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tv   ABC World News With Diane Sawyer  ABC  February 15, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight on "world news." meltdown? another senator says i quit. government is broken as congress has gone off the rails. murder or madness. aprofessor accused of a deadly rampage. we talk to her husband. olympic slush. so soggy a gold medal winner says rocks broke her skis. too big to fly. a director fights back adds an airline shows one stigma of the problem. and popular by demand. a piano playing cat and instant stars.
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good evening. congress is broken. in essence that is what ech bye said today when he surprised his colleagues, becoming the latest senator to announce he is quitting. he is a democrat you but pointed fingers on both sides of the aisle and said the work of the american people is not being going. john karl is the at capitol. >> reporter: it came out of nowhere, shocking his colleagues and making a bleak election for democrats look bleaker. he has always been a mild mannered senator but today he lashed out of congress. >> i love making the americans the most of their lives. but did i not love congress. >> reporter: senate dysfunction pointing fingers at seven
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co-response sors of a bill of a deduction panel th voted no. >> the measure would have passed by seven. >> mitch:s instead voted no for short-term political reasons. >> reporter: go d they flip-flop? they said things changed. and his own parpt, over the failure of a jobs the bill that had republican support. some republicans were gleeful of his departure. great news, tweeted joe wilson. that is typical of the poisonous atmosphere here where political debate is like a bad wrestling back. >> sleezy in my view. >> it is disgraceful. >> stop this process. >> this is about as dysfunctional as we have seen washington. >> reporter: bayh is the late nest a string of retirements. patrick kennedy. and chris dodd last month.
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so far, there are more republicansry tiring than democrats but democrats are more vulnerable. republicans now have a shot after wins nine or ten democratic seats, enough to win back control of the senate something that was unthinkable a month ago. >> some may be getting ahead of the voter's pick forks. in a latest po, a whopping 71% said they disapprove of congress. >> jon, thanks to you, we want to bring in general stephanopoulos. a mild mannered senator flame rowing and says it's over. they are coming with pitch forks. >> absolute sli right. and i spoke with him at the process conference. clearly it was a tough decision for the senator but he said he would have stayed if he thought there was a chance. and he said it was going to take
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a shot to the political system for the american people to change things. and republicans got it the last two elections and his party is going get it this time. he was looking forward to the next presidential election and he said there is room out there for a sane ross perot. an independent to come up the middle and win a race. i said, are you that snern he does said thinks that space is out there. >> the democrats are going get the hardest hit? >> no question this is bad, bad news for the democrats, buyan. first of all, they will almost certainly will lose a seat that looked like a sure win, indiana. number two, this reinforces the anti-incumbent message out there. >> as we said, line forming at the door. thanks to you, george. and in other news today, the mystery surrounding the female professor accused of killing
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three of hur colleagues on the university of alabama campus. strange twists emerged and we heard from her husband. andrea canning with that story. >> reporter: as she was led away in hand kufrs, he said something to strange it broke from reality. >> it didn't happen. no way. >> what about the people who died? >> they still alive. >> reporter: i spoke to her husband today who said there there was no sign she was football snap. >> nobody understands what happened. nobody snknows. i can't sit down and ask her who went wrong. >> reporter: a noted criminologist says it's typical for a woman. >> they will typically commit suicide. >> reporter: in hindsight, many signs. in 1986, police cleared her in the shooting death of her
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brother, ruled it an accident. in 1993, he became a suspect in the ate tempted mail bombing of a harvard professor. police said she was upset of what she thought was a negative evaluation of her work. >> a criminal background check conducted today, one was conducted and did not reveal the events that are being reported in the media. >> reporter: bishop's husband said before the shooting, she was upset because she didn't receive tenure. he said her self-worth was likely tied to her work. >> she suffered a devastating loss. once she was denied tenure, she probably would not be able to
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full full time again. >> reporter: andrea canning, abc news, boston. we movie on now to a turning minute to afghanistan, the high drama as american and allied troops fight the biggest battle in eight years. today they creep the inch by inch in marjah. miguel marquez is embedded with the marines and said they are making real progress. >> reporter: it appears that the marines here are in most places in the city. it's a matter of buttoning up, or taking care of the places they can't quite get to yet. and also clearing routes of some of the homemade bombs here. one of the generals said today it could be another couple of days before they have complete control of the city. and that feels about right to me. >> we heard there are so many mines. that one platoon discovered 70 bombs embedded in a single wall? >>eporter: marines he to go on foot into the city, so they have booby trap doors, doorways,
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windows, pathways, anywhere where marines might walk. initially when marines rushed in, there was an m-wrap that hit an enormous ied, a 30-ton vehicle, and it essentially flipped it. they brought in ordnance teams, bomb-sniffing dogs, platoons of people to sweep for mines. and they started to go very methodically through paths, through roads, through buildings, in order to figure out where the mines are and take care of them. today we heard about five to six explosions per hour. most of those being controlled detonations or ieds. it is infested with bombs in this city. >> and nothing shows above ground? >> often times nothing does show above ground. sometimes there are wires leading from the mines to someone who is pressing a button several feet away. sometimes they are radio controlled. most of the time they are very simplistic, pressure plate-type mines that when enough weight goes across them, these two
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wires are crossed and there is a huge explosion. >> how are people in marjah greeting you? >> incredibly well. they are very, very friendly. i talked to a man today. his son said, i just want to learn to read and write. >> again that is miguel marquez. we we brought you scenes from the threats for americans there over the past weeks. still over seas, secretary of state hillary clinton saying iran is moving to a military dictatorship. he said the revolutionary gar has in effect replaced the government. a morning rush in brussels turned deadly when two commuter trained crashed head on. they were thrown into the air so high they broke power lines. we move to the olympics where the weather continues to turn the mountain snow to slush.
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amid snowflakes, there is rain. david muir says the athletes say the slopes are difficult and dangerous. >> reporter: there is no question the athletes are taking the weather conditions into account before they compete. the snowmakers made it clear what they faced. the snow-covered mountains. looked are deceiving if you are coming down the hill. >> i heard a crunch and you can feel it grab of bottom of the sky. and a hole can never be good. >> reporter: that is u.s. skier hannah kearney. and the hole is from the snow. it happened near the starting line. you didn't look? >> i didn't look. >> reporter: he would race on that dammed ski and win the gold any way. the conditions here are testing many athletes. snowboarders have called the
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conditions horror shl. 8,000 spectators can't watch from the sidelines because of the mud. we are on cypress mountain. while it might look like there is plenty of snow to work with, in is the reality, grass and mud everywhere you look. they had to truck in the snow. there are the barren slopes here and the ones where they have been hauling snow in for weeks. making snow is not possible because of the warmist january orn record. it's rained here 10 of the last 14 day. some call it it spring olympics. >> you might want to add the question, does it snow there. >> reporter: mr. colbert, it seals to be a logical question. it is 50 degrees right here in vancouver. the high temperature today. but this is the average temperature for february here. it's not likbedidn't know this
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going in. and lindsey vonn, she tweeted this weekend, baking bah that bread here and watching the rain. and continued irony, another day, another snowstorm moving in the northeast. washington, philadelphia, new york still digging out from last week's blizzard. highways icing up again. and here is a dramatic pileup in kansas city, kansas, where 40 vehicles mashed into each other over and over again. >> i went 40 yards be then i was hit 15 times and when i dime a stop, i was fatsing the traffic and i watched all the cars hit. >> and still ahead on "world news," someone too abees to fly. a new round as a famous drerkt fights back from an airline that
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between actor and director kevin smith and southwest airlines that tossed him off a flight over the weekend. they said he is too far for the seat. today proved the whole thing is over. here is mike von fremd. >> reporter: movie director and actor kevin smith will not say how much he weighs, but is telling his 1.5 million twitter and podcast followers, he is not too fat to fit into a southwest seat. >> i can buckle that seat belt still, and that is a hallmark for any fat person. >> reporter: southwest has removed smith from a flight.t but the incident has exposed a sensitive and controversial issue. when is a passenger too fat to fit into one seat? southwest's customer of size policy requires that a full flight has a person must purchase a second ticket if they
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are not able to fight safely comfortably into the 17-inch seat with both armrests lowered. this is a picture snapped by a flight attendant aboard american airlines. a spokesman for the airline says other passengers on this flight were eventually rearranged so the passenger could be given two seats before the flight took off. airline policies vary. air tran says it accommodates all passengers, regardless of size. jetblue says it decides on a case-by-case basis. dell is a ta says it tries to accommodate passengers with special needs. aviation experts say this is a safety issue which government regulators have refused to address. >> if you can't get through the emergency exit, that is a major safety problem. >> reporter: as americans get fatter and airlines tighten their belts, something's got to give. mike von fremd, abc news, burbank, california. and on another note, if you think cell phones are everywhere, you're right. new figures out today showing the number of mobile phones expected to hit 5 billion this
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you you may have read them. two high profile stories in the news have raised questions we know so many american families face. in crisis about addiction and love and trying to do what helps. tonight, the anguish of nancy kerrigan and her family led john queen noses is to ask, what helps a family through it. >> reporter: a private family crisis played out for the world to see. addicts and violent alcoholics, like the brother of american figure skater nancy kerrigan, now accused of killing his own father in an alcohol induced rage. at one point, his parents even sued their son for $100,000 they are given him. for erin brockovich, the famed environmental crusader played by julia roberts in the movie, cut off hirs drug-addicted daughter. >> it's scary and it hurts.
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and i've been there with my kids. and i've cried myself to sleep. and i've honestly sat and shook in and corner. >> i kept getting more chances and i said, where is the consequence. >> i knew that had to be the cutoff moment. i, as your parent, can see what your options are going to be. death or jail, and neither works for me. >> reporter: tonight, hundreds of families struggle withed same choices. we asked what is the first thing you should do. tell them you are stopping the money now. >> have to say, we are not going to spend money so you can end up in a worst predicament. >> reporter: when the call comes in your child is without food or threatening themselves or on the streets, hold on. >> getting professional assistance to put together an approach is the kid is essential. >> reporter: david's son, nick,
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was a meth addict who stole from the family and his brother. >>s is stos, so hard to make that decision, to close the dor. giving money to a drug addict is like giving a gun to someone who is suicid. >> if i had had any option, i wouldn't kept using. >> reporter: to the parent who says, i feel mean wlarks do you tell them? >> see how mean you feel at the funeral. tough talk, tough choices. nick, you saw him there, they have written a book and i talked with nick about his battle of addiction. can you find and other information on addiction on coming up next, the fifth birthday of a worldwide phenomenal. built onclip at a time. my name's lisa.
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it was a lame entry called a day at zoo. >> here we are in front of the elephants. >> within months, the first videos went viral like a brazilian athlete demonstrating soccer skills. a mysterious guitar player. and a deluge of piano-playing cats, dancing babies and celebrities. what is the most famous of all time? the one with british toddlers, named charlie bit me. 105 million people watched it around the globe. web the guy in the first video? he got the last laugh. she one of the founders of youtube and his company was bought by google for $1.65
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billion. hope you have a great night and that you are back here tomorrow night. we'll be here. see you then.
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