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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 26, 2009 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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and it's time now for tonight's "closing argument." president obama along with the heads of france and britain accused iran today of building a secret uranium enrichment facility, this comes a day after the u.n. facility council had passed the latest nuclear nonproliferation resolution and now it's up to iran to open it up to inspectors or face the consequences and president obama said he would not rule out a military response. so tonight we ask you, do you
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believe that iran is building a nuclear weapon and if so, what should the u.s. do about it? tell us what you think by clicking on the "nightline" page on or on the "nightline" twitter page. that's our report for tonight. jimmy kimmel is up next. i'm cynthia mcfadden. for martin bashir and terry moran, good night, america and have a great weekend. hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. you know, the nfl season is in full swing, and no one is more excited than our resident football expert guillermo. as a matter of fact, i believe he's out on hollywood boulevard right now, imparting his pigskin wisdom to the masses. are you there, guillermo? >> yes, jimmy, i'm here, but i'm very busy. >> oh, well, don't let us -- i don't want to interrupt. you go about your business. >> what team has won the most super bowls? >> the peking ducks. >> and who's football's all-time leading rusher? >> orville redenbacher. [ laughter ]
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>> guillermo, guillermo, i hate to break it to you, but those weren't the right answers. >> i know, jimmy. >> well, then why would you say that? >> because, jimmy, that man is my competition in the gmc sierra engineered to win challenge, and i'm going to crush him. >> the gmc sierra engineered to win challenge? >> yes, jimmy. it's an online quiz from gmc. every week, they have new questions about the teams in the monday night game. >> well, i didn't understand any of that, but i am on the website right now and i see you you can win a $50 gift certificates to, or, wow, even a new 2010 gmc sierra 1500, like that bun, parked conveniently out front of the building. >> that's right, jimmy, a brand new truck. i'm gonna win that one for the gipper! [ laughter ] >> who's the gipper? >> he's an astronaut. >> play the gmc sierra
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engineered to win challenge all season long at gmc sierra, the official vehicle of the nfl. >> "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with chef chris bianco, music from ester dean and lebron james. if we're going o rebuild this country, we're going to need the truck that's been doing the job for the last 100 years. sierra, from gmc. put it to the test, with our 60-day satisfaction guarantee. ♪ ♪ when something's on, ♪ ♪ i want to put a bidding sign on it. ♪ ♪ when something's gone. ♪ ♪ i want to fight to get it back again. ♪ ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪
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>> announcer: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- nba mvp lebron james. nba mvp lebron james. chef chris bianco. and music from ester dean. with cleto and the cletones. and now, look out, here's jimmy
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kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by abc, inc. >> thank you, fellas. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. someone had to be, and i was chosen. by the way, it's never smelled better in this studio than -- it's actually never smelled good this this studio. i does tonight because it's friday night, we have the italian feast of san gennaro going on right here in our backyard. this is our eighth annual feast. it's a big charity event we put on. it goes on all weekend here, so if you're in the area come by and say hello. last night we set the world record for the largest meatball ever recorded, 198 pounds. [ cheers and applause ] we're pretty proud of ourselves too. this morning, i weighed in at --
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what is 205 plus 198 pounds? whatever that is, that is what i weigh. the food is the main attractive at the feast, but there's also music, carnival games. carnival games are something i've been fascinated with. i don't want to say fixed but they want to make sure you don't win the stewy from family guy doll. not only isn't this simple, it's almost physically impossible to get the ball in. look at the hoop up close. we noticed this today. shaped like a banana. it is like -- how are you supposed to get a basketball through there? let's talk the guy who runs the game. and he's -- is that him? yeah, hi, what's your name? >> hi, i'm ray. >> how are you? you have a little girl and a little boy to shoot there. how many is it?
12:13 am
>> two shots for $3. >> what do you get you make one? >> a hot wheel car or a doll right here. >> okay. and -- oh. now, i think these are kids are already in to you for 200 bucks. i noticed when i came in to work this morning, your hoops are bent. basketball hoops are usually round. i think maybe during transportation or something, they got bent. >> um, i don't know. it's a challenge. you know what i mean? >> yeah, it is. >> it's a challenge. [ laughter ] >> well, you know, we hate to see -- we hate to see you with bent rims it's probable embarrassing to you with all the other guys there, right? >> oh, no, not really. >> i'll tell you something, this is like the oprah show in a way. our carpenter is here. they have some brand new hps for you and they're going to put them on for you. we'll replace your bent hoops free of charge. what do you think about that?
12:14 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> i don't know. toy talk to -- i have to talk to my boss about that. >> what's that? >> i have to talk to my boss about that. >> don't worry, it's fine, it will be perfectly fine. yeah, they'll take the crooked ones that the kids can't seem to work down. and we'll start all over again. all right, ray? >> all right. >> okay, great. there we go. very good. so, you know -- [ cheers and applause ] ray has a boss. [ laughter ] by the way, who watched "oprah" today, speaking of "oprah"? you guys are in a lot of trouble. oprah had a lot of success this week with her interview with former child star mackenzie phillips. she is promoting a new book in which she says she had a ten-year long sexual relationship with her father, john phillips from the band, mamas and the papas. she said it started when she couldn't come up with a good gift for father's day and the
12:15 am
story created such a stir so many people were talking about it that oprah said, hey, mackenzie, come back on the show today. >> just in case you didn't throw up first time -- >> i woke up that night from a blackout to mind myself having sex with my own father. >> mackenzie phillips is back. you're gonna wt to shower all over again. >> i think oprah owes her audience another free car after this week. for the first time since michael jackson's funeral, his ex-wife deb debbie rowe is saking out, but not about michael jackson, but the death of jessica simpson's dog. it was eaten by a coyote. they became friends when jessica was dating tony romo and debbie rowe was playing nose tackle.
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and martha stewart had to apologize for saying if she was more careful, her dog would still be alive which raises the question, who let the dogs out, who who? here to break it down is our security guard, guillermo. guillermo? [ applause ] >> hi, i'm guillermo. and welcome to the doggie dish. i'm here with paco and peppy. wow, there's a lot going on in the celebrity dog world. let's talk about jessica simpson's dog. her name was daisy. >> a coyote ate her. it's very sad. >> she was a beautiful malti-poo. >> that's a funny name. >> hey, show some respect for the dead. >> now, let's talk about michael jackson's ex-wife, debbie rowe.
12:17 am
>> debbie rowe says she feels bad about jessica 's dog dying. >> but the coyote attacked jessica's dog. >> go back to martha stewart, i hope a coyote attacks you. >> good point, paco. now, let's talk about another celebrity dog, elle mcpherson's dog, bella. >> bella is a labradoodle who landed a modeling contract. [ laughter ] >> labradoodle. [ laughter ] >> i hear bella makes $20,000 for a photo shoot. >> i thought you said dogs aren't allowed to make money. >> well, that's all the time we have for from the doggie dish. any final thoughts? >> malti-poos are sexy bitches. >> pay my money! >> shut up, peppy, you too! [ cheers and applause ] >> all right.
12:18 am
they're adorable and they work for me. all three of them. here's somethinghat i dare say is even cuter than that. a new youtube sensation, if you haven't seen this yet, a baby, a real baby, not one of the creepy ally mcbeal baby. this baby is dancing along to a beyonce video. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ if you like it, then you should have a ring on it ♪ ♪ ♪ if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it ♪ ♪ >> isn't that cute? [ cheers and applause ] now watch it 40 times in a row.
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it made me realize that baby dancing can make anything fun to watch. for instance, mackenzie phillips on oprah talking about her father. >> i woke up that night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my own father. >> but add a dancing baby -- [ laughter ] and it's delightful. right? [ cheers and applause ] is there you go. let's go back out to the feast because maybe the greatest pizza chef in the world, chris bianco is here with us tonight. he's the owner of pizzeria bianco and the sandwich shop in phoenix. what are you going to teach us to make? >> we'll teach you how to make sandwiches. some ricotta and some tomatoes and arugula.
12:20 am
>> you should have been here last week because the whole city was an oven. chris is going to make us a great sandwich or we'll have him killed. we're italian, that's how we do it. we'll see you later, chris. [ cheers and applause ] i swear to god i'll marry that man one day. and celebrity romance news, khloe kardashian, the sister of kim, is getting married on saturday to lamar odom. they met a month ago after he covered her bar tab and who hosted lamar odom's bachelor party? that would be joe francis of girl's gone wild. we have a kardashian and lamar odom getting married and joe francis throwing the bachelor party.
12:21 am
i think a game of sorts, which will last longer, the marriage of khloe kardashian and lamar odom or this pumpkin? now, this is a freshly picked pumpkin. what we're going to do is monitor it to see which one lasts longer, the pumpkin or the marria. and by the way, you know i hope you guys stay together because if you don't, the pumpkin wins and nobody wants that. so we're going to put that over there. dicky, you will be the guardian of the pumpkin. we painted our faces on it. khloe, i hope you prove this pumpkin wrong too but i don't have a lot of confidence that you will. [ applause ] what a beautiful likeness. all right, friday night, time for our weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or no this is this week in unnecessary censorship. [ cheers and applause ]
12:22 am
>> i first would like to thank walter patterson for [ bleep ] me in the eighth grade. >> the lovely and talented tracy morgan. >> [ bleep ] you, neil patrick harris. >> will you [ bleep ] me? >> i'll [ bleep ] you anywhere. >> the last -- at last we have seen a [ bleep ] hot salsa. >> my daughter and i are comparing [ bleep ] with you. >> who's the better [ bleep ]? >> jimmy will argue with me, but to me that's -- mine will taste better. >> i created this to protect me from people who [ bleep ] me all the time. >> several people look on in horror, of course we have the video. it's [ bleep ], so you have to watch it closely. >> are you a face [ bleep ]? if so, you're not alone. >> name a sexy food when you put on your [ bleep ] when your [ bleep ] is not around? >> strawberries. >> tommy, i have a fresh load of laundry --
12:23 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> we have a good show tonight. on the show tonight, chef chris bianco is here. we have music from ester dean. and we'll be right back with lebron james. now your card comes with a way to plan for what matters to you. introducing blueprint. blueprint is free and only for chase customers.
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built for your small business. start here. go further. ♪ it is the first official night of the feast of san gennaro, going on all weekend this hollywood. to honor san gennaro that was chris bianco from pizzeria
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bianco, the "new york times" says he makes the best pizza in the country and he'll make us the best sandwich in the the country and he'll make us the best sandwich in the coun the espys together. >> you came down to the house, we played a good dinner and you played nerf football with my son. >> how is your son now?
12:29 am
>> he's 5. >> is he dunking yet? i think he'll be able to beat me d. basketball, he was so good. i was playing with the nerf. >> he's doing great. d. he's really good. you have another son. bryce, he's 2. >> he's 2, 6'3". >> about 195 pounds. [ laughter ] >> does he get out there and the -- >> aolutely. >> that's great. sod to have a couple brothers so close in age makes them better brothers. >> absolutely. it's great. >> think eel be killing each other. your mom -- i know your mom is excited about it because she eemed to be very attached to your older son when i was there. >> yeah. absolutely. he kind of thinks they're her ki now. >> well, they're her grandkids. i mean, you know, there's definitely -- you know, she has a right to them. >> absolutely. er the kids go over to her house and she gets them wound up and she drops them back off to me. which i haven't understood yet. >> that's punishmentor all the
12:30 am
things you probably did to her. >> yeah. >> i want to mention your mom gh ause i want go through this with you. your mom gets goes to the game, d.e gets very excited. >> very excited. >> tell us what was chap -- what was happening here. here's lebron's mom right. there lebron is intentionally fouled and mom gets in the middle of it. what is mom saying to the boston celtics fans and what did you say to mom? [ laughter ] lar ell, at this particular time, the boston celtics like, it's all cool, it's cool, mom. time, the boston celtics like, it's all cool, it's cool, mom. i was saying, mom, i love you. >> let's tion. see if we can read the lips. now, here -- now, there's mom getting in the middle of this. paul pierce. yeah. i love you, mom. well, that's right. i should have known. [ laughter ]
12:31 am
this book, the movie is great. i watched the movie. it is fascinating. who had the foresight to tape you guys in high school? >> i mean, you know, we have the director cis bellman, he came and -- a quick story. he was a student here in los angeles. and, you know, but he's originally from america, he was supposed to come and do a ten-minute project and do one practice. one practice, you know -- we turned to him being there, so we were kind of looking, okay, he's back again. another wednesday turns thursday, friday, saturday, next you know there's a whole year. you know, we're still like we didn't -- his name is chris now, but three years ago his name was still cameraman. >> wow. what great thing to have now, looking back on that stuff. what great story. well, people have to watch to see the whole story. who's first person you dunked on, do you remember?
12:32 am
>> the first person i dunked on was a teacher back in middle school. i was kind of mad i only got a c-minus. i wanted a c-plus. >> you get a d-minus after du dunking. do you remember the teacher? >> no. i don't. >> that must have been the greatest. >> i wonder if he's telling the story i was dunked on by lebron james and you take the f. >> you know what, i bet now that was better than the next day at school. >> because no one will listen to him. >> sure. that's got to be a little bit embarrassing, you know? now, this fall, you have a new teammate, shaquille o'neal. do you know him well? >> yeah. >> do you spend one-on-one time together? >> to an extent. >> to what extent? >> like, i have been over to his house. >> oh, you have? >> in orlando, he had a nice cookout and invited me down a few years ago, which was great. >> what does shaq cook, a whole
12:33 am
cow? >> no, two. [ laughter ] >> two cows. and you must be excited about this. >> i am. it's the most dominant force that the nba has ever seen. i'm looking forward to it. >> it is going to be great having him in the middle and people have to foul him instead of you. and all that. >> yeah. they have to foul me and turn around and walk towards me. that's a little bit more intim dating. >> he's a policeman, you have to be careful. >> i know. they call him the big witness protection back in cleveland. >> really? that's not going to go over well. you said you went to his house. did you finish building that castle that you were building in akron? >> yeah, yeah. because you were at the old house. >> i was at the old house. did you ild the barbershop? >> barbershop, bowling alley, atm machine, starbucks. >> is there really? >> yeah, starbucks, all that. you're going to have a show live from my -- >> i will gladly do that. but i might not ever leave is
12:34 am
the problem. do you build -- i know you were talking about building a casino. did you put the casino? in? >> yes. >> you have your own casino? >> yeah. >> what happens if you win? you pay yourself, how does it work? >> it goes to the king james bank of america. >> i've gotcha. if a friend comes over -- do you ve slot machines? >> what if somebody hits a big jackpot? >> it all depends. i have a $5 bracket all the way to a million dollars. if you just so happen to hit the million dollar slot machine, nothing really comes out of it. >> really? is that right? [ laughter ] >> wow, that's something else. >> i know. >> have you had to pay anybody out? >> no i haven't. the one person i almost had to pay, they ran into my police officers at the front of my gate. >> oh. >> and for some reason i haven't been able to find that friend
12:35 am
since. >> will you be attempting the wedding of lamar odom and khloe kardashian? >> i haven't been invited. >> in fairness to them they have been together for three weeks, so they haven't had time to send the invites out. >> did you get one? >> i don't think i'm getting one after the pumpkin thing. [ laughter ] my bet is that the pumpkin will potentially outlast their love, but pumpkins last a long time. >> absolutely. i mean, five, six, seven halloweens. >> yeah, definitely. >> i've still got when from when i was 9 years old. >> if you keep them in the freezer they'll stay a while. we will we come back, we'll bring out your high school coach and high school teammate. lebron james is with us. "more than a game" opens in select cities on octob 2, and "shooting stars" is in stores now. we'll be right back. i'm going to show friendskeeeeey how to share them...
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or choose 0% apr plus $500 purchase bonus cash on any silverado. that w our chant before the games, before we came out.
12:40 am
>> it was letting people know that it was not the same team that came out last year. [ chanting ] >> it was like all of us together. >> we're here not for fun and games, we were serious, business like. that's what the song said, we're ready. >> oh, no. >> yeah. that's a high school team right there. [ cheers and applause ] lebron james' new documentary, and joining us is his high school teammate willie mcgee and their coach dru joyce. >> thank you for having me. >> how old was lebron when you met him? >> lebron was 8. >> 8 years old. at this time, did you say, oh, yes this is going to be good? >> honestly, he was a football player then so when i met him, he was pretty good, yeah
12:41 am
at football. >> and willie, you played football together, right? junior year. rted to play my >> what position? >> i was the quarterback and he was the wide receiver. >> how did that go? did you score on every drive? >> i wish. we definitely wish. we definitely connected a lot that year. >> how many touchdowns did you have together? >> i think we had six or seven that year. i think i had 12 -- >> in what, the first quarter of the game? [ laughter ] >> oh, he made a lot of big catches. he made a lot of big catches. one that come to mind, actually, it was our last game, our junior year. we were competing for a playoff spot. you know, it come down to the last drive of the game and i throw the first two balls to the other receiver because he gets double covered all the time. my first year playing quarterback. so i come back to the sidelines, and he's in the middle then, lebron is on the opposite side and sheian is like you only go to two plays, man, you have to
12:42 am
go to your play maker, and this and that. and i don't think we're about to make the playoff, this and that. and then lebron don't say much. he looks at me, at least three out of four. three out of four, you know what i'm saying? [ applause ] >> did you size up the situation and say, enough with the football now, we're going to concentrate on basketball? >> you know, i was happy, definitely very happy when he chose not to play any more football. >> because he got injured playing football, then, you know -- >> then i'm not sitting up here with you. >> and you don't barbershop if your house, you have to drive all the way to the barber. a nightmare. what do you think is the most important thing that your coach taught you in high school? >> he was basecally -- the number one thing is don't let the game use you, use the game. when you're 12 or 13, you don't understand what that mean. but as a man, i have my own family i understand what that means. we use the game to create
12:43 am
friendship, create loyalty. you know, create everything that i'm doing today. so know it's some great advice. >>s of this a cool thing. when i was at your house, you had your buddies from high school were there and you're still tight with the guys and you formed a unit. i think your coach had a lot to do with that. what did you buy him as a result of his efforts? [ laughter ] >> well, right beside the -- he has own scol now. >> is that right? >> yeah. still being built. >> still being built. >> for economics, you know? the economy is real down. i couldn't finish the building. >> well -- >> you were the president of your high school class. >> yes. >> you guys went to a largely white high school. and you guys -- none of you are largely white. [ laughter ] so largely -- >> largely black, yeah. [ laughter ] >> and in the documentary you were talking about -- how many votes did you get?
12:44 am
there was something -- >> well, we -- i went to do my speech and things like that. it went well. they're sitting in the front, we're sitting in the front row making it as hard as possible. then come seventh period they had a student council to me, like, willie, you won, but it's a problem with the score. we have 96 students and five not here today and we have 102 votes. you know what i'm saying? [ laughter ] and so i was like, when do i take my throne? i won. it shouldment matter. i don't know what that's about. >> did you have anything to to with that landslide victory? >> i had absolutely everything to do with it. [ cheers and applause ] >> stuffing the box. >> these guys, was it easy to contain their enthusiasm when they were in high school and lebron had already become a star? not by any like -- really not by your own choice, but people started looking at you and
12:45 am
saying, hey, this guy could be one of the greats of all time? >> no, not at all. in fact, the last game -- state championship, my first year as a head coach, i'm in bed the night before the state championships sick with the flu. all i hear is all this commotion in the hallway, everything is going on. you know, i come out the door and i'm in the chills, and, you know, for some reason, the athletic director put t cheerleaders on the same floor with the team. so, you know, i'm -- >> happy coincidence. >> i'm trying to put all this stuff up. >> did the student body president make that decision? [ laughter ] >> so, you know, i kind of clear out the hallway and got people in the right rooms, but after i went to bed i don't know what happened. >> we photographed you guys. are you at the prom here? >> the class prom, yeah. >> and then this was what, homecoming? [ laughter ] i didn't know -- you guys are
12:46 am
missing a guy in that one. and just for good measure what the hell, we got this one. [ laughter ] this is a fascinating book and documentary too. lebron james, dru joyce and willie mcgee, everybody. we'll be right back with chef chris bianco.
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need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice...
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what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love. ♪ our next guest is the owner of pizzeria bianco and pane bianco in phoenix, arizona. he is a james beard award winner, which is big. that's the guy who invented the beard. he's here tonight at the l.a. feast of san gennaro. please welcome chris bianco. hi, chris. great to have you. i didn't wash my hands, is that a problem? >> that's okay. >> very good. so we're going to make sandwiches. we have dough to start with. >> let me tell what we've got. it's similar to the pizza dough,
12:51 am
we'll make a foccachia to do. >> you make the bread for each sandwich? >> like krispy kreme, we hammer them out. it was a good idea at the time. >> it was good for your customers. >> i'm a trained professional, you know what to do. flip it over. let it find its place. then we stick like three fingers -- >> any three? >> any three. press into it a little bit. and just trap the olive oil we'll put on it. creates the nks and crannies like the english muffins. looks very good. >> thank you. >> and then -- then a little extra virgin olive oil. >> and you get -- you get your own olive oil made, right? >> i have some oil in phoenix. >> what you need to do at home is get some friends -- >> get a guy, get a guy.
12:52 am
>> get a guy, who puts this -- >> that's it. beautiful. >> evenly. >> yeah. a little bit of sea salt. oh, that's perfect. >> thank you. >> a little bit of rosemary. cool. like that much. >> okay. >> a little bit of flavor. >> a little bit. if you don't like it, you can omit any of this stuff. >> if you don't like it you should be killed. >> exactly. cool, man. >> we'll put them in the overen. then we have the premade over there. >> yeah, for television we made them. >> i'm sorry if i'm overstepping my bounds but i like to help. so i've got these. actually, that will cook for five minutes or so? >> five minutes. >> okay. >> now what we can do -- they're still hot, so we can cut it. >> split it down the center there. what can people do? i know you have the beautiful
12:53 am
renato oven which is a great wood burning oven. if you don't have one of these, break up a chair and throw it in the garbage can and light a fire? >> no, just a pizza oven, 500 degrees, 30 minutes, just load it up in your oven. >> what's the key to building a great sandwich? >> a great question. >> thank you. >> kind of like building a house. we want a great foundation. and then all the ingredients, got to have a roll. we'll start right now with the base. this is the smoked ricotta. you can use regular ricotta too. but because -- >> you can smoke that simply by sticking it in the fire? >> yeah. kind of -- kind of trap the oxygen, gets super smokey. add a little bit of olive oil. a few peppers and just put it in for 15 minutes. >> let's see what happens here. put some ricotta cheese on it. spread that around nice. then what will be next?
12:54 am
the peppers? >> the peppers. some peppers and heirloom tomatoes on there. >> stick some of those on there. and then, you know -- >> how many people will make sandwiches at home? you can make this at home. >> you get some marinated peppers and tomatoes and then you throw them on the sandwich and really you can make someone fall in love with you instantly. >> at least until the sandwich is gone. >> then you start over again. >> start over. >> then put a little -- what is this? >> this is some wild arugula. >> nice. >> you can regular arugula. it's spiky. very peppery and delicious. a little more salt. >> a little bit of salt. >> more olive oil. and then put a little squeeze of lemon. >> okay. >> okay. >> oh, my god, that looks good. >> cool. >> there's it, man. >> put the top on?
12:55 am
can you cut the crust off for me? >> yeah. you can cut the crust off. [ laughter ] that's a finger sandwich. >> let's taste it. we have ernie barry on the accordion here. we're at the feast of san gennaro in case you're wondering what's going on here. let me have a bite of that. you can only describe how good this is with profanity so i won't. chris bianco. dean. be right back with ester ...and i smoked for 29 years. the one thing about smoking - is it dominates your life, and it dominated mine. and the sad thing about it is that you can always use an excuse if cigarettes don't kill me, oh well - something else will. but, you can't use that as an excuse. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. it was very interesting
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