the rest of the roads when i come back.
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power down. tens of thousands of people are still in the dark following friday's storm. now we may have to deal with another round of wicked weather. cosby in court. today a legal battle over his accusers and who will testify in his retrial. we're at the courthouse to break down the case. and making history. stars of the big screen make their mark on oscar night. we have a lot to cover for you this morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. thanks for being with us. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikehema. this morning dozens of schools are closed as the impacts of the major storm are being felt. you can see the list at the bottom of your screen scrolling there. and meteorologist brittney shipp is now tracking another storm in the first alert forecast.
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>> if you're still without power the last thing you want to hear is that another nor'easter is on its way. but that is what's in the forecast. today we'll see breezy conditions. lots of sunshine is out and also chilly conditions. pushing into tuesday our clouds increase and then rain moves in after 9:00, 10:00, and the main system starts to push in as we go through the day on wednesday. right now our temperatures 32 degrees in northeast philadelphia, 29 in allentown, 20 in trenton, just below freezing in atlantic city, 29 in wildwood. here's a look at our feels like temperatures. by 3:00 still going to feel like we're only at 37 degrees. for most of the morning at the pa suburbs it's going to feel like 25 degrees. lehigh valley similar conditions


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