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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  January 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good evening today's january 25. it's a nice 28 degrees outside. temperatures are finally
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bitit below plume of moisture temperatures will top out near 40 today we trend a little bit cooler.t n any sort of cloud cover will
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be hit and miss a got a lot agreement along 90 coming up 77 no troubles whatsoever their nice and dry everything is strong coming up 71. coming up from independence.
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50th is that i 41. most intent to resume surface to today. this morning and rights will be three. they will remain closed on monday pit there's still a lot of cleaning upem britney harris is hoping to fly to baltimore for their wedding. he's cosponsored maybe over but many travelers are still feeling the effects of storms. t thousands of flights were delayed and canceled and on sunday it was the same situation check out the pored over at
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you can see lots of bread i initial reaction was to sneak out. they live into twinsburg and are supposed to be kitty married in bluetooth on on thursday. it's been set up for a while and now they are worried about the issues point to baltimore on monday pets where they have to connect before they can head i think them enough time. it's hard not to stress by law that have to be put to, at least three days in advance if they want to get married. air force comes to worse they will reschedule that they don't want to.
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the ground were in the air rather than trying to scramble for another flight. they're certainly not alone many are keeping a close eye on what's happening. britney harris, fox 8 news while trying to return home from workme family members that of visual last nightf's heading home from work.
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this crime is urged to call police. they had to russians to the hospital for several injuries including a dislocated shoulder they later arrested the suspect. a bank may be close after car crasheded into a building that's home to a post. it's unclear still if they will be able to open. many are. taking advantage of the
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northeast ohio. plus, a place officer has a heartwarming response to a noisy responses kids playingla basketball that's not the only
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this monday the heaviest snowfall what i understand is further west put the dc that 30s inches of
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the lake water temperature is starting to drop we do have some ice close to lake erie there's aer quick look at the city in the background. we're starting to accumulate that ice so wide open.n. here's 22 solon. willoughby currently at 24.
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northern ohio.
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fox 8 news is your officials school closing station. he dodged a huge bullet this weekend were not anticipating much of anything.g. things on the freeways look great. it's nothing but everything is rolling along well. no caps into fumbles spurs open
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around the q. apparently cutting to steal parsing using a makeshift rope
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hold the various charges. t
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it's the viral video getting a lot of attention given the attention of the legendary basketball player this is gash camera video posted on facebook by the police department officer poppy what was following up on a noise complaint of kids playing basketball too loudly instead of reprimanding them he joined in on the game. he said that he was happy them route playing basketball rather than causing problems. he also promised to bring some backup next in and did he ever. are you sure you can take them.
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the story and wanted to bring the basketball injuring the kids were a game of hoops.oo it could've been a media frenzy that he specifically wanted to keep it quiet to surprised the kids how nice is that. this year is no different a
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early on sunday that will probably trigger a shower of
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end of january. the big-game maybe two weeks away bit anheuser-busch is ready to go the company released to
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it was a message seems to be thate everyone's throats that the politicalts differences and drink bud light. and worse thanks.if
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it's the dawn of yet another
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