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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  August 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> five and guest -- five investigates. >> concerns over the injuries forcing him out of practice early. >> i have the timeline. >> become a kitchen staple nationwide. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at seven. >> the threat of severe storms tomorrow. maria: harvey leonard is tracking the system heading our way. harvey: we are under definitely the evaluation of getting some severe weather. this yellow area that does include western connecticut, there is a slight chance of
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the rest of the area is at marginal risk that i am saying stuff fire up, but storms around pennsylvania down toward maryland and virginia, others in the midwest. as a re-think moves northeast the first opportunity to get a shower or thunderstorm will occur in the morning possibly around rhode island and connecticut but even if that does not affect the wide part of the area we have another shot in the afternoon especially later into the this is the situation. it will become very humid tomorrow and that means there is a lot of energy and -- available to the atmosphere. if you should he impacted by one they will be a high chance of heavy rain and a lot of lightning. the forecast in a few minutes. >> man says he was assaulted at hotel this weekend but he is the one facing charges.
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explain. john: he is facing charges and so are three others but he is hoping that surveillance video from inside the lobby of this hotel proves that he is the victim. he is bloody and bruised in suffering a lot of pain after he says he was attacked in a fall river hotel on his 79th birthday. >> i was on the ground and i know they were kicking side and kicking me in the head area and i have one here and they were kicking me all over and punching me. >> allen his wife are visiting family for his birthday and excuse wedding anniversary. he walked out of his room 1:30 a.m. to quiet down a group that had just returned from a wedding. >> they were kicking me, i had my face down, they tried to turn me over but i had my face down and then they were punching on
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>> it kept continuing, it was awful. i said please, he is 79, he had an operation a while ago. these to not hurt him. they could care less, they were like animals. john: officers arrived and al went to the hospital with severe injuries. out said investigators have told him that he will be facing charges along with some of the men in the of their group -- other group. >> this is like hitting a grandfather an john: the other men are facing felony charges. this is a misdemeanor. maria: family and friends are saying goodbye to a massachusetts native killed last week.
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marcotte's wake is finishing. we have seen the parking lot full of cars and full of tears. as friends and family say goodbye people who knew her tell a similar story. she was warm, kind, and she was loved. her life cut short by a killer still not found. those who knew her try to focus on her life. her first we knew instantly she was a rising star, smart, dedicated, and willing to go the extra mile. she built strong relationships with all her peers. he went on to say they miss her terribly, i miss her immensely. she was working her dream job at google and graduated cum laude from bu. she loved to jog and dive while running near her mom some new
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state police continue to search for men with scratches are loses -- or bruises. they found her naked and burned. the killer has not been identified. her funeral is tomorrow at our lady of the lake church. in: five investigates, the case of the man fighting for freedom fred weichel says he did not commit the murder he was convicted of. and only on 5 the judge who presided over the original trial is weighing in. mike beaudet is in brockton where the hearing on a new trial got underway today. mike it's been 35 years but : retired judge robert barton remembers the trial that sent fred weichel to prison for life without the possibility of parole. the judge has never been one to mince words and today is no different. >> i think the government would have a great problem in proving
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mike: strong words from retired superior court judge robert barton who presided over the 1981 murder conviction of fred weichel, for the shooting death of robert lamonica in braintree. a conviction largely based on the testimony of a teenager who had been drinking, and was about 180 feet away in the dark, when he says he saw weichel fleeing the murder scene. barton says judges instruct juries differently now on eyewitness identifications, which would play in weichel's favor. should he get a new trial? >> i would say yes and i'm not a bleeding heart liberal. mike the question of the new : trial was the focus inside superior court today, the so called leahy report front and center, that's a braintree police report which recently surfaced, and shows another man could have committed the crime. but the report was never turned over to weichel and his attorney. why is that so key? >> because it would have provided i think absolutely nuclear weaponry for the defense. mike a nationally known expert : on witness identification the last to testify today, he showed how difficult it would be for the eyewitness to see weichel's face in the dark, from that
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do you think you're going to get out of here? >> i was naive and believed in the system. that an innocent man would be proven in ascent i know that is not how it works. >> do you think you will get out of here? >> i think eventually but they will make it very hard for me. mike: the hearing resumes in the morning. the one who prosecuted the case and is now a judge will testify along attorney. the hearing is expected to wrap up this week. it will be up to the judge to decide if he gets a new trial create if the answer is yes he could be a free man. maria tens of millions of : dollars in tax credits are coming to massachusetts. to try to make housing more affordable. more than 14,000 rental units are targeted in this project the majority of them affordable homes. and with it so hard to find an expensive home the number of kids without one is going way
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richardson explains. rhondella: yojannie worries about going back to,school while still homeless and in a shelter. >> sometimes my friends think it is a joke and they laugh. i do not tell them anything. >> stigma only part of the probelm, sky high rent puts housing out of reach for her mother. she works at the burden is overwhelming. >> you want your kids to be happy wherever they are at. it is hard. according to zillow, rent in boston is $2,507 in greater boston, a slight drop to $2,302 but the national average is, $1,409 a year ago this family was on the street. >> when you have kids it's so hard, i sent my daughter and son to family and i'm out on the
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like to see her cry. >> the situation may not be ideal but according to hud stats of more than 900 homeless young people 14% are preschool to 12 graders. they often live away from their family. day shelter programs like saint francis house help 400 adults daily but, homelessness among children on the rise. that's a call for even more resources. maria rob gronkowski leaves injury. coming up on newscenter 5 at 7 what we're learning about that injury, in a preseason that has seen a few pats players hurt already. harvey: higher community means a chance of storms. we will let you know about changes throughout the coming out -- the out coming week. maria: an ingredient that is a baking staple. see how it has
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tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. maria: commitment donald trump 2016, talking foreign policy today. ed the republican presidential : candidate spoke in ohio this afternoon. trump didn't repeat his claim from last week that president obama was the founder of isis, but did say the president's policies led to the rise of the terror group. he outlined his plans for managing immigration a process he calls extreme vetting. mr. tran: we should admit into
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our country those who respect our values. in the cold war we had an ideological screening test. the time is overdue to develop a new screening test. ed: trump also criticized hillary clinton, saying she doesn't have the stamina to take on isis. maria vice president joe biden : with plenty to say about donald trump while campaigning with hillary clinton in scranton, pennsylvania biden's hometown. the vice president says trump has no clue about foreign policy, and doesn't seem to want to learn. mr. biden: no major party nominee in the history of the united states of america has -- do not cheer, just listen. has known less or have been less prepared to do with our national security and donald trump. maria: biden says trump's false claims about president obama founding isis could be used by
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ed it's almost hard to believe a : mill that's centuries old, turning out the same product all those years. maria doug meehan takes takes us : on a journey through time in tonight's made in mass. doug: just past the headwaters of the west branch of the westport river, you'll find an example of one of the first places to not only to make something in massachusetts but for the entire u.s. for that matter. >> to me this is a very special place. george whitley is the latest : caretaker of gray's grist mill in westport. for almost 300 years they have been grinding out a new england staple, fresh cornmeal. >> by deed, there has been a mill established here 1717. doug like they did dating back : in the revolutionary war days rotating stones grind down a special corn that's grown just over the border. >> it's a large hard kernal of corn called 'narragansett, rhode island white capped flint corn'.
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it's simply bag as is and sold fresh. i like to make a joke about the >>i like to make a joke about the farm to table movement. everyone's heard of it. you have the farm you have the table. i'm 'to'. nice to meet you. doug from nearby store shelves : internet sales, a centuries old ingredient used in things like corn bread, is now enjoyed around the world. >> my breakfast. doug as the gears of time : continue to spin, and technology evolves at a rapid rate, at gray'th pace is key to keeping this important tradition alive. i feel i've been given a gift. >> to be here and be a part of this. doug: if you would like to see the gristmill in action you can find george grinding cornmeal on any given saturday. for more information he does have a facebook page dedicated
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harvey: we are talking about the threat of storms for tomorrow. it may not be widespread. that is how it has gone. we have some threat here. it did hit 90 in boston albeit a little less humid than it has been. look at that month, over four degrees above average, the fourth time we have been over 90 in august and hit it a dozen times in july. the average is 13 to 14. no great surprise that we are it is showing up in a lot of statistics. we have over a 7.5 inch deficit this year. some of you had a lot of rain this weekend and some thunderstorm bursts but it is not a widespread situation with the storms and that is what is needed to help the situation out. let's show you boston. good visibility although it is starting to get hazy.
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around the region at this time. notice the air, it is a little more comfortable. it is becoming sticky as opposed to the oppressive air. very muggy air is in the southern part of our area. especially tomorrow. we will bottom out around 70 tonight. tomorrow's temperatures are around 80 or in the 80's. not higher than that because we ll we may not have that much sun tomorrow. the more sun we have the bigger the chance of strong storms. look at this, the ocean water temperatures above 75. down around buzzards bay. also the cape cod canal around nantucket, 74 around chatham. keep an eye to the sky. there is a possibility of a shower or thunderstorm and a small possibility but not a zero possibility of something down near the cape late in the day or
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better chance of getting storms in the latter part of the day. here is the impressive air, still on our doorstep. it will come back honest tomorrow along with the disturbance. clouds are starting to show to the west and we have one round of storms developing getting close to philadelphia, washington, baltimore. other storms across the midwest, there was a tornado confirmed in indiana and so that is what we are talking about with this. not necessarily widespread but the idea that it could be put it. be watching is during the course of the afternoon into the night. the storms that can form in western massachusetts and move eastward toward the boston area late in the day or even into tomorrow night. after that the weather will start improving because on wednesday a front will come through and that will make it a little less humid. tomorrow's storms if they do occur where you are, high chance of heavy rain and lightning, storm chance or medium chance of storm winds come a even a low risk that there could be a spin
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the dryer coming in for wednesday. we will keep tomorrow as a high-impact a and scattered strong storms that could be around and on wednesday we will become less humid as we go through they. a chance of a spot shower or thunderstorm thursday afternoon. it does not look widespread. it looks comfortable well at -- relatively speaking into the start of the upcoming weekend. see you later tonight. >> now, sportscenter 5, one minute drill. >> an eventful day in foxboro as gronk leaves pratice with an injury and malcolm butler gets ejected from practice by bill belichick. let's begin with gronk it happened during a 7 on 7 passing drill. gronk was trying to catch a pass from tom brady. as gronk was reaching for the pass he pulled up. he took himself out of practice, this is not the actual video. took off his helmet, walked up and down the sideline head trainer jim whalen met and gronk, they went to the lower field where players rehab and after a few minutes gronk went to the locker room and never returned to the practice
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as for malcolm butler he got into a scrap with alshon jeffrey of the bears, the two scuffled for about 10-15 seconds, players from both sidelines walked onto the field its nothing new to the game but bill belichick had a stricter rule, if i during practice, you are tossed from practice. there is alway to impress the coach and he goes beyond the whistle. inmaria: ok. ed: the tsa revealing new information about what they find
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, vote no on question 2. maria: a record raking week for the tsa. ed: they found 70 eight guns and the majority were loaded. most of the travelers told the tsa they forgot they had the weapons with them. other weapons include a knife inside a pill bottle and four
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a partnership to support special olympics athletes.
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ed: five for good tonight, the new england revolution teaming up with the special olympics this summer. maria in july they signed 8 : players to take on the new york special olympic team. now they're getting ready for a bowling fundraiser tomorrow. revs players andrew farrell and scott caldwell have both been very involved. >> everybody around special olympics and organization especially in s -- massachusetts are very nice and have a lot of fun and enjoy with they do. it is something we need a lot more of. >> the more i spent time with the athletes, the more i enjoy it and want to stay involved with it. just to see the smiles on their faces. maria: the bowl for a goal fundraiser starts at 6 p.m at
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edharvey: watch for
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>> this is "chronicle." anthony: it don't mean a thing even don't have that swing. it is totally about technology. they even go as far the balls to make sure they are up to the titleist standards. >> i grew up with them on the porch. anthony: tonight, locally made essentials for summer. tom cruise and johnny depp, here's looking at you. >> they recognize quality, they recognize heritage. anthony: 1/5 of the ginger lemon champagne homebrew. plus serious suites and my and


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