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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  May 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. double murder, quiet county downtown rocked by violence. >> it does not happen here. >> what happened inside and behind this restaurant. good evening, i'm adam may. a fight spilled into the parking lot but the business ownership has a different story. and we are live right now and derek valcourt has a possible motive. >> reporter: it all happened as this bar was closing up for the fight. gunshots range out in a parking lot behind the restaurant and bar. police say it all started with
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a fight over a woman. police investigating a double murder in the parking lot. it happened at 1:30 on sunday morning as latino night was letting out. >> they're customers, they're good customers. >> reporter: the owner knew one of the victims, police say that the trouble started inside the restaurant. >> there was a subject who was speaking with a lady, there was an altercation between two individuals about the lady. others got involved which prompted everyone to be put out around 1:30. >> reporter: after the men were kicked out, they came around to the backside of the restaurant and into one of the parking lots here. later gunfire erupted leaving two men dead. the owner told us there was no fight in the bar. >> what happens outside i have
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no idea. >> reporter: did bouncers kick anyone out? >> no. >> reporter: it was alarming to many in the area. that's correct brings some concern. >> owners of a boutique said when they heard about it they came to check on the store. they said it will not have an impact. >> we see the police patroling, there is little problems that i have seen and we feel relatively safe in the area. >> reporter: tonight the police say they have no suspects, there not releasing the names of the victims until family is notified. dare rick val court. >> anyone with information is urged to call police at 410-307- 2020. it has ban violent day in baltimore county. four people are hurt in a stabbing. police say that a group of men attacked another on hasslemere
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road. after being stabbed he pulled out a knife and stabbed the attackers. the president spent the day in missouri comforting victims of the tornado in joplin. we report that the president delivered a promise to those people. >> reporter: the president walked through the rubble op sunday, consoling survivors and promising help. >> this just not your tragedy, this a national tragedy and that means that there will be a national response. >> reporter: the president attended the memorial service, he vowed that the nation would stand by the people of joplin. >> the cameras may leave but we will be with you every step of the way until joplin is restored and the community is back on its feet.
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we're not fog anywhere. >> reporter: it started andnded by a prayer offered by father monaghan. he took shelter in his tub. >> i'm glad you got in the tub. >> reporter: the church was destroyed but he said it will not be the end. >> and we're all saying, we're strong, we can put this together. we'll be stronger than ever. >> he says the church will be rebuilt around the metal cross that was left standing. >> as of tonight, 39 people are unaccounted for. in baltimore city, firefighter is recovering after being hurt battling this fire that broke out in an apartment on north hilton street a woman who lives there suffered minor injuries. the hot weather made it tough to put out the flames. the firefighter and the woman are both supposed to be okay. and get ready for some
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extreme heat, baltimore declared a rode red alert -- a code red alert t could feel like the low 100s. looking for a place to stay cool, there will be four centers as cooling centers and bernadette woods will have that sizzling first warning forecast coming up in a moment. a scare on the streets of washington, dc. police say man posing as taxi driver has sexually assaulted two women. the most recent happened after the cabbie picked up a woman and now they are thinking twice before they hop in a cab. >> i will look for credentials and make sure it is identifiable. >> i'm not going to stop riding them. i'll think about t i will have to be smart. >> detectives have this sketch based on descriptions, you should pay attention when you get a taxi. hackers try to sabotage a
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contractor. and the secrets are safe for lockheed-martin. the company said the security team uncovered the threat. hackers got no information t is a frequent target for hackers. she came roaring into town, sarah palin takes washington, dc by storm. we report the possible presidential candidate kind of stole the show at an event that was honoring troops. >> 250,000 motorcycles road through washington for the event, one rider got the attention. the former governor of alaska, took photos near the pentagon. >> we owe our veterans, she and the family hopped on motorcycles for the trip. they went to the nearby memorial. this is the start of the bus tour of historic sites on the
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east coast she is promoting in a new youtube video. four veterans started rolling thunder to bring attention to pows but it is not a political event. the participants had mixed feelings about palin's presence. >> this about unity and i don't hear that from her. >> she is very intel dent. boy she lit a fire under people. >> reporter: she did not address the crowd here some wonder if the trip and a stop in new hampshire are signs she will run for president. >> she is testing the waters, she is delivering her message, seeing what reception she gets f she wants to run what a better way than to present yourself to answering the call to the ground swell. >> it featured a fly over and a number of speakers and the defense secretary robert gates. she gave no indication if she will give a run for the
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nomination. >> the bus tour is expected to include stops at the battlefield in western maryland and visit gettysburg and philadelphia. right now a anne arundel teen is fighting for her life after a dirt bike accident. the 17-year-old girl crashed on chame weirs road last night. officers are trying to figure out the cause. >> swim what friends ends in tragedy. a 16-year-old michael sawyer died after swimming. he swam 20-yards out and could not make it back. they found his body an hour later. no sign of a boater who is missing in the bay. mark haverson fell off a boat. police returned to the water today looking for him. they have not found his body yet. they're cracking down on parties. police say they promised they will go after people who party too hard on the gunpowder
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river. neighbors have been complaining about the people who tube on the river. some are drinking too much and making too much noise. officers plan to give out tickets to anyone who breaks the law. they will patrol the area. a lot of you are in ocean city and enjoying great weather. you can have plenty of fun at the beach on a budget. and how the bar gapes are plentiful this summer. >> with the gas prices at near record levels it takes creativity to go down the ocean these days. >> i swam from charleston, i will have to recover. then it will be over. >> for those taking the route and looking to save the board walk has bargains. >> there are no debtors' prisons. that helps. >> this helps, too a web site launched by officials listing freebies. >> i didn't do it. >> it could mean the ditches between searching for deals or
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a spot in the sand. >> she has time to shop. >> i cannot do anything about it. >> and from hotel bargains to deals and the city says that it created the web site to off set the price of gas. >> and we want them to enjoy their experience while there here. >> in ocean city, gigi barnett, wjz news. >> and to find more item goes to and click on the news tab t is on the top of the home page. drive driving to the beach may not be cheap. the shocking prediction for gas prices just down the road. >> i thought it was a tornado, i thought was the end of the world. >> a close call when a car came crashing through this home. the strange behavior after the accident. and smoked out.
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problems at the park force hundreds out of their seats. >> more crab, a healthier outlook for the bay means more to be caught. how will it affect the price of your dinner. that's ahead on wjz. >> some big time heat is moving our way. the forecast coming up. ,, [ pilot #1 ] everybody gets excited
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a nice warm night in maryland, the forecast, including a big warm up. a crash in nord land as woman in jail and leave as family homeless t happened saturday morning a woman drove her car through this home as the family was sleeping inside. now no one was hurt. the family said the driver was very impaired at the time. at one point she offered to help clean up the mess and offered to give them money. she was arrested at the scene. another security scare for fans at dodger stadium in los angeles. in the middle of the 6th inning against the marlins a fire filled decks with smoke t was so thick they had to move fans to avoid inhalation. no one was hurt, the game did
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continue. and fun turns to tragedy in washington state after a tour bus accident. a bus carrying fans from a soccer game crashed into a truck. two passengers were killed, 1 5 hurt, one serious. the bus was swerving trying to avoid another car. and some illinois neighbors are watching and waiting as a big sinkhole is threatening to swallow their street. workers say a water main break opened a hole close to homes. one of the homes is on the edge of a bluff now it is in danger of falling 70 feet below. they are trying to repair it, neighbors hope the worst is over. >> our hopes are that somehow mother nature is done with this and these areas have been damaged. >> now so far no homes have been damaged they are told to say away from the hole. enough is enough, smokers
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in new york are pushing back against the new outdoor smoking ban. demonstrators lit up in a beach to protest the law that prohibits smoking in parks, stadiums and beaches. they say that the law violates their civil liberties f caught violating it, they could be fined $250. the gas prices are dropping right now but some experts say that they would not be surprised to see a jump at the pump. goldman sachs are predicting they will top 5-dollar as gallon by mid-july. prices have not been that high since before the recession, it only lasted a brief movement. not everyone agrees that the projections and others expect the prices to drop below 3.60 by the 4-g9 of july weekend. let's shop they are right. >> the prices are down a price in the baltimore area is down to 3.81. that's down 11-cents from a
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month ago. that same gallon of gas costs you about 1 dollars less than last year. more crabs. bring them on. a healthy outlook. the dnr have lifted some restrictions for crabbers. and the changes may affect your dinner plans. >> business is booming at a crab shack. they have more orders than crabs but this fall they will meet the demand when the department of natural resources increases the catch limit. >> it helps us and puts money for us to pay our expenses. >> the dnr made the decision after the blue crab season showed the population is at the second highest level. this increase will not affect rebuilding the population. >> when guided by science we put the right restrictions in place t can lead to a larger
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and freeing and more sustainable resource. >> starting in september through november 10th. the crabbers can catch two more bushel as day. and license holders will see increases based on permits. and lowers brings in 45-bushel as day. and they expect it to rise. that's good news for crab lovers. >> the cold beer they are good. >> all other crabbing regulations will remain the same. the old bay is what is so good. >> yes i'm addicted to the old bay. >> and that's good. >> it is and it has ban great weekend for all of the summer activities getting underway. and the pools opening, barbecues, this it has been warm. and this is just the start. >> we can almost hot. >> it is going to be hot the next couple of days. but today this is where we
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topped out. we were in the 08s. 85. now the humidity and dew points were high. and it felt hotter out there. the average is 78 degrees. we're going to be above that for the forecast. 76 is where we hit. independents are light. and a move out of the south and coming up more heat and more moisture and because of all of that it goes into effect there is a heat watch. there is a code orange air quality alert that goes into effect tomorrow. that's because of the air moving our way. this will last a couple of days. strong high pressure system building around the southeast part of the country.
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it is going to pump up the heat. bring up the moisture and force the jet stream to the north. there is a chance of isolated chance and if you see here. this is where the storms are being focused and making their way through pennsylvania and to new england. this sis howard it comes together. chance of a storm and just a chance. that's the biggest part. and on the water, small craft advisory. they are dying down. still in the mid-60s, warm and muggy. tomorrow 93 for the high.
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we're climbing. 95 on tuesday. 93 on wednesday. here is the cold front but our cooler days are going to be warm. adam? >> thank you very much. >> the o's tried to right the ship out on the west coast f they were successful when we come back. [ male announcer ],, looking for a complete picture of your money?
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and the fan and five are so close and far for the o's. >> the record is 24 and 7. 24 and 27, pardon me. and he struggled today like collectively. birds swept by the a's. the problems continue. and the dropping the third straight off the heels of a five-game win streak. and pie, good contact. to cocok not give t give him ap a for effort. >> the a's win it.
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o's visit seattle monday and tuesday. and from stoney brook, new york, the ncaa lacrosse won the championship. northwestern and maryland the ladies national champions seeking their 11th crown. and the terps lose to the wild cats 8-7. maryland finishes at 21-2. and fear the turtle. an ear opening call. and terps men lacrosse team. and they play for the national title. that's after beating duke. maryland lost five finals. >> you know is a feeling that you are playing for, you know, the teams that played here the past 30 years, it's not river year the class get as chance to play. and it is the championship. >> and meantime today at the famed brick yard the 100th anniversary of 5900.
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the and the rookie in the lead. he make as mistake. crashing the wall on the final turn. a sling shot. complete with a stroll. >> the french open. and the seed. and defeated gaskay. and he extends the win stream, he is 41-10 this year. and roger fedderrer deeliminated his teammate. that's 28 straight grand slam quarter final appearances and open era record. salisbury won the nationals la considers. they beat tufts. and kevin harvick beat dale, junior; charlotte. he ran out of gas. crazy stuff.
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