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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 16, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EST

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police respond to a call with a bucket containing a newborn baby. see the race to save a little one's life. how to do this. do it like this. this spectacular video with 360 degree view. bringing a fire under control. why now it does not last long.
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shot to win an ipad mini and a prankster target. >> what could go wrong. in that bucket is a newborn baby. the cord is still attached and covered in fluid. they got a call from someone, and don't know why the person did not render aide to the poor child, but at this point they're rushing it to the hospital for medical attention. it's believed that the baby was born one month premature and three pounds. >> who would do such a thing and so sad and in a bucket.
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the person must have felt. i am like whoever called in the tip is involved. >> there's no word on the story on this child. >> is there a safe harbor law here that they can have the baby and leave it with the fire department or church or anything? >> the only thing that e i i know is that if a child is abandoned, the parents could be charge skbld . >> how is the baby doing? >> it was in critical condition, but it's expected to be fine. a five bedding out of control in russia. this fire at a gas station was caused by a
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70 o different personnel was used. this next bit i am going to -- >> i was not kidding. >> that was from a raging fire to a massive explosion. >> we have so many angles to get an understanding of how enormous that it was. >> second one is almost as close as well. >> why did you skip the sea of violence that comes to the dam vera. you can see that they pan over to the right and then the side of the building and then the next two as a bit of the undering and then thousand baring in mind that we're further way and when it goes, it's like arm ged don. >> wow. it's like the sun has come up.
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war ii videos in the desert. >> how many people and what happened and injuries. >> nigh nor injuries and car were bonn poisoning. >> is that all? >> now i can believe it. >> how do people escape that with minor injuries. are e with we talking lost eyebrows. >> yes, we can watch this time and time again and say wow that's amazing. the internet can be done for so many reasons. i think that videos like this are special because you don't have to leave your couch to see things that include may never get a chance to see like this. a volcano in
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pronounce and that's the coolest part about this and that's a 3630 360 video video. you can peer down on the ice and las vegas va and sun set and take it all in. do it and do it like this. >> the neck nothing is to do that is incredible. >> how about experiencing something different in the boat. >> the different angle that they're getting to looking back and you're along on a boat and busting through and then off you
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up a bit and head over and this one is equally as beautiful another one cruising over the water and then the boat perspective. you're saving up for the vacation and get a real good look of where you you want to go. >> gather around kids because it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> you have to be 18 years old and a legal u.s. residence. >> the buzz word is kate middletoning up in just a bit. >> go for the mini give aways. you can see dr. matt and he is holding a little kitten. this one had to be brought in because somebody shot this poor little girl in the eye. >> how do the people exist? >> you see the eye on the left. >> he says that it's not useful
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eye out. first things first i have to add that and then a few days later they're going give the cat surgery but febe is not eating. >> we got them to bring us it's little sister and now it's eating well. >> there's two kittens. very easily put it into the skin and pulls out the palate. >> look at that. >> the next thing is that he is only going o to have one eye, but he is going to be okay. >> he is eating well and the sister sister. >> this dog was brought into the branch and he was wondering
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that this one had had tiny nonfunctional eyes and they're thinking that they have to o go and take the eyes out of the dog. two days in, they discovered. >> we have two days now and there's no discharge. we're going leave the the eyes. why do the surgery if they don't need it. >> they take away the nads because he has to be neutered. they show us how the dog is able to find them since the dog does not have vision. >> he uses his years and nose. he waits until he hears you walking. >> this dog is adopted and now on the way to canada to the family. >> good job. a thief attempts to break through the gate and the gate pops open and wow. see why what
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itch relief. scratch relief. winter relief. that's gold bond medicated lotion relief. five moisturizers plus an extra strength itch fighter. gold bond . relief starts now. let's play a small game of hero or villain. picking up the the rock and then smash. that time it goes in the drivers window and he begins the push it. again to a second car. this
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up to the window. >> the alarm is going off. here is where the hero or villain distinction getting a little gray. the two car windows were double parked and blocking him in. >> do i say hero. he had to get somewhere and they double parked. >> if you came out and are blocked by someone parked this way. >> after he pushes the two cars out of the way he gets into his own car and drives away. they're looking for this guy. this guy looks like a villain and walks up to the locked gate and there's a bar underneath it and then starts to lift up oen it n it. he is trying to
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pops open and whoa. that's what you get. you may think that you did not get anything, but you may get away with something. >> a headache or a dog. >> a broken leg. you you deserve its. you you deserve it. he just goes limping away and using the bar for a cane. >> good job. good job. feeling like you're being watched. >> i want to share things with people. i don't want to have to talk to people and tell them what i am doing. i think that it's a great thing. >> okay. all right. so seems a little strange, but she goes on about her day. >> it takes time to build a relationship and a relationship with somebody.
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notification can on the phone. >> there's a photo of her saying that you're no longer being followed. good-bye louise. >> okay. that was creepy this much. >> here is the app that you can get. it's called follow er and it only exists in new york city. you can say why you want to be followed and then put in the days that you want to be followed and then someone will follow you. >> this is creepy. >> the location is then share today the follow er and that follow er will follow you throughout your day and they will just watch you. at the end of the day it's a notification of one photo to you from the follow er saying that you're no longer being followed. >> in thank you. >> there's only one follow er out there. she is an artist and this is all a kind of art
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talking about it. >> it's right on board and makes sense. it's interesting because online everybody wants it and follow my facebook. when you apply that to real life, it gets really creepy. >> if you live in new york city and want to be followed, you can sign it up. repealing base jumping and this on the next "right this minute." still to come a snow mobile er is having a good time on the sloop, but there are cracks on the slope. see why that means that something big is going to go down. plus we have the buzz word for you to win the ipad mini. and in america. i hope you like it spicy! get complete protection
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there's allegra-d . a maximum strength decongestant r for 24 hour relief. t try allegra-d . you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. learning the hard way why it's called the tumble ridge. as you should here he goes. he is going up the vertical hill and as you can see there are cracks in the snow right there. >> go back. >> yeah, the world less travelled.
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something really bad. >> yeah, we really did. >> oh no no no. now there's another one. >> as soon as he falls off and is thrown in, you can see more snow going down where he just came up. he says that he is an experienced snow mobile er. he was not going to post the video but was going to do it to be a lesson to others. however, the public service manager said that there was information about snow packed in the area, but guess what? there's another video. as he stands up, you can see how far he feel. that's the only way the put it. >> yeah, look at the size of the pieces. there's like compact cars. >> here he explain what
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>> it's a ridge there and where a rock comes down. look at that. >> he thinks that it was a ten to 12 foot shelf that broke off. >> i won the lottery today.:it's fun to have fun. it's fun to have babies and because of this. she is in the kitchen and playing with the lid until. >> what are you doing? >> just scaring the he can out of her. she knows that she is
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the headlights to a big smile. >> okay. playing again. >> they want a smoothie and sister has dealt with it and now she is gist just a risk. >> boys. >> i have a feeling that they have a one. i want a smoothie. you guessed it. it's time to give away an ipad mini. >> you need to be a legal u.s. residence and head on over and
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each every single day. >> so let's reveal tuesday's buzz word. are you ready? >> i am. >> are you sure? >> yeah. >> so go over to "right this minute" and enter today's buzz word dream d-r-e-a-m. sounds like a dream to me. planning to follow unsuspected shoppers and then steal the groceries.
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then helping him out. >> who needs this and what do you do? >> coming out of nfl and then the second down. >> how do you reveal that this is a prank? >> i did not buy the captain america doll. he figured this out. >> the second one is a similar reaction. >> when he finally finds out. >> all of this and then comparison. she gets right involved. she
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>> are you kidding. get away from me. >> you did not know some kind of marshal arts and would have been slammed to the ground. >> she is taking that. thanks for watching everyone. we will see you on the
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a one-year-old teeters on a high-rise ledge. >> that has my heart stopping. >> see the moment that mom finally spots here. >> trying to dig up a wasp nest. >> how the job turns real bad real fast. many have tried with painful results. >> no, just let them in. see who stopped in for skate boarding


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