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tv   News 7 at 5  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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to plead guilty to abduction and murder in return for life in prison and avoids the death penalty. a hearing is scheduled for wednesday. harrington went missing from a concert in charlottesville in 2009. her remains were found in january 2010 in albemarle county. hannah graham was last seen in september 2014, on surveillance video in downtown charlottesville. her body was found in october of that year. roanoke county officers are on administrative leave after a teen was shot and killed friday night. police say the officers shot the eighteen year old after he refused to put down what they thought was a handgun. wdbj7's amanda kenney is here with us tonight. amanda, police now know it wasn't actually a hand gun. that's right jean. it was a bb pistol that looks very similar to a 9 millimeter handgun. but this all started when 911 received a call about a black male wearing a bandana and hoodie waving a gun in a parking lot. it escalated from there. today we heard
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county police chief and we also spoke with a the teen's brother about the incident. this is a picture of what police say they saw friday night. 18 year old kionte deshaun spencer walking along the area of electric and brambleton road. that red circle shows what appears to be a gun in his right hand. but chief howard hall revealed it was actually a bb pistol. chief hall: "so you can see in this picture the weapon that our officers saw in the subject's hand and how it compares to the 9mm pistol" chief hall says officers told spencer to put down the gun, but he did not. so an officer tried and failed to tase him, twice. that's when spencer turned around, with the gun still in his hand. chief hall: this was a deadly force encounter, despite the fact that we know now that this handgun was an air gun then, two of the officers shot at spencer. chief hall: the preliminary
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that he was hit once in the hip area and once in the collarbone or shoulder. i can't, what, what can happen? my brother's dead, you know? i can't do nothing for him but find out. carl spencer says kionte is his brother. he says this doesn't like something his brother would do. he was a good person like i could honestly, i can't really say nothing bad about him kionte spencer was enrolled as a junior at hidden valley high school school, but was not in school this past week. there are two investigations into spencer's death, a criminal and administrative investigation. this happened at a busy intersection, so police are asking witnesses to the shooting to come forward to help with the investigation. amanda kenney, wdbj7. he's leading the polls in virginia, but donald trump said he's not taking votes for granted in our state. he spent more than an hour rallying supporters at radford university this afternoon in advance of
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wdbj7's tim saunders was there, and tim the event didn't go off without a few disruptions. jean i talked to members of the press who travel with trump to all of his rallies and they said today's event in radford was the most disruptive they've ever covered. trump was interrupted more than five times by protesters, including a large group who shouted "black lives matter" as they were escorted out of the event. trump countered by yelling "all lives matter." a handful of individuals and groups were led out over the course of trump's hour-long address, some of them wore shirts with expletives directed at trump. after one protester was led out, trump told his audience the country is divided and angry because of president obama. donald trump/(r) presidential candidate: "i really thought he would bring people together, but he's done exactly the opposite. he's been a great divider. it's been a real problem." trump addressed some of the comments his opponent, marco rubio, made in salem last night. rubio sad trump was perpetrating "the biggest scam in the history of american politics." at today's event trump called rubio
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said he was a "choke artist." trump told his audience today that he's going to bring manufacturing jobs back to the united states and that he wants to revive the coal industry. i was able to ask trump about both topics in a one-on- one interview this afternoon. wdbj7 is the only local station he spoke with today and we'll tell you what he had to say coming up tonight at six. tim saunders, wdbj7. the secret service is investigating a physical altercation between an agent and a photographer during trump's rally today. this is video of the photographer being escorted out. it happened as protesters were being kicked out of the event. the secret service says it's investigating the "exact circumstances." trump's campaign says it is not aware of all the details surrounding the incident. we continue our election coverage now: i'm here with wdbj7 political analysts harry wilson and bob denton to get their impressions the candidates' visits to our area ahead of super tuesday. jean: let's start out talking about today's
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you were there. what different about this campaign events you've been to? jean: dr. harry: what do you make of this:
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what did you think of rubio and his effectiveness last what did you think of rubio and his effectiveness last night? ' jean: what are you hearing toay from
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election officials are hoping to avoid confusion with tomorrow's primary, especially in the city of roanoke, where many people will be voting in new locations. wdbj7's joe dashiell is here with a few things you should keep in mind when you go to the polls. jean, let's start with voter id. don't forget to bring a photo identification card, or you'll have to cast a provisional ballot and then return to the registrar's office to confirm your identity. and everyone who votes tomorrow will have to decide whether to vote in the democratic primary, or the republican primary. you can only take part in one. employees from the roanoke voter registrar's office and the city spent the day delivering the optical scanners and other equipment election workers will need for tuesday's
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when voters head to the polls, it will be the first election since the city realigned its voting precincts, reducing the number from 32 to 21. the registrar's office has put out the word, mailing over 60- thousand notices to active and inactive voters, airing videos and other reminders. but registrar andrew cochran says a majority of the city's voters will be casting ballots in new locations. andrew cochran/roanoke city voter registrar: of the 32 polling locations that we had before, 18 are no longer serving as polling locations, so if you voted in one of the 14 precincts that survives you go to the same place, but there are seven new precincts, and as i stated about 18 are no longer in service, so that equates to almost two thirds of the voters will be voting in a different place this time. if you're a registered voter in the city of roanoke and you don't know where you're supposed to vote, you can go online, or call the registrar's office. we'll include those links with this story at wdbj7-dot-com. the polls will be
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joe dashiell wdbj7 mixall right it was a windy day today but it's starting to settle down just a little bit out there it was almost picture-perfect but if you're out in the win you know were talking about it was a little bit too gusty at times and in fact on wintergreen mountain which is often a windy place adverts sixty miles an hour but it big island elementary the same thing wins rapine around the mountains washington and lee with 46 mile-per-hour gusts as morning and this afternoon the roanoke regional airport topped out at forty three miles an hour 64 writenow veronica lynchburg warmer than that in danville will cooler over the bluefield area at 53 leader, we're learning more tonight about what may have led to a major data breach at
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and a special kind of diet is using bacteria
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healthier. campaign stop in northern virginia today. clinton took the stage at george mason university in fairfax about a 15 minutes ago. she says she's running for president to knock down
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clinton says she's the only candidate with a plan to improve the economy and coal country. "we can do this by creating jobs in infrastructure, advance manufacturing, clean renewable energy. let's put americans to work and jobs that can't be exported and that will build our communities and our country." she also touched on clean energy, small businesses, and equal pay for women. a massive irs data breach is much bigger than first realized hackers were able to get sensitive information using the agency's "get transcript" program, which allows people to check their tax history online. one possible culprit could be irs- approved tax preparers. one audit found 6 out of 13 irs- approved companies failed at providing adequate security to customers. steve weisman, bentley university senior lecturer we're often our own worst enemies because there are times that we don't use proper passwords, we don't
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notifying the hacked taxpayers by mail, as well as offering free identity protection for a year. president obama awarded a u.s. navy seal with the medal of honor today. edward byers is only the fifth navy seal to receive the award. back in 2012, he helped with the rescue of an american civilian being held hostage by taliban insurgents in afghanistan. the pentagon says he used hand-to- hand combat with multiple assailants, and used his own body to shield the hostage the rescue also resulted in the death of a member of the navy's special warfare development seal team six. byers performed cpr on his teammate for 40 minutes in an attempt to save him. part of pulaski county could soon get a new zip code. right now fairlawn and snowville share the zip code 24141 with radford and parts of floyd and montgomery county. it's caused confusion for businesses in the area. taxes from sales sometimes go to the wrong jurisdiction that share the same
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the pulaski county board of supervisors is requesting the u-s postal service gives fairlawn and snowville its own zip code. anthony akers/assistant pulaski county administrator: "obviously make sure that pulaski county is getting their just due in revenue as well as radford city and other areas. but we want to make sure it's fair." pulaski county asked the postal service to create a new zip code about a decade ago but it was never changed. supervisors will make the formal request after hearing from the community. in tonight's hometown health, it turns out bacteria that lives in the gut could be the key to helping people feel stronger and healthier. a doctor in new york has used the theory to create what's called the microbiome diet. the microbiome is another term for the trillions of bacteria that live in our digestive tract. each is unique, largely passed on from mother to baby during birth, but the doctor who created the diet says the foods we eat can change its makeup. dr. raphael kellman/author, "the microbiome diet") this bacteria in the
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disease and keep us healthy but it plays a role in reversing disease too. the microbiome diet includes fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi, which contain live, friendly bacteria. the diet also includes vegetables with complex carboyhydrates that work as fuel for the microbiome, like jerusalem artichokes and radishes. not a bad day weather wise if the wind didn't blow you over. complete details of your first alert forecast
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maxso a lot of i told you that the big island was doing fifty and our
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right now manon as it bounced around his little but as you can see skies were clear those nice to have sunshine and warmish and pictures as well so those are all bonus points for today's forecast is relook across the country were actually find it much of the lower forty eight doing just fine thank you though it is little wintry here the plain states that the mid atlantic not too bad word between cold fronts here's the next and draper eighty year and will be in our neighborhood by tomorrow and as it comes and it will bring some rain showers overnight and wednesday will come settled i'm little bit and thursday o'shea what happens there with him fast-moving changes with basically happening as we have a strong track to set up this week littlewoods the upper level winds are just getting guide everything down toward south-central us and slide it our way fortunately there's nothing really developing the super big but you could view the disruptive especially thursday night on friday if we get a little wintry mix into the region tonight going to be mainly clear we expect the winds to continue to diminish an overnight low temperatures
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seasonal for the stem of your thirty one in blacksburg thirty four and galax thirty nine invariants about thirty three degrees in lynchburg facility the forecast model for tomorrow starting out first in the morning looking to be fairly quiet little partly cloudy action and in for much of the rest of they were very clear but later on the afternoon and evening what happens mister xxxx clouds coming on and from the west as a here's an exchange of rain showers overnight tuesday unbend and wednesday morning if anything ison the and and wednesday morning. if anything is still lingering around clear out of the area. our high temperature should be fairly comfortable with thinking mid-sixties in the mid-atlantic. it around 70 in atlanta and the cold errors bobbled back up where the snow showers are falling right now mainly in the decoders working down to nebraska's wealth and tomorrow they'll be pretty chilly as well now looking at the highs locally with a sixty seven in lynchburg love that seventy in danville about sixty galax good morning sunshine and is often the computer models a chance for
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when i'm ready to jump step forward in the friday and were looking at a computer analysis of the what might be some light snow and probably a wet snow. given the temperature profile early thoughts might be an inch or two could accumulates it could be some disruptions thursday night fright is that moisture moves into the area of the get-go coming in clipper style from the west so it could have limited moisture to work with can happen decision next seven days ago partly cloudy and then we go into a chance for some early rain that we come in the thursday were things comic life than thursday night looking at a chance for snow showers continuing into friday as well since saturday and sunday a gentle uptick in the temperature skies of the partly sunny to the weekend doesn't look too bad. monday also showing the sunny skies and around fifty nine degrees so for those of you that there'll would like to see
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got a pretty yesterday on the track in atlanta plus the men and women from lynchburg college are odac champs for the first time in school
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tournament. tournament titles yesterday in salem, marking the first time in history that the same school has won both. the ladies took out guilford 62 to 55, using a second half surge to get it done, for the first odac championship in the program's history. the men knocked off randolph in overtime 62 to 60 for the program's second odac tourney title and the first since 1979. hilliary scott/ lynchburg college men's head coach: we truly speak about family, not only with our basketball team but with our entire college and community. we were just excited that the women won it before us and
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we're a community with people from different areas and we all kind of get together and try to make things happen and i love this place and i am just happy for everybody. abby pyzik/lynchburg college women's head coach: i think it'll be a race home to ring the bell first and we'll probably end up doing it together because that's how tight of a family lynchburg is and we are coach scott and that men's team's biggest fans when it comes to that. jimmie johnson held off dale earnhardt, junior yesterday to win in atlanta. it was the 76th career victory for johnson who matched the late, great dale earnhardt with the victory. jimmie johnson/76 career wins: i entered the sport just hoping i could win a race and keep a job for a few years, so to have 76 and to match dale earnhardt, senior is something i'm very, very proud of. i didn't have a chance to race against him unfortunately. it was literally a handful of months away from having that opportunity so to tie him today, for myself, personally, it gives me a little something, some sort of
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the late dale earnhardt, and something i'm very proud of. stocks struggle for gains as leap day comes to a close. the dow fell 123. nasdaq dropped 33.
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dollars are missing from local rescue squad and the captain says it was taken by one of his own. the giles lifesaving and rescue squad found the missing funds during a check over paperwork in january. they determined someone had been taking money for the last few years. find out where the money was going and what's next for the squad that lost tens of thousands of dollars from their general fund. for the latest weather anytime, turn to our webpage at and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for weather headlines and more
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thank you for choosing your hometown news leader, wdbj7. we'll see you at six. ( whistling sprightly tune ) starring andy griffith... with ronny howard.


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