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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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we know more this afternoon about the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of a 15 year old girl. high school student destiny bargman was shot and killed inside her apopka home saturday. >> her death is the result of teenagers playing with a gun. yesterday police charged a 16 year old boy with second degree case. investigators just released new roy? >> reporter: that suspect has been identified as 16 year old queshawn macy's and investigators tell me that he was in the backyard of the home you're looking at right here with a group of teens firing that weapon before he made it back inside of the home where was his girlfriend. you could see that make shift memorial has been set up right
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friends and family gathered outside of the home of destiny bargman for a prayer service as they mourn the loss of a 15 year old high school student. we have been following the story since she was shot and killed at the home saturday. according to apopka police, the joint homicide investigation team now working the case told us the 16 year old arrested in connection to her death has been charged with second degree murder and has also again been identified as queshawn macy's. investigators said a group of teens were behind the home and macy's and others were shooting in the backyardment at some point detectives believe the teens went into a bedroom and continued playing with that gun when bargman was shot. i spoke to the best friend of the victim yesterday who told me she was in the living room when she heard that shot fired. >> i ran to the room and he was running out of the room and i said what happened and he said i don't know, destiny just got shot. >> and right now we are looking
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we're also looking into how that teen was able to get a hold of that gun and who ultimately it belongs to. as we gather that information we'll have it on eye witness news at 4:00. for now in apopka, roy ramos, channel 9. you probably notice winter is back in central florida. temperatures will dip down into the 30s and 40s overnight even though it's technically spring. meteorologist marina is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. >> marty i don't think mother nature got the memo. we did kickoff spring yesterday but we are back in winter for sure as we head into the day today and tomorrow. live look at daytona, of course spring breakers are probably wondering where is all of the florida heat? well it's not around today or tomorrow. very blustery as well which is causing huge issues along the coastline which i will break down in just a minute but we're in the mid to upper 50s and we aren't warming up too much more about 10 degrees and that's it as we head into the afternoon. 56 in orlando, 550 call a as
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58 in melbourne so over the last 24 hours we've seen up to a 20-degree temperature drop and you we'll every bit of those 20 degrees but not only because of the fact that the temperatures are cooler. it is windy. we are seeing winds out of the northwest at 15-25 miles per hour so of course that makes temperatures feel five to eight degrees cooler than they actually are so yes, definitely jacket weather. you're going to want to grab your jacket for sure because our coolest temperatures haven't even gotten into our area yet. that will come tonight. we have a red flag warning from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. heightened fire risk as we head into the day today and we also have a lake wind advisory for the day and temperatures will as i mentioned be in the low to mid 60s as we move into the afternoon. we have a small craft advisory we'll be looking at rough inter coastal conditions very high risk for rip currents both today and tomorrow so if you're heading to the coast, make sure you heed all the warnings out there because it is dangerous with the rip current threat right now. marty? all right marina and you
12:04 pm daytona beach police are looking for a man they say his car. police just released this sketch of the man the girl was walking in the 1200 block of hillcrest drive friday night when the man driving a blue jaguar approached her. he ask her repeatedly to come closer and made threats and when the girl screamed the man drove away. the westbound lanes of i4 in deland are back open this afternoon after a postal truck spilled fuel on the road. this happened about 5:00 this morning near mile marker 121. state troopers say the postal truck was trying to avoid a tire in the road when it swerved and jackknifed. that's when fuel from the truck spilled out on to the road. the postal driver sustained minor injuries. we're staying in touch with firefighters in orange county to find out what sparked a large brush fire this morning. take a look at this blaze. firefighters say this started as a grass fire around 6:30 at pine woods road.
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there's no word yet this fire caused any damage or if anybody was hurt. we have a better idea this afternoon about how the city of altamonte springs is teaming up sharing. the mayor unveiled a feature give you a discount. channel 9 is live in altamonte springs now this is all meant to get more people to ride sun rail. >> reporter: that's one of the reasons that city leaders say they did help launch that pilot program for this next year and right here if you get a ride to or from the sun rail station as of today, you'll get a 25% discount if that ride stays within city limits. city leaders did hold that official launch at the station this morning and they have budgeted $500,000 to give riders that sun rail discount i mentioned and a 20% discount if your uber ride starts and ends in the city for any other case. one requesting a right in altamonte springs you'd ender that word in the promo code box and get that price cut and city
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this will get more people to use the sun rail station. >> it gives you the opportunity to make the choice when you want to go, where you want to go how you want to go and that level of convenience is necessary for sun rail to succeed long term. >> and this is just a pilot program at this point for one year. after that the city manager will put out requests for other transportation solutions and then they will decide what they would like to do long term. for tonight at 6:00 we're working to find out where that money is coming from and talking to people in the area to find out if they think they will end up using the service, for now reporting live in altamonte springs, channel 9 eye witness news. we have a description of the vehicle troopers say hit and killed a man. the crash happened last night near the intersection of courtney parkway and alma boulevard in brevard county. a dark colored 1995-2003 chevy s10 pick up truck hit 54 year old steven terry. troopers say terry had fallen off his bike and was hit by the
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the truck is believed to have front end damage. drivers are now free to use the westbound ramp on to i4 inmate land. we warned you about the closure over the weekend but now the ramp is back up and running all part of the i4 ultimate project supposed to reopen at 6:00 this morning but crews were removing cones early before 5:00 a.m. there was a historic handshake in cuba just within the past hour. president obama is meeting with cuban president castro during his visit to the communist nation. the first via u.s. president in nearly 90 years. abc marcie gonzalez is in havana now with the latest. >> reporter: a historic first full day in havana, president obama meeting with cuban president castro today a first step in working past the decades old bitter divide between the u.s. and this communist nation. president obama sharing his optimism in this abc news exclusive interview. >> the time is right. change is going to happen here
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>> the first family welcomed yesterday by cheering crowds hopeful this marks a turning point. here where the 11 million residents make an average of just $20 a month and while the trade embargo still exists american businesses are starting to take advantages of newly relaxed restrictions. >> cuba has significant potential for travelers around the world. >> but opponents criticize the presidents actions here. pointing to the ongoing rest in cuba. president obama is vowing to take a strong stance. >> although we still have significant differences around human rights and individual liberties inside of cuba, we felt that coming now would more change. >> he will meet with some of
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televised speech here but first this historic meeting between two presidents many thought they would never see standing side by side here. marcie gonzalez, abc news, the man accused of killing a man at an adult nightclub any time soon. lewis cintron is being held with no bond at the orange county jail accused of shooting and killing carlos cruz at the morning. they say it started out as a fight in the parking lot. two other people were hurt. in the next hour the driver accused in a fatal hit and run will face a judge. we told you about the crash at the corner of colonial drive and peach tree road in orlando earlier this month. edward alvarez sped away from state troopers and crashed into charles mcmurray killing him. alvarez then drove off and later a band and his car. yesterday an anonymous tip lead troopers to him for the arrest the donald trump campaign is taking steps to prevent violence at his campaign rally.
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and you probably couldn't help but notice the price of your commute is on the rise. what's behind a sudden increase in prices at the pump? and that cold front has left us much cooler but we have our coolest temperatures yet coming up tonight. i'm tracking how cold you're
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your afternoon commute will cost you more gas prices are on the rise according to triple a, florida gas prices have increased about $0.29 in the last 20 days. channel 9 angela jacobs has more on what's behind the price hike. >> reporter: one gas station manager told us the call came in during rush hour last week to bump that price up $0.20 and forecasters say it could go up 30 to 50 by memorial day weekend. it's all about supply and demand and triple a points to an increased need and reduced supplies for forcing this jump. historically 2/3 of the price of gas is typically influenced by the price of crude oil, so the fact that oil prices have gone up 28% the past month explains what's happening here. it also made it more expensive for gas stations to buy gas. last week the wholesale price for a gallon of regular unleaded was 20% higher compared to the week before. when it's more expensive for retailers it's more expensive they've noticed.
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>> yeah, my car used to take like $25 and now it's taking like 30 and i've just got a little honda so that's a lot of gas. >> in the latest triple a stats we checked this is the highest average weekly price for a barrel of oil since the first week of december. >> angela jacobs channel 9 eye witness news. south korean officials believe north korea has continued its weapons launch. south korea military is trying to determine if five projections fired from north korea were short range missles. the launches come three days hurts her political career. the new map stretches across parts of north florida which is republican and drawn after the
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original senate map unconstitutional. the hearing is set for friday and the congress woman is asking for financial help to fight her federal court battle. last week 9 investigates discovered this letter on her campaign website asking fordonations from $25 to $2600. the cape canaveral air force station are getting ready for a rocket launch. tomorrow a rocket will blast after as part of a resupply mission to the international space station. the cigna spacecraft has been loaded and is carrying almost 8,000 pounds of supplies and experiments. if you were lucky you may have seen two comets today. these two white dots on the screen are interplanetary twins that means the smaller comet on the right might have broken off by the bigger one on the left. there will be about 2 million miles away which makes it the third closest flyby in history. police are the florida department of business and
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suing over bat feces in the workplace. the three employees say they became sick because of the work conditions that have filed a lawsuit against the owner of the building where they work. this lawsuit comes one week after inspectors found 10 pounds of bat feces in the building. just a few hours, tech fans will hear about apple's latest products. the tech giant will hold a spring news conference this afternoon. insiders say apple will debut a smaller version of the iphone as well as smaller version of the ipad pro. now this is a step from the recent trends to make screens on electronics larger. >> i leak smaller. >> you like smaller? >> i do. i like everything compact so that i can put it in a little clutch. >> there you go. stay tuned for this afternoon. >> stay tuned. >> last week we were talking about the summer temperatures >> i know. >> now we have opposite. >> i mean mother nature can't make her mind up. she wants to go all over the place but if you look cooler weather please enjoy it because it is not going to last very long.
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heat and humidity back in full force, so we really want to enjoy this treat because it's probably the last time that we're going to get this cold. downtown orlando looks deceptively beautiful and warm with that sunshine but it is chilly. 56 degrees right now with a northwesterly wind that really cuts 15 miles per hour to 25 miles per hour all across our area of course making it feel about 5-10 degrees cooler than it is. a few clouds lingering in our southern counties but we'll be crystal clear by tonight and have a beautiful sunny day tomorrow so high pressure is in control and it is over to our west so because of that we're getting a very brisk northwesterly wind that keeps us quite chilly as we head into the rest of the day today and tomorrow. but once that high pressure pops over towards the atlantic that allows for as you all know a southerly flow bringing that warm tropical moist air up into our neck of the woods so by wednesday we start to heat up quickly so we've got about 48 hours here of the unseasonable cool weather. we are all-in the mid 50s right
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wind speeds are out of the north northwest anywhere from 10-20 miles per hour and like i said we can easily gust to 25- 30 especially along the coat as we head into the afternoon. highs are going to be in the mid to low 60s and it will be a chilly day overall but we're going to start to rebound 10 degrees warmer by tomorrow and then another 10 degrees by wednesday, so it's a nice quick turnaround if you do like the warmer weather so mostly sunny much cooler tonight. it will be our coldest night of the week and coldest night we've seen in six weeks with 30s and 40s. lots of sunshine tomorrow though and a milder high as we return to the 70s. future track 9 showing clouds that will start to push along the coastline as we head into the afternoon and evening but otherwise, we are crystal clear as we head towards the i4 corridor and tomorrow. everyone, will see plenty of that sunshine so our average high is 79 degrees i've had a lot of you ask me that on facebook and we aren't getting anywhere near that the next couple days, however by wednesday, we're just a touch
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see 87 degrees by the end of the week next week, but we are also tracking our rain chances increasing as we head toward easter weekend as well. in orange county today it looks lovely 64 in apopka, around metro west, heading over to the east side, waterford lakes about 63 degrees, 64 winter park and 65 in bislow, and a chilly night. 39 in ocala, 41 the villages, 42 deland, 45 orlando and 49 melbourne so it is a coat morning for sure on your tuesday. five day forecast with your weekend always in view the good news is you can shed the coat tuesday afternoon as we warm up to 74, 80s return by wednesday and i know your attention is drawn to our rain chances they are increasing as we are heading into easter weekend and i know we have a lot of outdoor activities for saturday and sunday so we'll keep a very close eye monitoring those storm chances as we head into the next couple of days. >> marina there are new warnings this afternoon about
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fire on board an airplane. the major damage the small fire could have done and what this teenage pilot did that has
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a father and his son tried to save their neighbor from a fire at an orange county home too intense. out alive. steven fox and his son grabbed a garden hose and tried to put out the flame at the house yesterday. another neighbor says he saw the fire breakthrough the windows. the victim had mobility issues and may not have been able to get out of the house once the fire spread. >> the rest of the house was smoking but that corner was, it was in flames. >> investigators have not yet released the victims name. sea world now says the whale is doing better. we reported earlier this month the orca became sick from an infection and trainers have been keeping a close eye on him.
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them and is eating well now. blood work also improved. he has been with sea world for more than two decades. he is responsible for the death 2010. we now know the name of the victim who was shot and killed the weekend. police say 31 year old joshua bell was shot near a playground apartment complex. he later died at the hospital. crime line is now offering a the shooter. a driver is recovering this afternoon after a truck overturned into swampy water in clairmont. it happened on county road 561 now from this picture you can see how high the water filled the vehicles cabin. crash. people nearby helped pull the driver out of the truck before it sank into the water. drivers in seminole county have to find another way around cranes root park in altamonte springs. on march 28 construction crews start work along uptown boulevard. the road will be open to people
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park officials say improvements are moving along as scheduled some of the new board walks reopened last week. you'll be able to vote on three new amendments to the states constitution when you vote in november. amendment 3 proposes property tax exemptions for first responders who become permanently disabled in the lie of duty. amendment 4 would give commercial property owners a tax break on renewable energy devises and amendment 5 would allow low income seniors to continue getting an additional homestead tax exemption when their property values rise. people living in east orange county will see several new fire stations pop-up in the next few years. county leaders haven't announced exact locations but one is expected to be built near ucf. at the intersection of dean road and winder trail. last year county report showed emergency responders as spending too much time traveling to calls because of the growth in the traffic. >> we've been living here now for 23 years and its grown big time. traffic is really bad
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the college lets out or they go in. >> orange county mayor theresa jacobs is asking for $18 million to fund the project. in volusia county two daytona beach tourist attractions may soon get parking meters. the county council wants to add the meters to the parking lots at sun splash park and suns pier. now it's free to park. council members say people who are not visiting either attraction would have to use the meters. prices may range from $2 an hour to $20 for the day. investigators say the suspect arrested for the paris attacks was planning more. what he was planning and why he's now threatening to sue paris investigators. and the steps the trump campaign is now taking after
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stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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donald trump's campaign says it's beefing up security after a string of protests and more violence at his rallies. voters are set to head to the polls tomorrow for primaries in three western states. abc has more. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign changing the way they handled scenes like this, violent outbursts at campaign rallies. over the weekend, in tucson, a protester punched and stomped as he was lead out by security. >> this was an african american man and a family that was there to listen to me speak. they couldn't hear me speak because of the noise that was being made by a very few people. >> trump telling george on this week, the protesters are not innocent lambs.
12:29 pm
blame the protesters? these are people that are-- >> you're blaming the protesters not the person who actually punched and kicked the protester? >> no, i'm saying this. these are professionals and they should be blamed there too. >> this weekend trumps campaign manager, the man in the gray suit, was caught on tape grabbing a protester by the collar. trump defending his top aid. >> i give him credit for wanting to take down those horrible profanity laced signs. >> this is the second time he has been accused of getting physical at a rally. trump's campaign saying they will now be dedicating additional security resources to larger events in the future to prevent staff from having to intervene. >> trump hosting palm beach republicans at his resort including dr. ben carson but trump's rivals senator ted cruz and governor john kasich showing no signs of giving up.
12:30 pm
the record to lead this country. >> trump also fighting another war, this time against fox news' megan kelly. over the weekend going on a twitter tie raid calling her over rated, crazy and sick. fox news firing back, defending kelly saying trump's extreme sick obsession with her is beneath the dignity of a presidential candidate. >> abc news, new york. >> investigators are learning disturbing new details from the terror suspect arrested for the attacks in paris. according to belgium foreign attack. officials have warned that the threat of more attacks is as in paris. investigators are hoping to learn even more information. >> this gives the belgium and french authorities the opportunity to in tear o gate him, find out more about who else he may have been working with. >> he is charged in connection with the attacks in paris last november, 130 people were
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extradition to france. it's officially spring but tonight will feel more like winter. temperatures dip down into the 30s and 40s overnight. our meteorologist is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. busy. i have a lot of you that are too cold this afternoon but if it is too cold don't worry. we'll rebound very quickly over the next couple of days. we are in the mid 50s right now, and we are going to eventually warm into the mid 60s, but we are seeing because the coastline. not only a very high rip current threat but a small craft advisory and a lake wind advisory for the day today. so our rip current risk remains high through the mid week, wave heights at about five to seven feet northwesterly winds at 50- 25 miles per hour so i know that it's a busy week along the coast. you'll want to make sure you heed the warnings if you'll be dipping into the atlantic. so from west to east the villages lots of beautiful sunshine. you'll be topping out at 64 degrees at 4:00 and downtown orlando in the i4 corridor we'll see more sunshine start to move in as we head into the
12:32 pm
65 for the hyatt 4:00 as well and in daytona beach we'll be looking at just a few fair weather clouds in a couple hours but mainly sunny skies, with a high chilly high there of 62 degrees i'm tracking those 30s and 40s for you and i'll let you know how cool it's going to get in your neck of the woods coming upment marty? the beaches in volusia county are packed this week with spring breakers and beach safety officials are warning visitors about hazards. the red flags are flying because of strong rip currents. safety officials rescued 19 people yesterday and also said there were a number of alcohol violations. despite heavy criticism state lawmakers are looking into expanding a program to give teachers bonuses based on their high school test scores. the best and brightest program rewards teachers who have top performance evaluations and who scored well on their s. a.t. when they were in high school. lawmakers want to make it a permanent law rather than a year line in the budget some opposed it saying those who scored well on those exams
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more effective teachers. nissan has decided to add more vehicles to a recall related to fuel pump issues. all 2014 rogue vehicles are part of that recall. more than 46,000 vehicles made between july 2013 and june 2014 are included in this recall. officials say the pump issue can prevent the engine from starting or cause the engine to stop while driving. you can have it repaired at a nissan dealer for free. in just a few months more than 40 pythons have been captured in south florida where they've been a huge problem. one of the snakes measured 16 feet and weighed 140 pounds. research turpitudes believe it's the largest male python ever documented south florida. they put trackers on some of the snakes so researchers can see where they are living in order to catch other snakes. >> okay. a baby is beating the odds after doctors told the parents there was nothing else to do. the rare surgery that saved her
12:34 pm
an effort to contain a ebola outbreak that has health
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there's a new ebola country of guinea. health officials say two people tested positive for the virus more cases. the world health organization has sent experts to the region to find out where the new outbreak is coming from and how to isolate it vaccinate and monitor anyone who was exposed.
12:37 pm
been infected in more than 11,000 have died since the world's worst ebola epidemic started in 2013. you may fight with your kids to do their homework but psychologists say hours of homework is actually hurting them. in fact new research shows homework has no academic impact on elementary school students. no more than two hours of homework in high school is effective no more than two. middle school students do better with a few practice assignments rather than homework. heavy loads of homework can cause negative attitudes towards school and conflicts within the family. don't tell the kids. you'll soon notice a change on your favorite box of general mills cereal. the company will label products that contain genetically modified ingredients. the move comes after a requirement enforced in vermont. the company says it is more practical to change labels for products distributed across the country rather than just to comply to the rule in one state. the mandate goes into effect on july 1. after doctors said she was suffering from strokes and
12:38 pm
threatening birth defect is amazing her family and friends. >> baby lincoln was born with a birth defect that caused her brain to grow outside her skull. doctors in dallas said surgery would be too high risk to remove the dead brain tissue but lincolns parent took her to boston children's hospital for a second opinion and that's when doctors took a chance and successfully removed that tissue. >> see hope, i'm not going to say it's going to be normal. if she speaks great. if she walks fantastic and if not that's what she has her dad and i for. >> sin the surgery baby lincoln has gained more weight and can even holdup her own head. >> wow. two teens who walked away from a plane crash are speaking out this afternoon about how they survive this. the one thing investigators say the teenage pilot did that kept things from becoming a whole lot worse. and a mid air scare that lost an investigation into iphone fires. it's chilly out there but
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i'll let you know when the winds calm down and wh hi, guys! spring is almost here and you know what that means! easter is hopping along. so, if you're looking to this easter holiday, just look at these savings at your local walmart. orlando, the total amount saved at walmart vs. winn-dixie was $18.08... that's 13% on this week's easter basket. why shop anywhere else? fill your basket with walmart's every day low prices and get big savings. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today.
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daytona beach police help a new billboard will help them track down a suspect in a murder case. last april police found faith jenkins body in an abandoned home. wednesday, the department will unveil a billboard with her picture at congress and ridgewood avenue. investigators hope it will bring new leads in the case. an investigation is under way after a mid air scare. >> a passengers iphone caught fire on a flight to hawaii. abc has more on how it happened and what investigators are now doing to keep it from happening again. >> i thought the whole plain would go up in flames. >> reporter: these images of the charred cell phone show the terrifying aftermath of a mid flight fire scare. the 19-year-old college sophomore on her way to honolulu for spring break says she was watching a movie on her apple iphone 6 when it burst
12:42 pm
>> my mom yelled to get the fire extinguisher and at first they were like oh, my gosh. i don't think they knew what to expect either. >> the fire quickly extinguished, the faa is investigating just how it happened. the likely culprit? the lithium ion battery powering her phone. the agency already testing the potential dangers of overheating lithium batteries on planes. cautioning airlines about explosions like this when batteries shift in cargo, self- ignite. while individual cell phone battery fires are rare, they do happen. consumer product consultant tony olson telling abc news while the batteries in our phones aren't likely to combust when they do it can be catastrophic. >> the problems with lithium ion can happen almost at any point. it can happen when it's fully charged and plugged in. it can happen when it is fully charged and running off the battery. >> experts say avoid dang turpitude usually overheating your phones battery. turn your phone off as much as you can.
12:43 pm
and if you drop your phone, get it inspected immediately. for this spring breaker a catastrophe at 30,000 feet luckily averted. >> if i get a new phone before i head back i'm going to keep it off. >> abc news, new york. you can get more refunds if you book a flight and it doesn't go as planned, a senate committee approved a bill requiring refunds for things like baggage fees if the luggage is delayed more than six hours travelers would also get a refund if priority boarding or seat selection aren't provided and the bill makes airlines notify families if adjoining seats aren't available. a spring break trip took a frightening turn when two teenagers had to crash land their plane on a golf course. >> there are several occupants and it looks like they are getting out of the plane but injured. >> high school seniors christian dell and nicole klovsner saved their money to fly this small plane to nashville. dell is a certified pilot and
12:44 pm
sailing until the very last leg of the ride home and that's when the plane puttered. >> i was just like locking at him and trusting he knew what to do and praying to god that i was going to be okay. >> christian was able to steer the plane away from trees, houses and power lines to crash golf course. the two teens walked away with minor concussions and as you otherwise okay. they walked away. what went wrong. that's pretty cool thinking i think. >> i know. >> he must have been cool under pressure right there. wow. well we are all cool today. >> uh-huh. >> my facebook has been lit up. i understand it is much cooler over the last 24 hours but we'll be right back into the heat again and you're like where are those cool temperatures? >> there you go so enjoy it because it's probably our last huge front of the season. it's our second day of spring and yes that feels more like
12:45 pm
gone before we know it. live look at daytona beach very rough seas i want to point out to you and we're going to be looking at rough seas for the next 36 hours of course that all has to do with the front and fact that we're seeing very windy conditions, but it's spring break week so it's going to be crowded nonetheless with the chilly cooler temperatures. satellite radar showing clouds in our southern counties otherwise everyone else is mostly clear with a lot of sunshine. high pressure is in control once it stays and moves over to the atlantic coastline a southerly flow will warm us up very quickly starting wednesday but at least for today and tomorrow we get that northwesterly flow keeping things feeling cool. mid 50s now we'll warm things up about 8-10 more degrees and then we'll be seeing temperatures drop even more tonight. numbers. northwesterly winds at 50-25 miles per hour and gusty. would be comfortable but winds make it very chilly and because of the winds we have a red flag warning and lake wind advisory from 10:00 a.m. today to 7:00 p.m.
12:46 pm
risk for the day today into early tomorrow. 63 in melbourne as well as in cocoa. our southern brevard county might see a little more cloud cover just especially as we head into this evening and i'll show you why in a minute. 63 in merit island, 62 titusville, 60 in new smyrna beach, 62 daytona beach and 62 in flagler and in volusia county today it's looking good. 63 in pierceon, 62 in deland as we head over to ormond beach around halifax plantation, it's looking about 61, 60 in new is and it's the winds that will make those temperatures feel like they are in the mid 50s. now tonight clear skies. 39 degrees in ocala 41 in the villages, 42 in deland, 45 in orlando and sanford 49 in titusville as well as in melbourne so it is going to be chilly but we probably won't see temperatures like this for quite is some time. five day forecast with your weekend always in view showing the 70s already by tomorrow, 80s returning by wednesday, and then there are those rain
12:47 pm
and friday and it looks like a huge frontal system moves through over our easter weekend. we're going to keep a very close eye and monitor it because of course as we know saturday and sunday a lot of outdoor activities easter egg hunts have already had a lot of e-mails from viewers we'll be monitoring and keeping you updated day-to-day as we head closer to that date. it's a slide that's not to the playground. the tourist attraction that's
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here is a look at the stories we're working on for
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we know more about the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of a 15 year old girl in apopka. investigators say her death is the result of teenagers playing with a gun. at 4:00 we're asking how the 16 year old accused of pulling the trigger got the weapon in the first place. also today, orange county crews are cleaning up a mess caused by a wastewater lift station. a sprinkler main broke yesterday at the station off good homes road in orlando. we're calling environmental protection division to see think are potential hazards at 4:00. florida fish and wildlife working to figure out what caused several fish kills in brevard county. last week we first told you about 100 dead fish that lined the shore and water on merit island. at 4:00 we're asking if other fish kills in the county are connected. if you are by some chance a thrill seeker you can soon get your adrenaline flowing at a new attraction in los angeles. >> if you go way out there but you may want to think twice about looking down on this one. the sky slide was installed
12:51 pm
it is the tallest building west of the mississippi and the slide is a thousand feet above ground. you slide from the 70th floor down to the 69th floor at a 45- foot long glass slide and the glass is only one and a quarter inch thick. the slide is set to open this summer. >> why? stocks are down on wall street this afternoon. here is a look at the numbers we'll have closing figures
12:52 pm
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some of us were taken by surprise a little bit sudden blast of cold air. >> they said it was going to be chilly. here is our meteorologist in severe weather center 9. >> yes it is alcohol it and the wind will be kicking out of the northwest at 15-25 miles per hour so that's making it feel even cooler. we'll be in mid to low 60s this after anyone and tonight is going to be the big night. we are very chilly. upper 30s to mid 40s across our
12:55 pm
so that means it will feel even with the northwesterly wind just at 5-10 like we're all-in the 30s so grab that jacket you won't need it later in the day on tuesday as we warm up nicely to 74, 80s return on wednesday for all of you warm weather lovers and then we'll see a slight chance for a few showers thursday better chance on friday and an even better chance i know over easter weekend and it's bad timing so we'll keep a very close eye on this frontal system that looks to be approaching over the weekend and keep you posted over next couple days on its timing. thank you for watching noon.
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