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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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this is saint elizabeth church. take a look just to my left here. you can see this playground, this is an apartment complex and we believe that playground is either part of the apartment complex tore the church here. we just got on the scene, so details. but you can see the police and deputies are way over on the other side of the trail here as well. here. one person was hit. one one person hit, who is now -- has passed away, according to the investigators out here. we have the public information officer coming out to the scene right now. he's going to give us some more information. as soon as we get that information, we'll bring it to you live right here on this broadcast right here on channel 9. reporting live in apopka, tim barber, channel 9 news now to the other shooting in apopka that left a 15-year-old dead. >> police say her 16-year-old boyfriend was playing with gun when he shot and killed her.
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news saturday when investigators say 15-year-old destiny bogman died at her home off sheeler hills road. >> reporter: you're looking at the mug shot of the 16-year-old investigators say shot and killed his girlfriend inside her home. investigators tell me that macy was in the backyard of a home firing the gun before he made it inside the house where he shot his girlfriend while playing with that gun. >> he backed up and he clicked it again anda75r time, it shot. >> reporter: she said she was the victim's best friend. she told me she was inside the home when the couple was, as she described, play fighting in a bedroom. moments later, she said she heard the shot fired and ran into the bedroom and try to save her life.
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report we were able to obtain. >> her heart beating but when i started doing cpr, she started breathing again. >> reporter: macy was charged with second degree murder. throughout the day, i looked into it more how the teen was able to get the gun. he retrieved the gun from another person inside her house before returning to the bedroom. spring has sprung, talking about the weather, it felt like winter decided to make a quick comeback. >> certified meteorologist brian shields has been tracking or cooldown from severe weather center 9 and the 40s will be back in the area tonight. is that chilly by florida standards? >> tonight it is going to be on the colder side and a frost county. so don't forget to cover up the plants for tonight and don't forget about the pets, either.
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or if you're in the typical cold spots, we could have a little bit of frost developing by early on our tuesday. it is going1>h>o to be cold and it was cool today, still is, 59, my friends in palm coast, 62 the current temp in daytona beach and look at this 24-hour temperature change, many spots 15 to 20 degrees cooler behind that front that blew through yesterday. tonight, we'll see the 40s working in after midnight. we'll get a look at how cold it will be just ahead. we're following breaking news now out of osceola county where another case of zika was reported. two more cases were found in miami dade county and broward county. it's important to remember that nearly all of these patients became infected while traveling outside of florida. health officials don't believe the virus has affected our local sweet population yet.
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state attorney spoke about three kissimmee police officers accused of not telling the truth in court. the claims came to light when defense lawyers said testimony on the stand didn't match up with surveillance video of a drug bust. channel 9's michael lopardi has been working the story. the charges in the drug case were eventually dropped because of these claims. >> reporter: prosecutors dropped the charges after this video came to light. this video shows several kissimmee police officers enter last november. a police report showed members of the street crimes unit were conducting a drug surveillance operation and arrested a man for allegedly possessing 29 grams of marijuana. but the public defender's office said the video doesn't match what an officer wrote in the police report or testified that
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and a man handed over a bag of pot. three officers were suspended without pay on thursday after the state was notified by the attorney's office. we should note that we're still working to confirm the names of the three officers who were suspended and whether or not all three are the same three that there. kissimmee police say they have suspended their street crimes unit for the time being and the state attorney's office is reviewing any other open cases officers. like we said, we just spoke with the state attorney. interview. we spoke with our legal analyst about what that will mean for those other open cases. 5:00. right now, there's still no sign of a driver of a chevy pickup truck who detectives say brevard county.
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chevy s-10 pickup truck hit and killed steven terry. the truck is believed to have front end damage. we're also staying on top of another fatal hit-and-run case in orange county. driver edward alvarez was denied bond today. state troopers were trying to pull him over when he sped away and hit and killed another man. this afternoon, the fire marshal's office needs people to come forward if they have photos of an iconic cocoa beach mansion while it burned to the ground. we were there live last tuesday night when the pumpkin center burned to the ground. it was the former home of usa today founder al newhart that was being renovated by the property's new owner. firefighters have still not said what sparked a large brush fire this morning. it started as a grass fire around 6:30 on pine woods road.
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danger is extremely high today because of low humidity and of course we have the gusty winds. in lake county, the fire marshal's office has finished his case without discovering what caused a house fire that killed a 17-year-old boy in minneola. the fire claimed the life of trevor ross last wednesday night. ross's family that experienced an outpouring of support from the community as they try to cope with what happened. after a three-year effort to strengthen ties between two nations, president obama has become the first president to4baqq step foot on to cuba in almost a century. >> anchor bob opsahl has been following the story. what are they doing this visit? >> reporter: a little fun and plenty of controversy. this is the first time in 88 years that a sitting u.s. president has been on the island nation, let alone meeting with president raul castro.
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other cubans who support his efforts and those who believe the renewed ties won't change anything. a historic hand shake in havana with the national anthems of cuba and the united states. [ music ] >> the presidents of both nations meeting putting decades of isolation and tension in the past and working toward a more amicable future. >> i'm absolutely confident if we stay on this course, we can deliver a better, brighter future for both the cuban people and american people. >> reporter: in this communist country, the president met to discuss potential business opportunities and the trade embargo. in an exclusive interview with abc news, president obama said he believes the embargo will be lifted but not before he leaves office.
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political rights with disdents regularly arrested. >> throwing the life line to those castro murderers. >> reporter: during the visit, raul castro called on obama to lift trade restrictions between the two countries and to return guantanamo bay to cuba. vanessa. seaworld said tillikum whale was still sick. trainers now say he has more energy is eating better and his blood work that improved. he was also responsible for the death of trainer dawn brancheau in 2010. a pilot program between altamonte springs and uber means you can spend less on ride sharing. anyone getting the uber ride will get a 25% discount. city leaders unveiled a feature inid so the uber app that will
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residents we talked to said they expected to savings to help them out. direction. just sun route could run more on the weekends. >> this is just a pilot program for one year to see if the city can increase transportation while decreasing traffic. after that,z& city manager says they'll put out requests for other transportation solutions and decide what they'd like to do in the long run. a 14-year-old volusia county teenager told police and channel 9 how a stranger tried to get her into his car while she was walking home. >> i was scared, what do i do. >> coming up, hear what she did that scared him off. >> then, a 12-year-old is facing criminal charges for pinching a classmate. >> i didn't know [ indiscernible ] >> why seminole county deputies said they have no choice but to arrest her. >> take a look, what caused this
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seep from orlando businesses. winds gusting near 30 to 40 miles per hour. that means the fire threat stays
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researchers are closer to finding out about the habits of pythons. one of the snakes measured 16 feet and weighed 140 pounds. researchers believe it's the largest male python ever documented in south florida. they put trackers on some of the snakes, by the way, so they can learn more about their habits. >> she's not even looking. >> that's right. >> that person needs like double pay for that. who has that job? you put the tracker on the snake.
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>> yes, it is. windy, cooler day. >> you were talking about the fire issue toward avalon, we're going to talk about that one. especially the winds, if we do have a fire with gustier winds, we could see them spreading quickly. daytona beach, these folks braver than me at the beach with these crazy temperatures. 62 with winds out of the north, northeast. a lot of low to mid-60s. even a few 50s around, 55 at new smyrna beach, 63 in to parts of marion county. there are the winds coming down out of the north, that will keep us on the cool side. gusts to 31 in titusville. we are going to continue with some of those wind gusts and a few high clouds in our southern tier, so that is the issue. we'll watch out for areas of smoke and the fire threat stays high for the next couple of days. celebration we go tonight, 59 by 8:00 and then look what happens
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we're going to be down in the 40s. even colder than what we're dealing with this morning. here's future track again. looking good. maybe too good, we could use a little bit of rain. but tuesday, there's your time frame. dry conditions that will be with us. we'll watch the seas elevated 3 to 4 feet and a high risk of rip current. running in the 70s tomorrow, warmer tomorrow. take a look at the map. these are the numbers tonight. we'll range from 39 in ocala to cloud. morning. and we could even have a little bit of frost. if you're one of those typical cold spots, you want to protect the plants. protect the pets. best chance of frost, northern zone, marion, lake and sumter. tomorrow it will be really nice
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low to mid-70s at the coast. 76 in saint cloud and 74 in deland. five-day forecast with our weekend always in view, by wednesday, a few 80s return, we'll be in the low 80s. few scattered showers thursday and friday. saturday and sunday, scattered showers and storms. we're going over the long-term forecast and the next chance of rain coming up in the next hour. an orange county woman said her apartments has bugs, rats and holes in the walls but the it up. month. >> the other deplorable conditions we found when we checked the home ourselves. seminole county deputies said they have to arrest this 12-year-old girl for pinching a classmate. why they had no choice but to charge her with battery. michelle parker has been missing for five years and her ex-fianci remains the only suspect.
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a 12-year-old girl was arrested and is facing criminal charges after, get this,
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behind. >> the girl told channel 9 the whole thing was a joke but carla was kicked out of school and deputies arrested her so really not a joke. >> yeah, she said those deputies came to her home. they didn't put her in handcuffs but she had to ride in the back of a squad car. she was fingerprinted and booked for a battery charge over what she described was a simple pinch 12-year-old brianna evans said she was joking around with friends when she pinched a boy's behind and everything changed. >> i was by the office and we were pinching random people and i guess i pinched him and that's it. >> reporter: that led the girl to be suspended from school because the act was deemed socially unacceptable on paperwork. but the consequences didn't stop there. >> she's suspended from school because she was -- i understand that, but as far as coming and argue her the next day, that's not -- that's not the american way.
4:25 pm
shows brianna was picked up by seminole county deputies and booked for battery. deputies tell us there isn't a history between the students and the incident report shows the boy did not wish to prosecute but his mother later called and said she does wish to press charges because she said, quote, it is battery, leaving deputies with no choice. >> i don't get why it's such a big deal. like i just pinched a boy's butt, like my dad said i didn't hurt him or anything. >> reporter: now, we wanted to talk to the mother of that boy but we found out this afternoon that she is employed by the jail as a nurse, so her contact information is redacted. meanwhile, the father of that young girl told us his biggest fear is the charges could be upgraded to some sort of sex crime. what he did here this afternoon to try to prevent that coming up at 5.
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you can kind of see both sides. >> absolutely, but at the same time, where do you draw the line? and law enforcement stepping in because if it was a boy pinching a girl, it was that different? so a lot of people doing lots of questioning on this one. >> school has changed. we want to know, tell us what you think, does the punishment fit the crime? you can join the conversation at >> lot of comments on that one. an ingredient in your food can end up putting a dent in your wallet. >> what labelling genetically modified ingredients to the label can add $1,000 to your grocery bill every year. >> police want to find the man who looks like this, who they say tried to lure a 14-year-old go the car.
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new at four. >> he was scary looking. >> we talk with the daytona beach teenager who told police she was just trying to get home with a stranger tried to lure her into his car. >> he was telling me to come here and telling me where i'm going. >> what she did that she said scared him away. investigators say that stranger has not been found. >> and they say had the teen not screamed, who knows what could have happened. the 14-year-old told channel 9's blaine tolleson she was walking when a man approached her in a blue jaguar. something was up. >> reporter: she felt like this man wanted to harm her. these are the streets she plays with her friends but now she's 14-year-old deforest stewart
4:31 pm
man in a blue jaguar opened the door and asked where she was going. questions flew through her mind. >> what is he going to do, am i going to get kidnapped and finally i gained sense and just was like, okay, scream. >> reporter: daytona beach police released this sketch of the man stewart described. he approached her in his car near hillshire road and berkshire. stewart said she was walking alone but her friends were just down the street. >> tell me where you're going, you're not going to tell me where you're going, why don't you tell me. >> reporter: police are not doubting stewart's story. they want the community to be on the lookout for this man wanted for questioning. >> she's a 14-year-old girl, he's an adult, that's not the way to do things. >> reporter: stewart said her gut reaction to scream was what
4:32 pm
gut reaction to scream was what from being abducted. off. >> reporter: the victim said she has seen a blue jaguar in the area before but not this man. police say he could face criminal charges if they find there was criminal intent. live in daytona beach, blaine tolleson, channel 9 eyewitness news. we're following breaking news out of orange county where the deputies are looking for a person near a church. we told you about the shooting on east 15th street. so far we know several shots were fired and one person was hit and killed. this happened near a drug raid we told you about last week. at five, we're asking orange county deputies if this could be drug-related. it will be hard to forget that increasing number of donald trump rallies are becoming violent and now the republican front runner says he has no choice but to add more security to the events. this change comes just days after the scene right here at a
4:33 pm
you can see the protesters right there being punched and stomped by a supporter as he was being led out. at another weekend rally, trump's campaign manager was reported on cell phone video protester. trump said some of the blame should fall on the protesters and their behavior. professional agitators and there should be blame there, too. >> this is the second time trump's campaign manager has been accused of getting physical. trump said the security will ensure his staff doesn't have to intervene. last week we told you the f.b.i. launched an investigation into whether a hacker group posted trump's cell phone and social security number. we'll continue to monitor the situation in the coming months as the campaign to the white house intensifies. later tonight, of course, you
4:34 pm
at the american israel public affairs committee conference. nearly all the presidential candidates will attend to talk about the trouble in the mideast but 40 rabies plan to boycott trump because of his past comments about israel. his biggest contender on the democratic side, hillary clinton -- >> the growing effort to de-legitimatize israel on the world's stage, are converging to
4:35 pm
something's just not right around the indian river lagoon where in some areas fishing dying by the hundreds, if not the thousands. >> there's sheeps head and catfish, striped bass. oh, my gosh. this is terrible. this is the worst i've ever seen 1970. >> reporter: fish kills like this one along the banana river to melbourne. the county said it might have to do with the level of oxygen dropped in the water. >> the north wind blowing, shoreline. it's not going to get any better, it's going to get worse, i have a feeling.
4:36 pm
the indian river lagoon has been plagued with algae blooms. both brevard county natural resources and florida fish and wildlife are testing the water quality to determine exactly what is happening. state biologists are collecting water samples. and the state algal bloom team is set to collect other samples. >> i lived here all my life and i haven't seen it that bad ever. >> we'll be sure to let you know what that water severaling tells biologists about the fish kill. school officials received the key to phase i of new resident homes today. the facility will provide housing to those students who are living in off-campus housing. they will begin moving into the new residence halls in a few weeks. a developer is asking the city of daytona beach to rezone land on the halifax river for
4:37 pm
the project called marina point would include 33 town homes, 16 single family homes and boat these are renderings that will board. commissioners for final approval. in brevard county, the school is reviewing their tobacco-free policies on campus. this came after a school board member questioned whether they could ban people from using vapor risers. the school board directed staff to study the issue and report back. jurors return to court in st. petersburg this afternoon to consider punitive damages against gawker media. in a legal battle with professional wrestler hulk hogan, the jury decided they should pay him $15 million for posting a sex tape without his permission.
4:38 pm
over fuel pump issues on 2014 road vehicles. more than 46,000 vehicles made between july 2013 and june 2014 are included. officials say the pump issue can prevent the engine from starting or cause the engine to stop in the middle of driving. you can have it repaired as a nissan dealer for free. congress is debating whether certain ingredients need to be listed as genetically modified. >> martha, you learned this new form of labelling can increase what a family spends on groceries. >> reporter: the grocery manufactures association believes grocery costs will skyrocket by more than $1,000 a year as gmos have to be labeled. vermont was one of the fist states to pass a gmo labelling law. other states are debating
4:39 pm
the grocery manufactures association says a state-by-state patch work of gmo labelling laws would may i can it expensive for every company. >> wreak havoc on the flow of interstate commerce, agriculture and food products in every supermarket, every grocery store. >> reporter: a bill that would ban states from issuing their own labelling laws stalled in congress last week. >> nine out of ten americans want to know if their food contains gmos, the same rights 64 other countries around the world have. >> reporter: adding food companies change their labels all the time without passing the cost on to the consumer. the food industry is still holding out hope that congress will ban states from require labelling. following that ruling, in
4:40 pm
general mills said it will start labelling its products country-wide. vanessa. traffic on i-4 in deland is back to normal after a postal truck jackknifed. this is a video from traffic camera. troopers say about 5:00 this morning, a truck driver swerved to avoid a tire. the truck jackknifed and began leaking fuel. guys who use the i-4 in maitland do not have to worry about the detours. when the ramp was being shut down for the weekend, as a reminder to drivers in downtown orlando, the ramp from orange avenue to 408 west was also closed over the weekend. but will not reopen for another, say, three years or so. >> about, yeah. give or take. >> mark your calendars. the battle of sexes in social media. >> the comments made by a top official in the sport that
4:41 pm
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we are continuing to follow breaking news right now in orlando as we told you at the top of the newscast, there's a 20-acre wildfire in avalon park in east orange county. here's a live look from the scene. you can see the flames and smoke. this is on wild tamarind boulevard. oranges county fire rescue said that fire is about 50% contained but as we've been telling you,
4:45 pm
favor because it's so dry and we had a cooler night. that's a look from the avalon park area in east orange county. we'll keep you updated on this throughout this newscast and the latest coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00. if you look there, the bottom of the screen toward the right, you can see some of the homes. that really is the issue because the fire is burning close to some of those homes. we have another update on breaking news. we have confirmed the latest shooting victim in apopka is a teenager, it's a boy. it happened about 90 minutes ago next to a church. this shooting follows one this past weekend where police say a teenage boy was playing with a gun and killed his girlfriend. we're working on trying to find out what happened in this latest shooting. now we have a story out of orange county, you'll only see right here on channel 9. this woman said she had no choice but to live in this apartment that's falling apart
4:46 pm
this afternoon, channel 9's mike man zony tracked down the owner of the apartment and lives here in a volusia county mansion. >> reporter: for michelle mccloud, it's just one thing after the other. her toilet lies across her bathroom floor. her bathtub faucet doesn't work. the leak in her ceiling ruined her brand new said bet and the worst part of it all. >> behind this cardboard, that's where the rat came through at. >> reporter: these rats. she snapped these photos of two counter. >> it's sad, very sad. >> reporter: she lives here at orlando. i dug up dozens of pages of code enforcement records. they show 30 violations within just the past six months. the city says the complex hasn't fixed some of them and now has fines totaling nearly $5,000. i found out the property owner
4:47 pm
but he doesn't live in one of those apartments. he lives here in ormond beach at this gated water front home that these records show is valued at nearly a million dollars. he answered the door when i knocked and i told him about all the problems. it's not acceptable to you? >> absolutely not. i promise you within a week, we'll have it taken care of. >> reporter: michelle tells me she's getting ready to move because she's fed up with this place. she already has her packing tape here. she told me she's going to wait until the end of the month and see if the apartment complex fixes any of this and if not, she's going to head out. orange county, mike manzoni, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> eagle properties owns more than half a dozen complexes across central florida and we
4:48 pm
at another complex that the owner owns. getting ready for another chilly night but as we showed the brush fire in avalon park, the conditions are ripe for that stuff. >> goes hand in hand with the dry weather and the beautiful-looking day. then with the clear skies tonight, we're going to see the temperatures drop off. here's a look in downtown orlando, a few fair weather clouds off to the south. have a jacket for an evening plans, sports practice, hitting the town, grabbing a bite to eat. sunset at 7:37. once that goes down, it is going to drop off. 60s around for most of us. a lot of low 60s along the coast. winds coming down out of the north, that is going to keep us on the chilly side for sure. few fair weather clouds but high clouds. we've been seeing that orange, brevard, back to osceola. we'll keep you posted on that
4:49 pm
through the evening. 10 burns, some prescribed, some could be accidental. deltona, 55 at 8:00 but by the morning, mid-40s, and jacket weather for sure. tonight, in the 50s. a couple 30s, most of us in the 40s by tomorrow morning. one of those split days, by the afternoon, we could have some mid-70s on the way. this is wednesday but by the end of the week, a long-term model showing a chance of showers by the time we hit about thursday. for tonight, turning chilly. temperatures around 47. even some frost north and west. we'll be at 41 in the villages, 42 in deland, kissimmee, 44, my friends in melbourne about 49. north and west of i-4 best chance of frost. keep an eye out for that with the tender vegetation. don't forget about the pets, too. this could be the last cooldown of the season. five-day forecast with our
4:50 pm
tomorrow, warms up to 75. 81 by the time we hit wednesday and then we look to be locked into the mid-80s for quite some time. friday. a front is going to approach. that will keep us a bit more unsettled. thursday and friday like i showed you on future track, a 30% chance of showers. then we're going to see another front kick in i about the weekend. that means the rain chance this still several days away. closer. a 50% chance of showers and storms both saturday and sunday. 84 saturday and 85 on sunday. george. thank you, brian. at the top of the hour, we told you three kissimmee police officers are accused of lying in court. one case has already been dropped because of it. all new at 5, the answers we're getting from the state attorney and whether this could impact other cases the officers worked on. >> a 12-year-old girl was sent home from school for pinching a boy on the butt. but the next day, deputies
4:51 pm
why her dad is now worried she could be labeled a sex offender. officials under fire for comments he made before a tournament. what he said that has some of the most popular players in the sport speaking out. a good day on wall street. apple announcing its new smaller iphone. the dow was up 21, nasdaq gained 13 and rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. by hand? it's what we do.
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you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. this afternoon, the ceo of one of the most prestigious international tennis tournaments held in america is under fire for comments he made about female players. >> raymond moore was a professional player himself, but yesterday he said women players ride the coat tails of male players and his apology couldn't stop the ensuing and heated debate of man versus woman in tennis.
4:55 pm
director of a top american tennis facility didn't hold back. >> in my next life i want to be someone in the wta because they ride on the coat tails of the men. if i was a lady player, i would go down every night on my knees and thank god that roger federer and nadal were born. >> reporter: raymond moore made those comments yesterday in the popular tournament in california. he later apologized saying his words were in poor taste but not before the top woman in tennis reacted. >> there's only one way to interrupt that. which is we as women have come a long way and we shouldn't [ indiscernible ]. >> reporter: while the current top male player, djokovic,
4:56 pm
the men should ask for more pay since they have brought in more money and more fans. saying, quote, they have to go through a lot of different things that we don't have to go through, you know, the hormones and different stuff. we don't need to go into details. equal pay has been a major point of contention for tennis and the women's tennis association the last few years. on twitter, the wta founder billie jean king said every contributes to the success of the sport, man or woman. >> how did he even think that was okay to say? >> i have no idea. >> let alone think or say outloud. >> what are you thinking or not thinking. less than an hour we broke the news of another person shot and killed near a playground. the answers we're getting from
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
this is channel 9 eyewitness count on. >> and breaking right now at 5:00, another teenager was just shot and killed in apopka. police say he was at this field right across the street from a playground and we just got an update from deputies on the search for the gunman. >> we don't know the age of the teen or his name but tim barber got some other investigation straight from investigate -- other information straight from investigators. what are your sources telling you? >> reporter: he was 16 or 17 hanging out with a group of about 40 people next to this playground and church in the opening field. there was a
5:00 pm
performed cpr on the kid but it was too late. orange county deputies say the teen was the only person who was hit despite there been lots of people around 2:30 when the bullets started flying. last week 14 adults and children were arrested on central avenue, two blocks from here. deputies said there's no indication that this is drug-related. this area is known for violence. i've covered four stories here in the last few years. people voiced frustration. police say witnesses rarely come forward and despite the big crowd no one has come forward yet. >> the feeling is someone must have seen something and make some kind of id and give us more information but it's been minimal. >> reporter: you can see investigators are still out here working the scene trying to track that shooter down. we'll keep working to gather more information and update you within the next hour here. for now that's the latest reporting


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