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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  October 27, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now, nowing you were talking to one of the females. >> a good samaritan pulls people from the wreckage after a deadly crash on mlk. not everyone survived. >> the crash is one of the worst we have ever seen >> just feet from where it happened on the stretch of road where street racing is a problem. >> thank you for joining us on this thursday. >> good morning we'll go for more on the horrible scene. we want to get a look at traffic and weather together. we have a look at the forecast. >> forecast looks great again. there's a lot of sunshine out there. it's going to be very pleasant. temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70s. the rest of us in the mid-and upper 60s. once again, we'll climb to about 85. moderate humidity, but just
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little through the afternoon more coming up. good morning we're following two fatal crashes that happened late last night. mlk is back open we'll have more on that in a moment. we have a car into a house we're getting word that the driver of the car was killed. no one in the house was injured it happened at parkway. luke's lake fern closed in both directions you can take van dyke or if you're more north, you can state of the union address road 54 to work your way around this. we'll get you more information. thank you. horrific crash in tampa, four people confirmed dead, others
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>> the scene is just incredible. live in east tampa. just a heart breaking scene there. >> good morning. i have to tell you, one of the worst crashes i have ever covered in my entire career. take a look, all six lanes wide open. you can barely tell there was a crash here. looking at the video we shot broken glass all over the road. it's difficult to even make out the types of vehicles involved in the crash. we do know at least 3 vehicles were involved, one was a minivan that on impact burst into flames troopers shut down the entire road, all 6 lanes after the crash they are still investigating and we expect an update.
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killed in the crash, children involved and rushed to the hospital. one thing troopers will look into, claims of people who live in the neighborhood say that street racing is a problem on this stretch of road. something they will be looking into as they investigate why this crash happened. if you drive on i-4, slow down and it is now considered the deadliest road in the country. the 132-mile stretch has averaged one fatality per mile over the last 6 years they blame distracted drivers. we spoke to truckers say they see people texting and driving all the time. >> the only way to solve this
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$5,000 every time someone is texting. me be up so high, people are staring at their telephones the whole time. >> the current fine is just $30. rapper kevin gates was charged for kicking a teenage girl in the stomach in lakeland last year. it was caught on camera. gates kicks the fan he claim that the fan assaulted him. a teenager recovering after being shot in the leg there's a question about who pulled the trigger. two teens were in the home at the time of the shooting. one down and one to go. pasco county deputies caught
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but they're still looking for his accomplice. authorities arresting one yesterday. he dropped a motor on his foot during one of the heists and could not run away. he and an accomplice were on video. marco rubio and patrick murphy cla debate. >> it's not just housing, it's things like access to the internet. you can't do homework until you have internet. >> just this week, we told you obama care premiums are expected to rise by 25% next year. >> no question that the affordable care was a huge step
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focus now has to be on getting it right. working across the aisle to ensure we're fixing it and have more coverage for more people that is affordable you have to show up to work. >> murphy said he would be in favor to lower costs in rural areas >> this is how you're treating a candidate. >> a thir maryland crashes a debate there. margaret flowers did not meet the polling requirement. in democracy 2016, hillary clinton's campaign staff went into crisis mode after news broke that she used a private e-mail server. the cochair wrote to clinton
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this stuff out like 18 months ago? so crazy she wrote, i guess i know the answer, they wanted to get away with it. republicans are commenting. >> when it was discovered in the media she had this private server to keep it out of the public reach, she disposed with hi-technology and hammers to keep them away from the american people. truth is a force of nature >> the fbi suspects the russian government is behind the hacked e-mails in order to influence the presidential election. yesterday, trump cut the ribbon for his new luxury hotel in washington d.c. located just a few blocks from the white house there are signs that the
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three senators are urging others to move the golf club. >> why should he get part of my rent? and why should his name be on there? >> the susan g. komen breast cancer foundation is pressured to move its yearly fundraiser to palm beach. >> caught on surveillance, a man in his underwear. you landlord's trump sign in the front yard he goes for a torch. soon after two people walking by stopped to give that man a fist bump. the landlord says she can't believe what he did. >> you've been kind and decent to them, it's like really? the two guys that came up and
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the first sign was burned. the land board put up a bigger one. she jokes if this one is destroyed, next time he's putting up a billboard. >> checking weather conditions. late october doesn't feel like it at all. temperatures around 70 and low and middle 80s. moderate humidity, otherwise, staying mostly sunny thet >> deadly accident on mlk raced over to help some of the young victims risking his own safety to save lives rodney has his story. >> those victims are recovering this morning thanks to the quick actions of the good samaritan he pulled three people to safety and tells us, as soon as he witnessed what happened, he jumped into action >> i pulled her out, i went
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pulled him out and sat him on the sidewalk and went back and there was a heavy-set female, tried to get her out and asked a gentleman to help me and we pulled her out. the kid, the young gentleman wasn't getting breath at all. >> he was driving down mlk and saw two cars speed past him and he helped to pull children out of the cars involved in the crash and he described the moments following wreck. >> both people dead, that's a very tragic situation knowing you were talking to one of the females in the accident. i'm hoping the little boy was okay. he had a slight pulse. >> we see how hectic the
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morning on the conditions of those surviving victims now reporting from tampa general hospital, abc action news. coming up, still to come, being careless about security on your phone. online prank that is sweeping twitter >> thieves caught on camera stealing pumpkins, the sheer amount they got away with is
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welcome back. it is 5:44. clear skies we'll get details on traffic and weather together in just a moment. 15 minutes until 6:00 right now. an online prank is putting lives in danger her phone was hacked. it took over her phone and called 9-1-1 over and over again. one call center got 2 disease oven 2 dozen of the calls on tuesday. ingly don't want them to come to my house when there's not an emergency, they could be saving
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never click on a link from someone you don't know. an interesting find for a burglar in south tampa. a dark figure sitting on top of a tree. some say it looks like a panther. others say it's a bear. it's not human. >> a big one. we know that. >> a really hairy person. >> is there something on the loose? >> i believe there's always something on the loose. we'll talk about the crescent moon you saw will be new on halloween, very dark and that will be our last weekend coming up. and then we'll talk about at
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hour. isolated inland shower, for us, it's staying dry and we'll be nice and warm throughout the afternoon. upper 60s, low 70s across southern tampa bay area. other than that, we're nice and mild, but that east flow coming in, showers are a nuisance for south florida, but for us, generally dry, just a stream of east winds coming in, we had that yesterday, watching it from poke, that would be for you. closer to 75, the lesser chance of a shower i'm keeping it out of the seven-day forecast. about 85 for the daytime high which a few degrees above average and we'll feel the difference as far as the humidity. not too oppressive. if you're out in the sunshine,
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of the year got a nice breeze off of the atlantic. small craft picking up by 20 knots. we'll check in on the extended forecast for the weekend. looks good and we'll rinse and repeat for halloween with highs in the 80s. a traffic alert to about, luke's lake fern is closed after a horrific crash. it could be a problem for students trying to get the the high school, all of those schools around here, hopefully they have the school back open. you can take van dyke or head north and take state road 54.
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great shape. this is i-4, 275, all up to speed this morning. thank you. it is 5:48 now, san antonio police investigating a tow truck driver accused of dragging a young woman behind his tow truck. another driver found her body in the road yesterday. she tried to stop the driver from towing the vehicle but her purse was tangled and up being dragged. >> commuters caught on camera crawling through the windows of a smoky subway train. it overheated during the commute. there was a trash fire on the tracks five people were treated for smoke inhalation, two were taken
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without teeth for a few more days his teeth were knocked out by a puck that smashed his face mask he's still going to play against montreal tonight. the cubs beat the indians in game two last night in cleveland. jake didn't allow a hit until the 6th inning. >> they provided a lot of the offense, driving in two you can score free tacos thanks to the world series. a free taco for solen bases. get the free doritos locos taco
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pumpkins from a farm. >> about 200, worth $2000 were taken tuesday morning. the thieves went back three different times the farm and mark have been in the family for 120 years coming up, is the banana on a slippery slope to extinction? an abandoned dog pres
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it was found floating offshore. washing wash -- this morning, there's a heart breaking story about a dog out of detroit. >> the owners were evicted from
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for a month. concerned neighbors fed the dog and got the word out hoping someone would rescue the dog. a man spent 15 hours trying to gain his trust. >> getting him to know my voice. dogs are >> boo is now being treated for heart worms. you might find a lot of teal colored pumpkins this year. >> it's part of a campaign to make sure that kids with food allergies are not left out from trick or treating. a teal pumpkin means you have things for trick or treaters that will not cause an allergic reaction. things like party favors,
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>> shows they care for kids with peanut allergies and care about us and they do think about us. >> an estimated 8 million children have food allergies in the u.s. >> take a look at this, one of the coolest and scariest plane landings over a beach is friday will be the last time they will ever land a boeing 747 on that runway. of course those planes land over. one of your favorite breakfast fruits is in trouble. a fungus is threatening to
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inamerica, it could go away. four people killed in a fiery crash overnight in tampa. some of the victims rushed to the hospital we know are children. what troopers are looking goo
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breaking news coming out this morning where one person
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>> ryan smith just got on the scene. what have you found out? good morning. it's still a very active scene. there is some road closures after this deadly crash we want to tell you about. this is lake fern, it's closed in both directions near the intersection of heritage harbor parkway. it's about a mile and a half east of the veterans memorial highway. a car came crashing into a house around 2:30 this morning. the driver was killed after impact. no one inside the house was injured. the vehicle ran off the road, flipped over and collided into the garage. i learned since being on scene that the driver hit an electrical box. you can see a utility truck making repairs no word on any other factors that may have lead up to this deadly crash or when it will


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