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tv   News 7 at Noon  CBS  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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gun in his right hand. hall says a police officer first tried to tase spencer. after two failed attempts, chief hall says spencer turned to face police. thats when he says two officers fired their weapons, hitting spencer in the hip and collarbone area. spencer's brother carl spencer says he is looking for answers. carl spencer: "definitely uncharacteristic of my brother, that's why i didn't believe it. like, i couldn't believe that man. like, i never thought it would happen like that" spencer died friday night in the hospital. the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. an army staff sergeant charged with killing his wife and a rookie northern virginia police officer is being held without bail. pentagon worker ronald hamilton appeared in court by video conference today over the charges of killing his wife. police say hamilton started shooting at officers as they were resonding to a domestic violence call saturday night, about 30 miles outside of washington, d-c. the shooting killed prince william county officer ashley guindon on her first day on the job.
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general district court today on charges related to the death of officer guindon. right now: republican presidential candidate donald trump is making a campaign appearance at radford university. the event was set to start at noon and is just getting underway we're live streaming on our website, wdbj7. saunders also has an interview with catch tonight on 6. several other presidential candidates have come to virginia ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday primary. senator marco rubio made an appearance at roanoke college yesterday. continuing coverage now of campaign 2016. presidential hopefuls are criss- crossing the country ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday elections. eleven states, including virginia, will vote tomorrow for both democratic and republican tickets. craig boswell has our update from washington. donald trump finds himself at the center of controversy after former ku klux klan leader david duke
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support for the businessman. on sunday, trump didn't immediately condemn the white supremacist. (sot: donald trump/(r) presidential candidate/courtesy: cnn "state of the union") "i know nothing about david duke. i know nothing about white supremacists. so you're asking me a question that i'm supposed to be talking about people that i know nothing about." monday trump said he had a bad earpiece - telling nbc's "today" show he doesn't want duke's support. (sot: donald trump/(r) presidential candidate/courtesy: nbc "today") still - trump's opponents are on the attack. (sot: sen. marco rubio/(r-fl) presidential candidate) "it makes him unelectable. how are we going to grow our party with a nominee that refuses to condemn the ku klux klan? don't tell me he doesn't know who the ku klux klan is. this is serious." (sot: sen. ted cruz/(r-tx) presidential candidate) "that should be common ground among republicans, among democrats among everyone. that bigotry, that anti-semitism, that racism has no role in politics." democrats do agree...bernie sanders tweeted "america's first black president cannot and will not be succeeded by a hatemonger who refuses to condemn the kkk." hillary clinton retweeted it. (nats) clinton is looking forward to super tuesday after a resounding victory in south carolina this past weekend.
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candidate) "tomorrow this campaign goes national! (cheers) (gfx) democrats will vote in eleven states on super tuesday - and cbs news polls show clinton with huge leads in the three with the largest number of delegates up for grabs. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. king good today and tomorrow low temperatures in the sixties for afternoon highs have some showers and move through this morning the winds of been quite breezy is settle then just a little bit in a few areas but still a little on the breezy side right out sixty ixteen tomorrow could got sixty five 65 the letter the cool spot chicago comedian in the low forties and rita bring that cooler air back into the picture by the middle part of the week no today's highs right around sixty three degrees again will go up a
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through the afternoon it's i can tell you that it will be rather cool tonight those lows dropping into the low and upper thirties will have another warm day on the way tomorrow running gradually cooling down as a we goes on we have some shower chances coming up this weekend not ruling out the potential for some snow late in the weekend will talk all about that in the seven-day plan new was not over yet "made enormous mistakes" in allowing thousands of children to be abused over centuries. tina kraus has the details of the revealing testimony by an australian cardinal. (nats up...pell) (aptn) i almighty god... australian cardinal george pell testified via video-link in rome - as part of an australian inquiry into child sex abuse. he told commissioners in sydney it's a scandal that the catholic church allowed thousands of children to suffer abuse at the hands of priests. (sot - cardinal george pell/vatican treasurer) the church in many places, certainly in australia, has
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people down. i'm defend the pell acknowledged he had heard that an australian catholic school teacher who serially abused students (enex) 'might' be involved in "pedophilia activity" in the 1970's, but had no idea how rampant clergy abuse was at the that time. (cardinal george pell/vatican those days if a priest denied such very strongly accept the denial. nats....victims about two dozen abuse survivors from australia traveled to italy to hear pell testify. (sot - peter blenkiron, abuse survivor) let's get the actions in place to support those with damages in the past and to ensure that it can never happen to children again. pell, who is now pope francis' top financial adviser, had a private audience with the pope after he testified. tina kraus, cbs news. a university of virginia student who was detained in north korea is apologizing for trying
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twenty-one-year-old otto warmbier was presented before the media this morning. he said he wanted the banner as a trophy to give to the mother of a friend. north korea announced in late january that it had arrested the uva undergrad. a massive irs data breach is much realized. hackers were able to get sensitive information using the agency's "get transcript" program, which check their tax history online. jan crawford reports from outside the irs headquarters in washington. : not even virginia based tax attorney, wayne zell, was protected from hackers who he says stole his identity. (sot) (wayne zell hrem05 @ 180902) "somebody was trying to claim a refund using my social security number and i knew something was wrong." the irs's data dump is the latest in a series of disclosures. (gfx1 in) in may 2015, the agency reported cyber criminals accessed some 114,000 taxpayer accounts. three months later, that number grew to 334,000. this month, the irs says there as many as 724,000 victims. (gfx1 out)
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bentley university, identity "the irs is frankly not doing enough to protect said hackers personal information other online sources - like bank accounts - to answer personal identity questions on the "get transcript" forms. (gfx2 out) one possible culprit: irs- approved tax preparers. (gfx3 in) one out of 13 irs- approved companies failed at providing adequate security to customers. (gfx3 out) (sot) (steve weisman, bentley university senior lecturer) we're often our own worst enemies because there are times that we don't use proper passwords, we don't use proper security, the irs says it is notifying the hacked taxpayers by mail, as well as offering free identity protection for a year. jan tag the online viewing and download feature of "get transcript" has been suspended since may 2015. the i-r-s is working to restore that , but this time with enhanced security to protect taxpayers. jan crawford, cbs news, washington. as we head into
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year's diet resolutions can start to seem like a distant memory. how you can stay on track. and when the show is over, the night has just begun. we'll take you to some of hollywood's
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celebrations. february, it's time to take stock of how
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healthy eating resolutions. just like our computers need a re-boot or a re-fresh every now and then, carilion nutritionist don mankie says, so do our bodies. don mankie/carilion nutritionist: if i just hit f-5, everything's going to be better. refresh our resolutions. so the five basic things are support. find a good health partner to maybe work with, as far as food, exercise, the environment at home, discussing healthy plans. have a good plan that's simple and realistic. you can get some great ideas for nutrition and meal planning on the web. we've posted a helpful link for you at just click on this story. it's february 29th, which means it's leap day. there's actually a scientific reason why it pops up on our calendars about every four years. without it, our calendar wouldn't run smoothly. derek kellogg/science museum of western virginia: "without leap days the season would begin to drift by about one day every four years. now this may not mean that much immediatly, but over the course of hundreds of years it could actually end up with winter actually taking place in july rather than during
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legend, (st. bridget) st. brigid made a deal with st. patrick to allow women to propose to men on leap day. if the man refused, he was fined. and if you were born today you share a birthday with some well-known names like motivational speaker tony robbins, singer dinah shore, and rapper ja rule. oscar winners are probably still awards and after- teri okita wraps up the night's biggest highlights, including leonardo dicaprio's long-awaited win. the curse was for leonardo dicaprio last night - who finally took home the best actor oscar for his role in the revenant: (sot dicaprio) it all feels incredibly surreal -nat/sot- brie larson also picked up a golden statue for her performance in 'room': (sot brie larson) i feel really strong and excited to be holding this gold guy when the curtain fell on the big show... the stars made their way to the governors ball to toast to the night... (sot michael sugar, producer, spotlight) we worked so hard on this film and to have it rewarded like this is truly amazing many praised host and comedian chris
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pushed the envelope in addressing the oscars-so- white controversy. (sot minnie driver) chris rock is an amazing performer and person and it needed to happen superstar elton john used his annual afterparty to raise awareness for hiv and aids: (elton john/oscar party host) we've made a lot of progress in the last 30 years but we still haven't made enough progress (teri okita/reporting) standup: the parties also give celebrities a chance to meet for the first time, and yes, they, too, get starstruck. (sheryl crow/singer) "oh, i do. listen, if i walked into leonardo dicaprio right now, i don't know what i would do! fashion stylist carson kressley got a big surprise as he looked over the guest list. (carson kressley & gene simmons) (11:16) gene simmons from kiss. (teri) he's right behind you. (carson) oh, my god, i was just talking about you. (gene) i heard. (carson) you're one of my faves! (gene) can i touch you? (carson) i wish you would! the glitz and glamour was not lost on tinseltown's biggest celebs showed off their styles and awards into early hours. teri okita, cbs news, hollywood. now let's take a look
12:13 pm a danville man has been charged with murder in north carolina. demetrius farmer is the third person to be arrested in connection to the murder last month in eden. a lynchburg teen who was injured in an accident last fall has died. ivy adkins was hurt in the accident back in october. and, over the weekend volunteers from mercy chefs made sure everyone was fed in appomattox. the group packed meals for volunteers helping with tornado
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plannerwith plenty warm temperatures in the sixties right now but still a bit breezy rita keep the winds quite gusty through a good portion the afternoon will slowly start to we get through the day and i can say that it has been breezy just about everywhere today especially across amount ushers in the weather but to readings or just a second fifty five now blacksburg got sixty in roanoke also lexington sixty two lynchburg already climbing close to seventy and danville
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low and mid-forties hot springs we have somerain showers early on this morning and what will notice of the warmer temperatures in here tomorrow. the winds will start to relax the peak wind gusts today big island elementary school 57 mile-per-hour wind at about 842 this morning lexington almost a 50 mile-per-hour gust and we got some 42 mile-per-hour wind gusts there radford also in salem. so it is been extremely windy still the to and him gust at 40 mi./h and hot springs. that's one thing that's keep in the rather cold air twenty nine mile-per-hour gusts across rona valley it's again staying breezy and through about the mid to late afternoon will start to see this high-pressure system building it our winds will relax a little bit and will start to see this temperatures drop off quickly tonight most of the rain showers now staying to the north of us i will watch a couple systems had our way by late tuesday night into wednesday notice tomorrow afternoon those clouds begin to rollback in here start out sunny but turn mostly clotting through the
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there's that second front the comes through tuesday evening and think probably by eight or nine o'clock will start to see some rain out of this now it's command at a good time for us because there will be fairly stable and it those fairly stable and those o'clock. what have a lot of severe weather with this just some showers maybe an isolated rumble of thunder and then some cooler air will follow back behind at teaching some of the rain over to snow showers in the mountains of west virginia that what happened tuesday night and early wednesday morning so tonight expecting lows in the upper thirties to low thirties from blacksburg to rollout danville commune around thirty four degrees in the forecast tomorrow warms us right back up into the mid- sixties about sixty five in roanoke and smith mountlake bedford juergen a be around sixty four degrees seventy and danville tomorrow but sixty eight degrees a martinsville the good river valley a cool 64 70 and danville tomorrow but 68 a martinsville. the good river valley a cool day but not bad sixteen wytheville that sixty degrees and galax and the relook annette upper 50s from hot springs low sixties covington and also newcastle about what's coming up over the next seven days i
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cooler by the second half of the week wednesday though showers early on in the were watching the potential on friday for would could be a little bit of wintry weather would got cold air that's coming in here watching the potential for storms the may develop right along those upper-level winds and the big question is where does this low go and how cold is the air several the computer models show would got some light accumulation coming up late thursday night into early friday at five get that mix in there right now does look like it's can a be that big of a deal but we could have to dodge a couple those rain and snow showers early friday morning it stays cool into the upper forties and low fifties over the weekend so get back a little closer were we should be for this time year 60s as a little over-the-top for a for late february you i you is a you outdoors. wdbj7's garrett turner is taking a look at the
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when we come back. radford. trump is speaking right now at radford university. let's take a listen. we're live streaming the event right now on our website, wdbj7. wdbj7's tim saunders also has an interview with trump that you can catch tonight on wdbj7 at five and 6. when it comes to exploring your hometown, sometimes you have to challenge yourself. during the winter time it can be hard to
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advantages. in this week's your hometown, wdbj7's garrett turner tells us why winter camping is a good thing and how to make it a successful trip. i'm going to interject an idea here--winter camping. it may seem crazy but there's a lot of people that take advantage of it. my favorite part about camping in the winter is the....the lack of competition for good campsites is the biggest. not many people go winter camping around here. the other would be the lack of bugs, spiders, arachnids, snakes and all those creepy crawling things i'm sold. pat metheny from backcountry ski and sport says there's three keys to a good winter overnight backpacking trip. first, you have to have the right gear. keeping your feet warm and dry is huge. it's probably the most imporant. i think marino wool socks does the best job of keeping your foot warm and it tends to get a little bit wet it wicks moisture off your feet remember cotton is your enemy. bring
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hat--one to hike with and a dry one to sleep with. with winter camping you only have a limited amount of daylight number 2, you need to have good shelter. here in southwest virginia a good 2 or 3 season tent will do. this time of year you're going to have the rain fly on. it tends to add a little bit of insulation. then there's staying warm at night and when it's wet and cold that can be hard but it's not impossible. with the warmest sleeping bag in the world, without a ground pad you're still going to end up being cold at night. i'll wake up cold if i roll of my sleeping bag at night. you feel like you rolled on to a cold bed of ice. a little bit of insulation pad goes a long way. last but not least you have to stay hydrated. your body just works better when you're hydrated. your muscles works better, your brain works better. you make better decisions throughout the day. so this winter not only go on a hike but stay out there for a night. less people, less bugs and less heat equals seeing more of your
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paying more at the (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk.
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opening a store in what could be its toughest market yet. on wall street at noon, the dow was up 66 points.
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24 points. it's a rarity, but we're getting to see new video of a polar bear cub at a russian zoo. the zoo just released these images of a polar bear playing with her cub. the bear named gerda gave birth in early december, but her cub is just now strong enough to go on public view. polar bears rarely give birth in captivity. and when they do, the cubs are often very small and weak. weather
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>> well, the options are endless, really. local, destination, somewhere in between. of course, the time of year will play a huge factor. oh, which reminds me, uh, are you absolutely wedded -- excuse the pun -- to peonies as your flower of choice? because their season is relatively short in comparison -- victoria? >> victoria: oh. i'm sorry. my fianc\ wanted to be a part of this meeting.
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keeping him. >> billy: there's only one way to make this nightmare go away, jack. you go to the police. >> jack: i can't do that. >> billy: you have to. you take the evidence that luca compiled. that's it. victor goes down for bringing marco into your life, into all our lives. >> jack: it's not as simple as you think. >> billy: it doesn't get any simpler than this. because of victor, you were held captive while another man took your place in your life, in your home, jack, in your bed! >> jack: i get it! but victor is not the only one with blood on his hands. >> phyllis: why don't you tell me why you think natalie and billy are working together? >> summer: because they have been texting a lot. >> phyllis: did natalie tell you this? >> summer: no, i found it on her computer. >> phyllis: honey, if billy is trying to outmaneuver victor, i'm sure he is smart enough to cover his tracks. >> summer: billy? >> phyllis: yes. billy. i'm sure there is a reasonable explanation for this. >> summer: okay, well, either way, i need to tell grandpa everything i know.


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