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tv   News 7 at 6  CBS  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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of the death penalty. a big moment in campaign 20-16 will when primaries are held in virginia and "super tuesday" and one candidate was stumping for votes in our region today. donald trump held a rally at radford university and wdbj7's tim saunders was the only local reporter who got a one-on- one interview with the candidate. tim, what did you ask him? chris, we got five minutes with trump and there were no restrictions on what we could ask. i posed questions that relate to our region's economy and asked trump how he might address those issues. tim saunders: i wanted to talk to you about coal. it's a big part of the economy in southwest virginia and the coal industry is producing about half of what it was putting out 10 years ago. i'm just wondering, since you are a businessman, do you feel like that has to do with the rise of natural gas in this country or is it due to the regulation that the epa has put on coal? donald trump/(r) presidential candidate: "it's the regulation. it's terrible. you can do clean coal and it's great. we're sending our coal to china and
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it. that i can tell you. coal is a terrific source. we're going to go back to it if i am elected president." saunders: "i want to ask you about manufacturing jobs. the city with the second highest unemployment rate in the state is martinsville. their unemployment rate is around 7.5% and a lot of that has to do with the loss of manufacturing jobs. how would a trump presidency help with bringing those jobs back to the united states?" trump: "well we're going to bring them back. first of all we are lowering our taxes a lot, because we have the highest taxes in the world. we're lowering our middle income taxes, too. we're going to have a simplified tax code and we're going to let people come back, but i am going to make a concerted drive to make people come back. i'm also going to make a concerted drive that nobody else is leaving, and if they do leave, when they send their product back they are paying a tax on that product." saunders: "you are speaking at a public university today. a big topic in this campaign has been student debt. i'm just curious do you feel like this is something that the government has control over? the student debt problem and the rising cost of tuition at colleges and, if so, how would you address that as
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trump: "they have no control over it. the government has been a disaster on student debt. we're going to help out the students and we're also going to get the cost of colleges down." we asked trump two other questions about his opponent marco rubio and the comments he made about trump at his rally in salem last night. we also asked him if there are any virginia leaders he might appoint to a trump cabinet. you can hear his answers in our full interview on tim saunders, wdbj7. protestors also showed up at today's rally. trump was interupted more than five times and he mocked some of the demonstrators, including one who spoke out during trump's comments about illegal immigration and mexico. he asked the protester, "are you from mexico?" she was removed along with a large group chanting "black lives matter." the press traveling with trump said this was the most disruptive rally they've ever seen. apolonia pollock/student "i think it was mostly students. to me personally, i think it's disrespectful, doesn't matter who it is, if you are or aren't a fan, it's still a person, you should be
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if you missed trump's speech at radford today, click on this story on to watch it. in the last hour, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton wrapped up a rally in northern virginia. she spent part of the afternoon at george mason university in fairfax where she talked about the importance of higher education. hillary clinton/presidential candidate "we're also gonna work with states like this one where the governor just said he got a billion more for education. we need states to start putting money into higher education. we have enough prisons, we don't need anymore prisons. we need investment in highter education instead." clinton also touched on tackling the debt problem for students because of high interest rates. she says she'll also defend planned parenthood and marriage equality against the lgbt community. we also have a few facts to keep in mind, when you head to the polls tomorrow. you'll need a photo i-d, or you'll have to cast a provisional ballot and then confirm your identity
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whether to vote in the democratic or republican primary. you can only participate in one. and voters in the city of roanoke should doublecheck their polling places. the city has reduced the number of precincts, and two thirds of the city's voters have new polling locations. for more information, you can find links with this story on wdbj7- dot-com. tomorrow is the most important day so far in the race for the white house. virginia will play a key role. here to break down the races are our political analysts, bob denton and harry wilson. dr. bob, place virginia and its delegates in context for super tuesday and will we know the eventual nominees tomorrow? we know that virginia is going to be a battleground state and is representative of the population. it will be interesting to see how men and women and other races will vote because it may be indicitive of the rest of the country. we are proportional
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it could mirror the rest of the country harry, handicap it for us. who wins in virginia tomorrow for both parties? i think trump and clinton win tomorrow. both of them big. both of
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thereright with double-digit wins today and we also had some very nice temperatures sad to say that right now danville has finally dropped below the seventy remark they were hanging out there for little while they're down to 67 martinsville a touch cooler and galax's fifty eight at the moment the roanoke valley sixty one in lynchburg at sixty degrees the state when guests included almost sixty miles an 60 the statement guests included almost 60 miles an hour and big island
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the around announced today lexington's been pretty windy as well and that includes the newer valley radford and snowball shown us some pretty big numbers tomorrow a day of transition will start clearing in the 30s will work some sunshine and get into the sixties and by the time we get to nine or ten o'clock the rain showers of moving the moving and we'll talk about the timing of that and what's tens of thousands of dollars from its general fund. the squad captain says they know who took it, and now they're waiting to see what police and the courts will do about it. wdbj7's eamon o'meara brings us exclusive details into the investigation. giles county lifesaving and rescue squad captain nathan frazier says he first noticed money was missing from his department after a change of officers in december. (nathan frazier, squad captain) myself and the president got together right after the first of the year to start going through some files and getting some stuff squared away and found some discrepencies in our funding. the squad went to the bank to find more records and turned everything over to state police. frazier says the records showed the money was taken by just one member of the squad. (nathan frazier, squad captain) as soon as state
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person, i immediately suspended them, and from that time, the person has resigned. frazier would not name that person. he says state police told him the suspect confessed to taking the money. no one has been charged yet. frazier says because the money was taken slowly over a few years, it didn't cripple them financially. (nathan frazier, squad captain) it maybe just kept us from getting stuff we necessarily wanted or maybe needs in the past but it has not affected the way we cover our calls and help the community. captain frazier says that this is now a waiting game for his squad as the issue goes through the legal process. but he has been told at least one piece of good news that could be coming as soon as next week. (nathan frazier, squad captain) we're going to try to meet with our commonwealth's attorney and our squad attorney. we have been told we're going to get the money back so that's a plus for us. frazier expects to make more information public after meeting with the attorneys. in giles county eamon o'meara wdbj7. tonight in a wdbj7 special report - getting around. michele via/visually impaired roanoke resident: i spend a lot of time waiting. and i feel like if there was more public
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more freedom. people with disabilities are sharing their frustrations about the lack of public transportation options. now at six - how roanoke valley leaders are addressing their concerns. late last week, seven horses were rescued in franklin county. animal control says it's the most in their history. coming up tonight at 11, we'll tell you the conditions they were living in,
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attending sunday services, or even going to work might sound routine to you and me. for people with
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normal life they often have to miss. as wdbj7 anchor and reporter kimberly mcbroom explains, many of them say a lack of available public transportation is putting more limits on them, than their disability itself. michele via vee- uh spends a lot of time waiting. a form of glaucoma severely limits her eyesight. she often relies on radar buses to take her to a tuesday computer class at new vision in roanoke. michele via/visually impaired roanoke resident:but then i get frustrated, because i like to go out on sundays, and if there's no one to take me, then i'm stuck unless i want to call a cab, and that gets a little expensive valley metro and radar buses don't run on sundays, or late in the evenings. for via, those travel limits are the equivalent of having a curfew. michele via/visually impaired roanoke resident:if there's a program going on, i feel like i have to be home by 8:00. i mean, i feel like i'm a little child. harry hatter can relate. he is totally blind, and usually relies on his wife to drive him around. harry hatter/blind roanoke resident: however, i feel like at times
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her to take me all the places i'd like to go. hatter says he tried to use radar once to get to his music therapy session at the v- a hospital in salem. that's a trip, he says, he won't attempt again. harry hatter/blind roanoke resident: the va hospital's a pretty big complex, and they were supposed to meet me, but there were so many places up there to meet veterans that i had to wait for about an hour and a half. diane decker hears stories like these all the time. she's the leader of the roanoke alliance for the visually enabled, or rave. decker says it's sometimes a challenge just getting group members back and forth from their meetings. dianne decker/rave:by the time our meeting's over at 8:30,the systems will have stopped running, so they can't get a ride home through any kind of public means. there are not only schedule constraints within roanoke's public transportation system, but fixed bus routes, as well. dianne decker/rave: and if you happen to live in the county, for example, and need to seek medical services in the city,
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availabilty of some kind of transportation that crosses those borders either. kimberly mcbroom/wdbj7: roanoke valley leaders say they're aware of the need for more access to public transportation, adding that services have come a long way over the past couple of decades. but like most things, it all comes down to money. christina finch/roanoke valley- alleghany commission:it's not that the local governments do not want to provide 24 hour service, seven days a week, but there's a cost to that. the roanoke valley- alleghany regional commission is working on a transit vision plan that'll be part of a long- range transportation plan for the next 25 years people can offer their comments and suggestions on- line. along with public input, local leaders also have to look at usage and demand. bill bestpitch/ roanoke city council member: if you're sending a big bus around to pick up one or two people, that's not really cost efficient. what he suggests to riders is to be vocal and persistent about what they need, either on- line or by phone.
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bestpitch/ roanoke city council member: if you only say something one time, somebody may think well, it's not really that significant. but if the same request is repeated, then i think that gets more attention. it's the attention of decision makers that people like michele via are hoping that can get, along with a say in where the valley's public transportation system goes from here. michele via/visually impaired roanoke resident: nothing gets me more than when i hear they've just made this change and it's like, why don't you ask us about it? we're the ones riding the buses. dianne decker/rave: hopefully it will do some good, and hopefuly we can learn how we can be more, or better advocates for ourselves. and make getting around, a bit easier down the road. in roanoke, kimberly mcbroom, wdbj7. if you'd like to read the roanoke valley transit vision plan, or weigh in with your own opinion, you can do it online. we've put up a link to it on our website, wdbj7-dot-com. rain late tuesday.
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thursday. a lot to follow in your first alert forecast. here is a look at the highs, lows and precipitation at the regional airports. we are back with the complete first alert forecast after this
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nextbig thing today but pretty good warmth as well and now a series of cold fronts wants to come our way and as they do it keeps changing the weather story each day into something a little bit different lanzarote diminish tonight that system good news cold front is now the one that brought winds now, heading toward the coast it's a fairly quiet overnight but is in the front working there meanwhile got low-pressure along this boundary and that's our tuesday night rainmaker budget tuesday will be fairly quiet and wednesday thursday we got to watch colder air start to move into the region it's bottled up right now on the northern plains were the snow is but again a boundary will get this thing a chance to
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night and friday and possibly produce a wintry mix in some areas there might be enough to accumulate a little the smell but for tonight were mainly clear as to when diminishes will drop down about thirty one in blacksburg thirty brought up in about thirty four degrees in danville looking at tomorrow we are actually pretty smooth legato, quiet start today not much going on after the lunchtime are though the clouds start to move in just a little bit more here comes the rain showers are showing up on the computer models is a late arrivers and it it may very well come in is a hard downpour the question that there of the thundershowers associated with that that then change the forecast coming up for thursday we got morning sunshine tomorrow the rain will be late in the day as you can see our temperatures are maybe similar to what was sought today again close to seventy in danville which like most of the south side will be in the upper sixties the money getting into the non- empire in the new river will drop about ten degrees or so
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fifty six and the covington lexington sixty two and sixty four degrees is what can happen over the next seven or in the time this thing out for partly cloudy tuesday rain early on wednesday then turning windy after that as the temperatures drop off a fairly cloudy thursday but not a whole lot going on until yours tonight that's what our chances of snow start to move in and a wintry mix first thing friday morning will label that an impact they have highs only around thirty nine degrees saturday and sunday brings the weekend not terrifically warm, seasonal under partly sunny skies will continue tournament bye thanks to last night's win at wake, the men and women from lynchburg are ncaa tournament bound plus salem's john crews takes aim at a bassmasters classic championship this weekend in oklahoma. coming up tomorrow, it's super tuesday. we're live at the polls with everything you need to know. and we'll have your consumer watchdog. we'll tell you how to find the right person to do work on your house from storm damage. grab that coffee and
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team has made, have started reaping positive results in the win-loss column. with tech's third consecutive win last night on the road at wake forest, the hokies moved to 8-8 in conference play, and ensured themselves of a first-round bye in next week's acc tournament. buzz williams, virginia tech head coach: "i think we're trending in the right direction. the problem is, is when
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how big the mountain is in front of you. we've been buried so long, that we didn't know what the right direction was, nor that there was even a mountain, but we can see the mountain now. if you're going to be relevant in any league, you have to be able to win on the road, so to be able to close down the season with two on the road is great. we'll see if we can build on that going into next week." fresh off winning the odac tournament yesterday, both the men's and women's basketball teams from lynchburg college found out their ncaa tournament fates today. the women are headed to maryville, tennessee where they'll hook up with birmingham- southern to open the four team regional on friday. the hornets men are on their way to ohio wesleyan, just north of columbus, where they'll open up with scranton on friday. both teams are in the dance and now it's time to make some noise. hilliary scott/ lynchburg college men's head coach: this league is one of the best country and if we can get a chance to get out of this league and play as well as we good a chance
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advance and that's what we're gonna talk about. carolina naumann/odac women's tourney mvp: we're ready for anything. anything, anyone brings at us, we're gonna stop honestly. i have a lot of faith in our abilities and i'm excited. we did our job here and we believe in something further so we're gonna do that as well. this friday will mark the beginning of the 46th annual bassmaster classic, where some of the world's best anglers will be looking to reel in a championship, including salem's own, john crews. crews will be one of only 55 anglers headed to the "grand lake o' the cherokees" in tulsa, oklahoma, in what will be his tenth time qualifying to compete in the classic. crews boasts a 2010 elite series championship, but has yet to win it all at the bassmasters, something he's hoping to change this year. john crews, competing in bassmaster classic: "ability can only take you so far, your talent can only take you so far. i feel like the mental portion of your game, in whatever you're doing, takes you to the next level. i didn't realize that i could be more motivated than i was the year before to win the classic, but i can tell you right now, that there's no more motivation that i could ever need for
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year." a rough start to the week on wall street as stocks struggle to hold onto gains despite higher oil prices. the dow fell 123. nasdaq dropped 33.
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headlines and more at wdbj7weather. thank you for choosing your hometown news leader, wdbj7. >> pelley: on the eve of super tuesday, trump clashes with black lives matter protesters. >> get 'em out. get 'em out. out. out, out, out, out. >> pelley: also tonight, a cop is gunned down on her first day on the job. the big chain food company pleads guilty to selling parmesan that had no parmesan. and david martin with an american hero. >> it's five bronze stars, two purple hearts? >> that's correct.
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military honor of all. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: in candidate will clinch the nomination tomorrow, but super tuesday may generate irreversible momentum for hillary clinton and donald trump. they're favored many most of the 13 state primaries and caucuses. for democrats, it's a step toward certainty. for republicans another jolt in the party's identity crisis. polls show trump leading in at least six states, but he is trailing ted cruz in cruz's home state of texas. the republican race, heady, profane and unprecedented, now has prominent republicans talking of an independent candidate if trump wins the nomination. race became the weapon of choice today and major garrett is with the republicans. >> reporter: following the news that former kkk leader david duke was supporting donald


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