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tv   Early Mornin  CBS  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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and adam ward. good morning, it's just after 5 o'clock on thursday. i'm kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner. we do have a few school announcements for you this morning. appomattox county and cornerstone christian academy are closed. patrick county schools are opening 2 hours late. thankfully the severe weather is gone, but strong gusty winds will continue today with mountain snow
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a reported funnel cloud in appomattox has killed at least one person, and injured several others. wdbj7's amanda kenney is there this morning as we wait for the latest information on wednesday's storm. garrett, we expect to hear more at 7:00 this morning. thats when a press conference will be held regarding the storm in appomattox. virginia governor terry mcaullife has
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emergency. that means public safety agencies such as the virginia national guard, virginia state police, the virginia department of emergency management and the virginia department of transportation can devote every available resource to storm response and recovery. about an hour ago we found out the virginia national guard have sent more than 50 soldiers to help with debris clean up. they're being sent to essex, richmond, westmoreland, sussex and patrick counties but more counties will be added if need be. governor mcaullife will also be here in appomatox county and waverly, virginia today - the two hardest hit areas from the storm. in appomatox, trees are down, homes are damaged, and thousands are without power. about 2800 dominion customers in the county have no electricity. and nearly 50 percent of meters for central virginia elective cooperative have been damaged. it might be early morning to mid-day tomorrow before power is restored to the cvec
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point. right now there are two shelters open for those affected by the storm. we're at the appomatox community center and there is another one at the pamplin fire department. and garrett, one very important thing to note is the appomattox county sheriff's office and virginia state police is asking everyone to avoid traveling in around the county because roads are extremely dangerous because of debris. about 50 miles south of richmond, in sussex county, a suspected tornado killed three people, including a small child. here's some video of the aftermath there, in the town of waverly. virginia state police say the victims were two men, 50 and 26 years old - and a two year old boy. the mobile home they were in was destroyed. they were found about 300-yards away from the home. one survivor in waverly was in this
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storm came through. survivor: "it's like, with all the power lines going down, it was like a big ball of fire and all of the debris kicking up. all i could do was just pray and pray and pray and the wind actually picked the car up and dropped us down all i could do was hold on tight and tell my uncle that i love him and pray." the ararat region of patrick county is reporting extensive damage as well. it's in the area along ararat highway, between squirrel spur road and raven rock road. teresa sawyers sent in these pics. several homes were damaged, forcing people to find somewhere else to stay. there are also a number of fallen trees. here's a look at some of the severe weather pictures you've sent to us. you can share yours with us on facebook, twitter, or by emailing us at photo at wdbj7 dot-com. ((cold toss to leo)) hereyet still powerful storm those who sought to do with the gusty winds would've this picture
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yesterday you can see what appears to be a wedge tornado right there again national weather service setting out a source survey during damage survey team to appomattox county and also patrick county around our area to determine if it was a tornado how strong a was a bit straight-line winds and patrick county or tornado they'll be examining that now looks like definite tornado there builds a see how strong it was all that has exited the area. i we some good news thirties to near forty right now with the wind feeling little bit colder than that all the severe weather had hated up head up toward new england now off the coastline where quiet with the exception of snow showers in the mountains a west virginia far southwest virginia they can have to do with the snow showers and the strong gusty winds as we head through the day over toward bland county parts of giles county in around the with bill area some flurries couple snow showers even to the ronald valley don't be spry see a flurry or sprinkle as we head through the day national weather service does have winter
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greenbrier county taz well smith and gracing county until seven a.m. tomorrow morning with a could see a coating to as much is two inches or so temperatures today stuck in the mid forties with those center will continue to move up toward the northeast by later tomorrow those winds will begin to subside see a forecast for this thursday mid forties for the roanoke valley maybe us sprinkle or flurry here and there lynchburg center virginia same story southern virginia upper 40s to near 50 down through the newer valley southwest your the better chance seeing those snow showers especially in the western sections upper thirties to near forty highlands greenbrier valley a west virginia also lunacy some snow showers, temperatures in the thirties and low forties and your first alert wtvj seven day planner put in a weather impact day today not because of the severe weather but because of the strong gusty winds have both hands on the steering wheel is your out about and him we quiet down and begin to actually warm back up as we head toward
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60 no not at all who was killed in roanoke's first homicide of the year. police say martavious ra'shad cook was murdered tuesday afternoon. a police spokesperson says no one has been arrested. investigators are talking to witnesses, gathering evidence and actively searching for suspects. a montgomery county judge has certified amanda taylor's life sentence. a jury recommended that sentence following her murder trial in november. she killed charles taylor last year after stabbing him 29 times. in court yesterday morning, she asked the judge to reduce her sentence and said her father-in-law quote "didn't deserve to be here anymore." taylor is also accused of shooting her friend, sean ball. a man is in the amherst adult dentention center without bond, after a woman was discovered bleeding and screaming for help yesterday morning around 6:30. she was at the at sheetz along south amherst highway, with two small children. investigators have arrested william moore junior for malicious wounding, strangulation, not allowing the victim to call 911, and marijuana
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the woman was taken to lynchburg general hospital for treatment. a roanoke fire- fighter is in jail, facing a felony sexual assault charge. botetourt county sheriff's deputies and the u.s. marshals service arrested david bocock for forcible sodomy of a minor. it happened sometime in 2012, according to court paperwork. a city spokeswoman says bocock is a lieutenant with 25 years of service in the fire-ems department. he's suspended without pay. bocock was also a substitute teacher at lord botetourt high school. but a school division administrator says he's been dismissed. he earned a spot on the substitute list after passing background checks in january, and only taught one day. the jury in the kevin quick case has found all six defendants guilty. that's according to our sister station w-h-s-v in harrisonburg. those six defendants were convicted on all charges in connection to the murder of quick. that trial was moved to roanoke after a mistrial was declared last year. quick was abducted and killed in 20-14. he was a
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reserve captain. well, it's official. donald trump is heading to southwest virginia next week ahead of super tuesday. the republican presidential frontrunner will speak at radford university's dedmon center on monday. according to trump's campaign website, the tickets are gone. doors open at 10 am and remarks start at noon. we plan to livestream monday's rally on wdbj7-dot- com. another republican candidate for president is coming to the roanoke valley ahead of tuesday's "super tuesday" primaries. florida senator marco rubio's campaign released details of a rally scheduled for sunday night. it says doors open at 7:30 p.m. with the event scheduled from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. a roanoke area gop source told wdbj7 that the event will be at roanoke college in salem. stay with wdbj7 for the latest on this event. after alison parker and adam ward died last summer, tommy holcomb wanted to do something to honor them. the song, forever on the air, is the
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dashiell has more on featured the talents including former miss virginia courtney garrett, roanoke singer jane powell and our own chris hurst. how could something like that even happen, and here and how could it hometown station. it tommy holcomb the morning of august 26th. the next day he began writing the song, forever on the air. tommy holcomb: it really affected me, and i just wanted to do something. and since i do music i wrote this song. the song includes a chorus of local singers, background vocals from jane powell and chris hurst. nashville musicians provided the
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courtney garrett sings the lead. miss virginia 2014, now a law student at liberty university, and says she was honored to play a role in the tribute to alison parker and adam ward. courtney garrett: those two people left an incredible legacy behind. the work that they did and the lives that they touched. and that track will hopefully be memorabilia, just a reminder that they are continuing to affect lives as they'ver passed in the work that thye've done and the impression that they've left behind. joe dashiell wdbj7 the rain may be over, but there may still be some flooded roads this morning. we'll have your first i-hometown traffic report, next. and, why some people in virginia may have to wait a
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winds for all. dozens of roads in our area are closed right now because of flooding and downed trees. those are not main roads but you'll want to give yourself extra time this morning. appomattox county was of course hit hard in yesterday's storm. river ridge road is blocked near morning star road because of toppled power lines. cedar bend road is also closed at cub creek road for the same problem. we're also seeing minor icy patches on even the main roads in bland, tazewell and grayson counties. there are slick spots on the highways in wythe county as well. we're taking a live look at i-81 in christiansburg from a virginia department of transportation camera. traffic is moving along fine in that area and there are no accidents to report. we have more
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story we first brought you in december... the henrico county school board says it may hold public meetings next month to talk about the possibility of renaming a middle school. the middle school was named afte harry f. byrd - a former virginia senator and governor who fought against ending school segregation. parents and students have been campaigning since the summer for a name change. school leaders say the cost of replacing items with harry f. byrd's name would cost around 136- thousand dollars. you may get a letter from the virginia department of taxation, even if you've already filed your taxes. these review of tax return letters are being sent as a way to prevent tax fraud and identity theft. certain taxpayers get them when an automated review finds it needs more information to confirm an identity. the letters request either a 10-99 or w-2 and a copy of a 20- 15 pay stub. tax preparers say it's not something her clients want to get. stella carpenter/tax preparer "they're expecting their refund and for the last several years the state refunds have
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clients are waiting for their refunds, they've already decided what they're going to do with that money." contact your tax preparer and comply with the request if you get a letter. you can find more information on wdbj7-dot-com. cox communications is getting ready to move to an all digital platform. what that means for customers in our area. and, the owners of this past weekend's winning million dollar powerball ticket has
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carroll county. take down some trees could get some isolated pockets power outages beware that even across the roanoke valley peek wind us in that thirty to forty mylan our
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blacksburg area same story with along interstate seventy seven finding wind us in that thirty to forty mylan our range as well because that national weather service does continue would wind advisories from the highlands mountains a west virginia right along interstate eighty one 81 through the roanoke valley and southwestern virginia until seven a.m. on friday. these the areas a could see the wind us in that 3040 mylan our range plus so keep that in mind forty now roanoke fifty three 53 new york 41 down toward alanna will be on the cooler side today snow showers again a continue in the far southwestern virginia soak your on the roadways and those locations be aware you may find slick spots out on the roadways will continue to see partly cloudy conditions to mostly cloudy skies today temperatures getting into the forties and low to mid forties at best maybe a little warmer down toward the south side you can see the snow showers continuing in the mountains a west virginia notice every once in while a few drift to the south and east us even through the roanoke valley newer valley don't be
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snow shower during the morning hours and even into the afternoon by later friday that begins the shutdown and everyone should see dryer weather by the weekend you forecast today gusty winds isolated showers snow showers in the mountains maybe a rain shower south and east temperatures in the thirties and forties nearing fifty toward martinsville and danville tonight mostly cloudy gusty winds continue lows in the twenties feeling more like the teens for some seven day planner more sunshine friday saturday into the weekend and you notice temperatures in the forties over the next three days but were right back up to near sixty sixty one is you had toward sunday monday tuesday and our area as the company transitions to an all-digital platform. you'll need this mini-box to convert the digital signal if your cable plugs directly from the wall into your tv. it costs 2-99 a month to rent from cox. customers will get one box for free the first year, and medicaid customers will get more boxes free.
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more efficiently use the limited amount of spectrum. (jeff merritt/vice- president of ronaoke us to take what is essentially our analog spectrum, and it represents about 40 percent of our bandwith and transition that over to digital, which we can obviously do a lot less bandwith, it allows us to offer more products and services." cox is one of the last major providers to make this all- digital transition. customers will start seeing notifications to switch in the end of march. a million dollar lottery ticket has been claimed in carroll county. joe and amy shaw of westfield, north carolina came back to the exxon gas station in cana where they purchased the winning ticket to claim their winnings yesterday. they matched the five white balls from saturday's powerball drawing. joe says he still remembers sitting in bed with his wife when they realized the ticket amy bought was a big winner. (joe shaw, won a bit of her biscuit and low of biscuit came out of her mouth and she matched the five
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like, oh my god! joe says they don't have many plans for the money, but they want to make sure they help their church and family. the odac tournament is the roanoke civic center. coming up in sports, roanoke college is getting ready for the tournament. and if you've got a craving for chocolate, it turns out there's a
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bite. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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gone, but strong gusty winds will
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showers. we're talking post- season basketball, where roanoke college is looking to win it all in the odac tournament, plus one nascar racing move from chevy to ford next season. here's karen loftus with more. good morning everyone, i'm karen loftus with your look at sports. in division 3 hoops, the odac tournament gets rolling at the salem civic center with the women's quarterfinals this afternoon, followed by the men's quarterfinals on friday. roanoke college is the 3-seed and earned a first- round bye, so their first post-season game will be friday night against randolph, who beat washington and lee tuesday night. coach page moir and his guys have had a great season to this point, at 11 and 5 in conference, and are hoping to keep things rolling this weekend. page moir, roanoke
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basketball head coach, "the old coaches' adage is dance with the one that brung you and we're going to do a lot of the things that we've done all season long. we've got a few things we can tweak, some things we can get better at. we try to remind the guys some things we maybe we didn't do so well late in the season that we did better early in the season. we're going to try to put our best foot forward but we're excited about going into the tournament. we're reasonably healthy and like i said, our chemistry has been a real key for us so far and i think our chemistry is just as good as it's been all year." onto big news in the nascar world, as stewart-haas racing announced they are making the switch from chevrolet to ford cars next season. s-h-r has had chevy cars since it's inception in 2002, and has won 2 sprint cup championships with the manufacturer. co-owner and driver, tony stewart plans to retire at the end of the season, leaving kevin harvick, danica patrick, clint bowyer and kurt busch as the stewart-haas drivers who will make the change. and in other nascar news, they announced the 2017 hall of fame nominees, including jack roush, rick
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childress, mark martin and buddy baker to name a few. that's your thursday morning look at sports. if loving the taste of chocolate isn't enough for you, a new study finds it's actually good for our brains! the study in the journal "appetite" found regular consumption of chocolate helped memory, abstract reasoning, and improved test performance. it's because of the flavonals in the chocolate. dark chocolate has the highest amounts. a man in appomattox county is one of four people who died in the severe storms that tore through much of our state. wdbj7's amanda kenney will have a live report from appomattox, with a look at the damage this morning. tornadoes were also reported in north carolina...while heavy rains sparked power outages in the northeast "where" the deadly storm system is heading now. and, scientists say they now know what caused the defect in takata airbags that's blamed for at least
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good morning, it's thursday. i'm garrett turner. and i'm kimberly mcbroom. we do have a few school announcements for appomattox county christian academy are closed. schools are opening 2 hours late. has left four people of them in appomatox. that is the hardest hit area in wdbj7's amanda kenney is there this two shelters for those storm. kimberly and garrett, here at the appomatox community center there no victims from volunteers. there is also no electricity, which is the same for the whole town. the lights are only on here because they're running on a generator.
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are available. there are cots, water, and food here for victims of the the storm caused severe damage throughout much of the county. in appomatox alone, 20 homes were destroyed and more than 100 damaged. about 2800 in the county have no electricity. percent of meters for elective cooperative have been damaged. it might be early morning to mid-day tomorrow before power is restored to the cvec appomattox metering point. virginia governor terry mcaullife has also declared a state of emergency. that means public safety agencies such as the virginia national guard, virginia state police, the virginia department of emergency management and the virginia department of transportation can devote every available resource to storm response and recovery. about an hour ago we found out the virginia national
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more than 50 soldiers to help with debris clean up. they're being sent to essex, richmond, westmoreland, sussex and patrick counties but more counties will be added if need be. governor mcaullife will also be here in appomatox county and waverly, virginia today. kimberly and garrett, we expect to get more information at 7:00. that's when a press conference will be held in evergreen wayside. at least 8 people have been killed by the powerful storm system that's swept from the gulf coast into the northeast. the same storm system brought twisters to southern louisiana and mississippi tuesday, where at least three people were killed. the storm brought heavy rains and
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making a mess of travel. rain quickly built up on roads in washington, d.c., putting some vehicles underwater. bruce caylor: "when the water gets this high, it's scary because your cars are here and you don't know what's going to happen." powerful winds also caused thousands of power outages in the northeast. those windy conditions are expected to stick around today, before the system moves out to sea. ((cold toss w/stinger)) exactlygood morning kimberly yeah you can see this is just another picture from appomattox county from jason smith all that tornado that they were taking picture out national weather service will be sending a survey team to appomattox county and also toward patrick county in around our area because of storm damage down there as well now some of the power outages because of the severe weather we had yesterday other power outages a because of the strong gusty winds we had overnight will getting
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in the back you mind, temperatures thirties low forties all across the area but with the wind feeling a little bit cooler than that and we continue with the snow showers in the mountains a west virginia far southwest virginia bland taz well even giles county parts of the newer valley care were loud a couple snow showers rolling through your area because of the heavy rain we had yesterday flood warnings along the dan river in south boston along the roanoke river in randolph we are seeing minor flooding. right now hopefully over the next couple of days that can receive highs today getting up into the mid forties at best down toward the south side a little bit warmer and then overnight latta back down into the twenties and thirties and he can see on the forecast model though snow showers continue in the 20s and 30s and he can see on the forecast model though snow showers continue in mountains a west virginia and far southwest virginia we could see maybe a coating to as much is to three inches in some of those higher elevations see that right here again mainly confined toward the western facing slopes but if you traveling toward far southwest virginia or ski country just keep that in mind today gusty winds will
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to near 40 mylan our wind us temperatures in the thirties and forties nearing fifty martinsville and danville tonight mostly cloudy gusty winds overnight lows in the 20s and your seven day planner the winds will finally begin to slacken late friday that gives us quieter conditions notice we go from the 40s over the next three days back up to near 60 by the end of the we can and continues into the first part of next week yeah we have we need hampshire and south carolina. trump received his first endorsement from a republican congressman, chris collins of new york, who said in a statement he wants to "shake up the washington status quo." he has won 81 delegates so far with marco rubio and ted cruz at 17 each. but super tuesday is the big prize, with 595 delegates at stake. marco rubio brushed off trump's early victories sen. marco rubio/republican presidential candidate: "i think it's important to take a deep breath here. first of all, the republican nomination is decided by delegates. it's over
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nowhere near that number." ted cruz is leading in his home state of texas in the latest polls, but donald trump is running a very close second and could end up winning as many delegates as cruz. the next gop debate is set for tonight in houston. we're still months away from knowing "who" will be the democratic nominee running against congressman morgan griffith in the ninth district. there are currently four people who are interested in the nomination. one of them is derek kitts of christiansburg - a decorated combat veteran who has a purple heart and two bronze stars. he most recently taught r-o-t-c classes at radford university. kitts says he wants to be more involved in communities and bring more industries to the area. derek kitts/military retiree: "it's important to represent americans. not just democrats, not just republicans, but people. the people have ideas. they have wants, needs, and desires. i do not feel that those wants, needs, and desires are being met." kitts says he will also push for rural areas of the district to have more internet
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a democratic nominee will be chosen in may. two teenagers are in jail after police say they shot and killed a 6-year-old in florida. police say king carter was playing with friends outside when the shooters, 17-year-old irwen pressley and 18- year-old leonard adams, got out of a car and started shooting. investigators say the two were shooting at each other, and carter was hit by a stray bullet. both are charged with 2nd degree murder and attempted 1st degree murder. scientists hired by the auto-industry say they've figured out what caused takata air bags to inflate with too much force. the independent testing coalition problems with design issues, moisture, humidity, heat and the use of a controversial propellant ammonium nitrate. takata air bags are blamed for at least ten deaths and 139 injuries. it's debatable "how" the eastern coyote made its way to the appalachians but today you can't deny the species existence in southwest virginia. biologists say the coyote has exceeded their cultural carrying capacity meaning
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much for residents but now we have to learn to live with them. the coyote is known as one of the most adaptable mammals in the world. even in more urban areas the coyote has made a home for itself. the state says people need to make sure their home doesn't appeal to coyotes so their pets and property can be protected. jim bowman, vdgif regional biologist they can adapt to people, lose fear of people so they can at times become a little aggressive in that regard but they're generally not a threat to humans. as far as livestock, they do cause problems with livestock. last year coyotes killed 218 sheep, more than 60 calves for each livestock they kill, it costs farmers thousands of these are the areas hit hardest by coyote the usda damage control program helps manage coyote predation and has been able to make quite a dent in the number of livestock killed by coyotes. from 2014 to 2015, sheep and cattle farmers had a 25
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the number of livestock lost to coyote. we have much more information on this story on our website at wdbj7 dot com. students at narrows high school are learning about healthy relationships a number of groups in the new river valley worked together to put on "healthy relationships week". it's a week dedicated to educating students on developing healthy relationships and responding to violence in relationship. no closed captioning available students also end to dating carilion also program. educators brought in the wheel of respect to teach teens what it means to be in a healthy relationship. a tractor trailer travel in pittslvania your next i- hometown traffic report is coming up. and in honor of black history month, leaders of the u.s.
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are recognizing pioneers who helped pass the landmark
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1965. winds for all. a tractor-trailer accident is blocking one lane of route 58 east in pittsylvania county. watch out for that near route 62. appomattox county was of course hit hard in yesterday's storm. river ridge road is blocked near morning star road because of toppled power lines. cedar bend road is also closed at cub creek road for the same problem. authorities are asking people to avoid driving today in that county. there are dozens of other roads in our area that are blocked
5:43 am
and downed trees. crews are working to remove debris after a rock slide in giles county. it happened yesterday on cascade drive about three miles north of route 460 in pembroke. one lane of cascade drive is now open. more than 50 years ago, hundreds of civil rights demonstrators marched from selma to montgomery, alabama. their efforts eventually led to equal voting rights for all americans. yesterday, leaders of the u-s house and senate awarded the congressional gold medal to the hundreds of men and women who marched. congressman john lewis of georgia helped lead the marches. he accepted the medal on behalf of all of the recipients in attendance. rep. john lewis/ (d) georgia: "it makes all the suffering and pain worth it." the march expedited the voting rights act of 1965. the congressional gold medal is the highest honor a civilian can receive. it will be stored in a museum in selma. the american journal of family
5:44 am
average 25 minutes homework - but how much is too much? the national education association has not endorsed homework for kindergartners. meanwhile, first graders have up to 3-times the nea homework load, while second graders have 1-and-a-half times more. when children have many parents and experts argue that to be kids. dr. jamie howard, a clinical psychologist with the child mind institute, says younger children should get no more than 20 minutes of homework a day. dr. jamie howard/child mind institute: "their attention span is short and they need to excel at other things. they need to be making and keeping friends and spending time with their families." the national pts recommends 10-to- 20 minutes of homework per night in the 1st grade, and an additional 10 minutes for every grade level after that. by 12th grade, that's 120 minutes every
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parents want to make sure their children never suffer an accident around firearms. now a shooting range in missouri is teaching kids the basics about gun safety. and a designer in london is tired of airlines sacrificing comfort in their seats to fit more
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continuewill looking out live across the campus of virginia tech out from lane stadium cloudy conditions dopants price see a few snow showers drifting through your area from time to time temperature coming in at thirty four degrees but would that west when it's sixteen miles an hour feeling more like it's in the mid twenties visibility not an issue this morning wind gusting wind us so far twenty five miles an are be you notice as we head through today we could see wind us twenty thirty even forty mylan our range and it continues the route throughout today tonight and into the friday though you notice we
5:48 am
substantially solely some good news there because that national weather service does have wind advisories up along interstate 81 westward back into the mountains including southwestern sections taz well bland and smith county gracing county as well we are finding snow showers in some spots mainly in the mountains a west virginia even toward southwestern virginia don't be surprised to find some slick spots out on the roadways today tomorrow saturday were in the forties 40s but then by sunday into early next week would a be hovering right around sixty degrees today say mid forties mostly cloudy but we will get some breaks is sunshine every now again as low-pressure center takes all the severe weather away from our area still get a deal at of that. not forgetting the gusty winds and snow showers but it will lose its grip on our area over the next couple days today gusty winds continue an isolated rain or snow shower depending on your location temperatures in the thirties and forties for the most part tonight mostly cloudy those gusty winds continue lows in the twenties
5:49 am
some seven day planner. the winds subside later friday saturday sunday looking good and then next week would a be talk about temperatures right around sixty degrees and we have a severe weather yesterday strong gusty winds today an and by the we can everyone should quiet down and has some class for children will help keep them safe. at the frontier justice gun range, parents and kids watch safety videos, learn how to load guns, and then practice shooting. parents in this class say they're taking a different approach when it comes to gun safety. instead of making guns taboo, they want their kids to learn about them. bren brown/owner, frontier justice: "what's the first thing we do as mothers when we have children around swimming? we drag them to swimming lessons so they don't drown!" aaron wilson: "in real life, kids run into situations, maybe they are exposed to firearms, they need to know what to do, how to handle them in a safe manner, and stay out of trouble." for classes at frontier justice, kids must be at least 48 inches tall and be accompanied by a parent.
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their own guns from home, or rent one from the range. economy seats on flights are getting smaller and smaller, but some designers in london are putting a new twist on airline they've made a new mind. creator adam white came up with the idea for the twister seat while on a long flight to japan. the chair has an exoskeleton design that will be padded and covered. the end result should be a chair body and is more comfortable to sit for long stretches of time. have shown interest in the twister - which takes up no more space than a typical economy seat. it's a question you've probably never thought about before - how much would it cost to by one of everything on the answer is nearly 12-point-8 billion that's according to in zurich, switzerland, who related research. there were 479- million different items available on amazon in 2015, then determined the average price of an item sold on the site. there's been no response from amazon so far on
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right. doctors are looking into why basketball players have the highest rate of heart conditions out of all athletes. now a first of its kind study is helping them discover the cause. and johnson & johnson is being ordered to pay millions to a family who claims its talcum
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woman cancer. history. on this day in 18-62 , the legal tender act passed, making paper money legal. in 18-70, the first african american congressman is sworn in. in 19-48, communists take power in czechoslovakia. u.s. troops fight the biggest battle in vietnam in nearly a year today in 19-70. and in 2004, the passion of the christ opens in the united states.
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severe weather is gone, but strong gusty winds will continue today with mountain snow showers. in today's hometown health: basketball players have the highest rates of sudden cardiac death in the us related to sports. omar villafranca tells us about a new first of its kind study could help doctors determine what's normal and abnormal when it comes to athletes' hearts. at 7-foot- 1.isaiah austin was built for basketball. (nats of basketball game) after two standout years on the court for baylor universityhe was heading for the 2014 nba draft. (sot isaiah austin/baylor university) i was playing some of the best basketball of my life." (track) but dreams were about to change. league doctors ran tests including imaging of his heart. he had marfan syndrome.a genetic condition that leaves part of the aorta abnormally largeand puts patients at
5:55 am
cardiac death. (sot isaiah austin/baylor university) you know, accepting it and accepting that life and health is more important than a game. (track) researchers at columbia university medical center in collaboration with the nba have released a new study that for the first time examines the hearts of nba players. (sot dr. david engel, ny presbyterian/ columbia university medical center) we have provided a frame of reference that all physicians (track) researchers analyzed the echocardiograms of more than 500 nba players. they found while the heart increased proportionally with their size, the aortic root which connects to the body's main blood vessel was not proportional. (sot dr. david engel, ny presbyterian/ columbia university medical center) aortic root diameter reached a plateau so no matter how big you get there was a limit. isaiah won't be able to play in the nba (sot isaiah austin/baylor university) aw man, i miss it every day. it's my first love basically. he pours his competitive spiritinto a new sport. (sot) you golf? i do
5:56 am
actually pretty good. and he uses his foundation to athletes. omar cbs newswaco texas. a jury in missouri has ordered johnson & johnson to pay 72-million dollars in damages in a lawsuit over its talcum powder. the suit claims that jackie fox died of ovarian cancer caused by the company's product. her family argued that johnson & johnson was aware of and nglected the dangers its talcum powder presented. the company is appealing the ruling. johnson & johnson released a statement saying it stands by the safety of its talcum powder. time to take a look at what's going on in trending after its president obama is looking at nevada republican governor brian sandoval for seat. #virginia is trending also after severe storms ripped through the state and killed at least four and hash-tag goldenstate is trending again! that's after the warriors beat the miami heat last night just need to win two more games to and we're barely into
5:57 am
the season. a tornado tore through appomattox during yesterday's storms we're taking a look at damage in that area throughout the morning. and police are looking into the murder of martavious ra'shad cook. how investigators
5:58 am
5:59 am
homicide of the year. after wednesday's storms. we're live at one of two shelters open for storm victims. the severe weather was also deadly for the town of waverly, virginia how many people died in a suspected tornado there, and how one storm survivor describes what he saw. and, six months after the deaths of our friends and colleagues alison parker and adam ward, a song in remembrance of them. we'll introduce you to the man behind
6:00 am
good morning, it's just after 6 o'clock on thursday. i'm kimberly mcbroom. i'm garrett turner. and i'm leo hirsbrunner. we do have a few school announcements for you this morning. appomattox county, concord elementary is closed in campbell county, and cornerstone christian academy are closed. patrick county, smyth county, and wythe county schools are opening 2 hours late. thankfully the


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