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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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didn't touch me or molest me or anything. >> he also asked for several rings on her fingers but she told him not to bother because she can't get them off and they aren't valuable anyway. she isn't sure if the man targeted her or has been following her. she won't let it stop her from living but she will start locking her door. she says she has a 93 her house was not robbed. she was not home at the time. police do not have a suspect in custody but describe him as a hispanic man believed to be in his 20s. >> thank you. we have breaking news, a power outage at jfk airport's terminal 8. escalators and elevators are out of service. there is no information on a
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might end. call ahead to find out about possible delays. people in howard beach queens will gather for a memorial walk. >> she was murdered two weeks ago while out for a run. the community has been on edge since. jessica is in howard beach where the search continues for the killer. >> reporter: been the same since the murder. it was around this time the 30 year old was in the area for her daily jog and never came home. her father along with authorities found her body later. police say she put up a ferocious fight. tonight her community still grieving is um canning together for -- coming together for a
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the tragedy. her parents are expected to attend as police continue the search for the killer. there are signs like this one posted on every block, a reminder that there is a huge reward for information in the case to help bring the killer to justice. people will be gathering over the next hour. the walk begins at 6:00. we'll have a live update for you then. in massachusetts, funeral services were held for killed in an eriely similar crime. family, friends, co-workers gathered to remember vanessa marcotte. she worked at google in manhattan. we are on storm watch and it could be an active night for some. >> i think the most active weather would be west of new york city.
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this picture. we have had one storm that's moved through the city as of now but there will be more later. 81 is your current temperature with rain cooled air over central park. there is that one cell right now. it's basically just making its push into west chester county, southern west chester county. it's the leading shower of what's going to be more active. the counties in yellow, western new jers thunderstorm watches because we are watching a strong line all the way down to baltimore. look at the lightning strikes and heavy downpours, strong winds as well, moving from west to east. there is even more behind it. i believe this will be a pretty active night with the possibility for severe storms primarily. severe activity would be west of new york city. it's slowing signs of weakening the closer it is to the ocean. it will be humid tonight but relief will start tomorrow.
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looking wednesday but thursday and friday will be better. we will talk exact numbers. tomorrow we'll go for 87. the humidity goes down a notch. we'll turn it down even more so as we move ahead. this is me turning the notch, by the way. back to you guys at the desk. >> thanks. the man accused is held without bail. the victims' grieving families want to know violence. hazel sanchez has more. >> reporter: still overwhelmed with grief, coming to queens criminal court to see the man accused of killing his father and his close friend and assistant. >> he wants to ask why did you kill my innocent father? >> what his father did wrong to the shooter. >> the 35 year old of brooklyn was arrested monday and is now
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police say on saturday afternoon, surveillance cameras captured him as he approached from behind and shot both men in the head. prosecutors say he did admit he is the person seen on surveillance video that connects him to the murders but he pleaded not guilty in court today. his family had no comment after arraignment but historian had this to say. >> i am upset that he >> reporter: police found this gun and clothing that matched witness descriptions. prosecutors say ballistic evidence proves it was the weapon used in the deadly shooting. police have not classified murders as a hate crime. the muslim community want to
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they still have many unanswered questions. >> he was a good guy. [ audio problems ] >> historian says his client plans to jury august 18. hillary clinton's e-mails are again moving front and center. the fbi handed over documents from its investigation into the scandal. republicans want to compare notes from clinton's testimony to what she said at the house benghazi hearings. as for the campaign she attacked trump for his plans on national security. >> what he often says hurts us. it sends the wrong message to friend and foe alike.
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briefing on national intelligence tomorrow. today he is in wisconsin where there have been protests following a deadly police shooting. >> i have been watching it, and it's a mess. there's no question about it. you need law and order. if you don't have law and order, you don't have a country. >> chris christie said he expects trump to rise in the polls after the first debate september 26. one of his supporters rudy giuliani is fighting back claiming a made it appear he forgot 9/11 was taken out of context. >> reporter: i spoke to rudy giuliani minutes aing after his plane -- minutes ago after his plane landed. he was angry and playing defense after accused of forgetting 9/11 as he attacked the foreign policy of hillary clinton and president obama. >> it would be impossible for
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11th september 11th, 2001. i think of it everyday. >> reporter: rudy giuliani had to hide in a bunker when planes hit the word trade center on 9/11 is striking back against criticism that he seemed to forget the event entirely. >> by the way, in those years we didn't have any successful radical islamic terrorist they all started when clinton and obama got into office. >> critics charged that the eight years he was talking about, the years george w bush was president, was when the attacks occurred and was when 3000 people died. >> extremely insensitive to a person who was one of the people most heavily affected. >> reporter: rudy claimed before he attacked clinton and oh, balance he did mention 9/11
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trade center. >> remember we didn't start this war. they did. we don't want this war. they do. they didn't start it even in 2001. they attacked the world trade center in 1993. >> reporter: he claimed he had shortened and abbreviated his usual speech but said everybody in the audience understood he wasn't glossing over 9/11. do you standby that statement? >> in the attacks including the one during the bush administration, of course i do. you can't repeat yourself constantly. >> reporter: he attributed attacks on his statement. >> they have been conducting this sort of vendetta campaign against trump and they're going to do whatever they can to take things out of context. >> reporter: mayor giuliani pointed out he lost many
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himself nearly died that day. 9/11 is part of the very fabric of his life. >> thank you very much. taking a life of a father and son on the jersey shore. thick black smoke filled the skies as flames consumed this home at 225 14th avenue. it was so intense it melted walls of surrounding homes. a 49 year old man, his 84 year old fathe not get out in time. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire. so far they do not believe it was suspicious. breaking news and a logs for cbs 2 viewers. john mclaughlin died today. the mclaughlin group appeared in 1982. he was too ill to appear this past sunday.
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before his tv career he was a speech writer for presidents nixon and ford. he was a former jesuit priest, received phd from columbia university. his cause of death was not released. still ahead, in the middle of the sweltering heat, here is a sight you may like. >> really? >> i don't know if i like that. will the winter be as snowy as the the summer ha b forecast. >> why do with he have to? -- we have to? >> a driver accused of hitting a man in a wheelchair and taking offer. how police found him may be more of a shock. >> she wasn't able to breathe. >> for some kids an allergic reaction can be a life threatening thing.
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a new jersey man
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out of nowhere a car hit him leaving him severely injured. >> the driver of the car took off. meg baker reports just a short time ago police made an arrest in the case. >> reporter: sung lives off of fort lee road and had just pulled into her driveway monday around 10:48 am when she witnessed a horrific accident. >> i heard the sound like trying to stop. 78 year old man in his wheelchair on leonia avenue. police say this is the hit and run driver. >> he was passing so quickly. >> reporter: police arrested the fort lee resident today while they were looking for surveillance video. he pulled up in a 2016 buick suv similar to this one, front
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well known for being out and about in town in his wheelchair and fort lee road was his daily routine. >> we waved at each other all the time. >> reporter: neighbors identify the victim as fred elfers. he lives a block from where he was hit. >> there has never about than a day that i haven't seen him. >> reporter: he remains at the hospital with his side. >> injuries when you are 78 are tougher than when you are a younger person. >> reporter: he has seven broke inribs, broken clavicle, broken hip. his wheelchair was completely destroyed. >> police say he's facing several charges. he has been released and is expected in court later this month. renewed calls for congress
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have tested positive for zika in new york since april and one baby has been born with micro cephaly. the majority of infections came while traveling to zika infected areas. >> this requires a coordinated national response and that can only happen via the congress. >> federal health ff in new york city. as we endure the dog days of summer, some people are looking ahead to winter. >> some suggest the winter could be very cold and very snowy. we have more about the winter outlook, a nice change of pace to be talking about, i suppose. >> reporter: it is a change of pace. the mobile weather lab,
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point of 74.9 meaning it feels like 100 degrees at least in this particular spot. as you might imagine the park's famous fountain, that's flowing pretty freely today. you might recall it typically freezes on the coldest winter days. some scientists believe we'll have plenty of those days this coming winter. >> i can't predict but i am hoping it's going to be mild. i actually love thhe the people who loves hazy hot humid days of summer and is not looking forward to winter. there are plenty of people buzzing about it thinking a summer this hot will lead to a bitterly cold winter. >> we haven't had this kind of a heat wave in a long time so my guess is it's possible. >> reporter: the farmers almanac released the outlook
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filled days for northeast. william good man is a meteorologist with the national weather service. >> it looks like we have a la nina developing. what that means is the cold average water temperature in the pacific ocean near the equator, usually when that happens following an snowy winter. there have been instances like winter of 2007-2008 where we ended up with a mild winter so it is early to say at this point. >> patterns will be clearer by october. >> i don't think there will be a lot of snow. >> we're going to have some snow but not as much as everybody is predicting. >> i can do without the snow. >> some say as long as temperatures and snow fall
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considered normal, they'll be happy. >> if it's winter, i want it cold. if it's summer, i want it hot. >> reporter: he certainly got that part. as far as winter norms we are talking temperatures that average in upper 30s to upper 40s and snow fall just shy of 26 inches. meteorologists at the local national weather service office say what happens in higher latitudes has become a better and better predictor of what we can expect. so they'll be monitoring snow fall in siberia at the end of october. then they'll be fine tuning their winter forecast for our area the first week of november. >> what's it like in siberia now? >> i think this was a trick to get us to stop complaining about the week. >> i don't know if it worked. maybe it did. i am not sure. >> thanks. we'll cross our fingers,
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immediate forecast. >> you are right. but whenever you start talking long range forecasts, you have to take it with a grain of salt. remember this last winter with the strong el nino it was going to be on the drier snow fall but more rain. it ended up being above average and it was because of one snowstorm. it put us above the average of 27 inches for new york city. again, let's wait and see storms are out there primarily west of new york city, west of our area. they haven't even really made it into the new jersey pennsylvania line yet. 81 feels like 87. it is a little bit cooler because we had this one shower come through new york city right there. it cooled us off a little bit. now we start watching this line. let's time it out. it stretches to baltimore. i can time this and show you if it holds itself together somewhere around 8:00 or maybe
5:22 pm
way to new york. we also think that some of this as it is closer to the water will weaken. that's why we think the best bet for heavier storms would be west of new york city. relief will come when the arrows are flowing from the north and they become northerly. it's not hipped that line. it's this -- behind that line. it's this line. that will make it feel better. look forward to that. tonight, a chance for severe weather, most of risk of around 30% or so. we'll talk more later. >> thanks so much. a massive wildfire that destroyed hundreds of homes may be the work of an arsonist. this is not the first time investigators think he struck. >> the new problem that's erupted for firefighters. >> seen a great movie lately? some say summer offerings are less than stellar. what experts think can be behind the big screen
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drivers. summer is the season best known for movie blockbusters. >> this year some say something seems very wrong. >> reporter: matt singer, editor and chief, says the problem with summer flicks seems to be too much competition. >> hollywood has gotten into this mode where they're so focused on sequels and reboots. we have seen lo haven't done so well include the hunts man, teen-age mutant ninja turtles out of the shadows and independence day resurgence singer says was the biggest flop of all. >> i spent 20 years trying to get us ready. >> it seemed so much to miss the appeal of the original movie which is not only will smith who was in the original movie. i think it made less in the
5:27 pm
original independence day made. >> some flop for financial reasons like ghost busters and war craft. >> i think it made less than $50 million in the u.s. the weird flip side is it made a lot overseas and that's one reason we are seeing so many still going on. >> captain america civil war and finding dory were the two exceptions. >> suicide squad i didn't think was good. >> why? >> the plot wasn't good. >> the a list cast and market appealed >> that's a movie that probably financially would not be a flop. it made a lot of money already but creatively it was an absolute disaster. >> the summer movie season will come to an end in a few weeks and experts say so will the flops. one to look forward to is war dogs from the director of hangover which has the potential to be a late summer
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>> you just proved the point. coming up, gunfire erupts in an up scale neighborhood. police try to sort through several confusing stories involving an off duty officer. >> deadly storms on the move as victims get a first glimpse at the damage they try to deal with. >> baking their way to a better life. how this kitchen could have the recipe for a way out of
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an update on our breaking news. a power outage right now at jfk airport's terminal 8. this is a picture from twitter. there are just a f working presumably on generators. escalators and elevators are out of service and screening of checked bags may be delayed as well. there is no information on the cause of the outage or when it might end. we'll stay with this one for you and bring you any updates. police trying to figure out a wild shooting on a quiet street. an nypd officer was involved in the shooting. >> it is not exactly clear what set off the incident. >> reporter: shell casings all
5:32 pm
piercing through the window of a brown stone being renovated. >> there was a small place where it appears to be lodged in the wall. >> reporter: not what moms strolling their little ones in this quiet neighborhood are used to seeing. >> it's scary. it's supposed to be a safe neighborhood. >> i can't believe that. >> reporter: police say it started early this morning when an off duty nypd officer claims he and his cousin were approached by a man they say was trying to rob m. between the off duty police officer and the suspect. shots were fired. the man labeled a suspect checks into the hospital with a gun shot wound to the leg claiming he was robbed. witnesses tell police the cousin of the off duty cop grabbed the gun from the trunk of the car yelling "don't
5:33 pm
and end a block away. >> at about 12:30 last night, i was in my dining room and i heard four shots. my wife and son heard them too. >> reporter: he says he saw a man crash a car into a dumpster. did he look like he was shot? >> no. he ran. then he ran right back and got in the vehicle. >> reporter: with so many stories, police are trying to arrested or charged. new information in the death of a man shot and killed ana nypd officer. new york will pay millions to the family. the city agreed to pay most of the wrongful death lawsuit settlement to the family. the former officer's conviction
5:34 pm
>> the district attorney's office had the courage to take this case to a grand jury, obtain an indictment, and there after a conviction of a police officer. >> i am glad we got a conviction. i am glad my daughter will be taken care of. >> the officer was sentenced to five years probation. time may be of the essence in new jersey where police believe a serial arsonist is on the loose. this past saturday somebody set fire to a pile of trash outside the post office person may be responsible for other fires around town. police say they've identified a suspect but have not yet made an arrest. in southern california, a new wind driven wildfire is quickly growing in the mountainous cajon pass area. the fire exploded to 1000 acres in 90 minutes. a huge wildfire in northern california keeping thousands of
5:35 pm
flames have destroyed more than 175 houses and businesses and investigators arrested a man for starting it. they say he connected to several other fires that may have burned this year. the death toll in louisiana flooding has climbed to ten. more than 11,000 people are in shelters while flood waters have started to subside in some parts, they're moving south now. don champion has more. >> reporter: larry lee felt helpless as he >> kind of expected it but i just couldn't picture it. >> reporter: for days residents in sorrento knew the water was coming. in a matter of hours, lee's mother's home flooded. his could be next. >> i have a lot of friends that are losing everything. i have friends that drove out and lost everything. >> reporter: as water rose, volunteers from a local college filled sand bags for homeowners
5:36 pm
people in sorrento and other parts of ascension parish say they're bracing for the possibility of at least another foot of water by tonight. to the north in baton rouge, flood waters are finally receding. water was up to the roof of this home. now you can see the entire structure. the governor says 40,000 homes are damaged, and about 20,000 people had to be rescued. >> we understand that there are still a lot of people who are suffering. >> reporter: some flood victims are getting their damaged homes. >> it looks devastating, but it's not. it's just something we're going to deal with, get better, and make it happen. >> reporter: even with massive property damage, many residents are determined to rebuild. baton rouge louisiana, don champion, cbs 2 news. for some children with allergies an epi pen can be a lifesaver. families say they're feeling the pinch as prices soar.
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destroy this building will take away a piece of their history. today in history, in 1977, elvis priestly at the age of 42. his body stayed in graceland where more than 20,000 fans
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nearly one out of every 13 children has a food allergy. for many parents epi pens are lifesavers. >> the cost has risen nearly 500% in the last decade. >> reporter: an epi pen is never far away during dinner time.
5:41 pm
severe food allergyies. this is why both girls never leave their home without their fanny pack. >> always good to have it with me. >> reporter: you can get sick if you don't. as a baby the allergic reactions were so severe hives covered her body. her family has twice used the epi pen. >> her lips turned blue, she replace them when they expire. they remember paying $80 five or six years ago before a high deductible health plan. >> it was $600. >> reporter: pharmacies paid slightly more than $100 for a two pack. the price has skyrocketed to more than $600. this senior medical reporter says the manufacturer of the
5:42 pm
competitor launched a recall last fall. >> this brand name epi pen is like kleenex to al edgerrists, a name they know and trust. >> reporter: mylan says the price has changed over time to better reflect important product features and the value the product provides saying we have made a significant investment to support the device over the past years. >> are you fearful the price can continue to go up? >> absolutely. prices are ed and there is no competition. >> the company offers coupons which allow many patients to pay nothing out of pocket. those coupons are worth up to $100. families with high deductibles are still on the hook for the majority of the cost. up next, it looks like an historic home. don't be fooled. this long island mansion has every modern convenience. the story behind this home.
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there is a "last ditch" fight to save a 100 year old church from demolition. the campaign called on the city to designate the church a landmark. the brooklyn diocese filed application with the city to demolish the church. catholic charities plans to build affordable and closed in 2009. neighbors say it should be saved and transformed into a community center. >> we have enough affordable housing. we don't have enough art and culture. it's penny land that you can build affordable housing on. i say save the church. >> the battle goes back eight years. an original plan was set aside in 2010.
5:47 pm
headed this way. today was again hot and humid out there. like a broken record. >> we're going to break the pattern. it will be a slow process to break it. it will get better tomorrow and better as you move ahead. right now we check with weather watchers. it's probably nicer to head out the further east you go. here is john with 87 degrees. he's got the sunshine. it feels like 96 he says but it was as high as 100 and where to your west, young man. it's making the push in the direction of the entire area. i believe those areas west or maybe northwest of new york city will have the more likely chance of seeing stronger storms tonight and they'll lose strength as they continue to push to the east. what i see currently are some clouds and storms are west of the area with 81 degrees. that hair is sticking right up, isn't it? the high temp today was 87.
5:48 pm
average. when you factor in the humidity, it felt like over 90 again. there is a storm chance tonight. they're making a march in our direction. we'll check on those in a moment. it will start to feel better tomorrow. it's not perfect tomorrow, but we start it. it's the process. it's going to be a slow process because really it's not until tuesday that you will find relief from the hot humid air. we have a heat advisory in effect until 10:00 p.m. where the air as 95 to maybe 104 for all the areas around the city and basically south of the city. if you look at what's out there, we are doing okay with the one break away cell that came through. that's fizzled away. now we start watching this main line we have been dealing with all afternoon in places like central p.a. it is now going to eastern pennsylvania, close to our
5:49 pm
quite yet. the bigger activity is around allentown. again all of this pushes east northeast. if it times outs properly it looks like new york city can see it between 7:00 and 9:00 tonight. then it pushes east. there is a little bit of trailing action behind it as well. the night time hours will be the more active time for this set up. that's how we see it on futurecast. we talk about the chance for heavy downpours out there. then wednesday some cloud rain. maybe a little is left over. you are dealing with better set up. the humidity is going down a little bit. it will be less humid with 87 and a stronger chance for rain. you are 87 thursday, 88 friday. the storms we'll be looking at will be stray break away
5:50 pm
sunday. by monday and tuesday of next week, especially tuesday, i think you will see a chance on monday. tuesday will be when we leaf starts to -- relief starts to set in. in living large we are going to a home on long island's northshore. >> the homeowners had it built to look european royalty. >> who is it? >> emily from cbs. >> a password? >> living large. >> sean elliot gave us the tour with luxury homes and estates. inside it's formal and every room faces a pond.
5:51 pm
pond. it's a spectacular place. >> limestone floors and high ceilings grab your attention. >> i want to point out this glass. it's all hand blown. >> this brings you to a large formal dining room and into the kitchen. >> we walked a gallery with limestfl >> it is. >> it's one of of seven bedrooms. master suite begins with a sitting room and lead to the bedroom. in here, you find a gorgeous view. >> 15-foot ceilings in the master. you are overlooking this incredible view of the pool. >> the porch wraps around the perimeter of the home. >> get the fire going, sitting outside and there are speakers everywhere. >> an over sized pool has roman
5:52 pm
pond. >> they keep a small boat here. it's a beautiful spot and a great view. >> to live large, it will cost you $5,250,000. >> the home was made to look antique. >> nicely done. >> cute and cuddly aren't usually words that come to mind when considering a sea creature. >> the squid looks more like a muppet. the stubby squid is actually more closely related to cuddle fix. they borrow to the sea floor poking their eyes out to spot prey. >> that's a better name. >> i want to stare at that all day. >> it's mesmerizing. >> it is. we take you inside a special program that's giving
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baker three -- a bakery arguably like the weather -- it is what they are doing to make it unique -- taking us to brookwood -- inside this building in a little bakery they are cooking up something sweeter and more ambitious and pastries -- creating home. >> served daily here but not see purpose, opportunity and employment for those society has forgotten. >> you see, all the employees are homeless were formerly homeless many former criminals -- people like derek -- where would you be without this? >> probably in jail. a chance for a fulfilling life -- the chance to learn a culinary treat. everyone here is from the don't
5:57 pm
bakery. >> i changed my life. peter is a former drug dealer and gang member who turned his life around to his love of cooking. >> he is now the head baker and teaches what he is lord to a culinary arts training program. >> paying it forward to others who have been downtrodden and laws. >> why do you do this? same cloth -- we all come from the same place. that's a struggle. >> currently 50 people training under peter. in the seven years of this existence within 350 people have graduated program. living on to fresh lives and fresh start and new beginnings. >> curtis is a recent graduate -- this means the world to me. >> it& treats whipped up in this environment are packaged
5:58 pm
brooklyn and harlan -- a recipe for success second chances served with love. >> scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> this idea was a natural -- a nonprofit already operate kitchen who lives in the facility -- >> i need to catch up with scott and see if he brought some back. >> [laughter] >> that's new for the news at five -- news at 6 starts now. >> this is cbs 2 news at >> breaking news -- a power outage at jfk -- passengers left in the dark. >> a dangerous work is -- bullet holes and shattered glass -- a chemic to the gun and started to shoot. >> new information on the men arrested -- where the police say they found the gun used in the murder. >> since riots took over crown heights controversy over how
5:59 pm
>> dana tyler is off tonight. throngs of people to late and in the dark right now at jfk. >> the power has been off inside the terminal for more than an hour -- let's get more in this from lou young outside the terminal -- but can you tell us? >> this is terminal 8 at the far end where this is happening -- home to american eagle and small overseas carriers. the problems happened four hours ago. the power outages and a partial block out -- first affecting the elevators and escalators and more importantly the security screening which coming up the works. we saw images of darkness in -- in the terminal and emergency lighting -- no reports if the air-conditioning is affected -- this is important on this hot afternoon. >> this is the second weird incident to happen at this terminal in the last few days.
6:00 pm
shooting that was not a shooting at all and evacuations -- it turned out it was celebrants watching the olympics. it got out of hand. >> now there is an electrical problem and people are waiting -- american airlines is offering two possible solutions -- if you are flying out of jfk this afternoon or this evening get here early. at least two hours ahead of time. they are offering na on american or one of the airlines at the terminal. change your reservation -- american set it will not levee penalty and that is a small comfort on this hot afternoon and jfk -- live with cbs news. >> thanks very much -- angry about being fired a mechanic walked in to the former workplace and began shooting a


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