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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  January 28, 2016 1:37am-2:11am EST

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were in a tornado right now.
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>> we begin with the tornado touchdown. new video into the newsroom. you can see a truck driver on the turnpike the twister whips around him. >> take a look at the damage. you can see cars on top of each other at broward college. on the right debris where the roof and win of at apartment complex. >> more cold-weather could be on the way. this is video of some of the rain tonight. >> tonight we bring you a complete triple team coverage. let's begin with chief meteorologist craig setzer who is tracking more severe weather. >> the radar is active once again. he saw severe weather come out of the gulf of mexico across the everglades and still bands of rain are working their way. i think it will quiet down overnight before it picks up again tomorrow. here's what's going on in broward and miami-dade.
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off quite a bit. as we go toward the gulf no rainfall with the everglades are immediately upstream. all the way from the lower keys and middle keys of course we're watching this next band of rain. this will have a hard time getting across the lands tonight. tomorrow will be a different story. he was the another round of big thunderstorms coming through maybe just a little later than we saw today. coconut creek so maybe 3 inches of rain. 2 1/3 coming up from margate wind gusts. it's an el nio pattern that is creating all of this. warm water in the pacific and wintertime air over the north creates a strong subtropical jet stream. a creek it creates strong winds . what happens is when you
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shifts creates a turning of the wind in the atmosphere and that creates the windshear is that is favorable for a tornado. we will have a better forecast for the weekend. i will have better -- more coming up. we continue with carey codd. he joins us from broward college in coconut creek. >> reporter: take a look behind me. this is a reminder of the power of the tornado that touched down at broward colleges north campus. it wrecked cars and students went running for safety. then it roared across the turnpike. this cellphone video shows with the tornado looked like as it roared across the turnpike. this man captured the video on the -- on his cellphone. watch the dark car on the right. the tornado picks the vehicle and flips it in the air. >> i just brace myself because i thought i was going to get
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heavy enough where did not get tipped over. >> reporter: he told us when a tornado passed he pulled up and tried to help the driver that was on the side. >> she was panicked. i tried to calm her down and let her know she was okay. >> reporter: earlier a student on the north campus of broward college took this video. the tornado trampled cars and stacked the mothers. >> we thought it was rather -- regular wind that first. then people were running. >> reporter: the driver of this gray honda that landed on top of his other car just got out minutes before it hit. >> i made in the nick of time. >> reporter: the tornado made this truck look like a plaything. winds picked up a bus and lifted it off the ground. >> i was up in the air and slammed back down. i'm okay. >> reporter: the tornado lifted the scar from the south side of
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while people counted their blessings the national weather service offered a sober reminder for everyone to heat. >> these are the kind of things that you can expect for the next few months because it is it an el nio year. >> reporter: people were fortunate to escape serious injury or worse. it's a reminder that weather can change so quickly. the tornado also caused damage to homes and condos. for that part of the story we turn to hank tester. >> reporter: is something we south florida. storm. this was not a major storm but the folks across the street have damage and repairs and they have debris to pick up. let's take a look. nighttime. wynmoor retirement community. tonight. let's go back half a day.
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it's the kind of weather that causes chaos a tornado is not supposed to happen this time of year. you can see the damage. one apartment has serious issues. roofs need major repair. workers are doing repairs and insurance adjusters are on the way. >> it looked like it was peeled back from the damage and we noticed a lot of doors to the residences were blown in. >> reporter: debris wound up later in the turnpike. >> they were tree limbs and the median of the turnpike. there were no trees growing there. it was a classic tornado with wind speed up to 90 miles per hour and nasty damage for homeowners. >> when i came back into the house i saw that something had crashed through my window in my bedroom and glass was over my entire bedroom. it is a mess. >> reporter: the entire
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this steel constructed pull screen survived hurricane katrina, hurricane wilma, today's tornado took it down. >> i was thinking what the world was that noise. i thought palm trees were hitting the window. instead this was going on. >> reporter: it sure was. with all of these cars and debris flying around reports are tonight only two people were injured. none seriously. hank tester cbs 4 news tonight. >> if you see wild weather and can do so safely take a picture or video and send it to us. you can track whether where you are anytime by downloading the cbs miami weather app. you can find it in the itunes store or google play. now to campaign 2016 and 24
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not appear in the gop debate donald trump appeared on fox crossing enemy lines to tell bill o'reilly that he does not like the way the network treats him. he made this strange political season borderline surreal just five days before the votes are cast. >> i was not treated well by fox they came out with this ridiculous pr statement that was like drawn up by a child. i said how much of this do i take. i have zero respect for megan kelly. >> trump is still complaining about the questions in the first gop debate. >> you call women you don't like that takes, dogs, slobs. >> he has been slamming her sorts of names. a far different cry for my he told her in an interview in 2011. >> do i think you are a better moderator than i am?
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>> reporter: now he says it's not so much kelly as the way that fox has responded to his complaints about unfair treatment. fox was joking that the ayatollah and vladimir putin would not treat the president trump fairly either. jed bush said he is betting $20 that he would do the debate. i rarely seems to beg him to change the debate. >> that's what america is about. robust debate. >> reporter: instead trump said he is hosting a fundraising event for us veterans. it's at the same time and just blocks away from the gop debate he is boycotting. and trump no surprise promising a bigger audience for his event than fox will get for there's or maybe he will have a last- minute change of heart and show up to the debate. with donald trump you never know. this just in.
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all charges for the man who was driving a boat that crashed on july 4, 2014 killing for young people in 2014. elias michael hanono was on probation for three voting violations including failure to yield. he was not charged with more serious offenses because investigators cannot prove he was criminally reckless. there was no jury. an out-of-control car slamming into several cars including a marked police vehicle. the aftermath of this crash was breaking news at the top of our newscast last night. red light cameras crash -- capture the car clipping another vehicle and clipping onto its side and crashing into other cars. this happened near eighth street and 32nd avenue. police say the man that was behind the wheel is charged with dui. a close call at miami international airport when a drone flies near a plane.
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from chicago was just feet above the ground when the drone frosted flightpath. it's frightening to think about what would happen if a drone and plane collided. >> that's a pretty frightening thing that a plane could be rerouted or in some kind of danger if a drone got into the engine. police are searching for the operator of the drum. police are searching for this missing 16-year-old who disappeared weeks ago. we will tell you why his father is in jail. the community mourns the loss of a principal who was hailed a hero.
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her life now at 11. a 16-year-old benson for weeks and now his father is charged with abandonment. that is just the beginning of the mystery. we spoke with friends of the
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>> reporter: kristen shows a little insight into the boy and his father bruce. her husband is a friend of his father. organs in moving to plantation last summer so the team to play tennis here. he was stunned to hear that police arrested him with a one- way ticket to new zealand. his son has been missing since december. >> this has been a very emotional last several weeks knowing that he may not be okay and with news of the arrest tonight it validates the fears to >> reporter: they last saw that teen on december 20 and he seemed fine. they say that team asked her for a ride on the 27th. that's the same day his father told us that he threw him out of the car for being rude. police say he has refused to
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missing persons report. it was someone else who notified them. there were -- the arrest report raises more questions than answers. it indicates that the father and son don't have a traceable history. missed -- they move around a lot and he pays in cash. he refused to give the date of birth and social security number. the car with oklahoma tax sat outside the apartment where police found a letter from father to son. police say nothing indicates foul play but it's each day goes by they get more concern. looking back she noted -- this lady wishes she had shown more concern. >> reporter: police hope aage is watching or reading the news reports and if he is they want him to give them a call and let them know that he's okay. his father is here at jail charged with deserting a child.
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immediately asked for a lawyer. tributes are pouring in for a hero principal that died moments after saving some of her students lives. tonight one teacher says student -- susan jordan saved six students maybe more. she was outside her elementary school tuesday afternoon when for some reason a school bus driver -- jolted onto the sidewalk and kept on going. somehow the principal was able to push some children to safety just before the bus struck and killed her. she was the principal for 22 years and many parents say it is no understatement to call her legend. >> it was like there was five of her. she was everywhere. >> my son has downs so she connected with him and understood him and made sure he was in his class. >> what a loss.
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were injured but nobody else died. the bus driver has a clean driving record an initial test showed no mechanical problems. you will get another chance to vote on legalizing marijuana in florida. the group united for care just announced that it has more than enough signatures to get the question on november's ballot. 60% of voters that would be needed to vote yes for america -- medical marijuana to become legal -- it failed in 2014 by more than two percentage points. the language is different this time. if you want to read it with weeded out the link of the full text. fantasy sports leagues that have been under a lot of scrutiny could soon be illegal in florida. . today the bill was introduced to allow sites like fan duel
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operating. many complain that they are a form of illegal gambling. 16 counterfeit hoverboards were seized in chicago. the self balancing scooters are some of the year's most popular items however major concerns have surfaced after reports of fires possibly caused by counterfeit lithium batteries. a helicopter crashed in long island circa aerial footage shows it tipped over on an intersection. the pilot was attempting to make an emergency landing after reporting problems. we have a new look at drug lord el chap and custody.
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el chapo was captured after authorities raided a home where he was staying. it has been 30 years since the space shuttle challenger exploded after liftoff. it was january 28 january 28, 1986 when a mechanical failure caused the challenger two break apart after takeoff. ceremony at kennedy space center in the morning. victims of the holocaust are being remembered and ceremonies around the world today. january 27 is international memorial holocaust day. it's also the anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz. tonight president obama honored the 6 million jews that died. a lot to keep track of with weather. >> it does not seem like
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here is what is going on. radar is very active. we saw shower and thunderstorm activity increasing and heavy weather this morning. the last of the heavy band has pushed through for the time being. here's what's going on in the keys. saw heavy showers in the gulf of mexico. a bunch of little showers and brief downpours all through the keys will stick around through the night we will see mostly cloudy skies in a few showers here as this last heavy band has moved on. will look at kind of a break as we go through the morning commute. let's keep our fingers crossed it will be mostly dry. a cool looking picture tonight from our downtown miami camera. there are low clouds heading south beach. temperatures are a little bit cooler. 67 in miami, 67 in fort lauderdale and hollywood.
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northwest winds we saw about a 10th of an inch of rain. by 5 am and 9 am mostly dry. a little bit of rain around but by 11:00 a.m. it picks up. there is a possibility of some flooding. tomorrow looks stormy. after tomorrow the whole system gets on out of here. it will be crisp by friday night. saturday morning will be a cool start with plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures on saturday and sunday with the overnight lows in the 50s and humidity much lower. our forecast for tonight is spotty showers that will kind of fadeout as we go through the night. downpours remain in the keys. 65 for tomorrow and storms could move back in. we will have heavy downpours with the high temperature of 82 before the storms come through.
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25 foot seas. taking us through the weekend into next week the stormy day tomorrow and a cooler breeze
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we are counting down to superbowl 50. we are seeing a legend in the commercial. >> cheerleaders. >> marino, i thought you were the expert on parties. >> they teamed up for the amazon echo speaker commercial. we are just weeks away from superbowl 50 in santa clarita california. cbs4's jim berry will be heading to the bay area for superbowl 50 so look for his live reports starting thursday, february 4. >> i want to go. new tonight five endangered loggerhead turtles arrive tonight for rehab.
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cape cod. the usually feed and that area in the summer and they became trapped by the geography as the cape. tonight and sports here what cleveland cavaliers star lebron james thinks about being
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i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you' re totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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the carolina panthers are in the super bowl thanks largely to the quarterback. cam newton and his team were there for the showdown against denver. he took time to speak to the media about cam newton. there has been talk about how he act, plays, and celebrates. he bolts into the end zone and then he celebrates the way he loves to do. criticism rolls off of his back. >> nothing has changed but we are winning. i have said it since day one. i'm an african-american quarterback that may scare a lot of people because they have not seen nothing that they can compare me to.
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said it any better. he is sounding off on being called a coach killer. he denies the claim that he wants bolster fired from the heat. james what cam newton is shrugging off critics. >> i would never undermine a coach or disrespect a coach. i don't know. if that's what they want me to do i'm not going to do it because i have so much to give to the game. >> it's a modest showed so far. they are in milwaukee. tim duncan drop some knowledge after resting his store name. from downtown he scores 18. he's doing his usual thing taking it to the rim and the
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to win their 34th game. put on your goggles and embrace a whole new sport. drone racing is here. this is video from an actual race held at sunlight stadium. there is a new drone racing
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they w finally tonight a very unusual exotic animal that
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