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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 23, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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this is going to be interesting. i'm not quite sure how i'm going to do this. >> somebody got caught in the chicken coop, but this nice lady -- >> is trying to help him out. >> this is creepy. like he's going to jump out and eat me. a driver goes wrong. how you can see what really happens in all its 360-degree glory. sitting and smiling for hours made this guy a youtube sensation.
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>> the day the cameras caught a scary sight behind him. plus, a net full of baby bunnies just in time for easter. and just say opa for a tradition that has wedding guests -- >> smashing more and more plates. >> the amazing moment they are shaking and breaking on the dance floor. >> i want to have a greek wedding because of this. >> let me save you the divorce proceeding. you can go to a restaurant. oh, see this person trying to jump into the chicken coop. >> trying to eat a chicken. >> he looks so pissed off right now. >> maybe he'll go away. >> who put this net here? >> look at those eyes. creepy. >> he's trying to help the creature out. >> i will try to free him. >> she shows us her tools, a pair of scissors and some gloves. >> to cut all the little pieces off.
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cutting the wire. but at one point he's almost out angrier. >> buddy, i know you're in shock but you have to snap out of it. >> at this point, if you're the hawk, this position is the ultimate humiliation. >> oh, he's almost out. he's almost out. >> it's not a suggested regal bird. the talon grabs ahold of her hand. >> if you want me to help you, you can't do that. >> finally, she's able to break the creature free but not very far. right there is the family car. it sits like, oh, i'm going to thank you. in a way that's really not thinking. it leaves a little present. that's going to need a car wash. >> ah, i did my good deed of the day. this time of the year in the
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not too hot, not too cold, perfect weather to get out your side-by-side utility vehicle and pit it against a bunch of other guys. this in the area of lake havasu city, arizona. let's see if you can make the sound of -- uh-oh. >> ooh! >> yep, what just happened in nothing happened. nothing happened. just shake that off and keep on going. >> look at the left rear of that car. i thought that was game over. >> the cool part about this video is -- maybe we didn't get the whole picture. so let's go back to just before the wreck, hit play and have a better look. because this is a 360-video. see who is coming behind? is anybody behind him? do they have anything to do with the wreck?
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around the right-hander, up and over we go -- no, it wasn't anybody behind. it just happened to be the guy that was right next to him on the starting line. there's that same yellow and silver competitor with the logo on the side. there he is, just up ahead right there, up and over the jump. but somehow he loses steam midair and this guy jumps right on top. >> this is cool, especially for the fans. you should be able to have the ability to go back. >> we need 360-dash cams for insurance policy purposes. today we're going to talk about dedication. and i mean, dedication to the next level. and this guy here starts episode of five of sitting and smiling. this is benjamin bennett. while this video is playing, i'll take you to the youtube
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videos he's posted over the last few months. we are at episode 184. >> whoa! is this four hours long? >> yep. in each video benjamin sits down, broadcasts it live and smiles at the camera for four hours. his original goal was to do 400 hours, 100 episodes. so he keeps it going. >> his cheeks don't hurt? >> the cheeks from sitting on the floor the whole time? >> yeah, this was actually 2014. if you look at the new trend, it's trending like crazy. because in this episode, there is a special guest. two hours, six minutes, 30 seconds into episode five, smiling, drama. >> hello? >> he barely even blinks. >> doesn't even move. >> the door closes -- that was a burglar. >> what?
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house, broke one of the locked doors, gained entry to the house, walked up those stairs, opened the door, saw him sitting there, probably freaked out and was gone. now, dedication for another hour and a half, the guy, all he does is blink and slightly smile a little bit more. in the middle of this episode, someone came to rob his house and he just kept sitting and smiling. nothing was taken because the only real thing of value was the laptop on which he was currently broadcasting. before i show you guys these videos, i want you to do something for me. breathe in -- breathe out. that's what these folks need to do. check out this vw bug driving down the street when it -- >> holy cow! >> it jumps the the curb, deliberately hits the guy on the bike.
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knife, chases after the car and bashes the window. pow! >> who carries a kitchen knife in their van? >> i guess the kind of guy who gets run over by a guy in a volkswagon. what is with that video in. >> i wish i could tell you. we do know a 25-year-old man was arrested for attempted bodily harm. that is in slow motion. this one is high speed. we're riding in a police car. that dash cam video and it's a high-speed chase. that dude just blew through the light and we're after him. >> oh! >> yeah. >> wait, who was that? >> it was a pedestrian. the car drifted left. when the person driving the car hit the left, it forced the pedestrian out into the street causing them to get hit. they've been hospitalized. the person driving the car had their license suspended for
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>> just rotten luck for that pedestrian avoiding one accident and running right into the middle of another one. >> and if you're the cop -- chelsea gets handed a big surprise. >> and then you see why she is so emotional. >> the gift that got her believing and blubbering. plus, it's a shocking moment when a dude takes a key to his >> oh. >> you can see the paint. >> but see why scratching the surface of his precious ride ntr\e at our place and another for yours starting at $12.99 may all your tomorrow's be as delicious as today
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what could possibly have kelsey reacting like this? >> she didn't want that present. >> what's on the ticket, kelsey? >> so emotional, sitting on the floor not making a sound. what the heck is going on? >> babe, i love you so much. >> and then you see -- why she is so emotional. she just got tickets to see the biebs. >> no way. are you kidding? are you serious? >> yeah. >> are you serious? >> and that's before she takes the gift to cover her face. good for her. getting tickets to your favorite artist is awesome.
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>> i'm not a fan but i get it. >> she's like, i got the ugly cry. >> this starts in 20 minutes so we have to go get ready. >> i can't be ready in 20 minutes. you're so full of [ bleep ]. blatant auto enthusiast is going to take a key to his beautiful ferrari sf. go easy, trying to scratch the surface of the car. he's going to go a little farther again, a little bit of a scratch but not much of an impact. >> he's not pressing hard enough. it. >> then he goes after it with a screwdriver. >> i don't know much with keying this case.
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pressure to mark it up pretty bad. >> the ferrari has been treated with a protection film. a clear film that protection film does a heck of a good job at protecting this high-end paint job. here you can see them peeling back the film and there is really no damage underneath. what you see right there, it's just a little bit of leftover film. >> oh, okay. >> the great thing about the film is you cannot see the edges of it, which is great, right? >> you can't see the edges of it but you can clearly see where the key marked the plastic. but did not damage the paint beneath. >> now do they have to go back and reapply it. >> in some cases the plastic is self-healing. if it is scratched by something or other, a little bit of heat in the plastic will cause the scratch to basically disappear. >> if you have a luxury car like this, it's worth every penny. >> and if you have a crazy girlfriend, that is valuable. >> absolutely necessary.
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lot of people are thinking about chocolate bunnies. but we start with a nest of bunnies. what is neat is you see the natural rabbit fur to make up the nest. and these bunnies are so young their eyes are not open. bunnies natural go look for each other to huddle for warmth. >> they are super randomly hopping all over each other. >> what i love about this is these bunnies are so, so cute and curl up in this person's hands at the end of the video. okay, i'll just sleep and look cute. this next bunny has been featured on our show before, very popular on instagram, facebook and vine. when he eats fruit, it gets a little messy. and this video posted because it is cleaning its mouth in slow motion. >> it's such a unique looking rabbit. i have to be honest. >> but that's why he's so popular on social media and instagram. he's so unique looking.
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>> i don't know about this bunny. i think it is really cute. >> me, too. he's unique. spider prank. >> oh, this is your hair. >> it's brilliant. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a dude sends his drone up to catch some cool shots. >> wait until you see where this guy is. >> see how he takes the ultimate droney. >> okay, that's pretty rad. plus, this chocolate bunny looks tasty but -- >> do you think it can stand up against molten? >> what happens when the melting
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the rpm video app. now you can watch videos while you wait. it's a cure for boredom. download it now. i've got a new word that i learned today. it's called a dronie. that's a selfie taken with a drone. the way this guy did it is epic and neat. this guy is in montreal. this is a private road, but wait until you see where this guy is. he is flying this drone from the top of this car that is slowly moving down the roadway. and he gets -- this is really exquisite shot of the countryside. >> that's pretty rad. now i'm hoping he has someone driving the car. >> he does have somebody driving the car slowly down the road. and he says be safe and always think things through. he didn't do this without a lot
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>> until the driver jams on the brakes for the neighborhood dog. >> hey, hey, hey, what are you doing? >> it looks like a van gogh painting from up high. >> it is still wintertime there. you can see snow on the ground there in montreal. but it's a really neat video that this guy took.
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right now chocolate bunnies are hopping all over the place and right into our tummies. but before you eat that yummy middle chocolate bunny, consider this. do you see it can stand up against molten? >> never question. >> it melts in your hand, how is it going to stand up to molten aluminum? >> let's take on the task because folks at home ask these types of questions. those eggs have molt up aluminum and it's poured over the eggs. >> the bunny is too waxy and it just bounces right off? >> it's the heat capacity as well as the liquid and the different stuff there as well to open able heat to dissipate quicker. physics. >> or does it melt just a little bit and create like a barrier. >> i think that is what is happening. the aluminum is cooling too
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was coming off the top of the chocolate so most of the heat went into the pan. >> you can see the pan heated up the bunny and there you go. >> folks at home ask the question, they have answered it. claudia and nick just tied the knot, so they are celebrating with -- >> a live music type celebration video. >> why this reception turns into a smashing good time.
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one, you can buy one. it will cost you 20 bucks. you know john got his hands all over it. you ski, you snowboard, big deal. because these days if you're not ski ing skiing and doing this at the same time, you're not doing anything fun. these guys in utah are skiing down this gorgeous mountain. >> you know it took them a while. there's no lift that goes there. >> so worth it, though. so worth every step and all the effort that it took. because this guy, once he gets
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does this. he flies over this gorgeous area. look at this. you can see canyons below. >> think of your choices here. you could either fly over this beautiful landscape or ski over this perfect snow. >> before you know it, he's no longer surrounded by snow. then you see the snow-covered mountains behind him. here's the best part, he gets ready to land, finds his spot and lands in a beautiful perfectly groomed grassy area. >> that's spectacular. i wish there was somebody walking the dog right there seeing him with the skis and snow and be like, where did you come from? these two just got married
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everybody into one of the music-type celebration videos. they start going through a whole litany and start having a good jolly time. apparently this video had a choreographer as well. carmelo is one of the guys from "dancing with the stars" in australia with amazing choreography as well. "let's get out" by jennifer lopez. the guy is getting the sunglasses on. and the next song is by lil john. >> hey! >> it all builds and builds and
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it's smashing. opa! >> my big fat greek wedding. >> yeah, i'm pretty sure we can figure out some of the family members are from greece as they start smashing more and more plates. >> what are they going to eat their cake on? >> it doesn't matter. it's fun! >> this is put together by the guys at ever after productions and uploaded to facebook. already tens of thousands of views if you want to see it in its entirety. we'll put it up on or you can
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are you handicapped? >> no. >> well, what makes you so special? >> the anger's brewing when a woman on a coffee run is confronted after she parked in a handicapped parking spot. >> she why she may need to make another coffee run. it's an experiment with chips and magic. >> let's just say they were fascinated. >> the ipad trick that blew their mind and ours. >> how did he do that? dude's about to get some good news. >> shut up! >> the announcement six years in


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