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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  March 6, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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starting to see more of a changeover. and as we get closer to the morning commute hour, that's when the steadier snow starts to ping and intensify. in terms of temperatures for today, we are going to warm into the mid to low 40s. the feels like temperatures in the low 40s. coming up, we'll break down temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood in just a little bit right now to jessica with a closer look at track. >> thank you, britt, we're looking at the parkway. and near 30th street with the lanes blocked there, watching delays because of that, and watching the p.a. turnpike. 24 minutes on that westbound side from route 1 to valley forge. speeds in the 60s. answer speeds in new jersey looking good as well, 42 right around the atlantic city expressway. and as you go here, the black horse pike, northbound where we typically would be, moving
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towards deptford, everything is all right. the mad dash to restore the power before the next storm hits. hard-hit delaware county is one of the areas. nbc10's mt. delucia joins us live from media with the latest on the cleanup efforts, matt? >> reporter: and, tracy, that cleanup continues this morning with the rush ahead of the next storm. right now peer at the penndot center here in media. and the salt trucks are going to be on the road the next couple of days throughout the week as they get ready for that storm later on. at this point, it's been a rush to try to get trees and branches off the roadways and also get the power restored. pico has been working to get that done. havertown, and a lot of people
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still without power this morning. although pico is working hard to get those numbers down and they brought in people from other states to help with those efforts. and here in delaware county, we're told that forest rangers have been working with delaware county emergency services to clear trees and debris on roads that could prevent emergency responders from getting access. the big push is to get the trees off the roadways and get the power restored. again, another live look here. quiet now, but, of course, with the next storm on the way, we're going to see things pick up a little bit more. we're going to continue to get more video of those damages we haven seeing throughout in the next couple of day, live in media, matt delucia, nbc10 news. pico reports more than 24,000 people without power.
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and scattered for delmarva, atlantic city electric and. & g customers. and the weekend storm is one of the most damaging they've ever dealt with. hundreds of customers in our area are still in the dark and cold. the story similar in bucks county, trees toppled over in doylestown. it took down power lines. leaving homes and businesses with no electricity. branches and debris scattered all across the county. airlines are issuing travel waivers. for later this week. check with your airline to see if you qualify. for the storm, count on the nbc app. you can get alerts on power outages and school closings. investigators say a robbery could have been a set up,
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investigators believe a fake order lured the driver to this area on haggard street last night. when police got there, they found the victim, he said he hadn't been shot. but then they discovered a bullet hit him in the neck and the victim is in critical condition right now. coming up, katy zachry has what we've learned about the co-worker who were stunned about his shooting. and bill cosby is back in court. the judge will likely hear from the defense team as to why several of the accusers should not be allowed to testify. prosecutors argued yesterday that andrea constand and 19 others should testify against the comedian. the defense will also try to keep the civil suit and keep constand from being mentioned in upcoming retrial. now to race for 2019, three republicans running for governor will debate in philadelphia this
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morning. it will be the fifth time they will meet, laura elsworth scott wagner. mango is a retired businessman from that pittsburgh. and a lot fireworks last week when they met. incumbent tom wolf is running for re-election but right now no challengers. the pennsylvania primary is may 16th. former presidential nominee hillary clinton will speak at rutgers later this morning. she plans to talk about american democracy and her life in public life. tickets will be available on monday. two u.s. senators in our area are making a bipartisan pitch for new gun safety legislation following the florida high school massacre. >> republican pat toomey of pennsylvania and chris coons of delaware are sponsoring the bill. it would require authorities to
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alert stay law enforcement when someone who isn't allowed to buy a gun tries to purchase one. >> senator coons and i are working to demonstrate to break this logjam to find common ground. >> our simple bipartisan bill would make sure that state and local law enforcement gets notification. >> both u.s. senators from florida, a republican and a democrat are sponsoring the bill. tonight, the wind symphony band from stoneman douglas high school seen here will perform in new york. the massacre unfolded in the building right next door to where the band was rehearsing. the group auditioned to be one of six in the country to perform at the world famous concert hall. >> temple university administrators will talk face-to-face with members of the surrounding community today about the next step for the stadium project. since announcement of the stadium, proponents of the
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project continue to come out saying that the new stadium will likely lead to minority and residents living nearby to be ousted from their homes. the project is scheduled to be built in the intersection of brought and norris. the project meeting tonight at 6:30 at mitten hall. wells fargo will get $250 million of upgrades. it made the announcement yesterday. upgrades include a new court and ring side seat. the arena has been the home to the sixers since 1976. it was since joel embiid was born. he tweeted out just build a new one. that suggestion would cost more $750 million. 4:07 and 30 degrees, today will be pretty nice, i heard our meteorologist say which is great.
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now it's time to get prepared for what's coming in today and tomorrow. let's check in with crystal ck i klei. >> make sure you've got a shovel in the car, a dangling tree branch, take it down, get someone to take it down, otherwise, the storm might do it for you. we're going neighborhood by neighborhood. we're going to start with pennsylvania suburb, lehigh valley. hour-by-hour model. you can see we're starting at 5:30. we might start with light spotty rain or snow showers. it's going to melt on the roadway. temperatures are going to be mild at 9:30 at night. but as we go overnight into the early hours wednesday, now, we'll see that turn over to snow. cold air starts to wrap in and that drops the temperature down to freezing in berks county and into the pennsylvania suburbs. and then from there on, we stick
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with the snow. which is why we expect the high total to be in this area. because almost a 24-hour period of snow falling. it's not always heavy, but it will be a long period. the deeper blues indicate the heavier snow starting to fall. that means it's harder to see when you drive out there. that continues until 6:00, 7:00 at night and then gets light early at this point and moves to the overnight hours. to the overnight hours told into wednesday we're tracking that snow into the lehigh valley. berks county and pennsylvania suburbs. we're looking at 7 to 12 inches of snow. in the suburbs, 5 to 7 inches of snow. snow-packed roads by the evening commute for folks in that area. wind gusts around 30 miles per hour. again, not enough to cause wind damage on their own but enough for areas weakened. we're looking at a coating to an
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inch possible at best. farther south, a lot is rain farther south. 2 to 6 inches all the way up to the i-95 corridor. up to philadelphia, wilmington and parts of mercer county. but this is the cutoff line with the higher snowfall amount that i showed you in the suburbs, and the highest amount, 7 to 12 inches, that bull's-eye is going to be over parts of the lehigh valley. coming up in just a bit, we'll go farther south and tract i-95 corridor. it's 4:10. >> jessica boyington is looking at the blue route. >> yeah, guys, the blue route, ridge pike, not seeing much. that's a good thing, though. northbound side, we're not seeing a lot of volume, notal a lot of cars. and good news there, we're watching the schuylkill expressway as well. construction headed eastbound right around 30th street. so, moving towards center city.
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you'll see some of that before and jut after you get to the vine street expressway. obviously not seeing any major delays by the scene for right now, 30th street off-ramp has been partially blocked to, and the tacony-palmyra, and butter i burlton bristol. sinkhole fear. how a family is forced out why they blame the pipeline and the action a lawmaker is calling for. and alert, what cost him his job. and trophy case. calling home for now.
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4:13 right now.
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a new jersey transit employee is off the job today after passengers say the crew member raised a false alert. >> riders claim that announcement came during yesterday's commute. the crew member that homeland security were making sweeps on the train. witnesses say they doesn't see any agents. both agencies say they didn't have any agents on the train. delaware transit will hold two hearings about service changes scheduled for later this year. the agency is looking for public input on several route changes. it affects seven routes in new castle county. d.a.r.t. also wants service in beach areas. the hearings or 11:00 to 4:00 p.m. in the library. a local school that is paying kids not to fight for the whole year. the principal continues to talk about why she's using money as a motivator. the principal at manipulate
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shell elementary is promising every eighth grader $100 if they don't fight all year. but if any students mess up, all are down. the principal said the idea is changing the way students look at school and each other. >> they are now getting that status as a peer group with problem solving. >> you flipped a switch. >> i'd say it's not much, it's something is that will get kids motivated to do something very great for the school. >> parents also say they are see the results. the eagles super bowl trophy is now in a rifle place. the birds public relations coordinator posted its twitter photo at the vince lombardi center. it's not clear if the team's training facility will be the trophy's permit home, though. the image is now on display at lincoln financial field. yesterday, the eagles put up
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this huge banner in honor of their super bowl victory. you might call it off season redecorating. and nfl free agency starts up next week. the birds may lose some players from heir 2017 title time. analyst peter king believes that eagles believe they might lose nigel brennan and bo allen. and the eagles are listening to trade offers for super bowl mvp quarterback nick foles. reports sale the birds have gotten at least one respectable offer. they're looking for what they got for sam bradford which includes a first and third round draft pick. meanwhile, carson wentz is rehabbing working out at the complex. the birds shot this video of wentz in the weight room. the birds expect wentz to be ready for the start of the
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season. >> and one showed up on a tv show last night. take a look at the solution to a word puzzle on "wheel of fortune" last night. philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. >> nice. i haven't gotten tired of seeing that. we're still pinching ourselves. let's talk about the nor'easter about to roll in here. >> brittney shipp has that. >> it's going to start wednesday at 4:00 a.m. and we'll see it increasing throughout the day and later on this evening, we'll see light rain. so, we have part of the system that's going to work its way to the east. and interact with another area of low pressure that's going to develop to the south of us. and the or two going to interact and that's what's going to bring the nor'easter into thursday morning as well. let's take a closer look at the
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breakdown for you. by 7:00 tonight, we'll see light showers near pottstown, reading, northeast philly. and them everything doesn't get revved up until the overnight hours heading into wednesday. it's really going to be wednesday afternoon and evening that we're going to see the heaviest snow. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning, we'll see more of a rain/snow mix over parts of philadelphia. by the time lunch rolls around, now we have a better chance of snowfall for wilmington, mt. holly, into lehigh valley and into the poconos. and if you're right around the shore, temperatures are much warmer where we expect to be dealing with rain. 47 degrees at atlantic city by noon. but take a look at allentown, closer to 33 degrees. looks like some of the snow will be the heaviest as we get into our evening hours. that's why the wednesday evening commute is going to be the most concerning for us. closer look at how much snow you can expect to see. with the next system moving through. not a whole lot here at the
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shore. closer to philadelphia, airplane 5 to 9 inches, up towards allentown, 7 to 12 inches of snowfall. so, this is going to be a powerful system in terms of accumulating snow. but our future wind gusts show this is not going to be as strong as the last system that moved through. so, here are your future wind gusts as you get into 4:30 on wednesday. this is the strongest. 40 miles per hour in philadelphia, wilmington. 41 in wilmington. and the heaviest snow coming down as well. and that is why your wednesday evening commute is going to be the most dangerous of them all. closer look of them, temperatures if you're heading out the door, 30 degrees in philadelphia. only 31 in northeast philly. temperatures in pottstown at 27 degrees. take a look at atlantic city. a cold start to the morning at 27 as well. today's highs will push back into the mid to high 40s. really not a bad setup for today
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but big changes are on the way as we head into tomorrow. and for people just getting their power back, the last thing they want to hear is we have another nor'easter getting ready. >> watching yesterday afternoon, i heard kristal say if you have a tree with dangling limbs, to check it out. i'm in my pajamas doing that. >> it's one of that if you have a storm, better you do it. than the tree wobble. that can be an unfortunate situation. it's unfortunate we got this back to back in a week. >> good advice, ladies. let's talk about your ride to work. >> jessica boyington, you're looking at 76. that's the one in jersey. >> yes. so, every time i see the actual 76 i say the schuylkill, because it gets in my head that way. but beer in new jersey right now, that's correct. on gloucester street.
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sand here's towards the walt whitman bridge before it turns into the schuylkill expressway over on the jersey side. all lanes, a lot of them there, nice and open. watching construction, though, on the actual schuylkill expressway. on the eastbound side, headed towards 30th street, station and center city, we'll see some of that. and right now, it's not really causing too many problems on the length of the schuylkill expressway on the eastbound side. some earlier storm damp still in the area from this meeting, downed trees township line road between butler pike and jolly road. watching for that, too. and checking with drive times when i come back in ten. this season of nbc's hit show "the voice" features local talent. >> right, we showed you this yesterday. check out these pipes and the reaction from the coaches. ♪ >> so, yeah, do it. >> hey now, hey now.
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>> he managed to get big reaction from coaches. he chose team alicia. he's not the only local singer shining on "the voice" stage. ♪ that is kelsey johnson from newark. she made it past the blinds last week. another episode of "the voice" hits the air at 8:00 right here on nbc10. we'll be closing following those two for you. the former spy, possible poisoning in a shopping mall bench. sparking international investigation. trump aide changes his mind when it comes to the russia investigation. and what he says the president might have done. and underwater discovery. a major winter storm reveals a more than 100-year-old miystery beneath the waves.
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4:25 right now. a former trump campaign aide appears to be reversing after he >> i mean mr. trump's -- willing to cooperate. >> on msnbc, stan nunnburg said he would not appear. and then said he would probably cooperate. he also suggested then candidate donald trump may have actually done something wrong during the campaign. >> do you think they have something on the president? >> i think they may. >> what? >> i think that he may have done something during the election
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but i don't know that for sure. >> why do you think that? >> i can't explain it unless you're in there. >> the white house fired back saying nunberg only served in the campaign in the early days and that he's incorrect. the white house press secretary reaffirmed there was know collusion between the campaign and russia. british officials are trying to figure out if a former russian spy may have been poisoned. someone found serhim and a woman bench poisoned. he was freed in 2010 as part of a spy swat. and graco is replacing highchairs walmart sold a table to table 6 in 1 chair. legs can pivot out of position making the chair unstable. the defect has led to five
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children being injured. if you have one of these chairs stop using it and contact graco for a free repair kit. 4:26. ambushing delivery driver. ambush, shooting a delivery driver after he goes to drop off a pizza. now police are trying to track down the attackers. and a new storm, tracking it a nor'easter. as we go through wednesday. even as rain starts tonight. we're tracking all of the details coming up right after the break.
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racing the clock. our area is bracing for another round of weather as cruise look to pick up the pieces from the last storm.
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delivery man shot. a worker is picking up the pieces. and sinkhole right outside a home and neighbors are blaming a pipeline project. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." first look at 4:00, i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we have team coverage tracking the storm which is set to bring heavy snow to the area. let's get to brittney shipp with the most accurate forecast in town. >> we have a first alert going tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. and going to continue all the way into thursday. it's basically going to affect the entire area, with the extension right along the shore. just because the shore is not expected to see a lot of accumulating snow, we're still going to get strong wind speeds. and the entire system is going to move through early wednesday into thursday, around 7:00 a.m. we'll start to see light rain tonight. but the accumulating snow is not set to hit theea


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