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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  February 15, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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clipper and if there are more storms, coming up. >> one of the first areas to see snow this afternoon was frederick county, maryland. brad bell is there live. >> can you believe it? it has been snowing here all afternoon starting around 2:00. sometimes moderate, sometimes light. right now it is almost like sleet. it is pretty but it does not seem to be sticking. meet somebody whose work is never finished. he works for the state highway administtion. he is restocking the salt. >> it is crazy. we have only had one day off since last friday. >> they have just finished
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clearing this parking lot. >> everybody is tired. >> this man worries about the ice building up on his home. he wonders when he can go back to work. >> there has been a lot of ice buildup on the i am trying to let it drain. >> we saw a team effort aimed at getting kids back to class. he did not want to talk on camera but the man operating the machine is a volunteer father trying to end the never ending snowbank. much to the chagrin of these jr. olympians. they hope this note never stops falling. >> i do not want this note to stop. no more school forever. >> as you can see, none of this no so far is sticking to the
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road. brad bell, abc 7 news. >> i have some good news for that child. the threat of more snow on top has led to more school closings and delays. in virginia , fairfax and arlington, schools will be closed and delayed. montgomery county schools are opening two hours late and jefferson and morgan county schools will be closed. we are waiting to hear from other school districts so keep an eye on the bottom of your screen or on our website despite this weather, some districts are determined to open tomorrow welcoming -- welcoming students after many snow days.
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gail pennybacker is live in falls church with what is being done to make sure that the trip to school is safe. >> even though the public school system just announced there would be a two hour delay, there is still a dangerous situation according to a lot of parents. this is the problem. vdot has plot the public roads creating these huge snow banks covering up sidewalks in front of many of the sools. >> it is a massive tasks as you can see. at this high school, the snow mix this look like an insurmountable chore. not only are the grounds being cleared but the path to school. on the ground, parents have serious concerns about weather tomorrow is too soon for school to resume. >> if this is any indication, it
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is not a good idea to start tomorrow morning. >> many sidewalks are clear but others have thick sheets of ice. others blocked by snow and children must climb over snowbanks and fallen limbs. >> the mountain of snow, how kids will traverse that, i do not know. >> a shovel brigade outside this elementary school works against the clock to clear the walkway before tomorrow. >> there is no sidewalk. everybody is pitching in. >> we are working hard. >> fairfax county schools are looking to make up school days. they sent a memo out talking
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about extending the school days rather than the year through june. kill been a doctor, abc 7 news. >> thank you. -- gail pennybacker, abc 7 news. >> some parents should helped shovel out this elementary school. alexandria schools had volunteers to help them to get out bus stops a sidewalks. the company used a crane to lift snow of the roof of the building. alexandria county schools decided to remain closed tomorrow. >> snow crews in the district are working hard clearing the road. unfortunately, it could be an expensive ticket if you are parked in the wrong spot. steven tschida is live with the details. >> a snow emergency is in
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effect and d.c. police are issuing $250 tickets. that is so these vehicles to get through and these cars can get tickets if they are not moved. >> the district scramble to clear snow from major roads before the next snow started to fall. those part on snow emergency roads that day on pleasant surprise, tickets. >> they give me one at 10:00. they gave me another one at 12:00. he says that it does not warrant another snow emergency. >> this is a bracket. they are making money. >> she struggles to get past the sidewalk. nobody has shoveled it. >> you could break your neck. >> you have a few hours to clear your sidewalk where you are supposed to be hit with a
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ticket. so far, no funds for not shoveling. >> this is a once every couple hundred years storm. we are trying to cut people slack. >> that apparently extends to this neighbor, a fire station. >> they are supposed to claim. >> those who cleared their sidewalk think they should stick to the goals. >> what is the point of having the rule if you do not enforce it. >> the snow emergency is expected to remain in effect at least through tomorrow morning's rush hour. >> thank you. president day that federal workers to stay home but tomorrow we could see more delays on the commute. >> this is what we are seeing all over the area. lanes would normally be commuter
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lanes are covered with snow and cars trapped in them. workers have been working trying to clear the snow but frankly, they are running out of time. it has been a race to shovel and haul away snow. the one to clear the streets before the commute tomorrow. >> we have this coming down again. i made -- i might stay home. >> tomorrow is likely to be a nightmare commute like the one on friday. >> we have 2.1 million cars trying to squeeze into the city every day. when you have constricted streets, you have roadblocks. >> lost lanes and more than
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thousands of miles blocked. they predict tomorrow will be the toughest commit in the u.s. >> there are too many cars that are under the snow. >> there is an army of workers, the department of transportation says they now have to switch efforts and concentrate on preparing roads for tonight and tomorrow morning. >> tomorrow morning is going to be difficult. i think they should give themselves plenty of time and stagger their time to come in. they should think about transit. >> public transportation may be the best way to go with snow and ice conditions. 13th street here is looking like this. >> thank you. >> to help you prepare, good morning. washington will begin at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> you want to get that before
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you head out. coming up, record amounts of snow. we are told why. >> how many people celebrated president's state by opening their wallets. >> a movie director fought back after he was kicked off a flight for being too fat. >> it looks like somebody decided that my front yard was a dumping ground. >> a woman returned home to find dumping ground. >> a woman returned home to find 12 feet of
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than cox. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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>> dig out frustrations we are hearing from all over the area. >> people spending hours shovelling the sidewalks of the to have wrote crews don't new piles of snow on top of their hard work. >> it is a battle of people vs. city plows. this is a war that is open on in neighborhoods all across the area.
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>> imagine coming home from out of town and facing this. >> i am not capable of shovelling this. that is her driveway behind that mom. >> my driveway is 12 feet wide at this point. i am 6 feet tall. >> they pushed all of this note here. unable to get into her place, she called police. >> it looks like somebody decided that my front yard was the dumping ground. >> all across the area, too much snow and know where to put it. this man dug out and then lost out. >> and capitol heights, a scare over students. >> how are they supposed to get to school?
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>> he said that we had nowhere else to put it. >> slicked streets and traffic to close to comfort will mean plenty of worried parents. >> somebody's child is going to be hit. >> you can see it as a significant problem. the county has been notified about this particular situation and is looking into it. the woman who was snowed in her driveway is also awaiting word backrom montgomery county. scott thuman, abc 7 news. >> unbelievable. we want to know what you at home think. code to and vote in our pulse poll. right now, most people are not satisfied. a new snowstorm for much of
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the east coast. in kansas, slippery roads had dozens of cars call ed but nobody was seriously hurt. there was a deadly 30 car pileup which led to a roof collapse. >> the parents were coming into the other end. i ran out and told everybody to get out. >> luckily, employees were able to get everybody out just as the roof started to dip. those root collapses look familiar. and we had similar things. >> the advisory has been dropped for another of counties. we will highlight those. we are fortunate the storm is going to ptsburgh. east of town is where most of
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the snow is right now. that will move off and maybe some rain, too. out west,ot much is happening of with precipitation. fairly mild self and east of the city all things considered. we're showing 36 degrees in prince frederick. 32 if in falls church. 32 of in frederick. right now, the advisory is to the north and west. there may be a second level of snow coming through behind the system. 34 in fairfax. the further south, a little bit warmer. that storm will bring cold
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temperatures and reinforced and for the next few days. for the next two weeks, we will be below average and that is a good thing the way we see it now. 24 in cincinnati. this clipper is moving to pittsburgh. there is some energy behind it pushing snow into the tennessee valley. here is the stormscan for the metro area. if it were farther south, we would be in this big wraparound. i do not think that as we to happen. nothing more than a few flurries. take a look at the weather map for tomorrow. this clipper will intensify to a big storm but it will be well across long island by tomorrow. a lot of gusty wind behind it.
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20 or 25 miles per hour. maybe a flurry or two. things will warm up close to 40 degrees on wednesday. no changes anticipated, temperatures will be five to 10 degrees below average from our area all the way south. this is an identical pattern for as much as two more weeks. 20 to 25 in the morning. eyespots are guaranteed. -- icy spots are guaranteed. chilly and gusty winds. we get up close to 44 thursday and friday. things look pretty good for the weekend with partly sunny skies and temperatures below average but at least a little bit of meltdown. >> will take that. we have more good news.
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now is the moment that many of you have been waiting for. it is the time to choose the first winner in the contest to see the oprah winfrey show in person in chicago. and the winner is denise wilins. congratulations. the contest is not over yet. we will give away more tickets next week along with a $300 shopping spree at the oprah store. for more information, go to the fan club at >> when did we get the ticket machine? coming up, the more police investigate, the stranger the case of debts. see what caused a college professor to go on a shooting rampage. >> it director is forced to give
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it appears many people were in a shoppin mood today. >> a combination of presidents day sales and cabin fever have sent people rushing to the mall. any good deals out there? >> i have not gotten to shop just yet.
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this place has been busy. i was out here yesterday and it is almost like christmas shopping. not as bad today but the parking lots are very full. another day off for people in the area meant ditching the house and hittinthe mall. >> we escaped. >> some good sales. >> this young couple bought his wedding band today and got sucked into other purchases. >> a little spring wardrobe and wedding make up. >> the sales weren't all that to everybody. " it is winter stock. it is not nice stuff. >> she says she was not impressed with what stores had to offer. that did not stop r from shopping. >> how much money to spend?
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>> like $600 bundle >> yes. >> her boyfriend was the lucky one. >> what can i say? >> another place hoping for good sales, car dealerships. they advertised several steep discounts to keep you shopping. >> thank you. coming up, protesters marched outside a district supermarket. they are suspicious for their motives of closing the store. >> a scare at a maryland amtrak station. >> i am done with the snow. >> we have more snow on the way, love it
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we are back on store much this evening as more snow was falling around the region. here is a picture of silver spring from earlier this afternoon. doug hill is here with some of the reasons why we are seeing so many storms. >> i will be honest with you, i am getting to the point where i dread looking at computer models. what is the reason this renter
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is so extreme? >> whether you are loving it -- >> i love it. my friends want to kill me. >> or hitting it. >> i am done with it. >> this record-breaking snowfall tops the list for all time snowiest winters in washington. there are still five weeks to go. there has to be a reason. a moderate to strong el nino has resulted in warmer sea temperatures. this serves as a breeding ground for storms which is send towards us on a strong southern jet stream. one analyst says that is not the only factor. >> we have to have a lot of things come together to get a big snowstorm. you have to have the cold air, the moisture supply and the storm track just right. >> contributed to this is
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something called the north atlantic oscillation. the relationship between areas of high and low pressure in the atlantic ocean which has helped block cold air in place over the entire eastern part of the u.s. the result are snowstorms rather than grain. this winter is not over and given the current snowpack and any additional snowfall, temperatures will be very important in upcoming weeks. >>hink about all the water locked up in that snow. if we see a big warmup, that water has to go somewhere. >> you might be hoping for a stretch of warm days, the outlook over the next couple of weeks shows colder than normal temperatures continuing. that is actually good news for a controlled meltdown of snow. >> you are in good company. people are making sure the roads are safe for tomorrow's drive to school.
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despite the holiday, bus drivers showed up to work and ran a trial run this morning. they are testing the roads and checking for trouble spots before they pick up your children tomorrow morning. officials declared another snow emergency in the district. crews are working to clear away the snow from last week. front loaders made their way around clearing some city streets. there were followed by metro police handing out tickets and tellg people sparked -- towing people parked in the snow emergency routes. the very latest traffic and weather and school closing information search early tomorrow at 4:30. heavy snow could be to blame for a roof collapsed at a high school in southwest virginia. officials have barred access to the school. nobody was inside when it collapsed on saturday.
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good news from the record- breaking snowfall. aaa says gas prices have fallen for the fifth straight week. they are down 4% from the same time last year. in d.c, it will cost you an average of $2.69. prince george's county police officers stopped a man who was seen carryg a realistic looking down. the officer did not let the man board a train after it was determined it with a toy gun. they let the suspect go afterwards. college professor then down her colleagues in the story if it's even stranger. she left three people dead and two others in critical condition. >> with every new twist, the grieving relatives wonder why
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she was hired in the first place. >> i am angry. how did she even get a job working at the school if she has this type of background? >> she was questioned in an attempted bombing of a medical school pfessor. she says she was accept because she thought she was going to get a negative evaluation. >> there was an argument. police questioned her. >> she and her husband were involved in that investigation but were never charged due to a lack of evidence. some suggest the shooting on friday was a result of her being angry at being denied tenure. her husband said she seemed fund. >> i feel for all of these people. >> she denied murdering her three colleagues.
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this is not the first time she was arrested for shooting somebody. >> she had a fight with her brother and she shot her brother in the chest. >> she also called her husband after the shooting and asked her to pick him up. he says she never even mentioned in the shooting. she has been charged with capital murder. time for a check on the traffic situation this evening. >> 395 southbound, a major accidents at the beltway. we have both lanes blocked. traffic will be diverted onto 644. if you are traveling on the beltway for in virginia and you
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head south on 95, you will completely miss this accident. here is a look at the american legion bridge. you concede that we -- you can see it is slow. this is basically just volume. the inner loop actually looking very good. kind of an early rush hour because people saw some flurries and ran to their cars to get home early. table probably get home without much of an incident. we are waiting for tomorrow when obviously the volume will be much happier with people trying to get back to school and work. it will be a rough day tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, too fat to lay?
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-- to fly? >> it feel like "valentine's day" which like a sequel? >> find out which dog is favored day" which like a sequel? >> find out which dog is favored to win the
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"valentine's day" was a big winner at the box office. >> that does not mean "avatar" is down. >> imitation is the most sincere form of movies is an old saying. that is why you have not heard the end of "avatar" or valentine's day." james cameron says he is going to write a novel about the story before "avatar." "valentine's day" got bad reviews and big money. they are already planning a sequel for next year.
5:40 pm
>> do not look for another "wolfman" movie. audience actually laughed when the moon got full. the top three weekends, "valentine's day" and "percy jackson." i will tell you about "shelter island" on thursday. >> i shudder at the ticket prices. coming up,he famous comedian comes to town. he brings a very serious message. >> extra baggage may cost you a seat on the plan. we are
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the question we are trying to answer.
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how that is too fat to fly? >> that is a question in this -- if this movie director is answering tonight. >> kevin smith may have been kicked off at los angeles bound southwest rlines flight for being too fat. he is getting even, generating bad publicity against the airline by continuing a barrage of obscenity-laced podcasts. >> am i a terrorist? what is the safety issue? am i going to explode? >> southwest added they have a 25 year-old policy that customers must purchasetw two seats it did not fit into one.
5:45 pm
>> he was embarrassed and angry after bein asked to get off the plane says he is overweight but he fit inside the seat with both armrests down. members could do not like sitting next to a super sized passenger. one post said they probably are thankful he was kicked off. kevin smith has created an on- line upper and he is not done talking. he will tell the story on oprah. >> that will be one to watch. it turns out like problems like this could become more common. according for the cdc, americans weigh 25 pounds more than they did in 1960. the average man currently weighs 191 pounds. women weigh on average 164
5:46 pm
pounds. >> newt researched links pipe and cigar smoking to increases and chronic lung disease sincs. doctors measured lung functions and more than for the 500 people and finds that those cigar and pipe smokers had increased chance of lung disease. jim belushi made a stop today at the pentagon city mall. he is participating in a tour for the awareness of constructive pulmonary disease. people are turning forces to screen millions of people who may be at risk. more than 24 million people are estimated to have the condition. >> one-third of seniors live longer than they should -- wait longer than they should for kidney transplants.
5:47 pm
a study shows that older patients could be receiving kidneys from older donors but our rating on younger kidneys. astronauts have since -- after us have installed an observation deck on the ternational space station. th lookout will offer views of other space in the space station itself. fnaans watching a surfing contest got more than they bargained for two monster waves crashed on to them. they were knocked down and pulled under. three women remain on the "bachelor" tonight.
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he gets a surprising phone call. >> i am falling in love with more than one woman at the same time. i have some tough decisions to make. i am so glad that i am here. i cannot wait to see how the cards fall. hello? >> it is allie. >> last week, she chose her job over jake. see what she has to say tonight. >> that weather looks really nice right now. >> oh my goodness. >> gordon peterson is live with a look ahead. >> i hate to talk about this but it looks like we are headed for a lousy commute tomorrow because of the narrow lanes. what you need to know before you hit the road. evan bayh says he is fed up with
5:49 pm
the partisanship and is not going to seek reelection. he is the latest in a growing list of politicians calling it quits. what this means for the democratic party and the republican party. we are still crossing our fingers about the clipper. >> it is up in southwestern pennsylvania. we got off on the ec side -- on the easy side. it is pushing well to the east of the metro area. there could be more later tonight. the clipper location is up and to pennsvania. weave an upper level low behind later tonight. as a result, we will see some of that snow behind come in later. it will be very quiet through
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the evening even if we see more snow. temperatures are always a concern when you have temperatures close to 40 with melting and it retreating into below freezing. the revised weather advisory has been pushed well to the north. that will likely stay and might even diminish a few more of those through the overnight hours. the clipper will be offshore and intensify with chilly temperatures. only mid to upper 30's tomorrow. the possibility of a flurry. temperatures are staying well below average. our average is 46. by thursday, we are up to 41 but that is still below average.
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the sunshine will allow us to naturally melt some stuff during the day. more coming up the next hour. a big basketball game tonight. maryland go to virginia. this is the defining stretch for both basketball teams. they're both playing four games in eight days. it is always longer after a loss. they flew home in, had practiced, and tonight post the cavaliers. tomorrow morning, they have to play nc state. it is a tough stretch. >> people have said that you play games like this in the acc tournament. this is going to be difficult. how about the daytona 500?
5:52 pm
red flags and long delays. the race was delayed more than two hours because of a pothole. it was like 495. they finally got it patched. what a finish. here is a very otional winner. >> you do something that you love, and you want to share that with the people you love. >> a very emotional day. far be it from me to tell others how to live their lives. i guarantee you if you are going to propose to your girl in front of a packed house in madison square garden, you should be confident she is going to say yes. it is too late for this guy. she was embarrassed and dropped
5:53 pm
him like a hot rock. see you later. worst of valentine's day ever in history. an national television audience. >> he did not plan that very well. if she did not want to marry him, it is what it is. coming up next, a grocery store is shutting its doors forever. >> some neighbors are not happy
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anchor is going over a supermarket plan to move out of the neighborhood -- anger is growing over a supermarket's plans to move out of the neighborhood. sam ford has the details. >> residents and political leaders spent part of the holiday chanting outside the soon to be closed safeway. the pharmacy closed wednesday and the entire store closes on
5:57 pm
the sixth of march. >> they said this would be a state of the art store. >> please leave it for us. >> many of the shoppers are adversely and say they need this to stay. -- our elderly -- are elde rly. >> i do not like it. i have to eat. >> residents say there are allowing the shelves to go empty. a spokesman said it is about economics at this shopping center is not attracting the numbers of people that the shopping center down the street is attracting. these protesters cannot agree. >> this is being destroyed. they're letting it fall down to say they do not have a clientele. that is not true.
5:58 pm
they argue that they are being abandoned by a chain that has had their loyalty. that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. at 6:00, giving schools ready for tomorrow could be a challenge. get ready for a breath commute. evan bayh says goodbye to congress. captioned by the national captioning institute the metro area tries to get back to normal, but more snow is on the way. >> why it probably will not accumulate too much. it's tough reminder of what we have been seeing. >> doug hill is in the weather center with what to expect. >> during the evening hours, the weather will be fairly quiet.
5:59 pm
the first batch is through. first thing, the snow machine, rain is to the south and east of the metro area. light snow out to the west. a larger view shows more snow wrapping along a higher and kentucky. it is possible that some of that will wrap around and follow that clipper through but that will be much later tonight. we still have a few advisories in effect until 3:00. frederick county, jefferson, and other counties to the north. if that batch does not come through, phew. we are already dealing with your lanes, and more snow and you better at a time to your morning commute. you better at a time to your morning commute.


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