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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  May 28, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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wgn news @ 9 top story in a second first tom skilling nasty weather >> weather watch is down for most of chicago to the south pretty good chance storms will head incredibly hot memorial day around here 95 degrees broke a record second day in a row warmest memorial day on record midway 94 degrees and that the lakefront. big change to cooler
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weather and to keep relief on the way. record temperatures south bend and flint michigan fifth temperatures dropping to the west we are in pretty good shape cooling-off still warm in the city. going to remain that way for awhile. these storms across western illinois still forming as you can see to be self 40,000 ft.. couple of heavy storm south and west risk of rainfall. the front will pass without a lot of rainfall not all good news we do need more rain fall. later in the week with a cool off coming sharing with you later the break in the heat wave on the way. >> record heat today memorial
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day 95 degrees huge crowds along the lakefront with more >> >> but things have cooled off out here earlier today it was sticky steamy stifling kind of heat. a lot of people hit the beach to celebrate memorial day. another day another record temperatures surged well into the '90s second day in a row huge crowd >> the weather is most definitely before air- conditioning >> temperatures surged well into
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the '90s or second day in a row huge crowd to soak up the sun and to celebrate memorial day unofficial start of summer >> i love going to the beach swimming in the water. >> lake michigan was cool and so was the ice cream. set up away from the crowd for grilling and shellingpolice presence highly visible today chicago police have said it was extreme heat prompted them to shut down the beach last memorial day after several people suffered heat exhaustion many question if the real reason was violent police responded to large brawl at the beach nobody was arrested beach house closed
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early >> today seemed like a great time everybody in joining. officers continued to keep an eye on things sunset all but the city beachgoers started to leave fortunately beeping behind garbage >> chicago park district workers it will be busy trying to get that clean up as for police no reports of any major incidents at any of the city beaches today. the huge crowd of people out enjoying the hottest memorial day on the book.
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chicago went on to bring men and women gave their lives defending the nation on memorial day tributes all over the region grant park >> about 100 people gathered this afternoon john 8 logan monument to honor the spirit and memory of the civil war general >> general who basically was loyal to abraham lincoln after being loyal to douglas and helped keep southern illinois unions while >> group of current and retired military professionals today business leaders laid wreaths to pay tribute to not just to general logan but all men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice >> how should we celebrate to cultivation harvest most precious crop known to man freedom >> names and photos of 233
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soldiers that have died from the beginning of the war and iraq to afghanistan and moving tribute in light faces of the fallen soldier capt. retired united states marines says many people need to be reminded of the memorial day to keep thanks >> abstract holiday for a lot of service members even we do not necessarily know that to amend faith these were people >> of ceremony ended with 21 gun salute conducted by sailors from the naval station fitting tribute sites of historic monument nestled in the city's most famous park one break illinois general first honored. monument unveiled july 22nd of 1897 quarter of a million people here to pay tribute.
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>> north side tradition today. woogms memorial day parade woogms is short for wellington oakdale old glory marching society the group's motto everybody marches nobody just watches. honors holiday celebrates the unofficial beginning of summer. 49th year for that tradition. one week after dozens of iraq and afghanistan war veterans systematically returned their medals during a nato summit to groups held a rally today chicago vietnam war memorial vietnam veterans joined up to draw attention to the neglect of veteran's rights one year anniversary of operation recovery focusing on the mental health of returning soldiers along with better staff at the
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veterans' hospital. fallen heroes honored today national cemetery they began with taps. tradition commander in chief laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns president obama tribute to warriors through the ages laid down their lives for our freedom. >> they pressed here to get their side by side. row by row. each of them >> president also attended a ceremony at the vietnam veterans memorial marking the 50th anniversary of a united states involvement remembering vietnam veterans welcome home were told welcome home welcome home and thank you. mitt romney marked memorial day call two continued
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united states military strength joining senator john mccain ceremony for military personnel in a san diego. declared the world is not a safe place citing the country he sees as a threat to moment of silence earlier in video paying tribute. >> coming up lost pomeranian on a boating trip chicago river tonight west suburban couple offering a reward for safe return and fall out from arrested pope butler was questioned by police and facebook looking to expand social network. getting into the smart phone business. wgn news @ 9
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wgn news @ 9 a violent weekend around the city more than two dozen people shot three of them yesterday lawndale neighborhood 2400 block of west roosevelt. jaleel beasley to add to others hospitalized in stable condition. two people shot in the same area several hours later. some in the city safe enough is enough
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>> something needs to be said and done who are the people stepping up? cannot just be 10- five people out here doing this this is a city-wide situation not just something happening on the south side or west side happening everybody's community >> total of 25 people shot in the city from saturday afternoon to early sunday morning. charged with stealing an ambulance from and what hospital held $25,000 bond 30 year-old cassie weathersby faces charges of theft driving under the influence and driving with suspended license police say cassie weathersby stole the ambulance drove several blocks before crashing into another car 67th and indiana and no injuries but scheduled to appear in court again this friday. 10 year-old boy drowned mi jericho lake no swimming signs
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but was swimming in the lake despite that. 25 ft. from the shore in 12 ft. of water hospital name has not been released keep your eyes peeled a lot in the north branch of chicago river family thinks fell off their boat yesterday radiance name is tank like fast as the board gladiator leash is normally hooked to the boat but apparently not this time. owners say good swimmer probably made it to shore. >> searched most of the night could not believe he is in deep water is in deep water i know that he made it to shore. lost somewhere all over the place with us part of our family. we
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will not sleep until we find him >> family offering $500 reward for help in finding him bond pomeranian weighing about 10 lbs. call police or the owner mark lewis number on your screen. some better than expected news for memorial day weekend if you were heading out this weekend price drop coming up and new evidence facebook does not just want to be on your telephone it wants to actually be to our telephone new book claims prince william having cold feet before marriage. on my journey across america i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby. do you know you could save hundreds on car insurance over the phone, online or at your local geico office? tell us bobby,
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news @ 9 tropical storm beryl hit florida and parts of georgia as well before it downgraded to tropical depression 70 mi. per hour winds and heavy rainfall the storm continues to be a major rainmaker north to the carolinas even to making a sharp turn back across the atlantic at its height to tropical storm beryl knocked off power forced the cancellation of memorial day ceremonies. pope benedict butler accused of being a traitor suspicion of leaking documents to journalists access to sensitive documents used them in a book alleging corruption and money laundering by high-ranking vatican officials if convicted
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gabrielle faces up to 30 years in prison pop superstar now justin beiber it wanted man sheriff's department wants to talk about the apparent run in with a photographer man claims 18 year old roughed him up when he tried to take pictures of him and his girlfriend selena gomez. photographer called 911 taken to the hospital with chest pains treated and released. sheriff's deputies want to get his side of the story new book about prince william clams serious cold feet prior to marry and kate middleton fearing he would cheat on her new york and did news quotes the author worried about whether it was possible to love just one woman and that kate middleton wanted more commitment book titled prince william born to be king. environmental assessments felt from the disaster fukushima dai-ichi more
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than one year later retracted contaminants found in blue fish tuna all of the united states coast born on the japanese coast swim east to california radioactive cesium 137 measured levels 10 times higher than in previous years well below safe to eat limits set by united states and japanese governments. memorial day travellers bracing for the worst $5 per gallon gasoline but it never came to think of a triple a reports national average for regular $3.64 per gallon down almost one nickel since last week averaged $3.84 chicago remains one of the highest in the country $4.23. prices below what we were paying the same time last year 12th straight day gasoline prices have gone down. facebook getting into the smart phone market
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according to reports in the new york * facebook reportedly hired more than half a dozen former apple engineers who worked on the iphone to release a telephone similar. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg peppered him with questions of the inner workings of smart phones facebook no comment on the report. still to come up medical watch tonight just in time for barbeque season helping to stay healthy and just how many rock concert you can go to the four permanent hearing damage?
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medical watch what to add to barbeque to help you stay healthy currie helps a boost immunity compound found in curry increasing protein bubbles critical for preventing infection the key is the amount flavor orange ingredient also anti-inflammatory and anti occidental properties friends cannot let friends to gain weight to the key all depends on who you are friends with the journal of pediatrics reports kids more active when they hang out with energetic involved friends on the flip side television and video game fanatics flip the switch for obesity social components of good health parents should encourage their kids to choose to live healthy lifestyle. summer concert series underway warning or potential for hearing loss exposure to loud music people experience temporary
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hearing loss following a three hour concert normal hearing returns within 48 hours but after three bp did experiences with temporary hearing loss and damage may become permanent prolonged the sounds what good and 85 doubleand decibels still can enjoy concert music with headphones. >> after two record setting days in the weather department things about to change tom skilling next with a very serious cool down overnight tonight. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps
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all good things come to an end >> if you like 90 degrees. >> a lot of people do. >> 30 degree temperature drop coming spreading over two days. of course we've had big storms threatening us tonight going to bypass much of the metropolitan area look at the halo around the sun look at these towering clouds visible in the skies tonight mount prospect captured
9:30 pm
these thunderheads from the metropolitan area/lightning produced a brief shower by passing the area crying out for brain we may have some good news later in the week. look at the time lapse boiling nature of this atmosphere pretty evident. dark moments clouds cooking up their visible from this one. producing thunderstorms make no mistake big storms this evening 1 the faded out towards us 95 degree high temperature before that got here new storms have formed mississippi river area of western illinois continued to march eastward sell the bus look at the temperature drops. beginning of the key to leave on
9:31 pm
the way very cool pool of their developing up in the dakotas all that is left of the weather advisories thunderstorm warnings flood advisories florida and the georgia tropical storm beryl thunderstorm watch is in the southern plains here is the brand fall in our area you can see pretty formidable line we have seen that happen before storms to the north lightning flashing swiping southeast wisconsin and other storms pretty formidable continuing to march east towering through the atmosphere three dimensional portrayal 40,000 ft. tops pretty good storms peoria area around chicago. missing us again with
9:32 pm
rain. in the meantime here is tropical storm beryl stunning array of shots were spiraling thunderstorms tropical cyclone like this reports of heavy weather se everyone of these icons rainfall heavy at about the third wave of big rainfall last 24 hours north corridor about three times the normal rainfall just some of the totals today. extreme amounts through the mississippi river boosting levels extraordinarily just above flood stages additional rainfall on top might be the problem shout or south by morning gorgeous day. sunshine will ring humidity is still warm the main jail tomorrow night and forward weather watch down tonight cooler weather and box and looked at the rainfall
9:33 pm
numbers aperture how that compares to normal. individual rain forecast one just past 4 in. of this system later this week on likely to happen idea how the rainfall might come down. no rainfall tomorrow. you can see this dropping south into the gulf moisture clouds spreading later in the day thursday lifting into our area quite a bit in the jet stream very unusual weather system this time of year the kind of thing that will bring widespread rainfall not the hit or miss thunderstorms that so often happened late may and early june towards the warm season. high temperatures tomorrow back to the eighties look what happens after that tomorrow night heat in the '50s in the city.
9:34 pm
dropping even below that wednesday night. low 60s on thursday and friday. about 30 degree temperature dropped from 95 degrees today the warmest memorial day ever in chicago. rainfall numbers couple of the models scattered thunderstorms over parts of the area lightning flashing in various directions looks like the city will miss out on a lot of this. and the wind shifting to west mostly sunny and windy tomorrow high temperature 84 degrees. much cooler wind diminishing tomorrow night. partly sunny and cool on wednesday high temperature 66 degrees. and 0 60s on thursday and friday also
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coming back to show you another warm-up beyond next week into early next week apparently the warm season unusual for this time of the year warmest media logical spring on record 22 years. see you later. >> just in time for memorial day wounded warrior has come home story coming up. let's ring you up. mary? what are you doing here? it's megan. i'm getting new insurance.
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installment of director christopher nolan telling of the batman saga joining christian bale anne hathaway as cat woman tom hardy morgan freeman and liam neesen all the turning the dark knight rises opens july 20th. are you ready to take tom cruise as a metal band rock star? the movie adaptation of the stage hit rock of ages hits of a journey on jovi and more starting rock of ages opening june 15th. ridley scott back
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prequel to genre he helped create prequel to 1979 classic alien prometheus in search of origins of humanity. prometheus june 8th. tobey maguire spider- man movies among the biggest box office hits ebert the preboarding of the series with social network's star andrew garfield as the amazing spider- man back to its origins of amazing spider-man opens july 3rd. the expendables 2 action stars sequel to surprise hit
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mature action heroes sylvester stallone and bruce willis arnold schwarzenegger featuring jet li jason stathumam chuck norris opens august 17th and ready for jason bourne muti with out? matt damon jeremy renner takes over as the action hero jason bourne matt damon was a rigidly attached to the project but backed out after learning the art regional director would not be part opens august 3rd. for children there is madagascar are 3 and in comedy ted the story of irreleand irreverent talking teddy
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bear from the twisted mind of family guy crater. more on my page of the website. in joy your holiday wgn news @ 9 >> there you go months of surgery and recovery after serious injury in afghanistan next local soldier heroes' welcome after finally making it back home and sports chris sale one of the most dominant pitching performances in white sox history looking for the sixth victory in a row.oton a
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those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country one community celebrating a return home of a survivor surprise welcome home celebration native son injured in afghanistan the story >> surprise of his life today kind of wellcome warriors watch riders try to give every soldier
9:46 pm
who served our country fortunate enough to come home >> 20 year-old army assault gunner served 10 months and afghanistan before getting injured father is an army veteran felt on easy about detour >> was not so sure if he was coming home or how. i was feeling something was going to happen. thank god he came back in one piece >> hero's welcome surprise police department mother is a dispatcher from their procession of police officers and dozens of veteran bikers led him to his jolie at home not injured in combat his leg actually run over by hover while he was taping another soldier from getting injured >> broke my leg with the cat out
9:47 pm
of my sock titanium brought in my leg. >> after months of rehabilitation walks on his own gratitude is not lost on this young man >> home for three weeks before returning alaska will not seek combat again time in the army one year from october planning to marry high school sweetheart and came here today on this memorial day pride and all men and women who gave their lives to our country symbolism is not lost. >> tom skilling out in the
9:48 pm
weather center next seven days hottest today? >> cooling off tomorrow and more dramatically wednesday and thursday interesting satellite radar right here you can see this storm moving onshore florida and georgia across the southeast thunderstorms most recent area stop the bus as you can see on the radar big storms over lake michigan east of kenosha and north of peoria some of these might sweep parts of the chicago area quieter weather tomorrow beautiful sunshine widespread storms 48 mi. per hour wind gusts. 86 degrees
9:49 pm
still tonight very warm and the '70s from the west: off still pretty windy southwest by morning should start to cool us down. grain producers later in the week could bring us pretty general rainfall of late thursday into thursday night good news but those watching the garden. no rainfall on wednesday or tomorrow. low 60s on thursday and friday back to the 80s again by sunday and monday next week. warming up again >> coming up long losing streak not a thing of the past thanks to power surge at the friendly
9:50 pm
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they have scored 46 runs in their last four games and credible but will not last at that rate white sox going to get some runs but pitching well and make or break the summer masterpiece today in tampa from chris sale taken on the team with the best home record in the american league chris sale struck out the side in the first inning down 1-0 in the sixth when adam dunn to the plate and got one with a man on this thing was crushed number 16 his 11th in the month of may 2nd-1 white sox. help from the defense the o dog adamorlando hudson can it happen in support of chris sale gave up three hits and struck out 15 club record and jesse
9:54 pm
crain poteet set up shop and call addison reed at the save 10th win in 11 games 2-1 in tampa still have cam out of first-place chicago cubs are 11 games off of the division lead steering clear of dubious piece of franchise history of this memorial day wrigley field today the only american bald eagle trained to do this pretty impressive and chicago cubs offense including power hitter darwin barney second inning leaving the premises 3-1 and 4-4 in the fourth inning with the wind howling ian stewart reddick ended with a shot over the head retake the lead at in the sixth and alfonso soriano no doubt about that his sixth home run of the year all in the last 13 games is 8-7 and the breathing room in the eighth inning thanks to starlin castro another good at bat to strike to run home run and at long last chicago
9:55 pm
cubs 12 game losing streak is over defeating the san diego padres 11-7. it is a relief losing 12 in the row finally when thank god. it is a big relief for all bus you feel bad for them. it is tough it shows you sometimes how difficult it is to win a major league baseball can >> we are not that bad. we just have to play more relaxed. and have fun. >> you know the chicago bulls would have made the eastern conference finals with out all those injuries i know that it would have made that not all that bad trying to get to the final second year in a row anne hathaway in the first quarter game one mario chalmers throws it up to anne hathaway for the
9:56 pm
dock but boston owns the second. mario chalmers lighting it up from south beach paul pierce 46-46 at halftime and third quarter defense. steals it from paul pierce shane battier to mario chalmers 11. came after three quarters. trailing by 15 points to the fourth quarter boston. and into evanston today northwestern women's lacrosse team but the national championship trophy they won yesterday it stony brook new york. they won the title seventh time in the last eight years trailing by two early able to get momentum fast product of hard work. a lot of ups and downs in the way we were able to come back and come together as a team florida was incredible the way everybody looks at
9:57 pm
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