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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 22, 2016 10:30am-11:00am EST

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a cop on a traffic stop is in big danger but -- >> the officer has no clue. >> the surprise attack that can't keep a good man down. an abandoned dog survived by -- >> drinky muddy water on the side of the road. >> how rescuers brought this beauty back to life. a top skier loses it. >> rolling and tumbling. >> see the frightening free fall that just won't end. and -- >> minus two!
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show they got moves, too. >> these little brothers are fly, right? >> get the story of the video that got 10 million hits in one day from the guys getting all the attention. >> ladies are definitely are straight to the point, comments under the videos. very, very scary video coming out of cape town, south africa. what we have here is a dash camera from inside a police car. this officer just pulled over that mercedes, walking up to the window to write his citation but as he's got his head in the window of that car that he pulled over, watch what this car does. may have seem him earlier. walks up, fiddling with something. he quickly noticed he's fiddling with a gun that's jammed.
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gun, the officer steps up -- points point blank at the officer. takes kov s s cover and then returns fire. the suspect takes often. the officer goes after him. see right here on his right shoulder, that's a bullet hole. >> oh, my goodness. >> thankfully, officer is wearing a protective vest but this is the remarkable point of the video. the officer walked back to the car and continues with his initial citation. >> oh, my goodness. >> that guy is cop of the year. >> you're absolutely right. he did get an award. "officer of the year" shortly before this incident happened. >> he got cop of the year. what's above that? do you promote him? >> i would say retirement is probably a nice option for this guy. >> you might wonld e what der what happened to the suspect.
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and escaped. was willing to kill a cop just to steal a gun. imagine living in the desert, being abandoned there. temperatures hovering around 100 degrees? that is the life of venus. she is a white german shepherd, fed a few months by three women, but they were unable to catch this dog. so they called hope for paws, a fantastic rescue group in southern california, and as you can see venus right there, she's just looking at muddy water on the side of the road to get something to drink. >> like a wolf. >> so wild now. >> they said they can't even get close to her, she is so wary of humans so they called in dr. scott hamsal with a tranquilizer shot. >> nice shot. >> the tranq is in the dog but they have to keep up on foot. eventually they get close but still waiting for the effects of the tranquilizer to set in. >> oh!
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i feel bad for her. >> eventually she does lay down. they haul her into a mobile unit they have prepared. they hook her up to an i.v. unit and are taking her to a hotel where from there they are going to take her to a hospital. there she is, groggy, from that tranquilizer. you see that tongue hanging out. but there you can see her in the hotel room. she starts to wake up and she's still skittish of humans. in the middle of the night, somebody hears a noise. she's on top of the desk. they try to begin that bonding, where she can trust human touch. eventually she let's someone pet her. >> ah! >> the next stop, when they get to the animal hospital is a spa day where she gets a bath, and they say a blueberry facial. >> adorable. >> she's in pretty good shape. she looks pretty good, but she does need a forever home. so if you think that you want this white shepherd to add to your little clan, give hope for
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donate to them so often things do not go as you planned, and i have three examples of that. this first one is taped in alaska. they were out there filming scenes for a film called "paradise waits." this 25-year-old angel is down there trying out this run. not actually supposed to be taped. they just happened to be filming her while she's going down this very steep slope and she is talking about this incident as part of teton gravities safety week. she just starts tumbling down the slope. she loses her skis. >> ah! >> she's going -- >> oh, my gosh. >> and you can see just how steep it is at that point, because she's not skiing anymore. she's just falling. >> yeah. you cannot stop at this point. she's just rolling and tumbling.
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>> is she even conscience at this point? looks like a rag doll. can't even attempt to stop her. >> believe it or not, she was conscious the whole time. >> i'm okay. i'm okay. >> she was fine. believe it or not, she had two jammed fingers. >> yeah, i'm fine. >> i cannot believe she walked away from this. >> hitting my head, worried about my neck and my face so i started to hold my arms like this. i was like, i'd rather hurt my shoulders than my neck, smash my face in on some ice. >> over to utah, this guy, trying to snowboard. >> yeah! whew! oh -- [ bleep ]. >> you raurt all right? >> and backs right into that tree. >> whew! oh [ bleep ]. you all right? >> oops. >> yep. but remember what i said about things not always going as planned. this guy out there ice fishing.
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home empty-handed. >> oh! [ laughter ] >> man, that thing went right back into the hole. >> wouldn't you? >> i know! >> [ bleep ]! >> i can't believe i just dropped it back down the [ bleep ] hole. we have a surprise for you. >> social media can be used for whatever you want to use it for. >> this is something that we couldn't do ourselves, but we really want to. >> in this case, reddit was used to make this young man's day. >> this is drew. his family doesn't have a lot of money but they made the best of christmas and he didn't complain, not one bit. >> i know that things haven't been easy for you and that your life has not been the way that most children's have. >> his mother starts the video telling him he's a compassionate understanding kid and he has been. when she went to reddit to tell everybody about her son a few people responded, big. because there's one thing he really wanted that he was not
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it's a gaming console. so he received a belated christmas present from the a man named jared and another man named david. >> you're serious? are you serious now? no, no, no, you're punking me? >> he's expecting those boxes to be full of candy or those packing peanuts. >> oh, my god! this is awesome. >> when they did it, they it right. they got him the gaming system, a few games, a memory card. >> thanks, jared! >> and -- >> thanks, david baker! >> and the last name we are -- >> wait. let me read this. boulder boulder. it's boulder? >> i think it's -- >> the impact on his life forward, from this point forward, formative. >> hopefully remember this christmas present and pay it forward. but there's more coming, because, again, social media is be used as an agent of change. >> thank you.
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! a driver pulled over to avoid black ice. >> no, no. no, no, no, no, no! >> let go of the brakes. >> oh, no! >> why this slippery debacle doesn't end there. and it's an amazing moment caught on the baby monitor. >> well, is -- >> she did it. >> what? >> she did it. >> really? >> a simple trick to pull off the baby walking prank. you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza for only 50 cents when you order any large pizza at regular menu price. better ingredients. x better pizza. better football. this is joanne. her long day as a hair stylist starts with shoulder pain when... hey joanne, want to trade the all day relief of 2 aleve with 6 tylenol? give up my 2 aleve for 6 tylenol? no thanks. for me... it's aleve. floyd doesn't believe he can get his taxes done for nothing. so we brought in dr. kaku to explain
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people think i'm too perky . closed captioning provided by -- rs that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. winter storms blanketing the east coast and folks are taking cover. william lee decided he shouldn't go up this hill so he pulled his car over to the right side of the road. there's black ice there. >> no, no. brake! >> let go of the brakes! >> oh, no! gosh. >> that stinks, because you were trying to do the right thing. you were trying to get out of the way. >> and in the midst of all of this, he calls his lady on the phone. >> how bad's your car? >> ah -- it's -- the left front quarter panel has to be fixed. >> i'm sorry. >> ah! just horrible. >> well, it's about to get worse. >> no? >> in the middle of the conversation. >> no!
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hill. >> no! >> man, just get out of the car and wave people down and say, don't do this. you're going to crash into my car. >> imagine doing the play-by-play on your own accident. >> yeah [ bleep ] -- >> ah! that sound. that horrible sound of a crunch. >> ah, poor dude. that's a drag. you got to give parents a break. we take whatever wins we can get and one of the biggest and first take their first steps. they're standing up, and if you amazing moment. that's what's happening in this view, or is it? >> i think she might be awake. can you check the baby monitor. >> she's sitting. really? >> an excited mom go up to a baby monitor, get super excited.
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she's only six months old. i'm sure we're a little suspicious thanks to the little bug in the bottom left-hand corner. our man rich is back and up to something. everybody goes running in, dog, mom. you can see on the monitor quite clearly, baby is standing. >> but what's holding her up? >> nothing's holding her up -- at the moment. because it all becomes clear. [ laughter ] >> she realizes -- before you guys do. i'll take you back to the beginning of the video. one of rich's videos he actually teaches people that describe a fun prank to play on people you know. >> what i'm going to do is take a video of the crib with my daughter apparently walking around the crib. >> simple, really. you get the phone, hold it up exactly the same place as it would be if the camera ras shoot was shooting. quite simply, rich is the one bed. >> boink, boink, boink. >> and there you go. >> make sure there's no speaker.
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make sure the framing's right. >> she's walking! >> really? >> i love this. nobody's feelings were hurt. >> it's a sweet prunk and a fun one. got me thinking how i could use have some fun as well. >> ghosts. it's skydiving and paintball. you better be a good sky diver. >> oh, yeah. >> see it, next "right this minute." and still to come -- her leading man is on a special mission. >> you have my permission see why this epic fantasy ends with a romantic plot to it. >> it's so awesome. >> plus -- how this paramotor pilot dragged his way to a world record. >> and no one drags their seat like me! hershey' s miniatures. em! em! em! delicious fun for everyone. mine, yours, our chocolate.
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we've got rough weather
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now. we want to show you live radar, orange and lake county. a wider perspective, severe thunderstorm warning for this particular storm north, mount plymouth, going on until 11:30, and another on top of flagler beach until 11:00. but we have rotation here, and we'll be watching this storm closely as it moves to the north and east at about 40 mph, moving northeast and moving over, and orange city, about 20 minutes after that. the entire complex brings storms for central florida and another line back behind it approaching tampa. we have two severe thunderstorm warnings now going on for at
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and the storms are producing a bit of wind shear, and a new cell in southern parts of lake county we'll watch >> that will move into orange county. with that severe thunderstorm now. the watch is out until 5:00 this afternoon. right now, all part of a larger system racing through. you can see the two lines of showers and storms we've been dealing with pretty much all day and morning and we are watching the lines working in, all tied to the major system up to the north, but these warnings we're watching now >> we'll continue on our website and channel 9 dot two on a digital antenna, and we'll cover this and if anything more breaks on this, we'll be sure to let you know here on channel new and tv 27. stay tuned ut there into sci-fi, romantic comedies and fantasies.
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the above. this is ian, and he is out on a very special mission. meanwhile, in the bottom left-hand corner, that's lizzy, his girlfriend, who's watching all of this go down on the screen that's been placed in front of her on a field. >> ah! >> hey -- so i just wanted to -- >> ha! >> there the clandestine encounter between ian and lizzy's father. suddenly, a battle ensues -- so he takes him down with a phaser. >> you have my permission. >> he tracks high and low to find the perfect, precious stone. >> stoner ring. is he on his way to the shire? >> all very "lord of the rings," isn't it? >> yeah, yeah! [ laughter ]
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[ laughter ] >> this is so funny. i can't stand it. >> now he has a precious stone. >> but he faces yet another challenge. this dark caped person on a horse. oh, no! the horse is catching up to ian. ian's got a mission to complete -- and he pulls out the ring and then -- another screen pops up in the lower right-hand corner we see as she's seeing this ring on the screen, ian is actually walking up right behind her. gets down on one knee and proceeds to propose to his girlfriend in the exact same place where he asked her out for the first time three years ago. >> oh -- >> you can tell she just loves him, loves the way he proposed. >> and they're obviously fans of these movies, because she was totally into it the whole way through. >> good job, brother!
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suited up for a rap song, and it is loaded. buy you a medicine >> now the dapper dudes explain >> ladies love it. >>up in just a few minutes. >> we're in severe weather center 9 watching a watch that goes into effect until 5:00. they storms will be out sooner. we have two warnings now, northern parts of orange county and southern sections of volusia and lake county, right over mount plymouth moving to the northeast, sanford, make
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that sound. like nails on aa chalkboard. t lilien t tthisis (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. gigivet a pop.p. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. most men unlike oli, don't like shopping. david is one of them. >> prepare to enter the matrix. >> he went to ikea with his
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david hates ikea and breaks down his day there in 90 seconds. >> i can break it down in 1 second. [ crying ] you're walking in the wrong direction. >> see that look on this face at the beginning? it stays there the entire time. as they move through the store -- >> can we go home now? we have a spoon. why do we need a fork? that will go perfectly with the wooden spoon and fork. >> they switch up just a little bit, because he takes time to smell the flowers. a purchase has been made, and some pizza. >> is that good? >> and it doesn't matter, back within a week for all the other stuff you forgot. >> created the heavens black. >> ah! a popular hash tag on twitter and on mlk day, vir's
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biology major for ccu okay and neurology 101 and go ahead >> ah, they're fly. >> yes, they are fly. this is terrence terry and jonathan all students at virginia commonwealth university. you go ahead my name is terry that's my twin, oh, yeah and vcu and therapy buy you a medicine, go get it >> posted on social media and it just exploded. >> i wondered, did they go to class like this? [ laughter ] >> what's the event? what's happened? where are they going? my name is john and he's my friend, strong black man come on we know you love that melody >> swagged out. i'm not sure. why don't we meet them and ask them. jonathan, terrence and terry. welcome to the show, guys. [ applause ] >> so how did all of this come about? you guy, looking pretty swagged out.
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dapper monday. we don't necessarily have to dress up but in an organization and do this at least one day of the week. >> what was the motivation for the video? >> kind of started off as something we could just do to like, joke around a little bit. after we saw it caught more people than expected i saw it was a great video idea. >> people are actually creating their own versions of who they are, where they attend school and what they're doing in life. did you expect to reach this many people? >> oh, no, ma'am. not at all. >> how did it feel when other black men came forward saying i'm studying biology, i want to be a doctor and this really spoke to me. how did it make you feel? >> really great and i was not expecting people to become so inspired about the video. >> what do you think it is about this video that made people fall in love with it so much? >> they see that black people are actually doing something positive with their life, and i know the older people they like to see this, because it actually, black people join
10:57 am
and from a girl's perspective, i know ladies love it. >> that is is true i. was waiting for that. >> oh, yes. there are a lot of ladies saying, call me, and guys, any date offers or anything? >> definitely it's reached the point, the comments. >> you have a gofundme page for your tuition and everything you might need for your education. talk to folks, how can they help support your future endeavors? >> just click on the link. >> doesn't have to be a monetary revenue addition to it. just anything would help. black and the most my friend charity says, bye, y'all. see ya on the next rhett rt. "right this minute." meet martha, a beluga of a thousand faces. like her happy-to-see-you face. her dancing face. and her coaster face. how do you say no to a face like that? you don't have to. with an annual pass from seaworld that gives you rides, shows and events,
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