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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 17, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> great falls and virginia tree estimating 40 tons came down and a middle of a road driver in a car. this happened on georgetown
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intersection of walker road. still here five hours later working to remove massive tree. we do not know why it is taking to get this out of the roadway. 100 feet tall. unfortunately the driver of the stood a chance. it is almost hard to make out the navy mercedes pan underneath tree that came crashing down. is their nearly flattened massivee weight of the tree. screaming called 911. the tree snapped and ran to the ground. she won a round, a >> the tree was on his head.
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all you can see was the neck and shoulders and t-shirt. >> fairfax county officials will was a male or female but there was only one adult in the car. was at that moment joe out of a 7-walking eleven steps ahead. >> all you heard was a big crash. >> within minutes fire crews say from risky tourn recovery. get a crane to lift the tree that measured 6 feet in diameter. crews are not sure what caused the fall. we do not see any events weather.f severe >> one driver who was seconds victim of this accident. we just set a career. -- said a prayer.
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video coming to us from news choppers seven. you can see how large the tree .s the question that many people wondering tonight, why was a stature still standing if it was known to be erotic? ist is what vdot investigating. it was known to be rotting? they determined these trees are also rocking and one of them down.ave to come roads will remain closed. on whether the morning commute will be impacted. >> thank you. that is a terrible outcome. now we move on to our weather. another day or where the eclipse 100 degrees. temperatures could rise into the digits again.
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>> bob ryan is tracking the the forecastand next 40 to see over the -- 24 hours. >> we've made it to 100 degrees time this summer. tomorrow we may do seven times. at the highk temperatures around the area. 100 degrees in washington. tomorrow the humidity will be than today. that is the reason all over the viewing area there is a heat tomorrow.ut heat will make it feel like maybe 110 degrees. so far 2690 degree days. 13 days this month. is 25 of 90 or higher. do 100 degrees again tomorrow. has been quite a summer. is a break coming up. you all the details.
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could use a break. thank you. our fourthve is prolonged stretch of least into the high 90s. with that comes a general fatigue it. metrosing problems for riders, too. jay korff is live to explain of the story. >> everybody knows it is summer region.ashington these temperatures have had extraordinary endurance is -- sick of it. >> you have to hydrate yourself. you have to be aware of what is going on. i am looking forward to august or september. >> d.c. area residents are fed with 100 degree-days when the a feels like >> i do not want to from my brain. >> metro riders face their own dilemma.
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the rails were so hot that for hours trains cannot go faster per hour on above- ground tracks, a safety decision applauded by some customers. >> i would rather be late then on the side. this led to delays throughout the system including longer waits. much more crowded have never seen before. >> the trip home was off to a burn. >> you can tell the difference cold air on. no outside and you get on train and is taught. pay your money you want to be comfortable. >> officials tell me they normal a.m. rush are concerned if temperatures soar again on to slow downy have trains. >> thank you. are following breaking news the districtm where a teenager was taken to
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the hospital after his hand was an escalator. this happened outside of a metro station this evening. the 14-year-old boy got his hand was trying toe his foot -- flip-flop. thetill to come, it appears a bit of aundergo makeover. two key changes you may see a in model.t >> the showdown over gambling in the maryland.
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>> dramatic video coming in from haslouis where fire building.n apartment firefighters are on the scene. are no serious injuries at last check. the causes under investigation. >> back here at home the men and
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women -- supporters will gather outside of the wilson building in northwest. has every intention of office despite calls from three members of d.c. to resign. three people tied to the campaign in 2010 pleaded guilty to corruption charges. >> tonight it appears a revised casino to the harbour is hanging in the balance. michael bush says no conclusion consensus has been reached. maryland gov. martin o'malley is holding a special legislative session to pass both proposals. >> the new iphone will hit stores before you know it. >> two key changes that are when it is unveiled to public.
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dallas cowboy in big trouble. dez bryant attacked his own mother. what she said after calling 911. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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[romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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watching abc 7 news at 11:00. >> d.c. police late this evening just released surveillance twoo in their search for suspects. linked to a violent attack last month. was taken at about intersection. the anyone with information on the cases as to call police. police released a surveillance video of a strategist at was the target of a violent attack. mercer was attacked near a 7-
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eleven. >> it happened near eighth street and maryland ave. roussey is live with cruise to findctives are using the attacker. mercer was inside the eleven where i am standing when he got into a disagreement somebody he believed had just:his cell phone. he walked outside of the door did davidally so mercver. the suspect was out here waiting him and beat him severely. >> rick perry -- know him from regular on fox news. a well-known democratic party strategist. is the victim of a crime. >> we are very concerned about him. >> surveillance video shows them whileg into the 7-eleven on the phone. lays some things down on the
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counter. a police report says the guy in the white shirt is a suspect. at one point you see him swipe a .ell phone he confronts them and even the guy's pants. the guy said would come will knock you out. when mercer leaves and then describes what he saw. >> when the man came outside, just knocked him out cold. head on the concrete. >> bob has known a mercer for 15 years. >> he has a heart of gold. >> a police fire calls the man under shirked a person of interest. families, it is nice. is safe. >> friends of david say he was
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severely and is the hospital tonight. is just part into barely get move it around at this point. eventually he will be ok. >> thank you. new at 11:00 we are hearing the tape from the mother of dez after she says her son attacked her. made that callt on saturday. her arms whens on police showed up. she says her son grabbed her by the shirt pushed her chest. count ofrged with one family violence. >> on a much different know now. side withn your newestreports of apple's
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iphone. have aoming version will couldr screened and that more room for a larger battery that would offset some drain. the new iphone is expected to release in the fall. from and the rate county are celebrating the five- year anniversary of the square.e the former mayor was also there. he first proposed in 2004. >> a lot of fun and a lot of heat. is what you need when it is 100 degrees. a cake. >> tomorrow really will feel worse? more humid. we are tough. have been 105. 100 degrees outside. for the remainder of the evening continue to be hot.
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once the sun sets down and you fan, you know, it is july. hot in washington. our temperature today did reach 100 degrees. not a record. the record is 102 degrees. it was our sixth 100 degree day. remember 1930? i do not. itwas 11 days in 1938 when or higher.rees look at these high temperatures. 101 degrees. detroit broke a record from 1887, 101 degrees. indianapolis, again, not only heat but the drought continues in the mid part of the country. the high temperatures today 20 degrees above average. to sleep,ing to get
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up people in chicago also. is the weather boundary that will come as we get toward the weekend. tomorrow there is a risk of afternoon showers. the southern edge of that i we may be seeing some way tomorrow evening. look at lafayette, indiana and. spots like indianapolis where drought andut the the corn crops that will have a impact on everything. it has been 100th of an inch of of indianae spots illinois and swayback in gin. us but atn dry around have had an inch and a half of rain. tomorrow morning temperatures thend washington will be in 70's. tomorrow afternoon this is an that there will be some afternoon showers and out of theers
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mountains. later on tomorrow be strong carry we will keep you posted. remainder of the evening , temperatures in only 80 degrees. we are under a heat advisory. the combination of the heat and humidity. temperatures once again will be near 100 degrees. also the risk of afternoon thundershowers. the weather front near us i more there will be showers and thundershowers on thursday bringing us some rain. the mideekend, only in 80's. be a long extended of humidity. wizard's continue to house and a change the locker room.
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obama's dishonest campaign: another reason america has lost confidence in barack obama.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward. metse national's lead the innings tonight some of their best defense of the year. but then came the ninth. back downtown. it was 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth. he berle's it to center. tie game 3-3. disco's extra innings. after they scored again in the of the 10th. harper with a bb to right field. home and the scores easily. going for three.
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the throw is not in time and it a 4-4 ball game. with two are loaded out. here comes a zimmerman with the the nationals do it again. ifore the game this evening with steve and we talked about the 10th game stretch they are starting against the mets and braves. >> it is good competition. love the opportunity to play teams that have had success this year. looking forward to it. hopefully we can play our best baseball. jones, look's adam out. right field and good bye, fare well. at 4 in theed seventh inning. the washington wizards released him under the amnesty clause
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means the wizards have to him $23 million. against thet count salary cap. have to pay a luxury on the way of the salary. they paid him 23 million not to play for him anymore. tiger woods, the pressure builds been for years since he won the major. the oddsmakers have made him the favorite for the british open thursday morning. subcontract agreement between the redskins and robert griffin the third. keep an eye on that for with camp set to begin in 9 days. >> a nice big if you can get it. >> we are going to take you there when we come back.
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performers came out for a chance to be stationed -- featured at metro station. out.all came those who gets elected can
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throughout september. they will not be able to sell merchandise, but they are just talent scouts will see them.
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>> thursday and a nice weekend coming up. 100 degrees as possible tomorrow. invented the, he air-conditioner. now we are really using it. tomorrow we will use it, too. watch out for thundershowers especially on thursday. a break for the weekend. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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