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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  September 28, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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they think proves the existence of e.t. that is what is making news >> and straight ahead this half-hour. a flash flood watch in effect as more scattered showers make their way through metro region. let's get straight to your traffic and weather. lisa is standing by with more in just a minute. first of all, meteorologist adam caskey. >> it won't be quite as bad as what we had yesterday morning but we still need moisture. at chance of heavy rain showers wednesday night and especially
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thursday. let's take a look at what's happening now. light to moderate showers from virginia, hagerstown southward down to culpeper. where you see the yellow and the red here is the heaviest of rain moving south to north just like it was yesterday. moving into marshall, virginia. otherwise, a few spotty showers. even charlestown. here is the forecast for today. temperatures are near 70 degrees. rising into the low 80's this afternoon. the morning rain will come to an end and we'll have sunshine by lunchtime and into the afternoon. southwesterly at 10-15. another chance of what could be very heavy rain wednesday night through thursday. >> the george washington parkway southbound after 123, a deer just ran out in the roadway so be very careful if
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you're going to leave in the next 10-15 minutes. lingering road work on the beltway. traffic has to stay to the left. we'll take you to a live picture of traffic on the beltway in greenbelt, maryland. i saw that car on my way in broken down waiting for help to arrive. >> ok, lisa. thank you. 4:32 is your time on this tuesday. more rain moves through d.c. region. the storms that moved through last night did leave behind some damage. a tree fell on to the street at massachusetts avenue and 43rd street in washington. a 2-year-old fights for his life after being shot in the
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chest. police say the toddler accidentally shot himself after finding a stolen gun in an apartment in hagerstown yesterday morning. how did this happen? >> well, good morning to you. according to authorities, the young 2-year-old found gun underneath a bed and accidentally shot himself. according to police, at last check, the toddler is said to be in critical condition. >> i think it is sad. >> inside children's hospital, a hagerstown toddler is fighting for his life. >> he is gist a typical little boy. never had problems. are >> police say the 2-year-old was critically wounded after finding a loaded hand gun underneath the bed and accidentally shooting himself. authorities say the little boy was found inside the apartment shot in the chest. >> they came out, carrying the little kid out.
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he was just hanging there with his arms and legs and wasn't making a noise. >> the gun was in the possession of the boy's 16-year-old brother. he and a friend were arrests. investigators said he tried to hide the gun in a nearby playground after the shooting. >> investigators also saying that the gun had been reported stolen. police also telling us that the two teens will be charged as adults. >> all right turks very much. in the meantime this morning, a 1-year-old is suffering from life threatening injuries after a car crash in prince george ears county. -- georges county. the car that the child was riding in hit a tree. four other people suffered minor injuries and are recovering now at local hospitals. there is no word on what caused that crash. the doctor who survived this month's deadly shooting at johns hopkins hospital is back
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home. dr. david cohen was leased about 6:00 last night. he was shot by paul pardus after he delivered bad news about pardus' mother's medical condition. president obama spent the night in new mexico. this is the first stop on his four-state tour. he focused on his economic agenda in the coming days the president will also travel to wisconsin and iowa before wrapping things up in virginia. meanwhile, there is a new book that takes us inside the white house as president obama and his aides plot a new course for the war in afghanistan. it goes on sale today. >> this is exactly what he said. this is what the advisors said. this was the contradictions. this was the dilemma. >> so in the book, journalist bob woodward looks at how the president and his aides made decisions about afghanistan, pakistan and the ongoing war on
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terrorism terrorism. he writes about division amongst the president's aides and how the national security team had doubts that sending for troops would work. another shake-up is brewing in the white house. a chief close to the white house says chief of staff rahm emanuel is poised to quit his job to run for mayor of chicago. that news could come as soon as friday. still to come, tea party power. and "dancing with the stars." plus controversial comments about the district's school system from president obama. first, more rain is on the way today. first, more rain is on the way today. adam has the latest watches and
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>> welcome back, everybody. it is 4:39 on this early tuesday morning. we have the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we had a rainy, yucky day yesterday but we needed all of that rain. >> not good for the commute, i know, it causes problems but we need the moisture. and then there is a chance of what could be very, very heavy rainfall wednesday night and through the day thursday. that's another thing to keep in mind to be looking forward to. we have a flash flood watch in effect now. >> it is very muggy. >> it is. >> it is hot.
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>> you'll feel the humidity. that will change later this afternoon once the wind starts to shift. take a look at the doppler. you can see this swath of rain in western maryland and southern virginia now. the yellows and red is the heaviest of the rain. moderate downpours. plu prince william county. clifton, a light little shower. there is the rain -- the heavier showers and embedded downpours are headed your way in frederick and hagerstown. even down towards charlestown. take a quick look at this. the rainfall total. msm airy, mod sunny as well.
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high temperatures in the low 80's. becoming less humid and the chance of heavier showers wednesday through thursday later on this week. looking great again by the weekend. back to lisa. >> things are looking relatively good on the highway until that comes in. on the beltway, route 4, not too bad now on the wilson bridge. if you're headed to andrews air force base, they had some lingering road work. stay to the left. montgomery county on the beltway, things uneventful. no shine of rain. things looking a little bit damp for us this morning msm in frederick, things are quiet on 270. back to alison. >> your time is 4:41.
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still to come this morning, a mid-air merger. what will the takeover mean? >> he should with trying to work to get it. >> plus parents react to the president's diss on d.c. schools.
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>> we're coming up on 4:45 now on this tuesday. looking at our top stories now. a 2-year-old hagerstown boy is
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in critical condition after he accidentally shot himself with a gun he found under a bed. police say the gun has been reported stolen. the boy's brother and another teen have been arrested and charged in connection with this incident. also, there could soon be another major shakeup at the white house. sources say white house chief of staff rahm emanuel is poised to leave his job and head back to chicago to run for mayor. an announcement could be made as soon as prid and president obama has baun cross-country tour to help democrats hold on to their majority in november. and a surprising admission for president obama. he told nbc news that he does not think that d.c. public schools could adequately educate his own daughters. >> bluntly, the answer is no right now. the d.c. public school systems are struggling.
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now, they have made some important strides over the last several years to move in the direction of reform. >> sasha and malia obama attend a private school and some teachers and parents we talked to agree with the president's assessment. >> there are a of problems with d.c. public schools but there is a lot of only in the school system and room for hope. >> others believe the school chancellor michelle rhee's approach to reform is not working and believer parents should push for the same quality of education that the president's daughters aring and news that no one wants to hear, extending the school year. president obama said low-performing teachers who are offered help and do not improve should be removed. 7:00 is on your side now with the deal that is shaking up the skies.
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southwest is buying air tran airlines for $1.4 billion and for local air travelers, that means you'll be able to fly southwest out of reagan national airport. we talked to passengers about the possibility. >> it used to be that those looking to save would have to make the drive to baltimore or dulles. >> i rarely go southwest because -- this is 20 minutes from my house. b.w.i. is an hour. >> i look for price. usually southwest is the cheapest out of all the airlines. >> now with them acquiring air tran, they are expected to move into reagan national along with 36 other destinations. it has many travelers excited since southwest doesn't charge for checked bags or snacks. >> it is an advantage over other airlines. >> they give pretzels, at least one free bag. >> but many business travelers
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say southwest's first come first serve seating policy leaves last-minute travelers squeezing into middle seats. >> i want my seat assigned. >> i'm hoping with the merger they get rid of this thing where they don't have reserved seating. >> what travelers like is they will have more options in major cities like boston, new york, atlanta. they hope the transaction will be complete in the next 24 months. >> and from the skies to the rails now. metro riders can expect delays throughout october because of track work. metro will be doing repair on all rails from sunday night. riders may have to wait, in fact, for up to 30 minutes for a train during this time. taking a look around the nation, the city of angels is melting. it is just a few days into fall
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and temperatures in los angeles soared to a record 113 degrees. the previous high of 112 was set back in 1990. city leaders have opened cooling centers urging residents to stay indoors. the hot temperatures were surprising because that city has a relatively cool summer. in north carolina, the problem was heavy rain. here was the scene in wilmington where about five inches of rain fell monday morning. there were no reports of any injuries. 4:49 is your time. a little bit later, sarah palin's show of support for her dancing daughter. but first this morning, another check on a wet traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we'll be back afterthis.
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>> thank you for joining us on this very early tuesday morning. 4:52 is your time. let's get the traffic and weather every 10 minutes. even warmer this morning than this time yesterday. >> around 70 degrees.
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upper 60's in some outlying areas. it is mild and muggy. you can still feel humidity. the humidity is going to drop later on this afternoon. we do have a flash flood watch that includes the metro area until 58 christmas. -- until 8:00 a.m.. moving into loudoun county, it is going to cross the potomac and cross into west virginia and also crossing into maryland as well. here is our forecast. clearing out later this midday and afternoon. highs in the low 80's. increasing clouds by tomorrow afternoon. late day showers. potentially very heavy rainfall wednesday and especially -- wednesday night, especially throughout the day thursday. in the mid 70's at that point. the weekend, fall-like in the 60's and sunny. lisa, how is the traffic now?
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>> you know, it is quiet. just anticipating the rain that you're talking about coming in this morning. we had lingering road work. it was guardrail repair. that exit ramp was temporarily blocked. here is the travel times between richmond and baltimore. traffic streaming away from us. this is the southbound direction. back to alison. >> thank you. 4:54 is the time. >> thank you. 4:54 is the time. 69 degrees.
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>> ♪ >> there she is. week two and her mother is calling her bristol the stoll. sarah palin was in the ballroom to cheer on her daughter. we'll have a complete wrap-up in our morning chat coming up in our next hour. meanwhile, a 10-year-old singer from prince georges county, jasmine dantzler, won a competition in new york. this rising star is trds in more than just a win. >> ♪ >> she has worked with stevey wonders and today it is all about jasmine dantzler.
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>> herability to feel what the song is saying and she is 10 and she can feel these songs like she has lived here before. >> she won one of the competitive stars of tomorrow contests. she has wrapped up 2,000 views on youtube. >> i'm amazed at what she has done. i'm saying wow. that voice coming out of that small body. >> her church has had a role in her development. it is where she has gotten most of her training and she describes her talent as a gift from god. >> i want to share what god has given moment >> according to her parents she practicals all the team. she wants to be like michael jackson and maybe be on the disney channel. all the while maintains excellent grades in school. she hasn't been able to maintain an -- she has been
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able to maintain an a average. >> for her, it is about bringing joy to others and proving that nothing is impossible. >> i hope that somebody will see out there that you can follow your dreams. i know everybody says that but it is really true. >> wow. i think we can expect big things from her. that is great. already. a lot more still ahead in our next hour on this tuesday. coming up, we are on storm watch as more rain works its way through the region. how long will it stick around. >> president obama hopes to get some of his once biggest fans fired up and ready to go again. that story is coming up. >> and a little bit later this morning, basketball is back in washington. it kicked off with some bid night madness. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins right now.


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